Graham James Gets Two Years – How Unjust is our Society? Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – March 21, 2012

CFN –  Theo Fleury and the other victims of Graham James have now had reinforced that our justice system really isn’t fair.    Slowly over decades it’s eroded to protect the rich and guilty rather than what it truly was meant to do which is create justice for the wrong doings in society.

In the “olden days”  people would take justice into their hands which led to a lot of injustice and bloodshed.

We created justice systems and put allegedly learned people in charge of understanding the complexities of wrong and right.

Graham James was given two years for his crimes of abusing his position of trust in our society.

Many people hold positions of trust; clergy, politicians, teachers, police, baby sitters, medical staff, and yes, coaches.   I live in a city that the Government of Ontario spent $50 Million dollars on an inquiry titled “Project Truth” that had very little to do with the truth and covered up the crimes of people for reasons only it can explain.


In the bible it says “An eye for an eye.”  But there are many crimes that there are no possible ways to achieve that, in fact many abusers were abused themselves.

In the heart of most Canadians I think we all know what a just punishment would be for Mr. James, but we don’t dole out those sentences anymore.     We spend BILLIONS of dollars each year on a justice system that doesn’t deal us justice.

Another regional case a lawyer shared with me one day involved a sibling sexually invading another sibling, and being caught for a repeated time.

What an unholy mess.    That perp will see less jail time than Graham James.    We see injustice all over our lives.   From work to play; yet so few people speak out about it even when they themselves are the victims.

At the end of the day the victims of these crimes, like Mr. Fleury in this case are victimized twice because when they find the strength to go through the ordeal of stepping into the light the end up seeing their monsters let free like Mr. James most likely will in less than two years.

Today as news of job cuts; poor healthcare, and a scary economy are the talk on many tongues when will people realize that if something is broken it’s sometimes best to rip it down and build it again.

Our legal system needs drastic draconian review and improvement.   It needs it even more now that we have a majority government keen to fill it up and we live in a world where people spend more time in prison for far lesser crimes than the monstrous ones committed by a former hockey coach Graham James.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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James Moak


  1. An eye for an eye is from ancient Babylonian scrolls, not the Bible. Just sayin.

  2. He’ll be out before winter, and he has been deemed to be “at risk to re-offend”.
    Something isn’t right.

  3. Lets see=the son of a former provincial premier kills his friend in a dui crash and gets three years…four months later….he’s on the street.Will the same happen to this predator????
    It doesn’t help when judges get jobs because of who they know….not on skill level
    Just when I’m outraged by the cost of Harper’s changes to the justice system…this “man” slips by with a slap on the wrist for destroying many many young men…
    He gets two years…they get a life sentence…seems like Cornwall- “Project No-Truth” all over again

  4. I read somewhere that the Crown might appeal the sentence.

  5. Really, I mean are we really suprised? If you have ever been involved with the court system, this is really not that much of a suprise.

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