Letter to the Editor – Ashly Desaulniers of Cornwall Ontario Wants the People of Cornwall to Take Back the City from Its Government

I understand for the most part that people don’t want to hear negative things. It’s really understandable, but standing behind the secret destruction that is going on in this city, is just shameful.


What got me thinking wasn’t that people are upset that any of this secret destruction is out in the open and they want answers, No, it’s the fact that its exposed and that these people are angry and lashing out. Isn’t the reason we have media is to expose the good AND bad?


How can we be upset with them for telling us what has been kept from us? It makes sense to me to have these news teams around in order to expose some of these things, but it’s up to the reader to decide what it is they want to read and whether or not to allow what they are reading to have an impact on them, but NEWS FLASH, that isn’t the publishers or newspapers fault.


Again, the media is around to expose the TRUTH, regardless of whether or not you like what that is, it’s mandatory! My questions aren’t for council at this point in time but rather to the civilians who stand behind  council, if what you see is wrong then why not speak up and say something?


If it’s a fear of what the truth may bring isn’t that better than the destruction of a society? Isn’t it better than losing our morals as a community?? And if your answer is No it’s not worth it, then my question is why?

We have seem to have lost sight, this town isn’t about who is running it, it is about the people who live here, work here, go to school here, we have lost our voice and I’m saddened by those who stand by, not because they agree and think it’s right, but because they are afraid of facing the truth.


We are not just the “City of Cornwall” we are the PEOPLE of Cornwall and for that I think we owe it to each of ourselves to stop for ONE minute and ask us, what is the BIGGER picture in all of this? Is it the medias sole intentional purpose to destroy the “City of Cornwall” to gain perspective for the “People” of Cornwall, some would say yes.


I say your delusional, the media is bringing forth these issues because it BELIEVE’s it is important and needs to be addressed, appropriately. The media is addressing the concerns FOR the People of Cornwall. That being said, let’s get this image that city council has imposed on us and take back our City.

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  1. This is something that needed to be said! I wholeheartedly agree!

  2. CFN is a great starting place if you have a cause, getting people on board is the tough part. Keeping a group of people (unpaid volunteers) focused and working on the cause is tough also, but is needed for our “leaders” in politics to do something. Many have lost sight of the greater long term good and are more concerned with being reelected.I don’t think that is driving Dalton McGuinty right now, so I am expecting better.

    A new road is a good example. They put the minimum asphalt on to save money today, knowing that our climate requires a thicker amount. But that could be next councils issue…..meanwhile the potholes get plugged at a higher cost for labour / material and taxpayer frustration.

  3. Eric said:
    (Keeping a group of people (unpaid volunteers) focused and working on the cause is tough also,)

    It is even tougher when the media verbally attack’s a volunteer who is just donating their time to a cause they believe in. When an unauthorized photo of said volunteer appears on a media page with unfounded accusations that a person is not working at his/her job, that is just unfair and straddles the line of ethical journalism, It could put someone in the unemployment line. It makes me wonder “Why should I volunteer”? If a volunteer is the chairperson of a committee with large sums of public money involved, then, they must be prepared to open the books to show how money is spent as well as being accountable for actions of the committee and it’s members at large..

  4. Author

    Billiam, today people like Carilyne Hebert should know that employers check social networking sites and google employees. That’s why she perhaps should not have had Elaine MacDonald and Brian Lynch in her profile photo on a public profile.

  5. It seems to me that the pot is boiling and someone needs to tend to it. The chefs are letting the cooks take the job but no one is watching them and we all know what happens then. Nice story Ashley, now let’s see how the meal gets served!

  6. What is the point of this story?….What is the secret destruction we need saving from?….What, exactly, is the typer of this blurb proposing?……Vagueness abounds….Answers are in shortage…

  7. Destructo, you are so negative in all your comments. Are you really Smee in disguise?

  8. Author

    No Watcher, Smee has been suspended as has been Furtz and Pastor Tom. I hate doing those things, but our viewers come first and we are not here to be a dark closet for people to lash out at that world from. And frankly Tom and Furtz seem to go back and forth beating on each other from paper to paper. It’s not really about the subject. That’s the worst of internet commentating and I will not have any of it here on CFN. We are here to inform and entertain. We are here to give a safe place for voices that may not otherwise be heard. Sometimes these voices may not be popular and sometimes CFN may take a beating for it, but at the end of the day this “other stuff” I will not tolerate.

  9. Dear Watcher……Smee? Hahahaha!!!! Nopes…..I been here before, and I’m back again…..Negative? No way….realistic….This story makes no sense….

  10. Author

    Welcome back Destructo. There are lots of people that come and go here on CFN 🙂

  11. Thanks Jamie….let’s have some fun!!!!

  12. Thank you, Eric.

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