Robo Callers – What should happen to the Harper Government if Allegations proven true? POLL March 2, 2012

CFN –  The Robo Call scandal doesn’t want to die.   I personally find it interesting.   After the charges are proven to be true it wouldn’t be the first time the Harper Government has shown a disdain for what’s right or wrong or supporting true Democracy in Canada.

Canadian voters seemed to have no problem with the Bev Oda issue or Odagate as it was called.   It was less than 8,000 votes that gave Stephen Harper his much sought after majority government.

That’s 8,000 votes spread over 13 ridings. That’s not much.    Robo Calls could have been the difference in many of those and other ridings.

So if proven to be true and judging from public response many have already convicted the Harper government, what next?

By elections in riding’s touched?  A new general election?   I’ve heard back from two Federal leaders so far.

From Elizabeth May, Green Party leader and MP for Saanich – Gulf Islands

The robo-calls scandal is a far more serious matter than the sponsorship scandal. The Sponsorship Scandal was only about money.  This is about democracy. This is an affront to the most sacred part of our society — the right to vote.”


And from Deputy Leader of the NDP and Outremont MP, Mr. Thomas Mulcair

“The Conservatives were the first Government in the history of Canada to be found guilty of contempt of Parliament. Now they are showing contempt for democracy itself. Keeping the public shut out of Parliamentary committees, misleading to Parliament, cheating on election expenses and now defrauding citizens of their right to vote. The “Robo-call” scandal is just the newest manifestation of Stephen Harper’s strong tendancy to always act as if the ends justify the means.”

I thought I’d hear from Mr. Rae, but he’s yet to respond.

The bottom line is that we Canadian voters need to wake up fast.  We need to get more involved in political living in this country because the vast majority of those that don’t vote need to bring their voices back to the table.

We need to hold our politicians accountable for their actions before it’s too late for all of us.

What I find most interesting are the words being spoken by our Prime Minister.  If  Robo Calls are proven to be true should he have to resign?  Trying to flip it back at the Liberals seems to be desperation.   With the entire world watching these sound bites can be devastating not only to our internal political life, but what the optics are around the world as Canada sees its good name tarnished further.

What should happen if the Robo Call allegations against the Harper Government are proven to be true?

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  1. Stephen Harper, Rob Nicholson, John Baird, Jim Flaherty, Diane Finley, Peter MacKay, Tom Lukiwski and Vic Toews, along with the rest of the Conservatives are liars, cheats and thieves! Bill-C10 threatens to throw many in jail longer and needlessly! Bill C-11 would strip Canadians of even more rights to what we already own and censor our flow of information! Bill-30 will strip us of our privacy! Now lets not forget the G20 fiasco, Vic Toews immortal speech about Canadians being pedophiles, the planned pension cuts, they place gag orders on those they appoint to various studies so that if the studies turn up data contradicting their ideals, they can suppress the data, or their election fraud, and now they can’t even get our budget out on time!
    The fascist Conservatives would turn our country into an Orwellian nightmare! How can they even call themselves a legitimate government?! How dare they act like they have our best interests in mind! Who do they think they are telling us what we need and how to live our lives?! They’re the middle management and we’re the ones who hired them! We should be telling them what we want and how we want it!
    Canada needs to rise up march on Ottawa and occupy the parliament! We need to take back our country, remove the Conservatives from power! Our government, as a whole needs to be dismantled and rebuilt (that goes for those other parties as well. I’m looking at you Liberals and NDP. Fat load of good they’ve ever done for the country)! All our political parties have ever really done to us has been to divide Canadians. This only serves to make us easy prey for predators in the night! I say no more! Canadians need to stand up as one, divided by zero! Those that would appose the will of the people need to be taught a lesson, followed by some good old fashion tarring and feathering, finish with banishing traitors from Canada! Finally Canadians need some laws that allow us to force referendums on the government and punish corrupt politicians who think they can screw with their people, their employers, you and me! Fellow Canadians I implore you raise up and shout out your discontent for the horrible state of our country and the world for that matter. Shout from every mountain top (email, letters, phone calls, blogs, forums, twitter, youtube, ect…), “WE WILL NOT STAND FOR CORRUPTION WITHIN OUR GOVERNMENT! WE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT AS OUR FREEDOMS ARE SLOWLY ERODED! WE’RE COMING FOR YOU HARPER REGIEM! EXPECT US!” Let the voice of the masses resinate as one, thundering and deafening our oppressors. Keep screaming and screaming, every day, all day, don’t stop screaming until this country is ours again!
    ‘Things have got to change. But first, you’ve gotta get mad!… You’ve got to say, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” Then we’ll figure out what to do about the depression and the inflation and the oil crisis. But first get up out of your chairs, open the windows, stick your head out, and yell, and say it: “I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!”
    ‘People shouldn’t fear the government, the government should fear the people!’
    For more information, check out

  2. This scandal is not going away. I think it’s called “the tipping point” for our dear leader. Elections Canada has had thirty-one thousand complaints as of this morning! There will be no sweeping this one under the rug.

  3. Should they not also review all party practices?
    If all parties used the same methods it is a no foul.

  4. @ Hailey Brown
    “Should they not also review all party practices?” – Yes, absolutely.
    “If all parties used the same methods it is a no foul.” – No, you’ve got this backwards. Two (or possibly three) wrongs do not make a right. If all parties used the same methods it is a double (or triple) foul.

  5. I agree with Hailey. All this brings back to mind something that was said many years ago: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!” They are all pots and kettles!

  6. I will wait for the investigation results to gather a posse, fresh horses and grub for travel.
    Was that 31,000 affidavits or just complaints?

    If the numbers are there that could have affected a riding result, do over.
    If criminal intent is there, off to the court with them.
    If the party Leader or senior people were aware and did nothing, we should look at another election. Although, what if it was the Liberals doing this to make the Conservatives look bad……just saying.

  7. Those thirty-one thousand complaints would not stand up in a court of law without proof , how many of those people are lying just because they don`t like the government . It would be too easy for me to say that the NDP phoned and harassed me . The fact that the opposition keeps bringing up these accusations without proof is distasteful and disgusting .

  8. Garry, you hear of 31,000 complaints from what is it now, 50 Ridings, and you blame the Liberals for bringing it up? Would Harper and his cronies have kept silent? And are you suggesting that 31,000 people are liars because they don’t like the Government? What I find distasteful and disgusting, is the manner with which Harper has dealt with this issue. Rather than showing himself to care for the concerns of Canadian people, he points the finger anywhere and everywhere else. He has not shown an iota of Statesmanship in acknowledging the reality, nor is he acting as we should expect from a Prime Minister.

  9. Eric, that was 31,000 complaints so far, not sworn affidavits. Who knows how many of those complainants have or will sign sworn affidavits. In any case, this is the biggest election fraud investigation in Canadian history. I’ve been following this sad story really closely, and have yet to hear of a Con supporter being directed to a phoney polling station.

  10. Wow Gary, so the default position is everyone else is lying. How conservative of you.

  11. POLL: Would you, conservative voters, have voted for them if you knew they were attempting to interfere with peoples’ voting rights?

    Punish the criminals for sure, byelections where indicated for sure, and a new federal election if it’s clear that public sentiment and parliamentary support for the Conservative mandate has failed.

  12. Eric’s comments are balanced.

    Philip’s are bang on.

    Harper’s and Del Mastro’s accusations of opposition smear are unbalanced and beneath contempt.

  13. I’m guessing that the RCMP/Elections Canada investigators already know who paid up Pierre Poutine’s account with RackNine Inc. There are recordings of the robo-caller identifying them self as an Elections Canada official directing Liberal supporters to bogus polling stations. This all should be beyond belief, but unfortunately it’s all too believable given the track record of Herr Harper and his party. The next few weeks and months are going to be very interesting indeed.

  14. Robocalls are a make believe story, made by Lieberal losers. The Conservatives, also, eat kittens for breakfast…lol

  15. Hey Dick, you dismiss the FACT that Election Canada changed location of 127 election polls and printed the wrong address of some. Elections Canada is not immune of human errors. The investigation will uncover that it was Elections Canada that called voters in those ridings.

  16. Dream on Tom. Elections Canada has stated that it does not contact voters by automated phone calls (robo-calls).
    With each passing day, the Cons seem to be getting more desperate trying to shift the blame, change the channel etc. If it wasn’t for the fact that one of our fundamental democratic rules might have been badly broken, it would have been fun watching Harper’s fall from grace. On the positive side, I doubt any party in near-future elections will try pulling this scam again.

  17. Harper cares as much for democracy as he does for the environment or official bilingualism. We need a commission to investigate these allegations. If they are true, the guilty should be forced to resign, punished and barred from politics for ever. By-elections or a new general election may have to take place because this ‘governement’ is loosing credibility and legitimacy quickly. I think Harper’s ship has started to sink.

  18. Dream on, Steph.

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