Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Making Sustainable Choices – April 9, 2012

CFN – Many acres of land have been clear cut around my home base over the past two years.  This has often been followed by planting of corn or Soya.  The most disturbing part of this process is that often trees and bush are clear cut right up to the bank of small streams.  Consideration is lacking in allowing for (a buffer zone) 10 to 20 feet of vegetation which would prevent runoff of pesticides/herbicides into the waterway and would provide much needed life sustaining space for local wildlife.  Often no hedgerows have been left to accommodate the animal life that lives in the area.  Hedgerows are the strips of vegetation that are normally left around field borders, fence lines and waterways.  Hedgerows sustain life by supplying small pockets of land to provide safe passage from one habitat to another, to provide food and a home base for the lives of bees, butterflies, birds, foxes and snakes to name a few.


After all, doesn’t the sight and sounds of birds and butterflies sustain you?  If so we need to insure the habitats they need to thrive and survive are there to nourish them which in turn serve to support us.  It may be worthy noting that other areas of the world have laws protecting hedgerows from destruction or damage.

Seeing the following thought provoking image circulating on social media sites over the past week speaks volumes about how “one “ species has assumed a disproportionate influence in nature and often to the detriment of the whole.

It seems that we are managing our personal and business worlds in a fashion that is disrespectful and dangerous to the life forms that we share this planet with…which just happens to include ourselves.  So what can we do?  We all need cover, food, clean water and air…….and love.


Ask yourself, in this action, in this moment, am I respectfully interacting with my world?  It is obvious that trees are felled and certain lands are cleared to make way for agriculture.  How can we do this with respect to the circle of life?    We are still a biodiverse planet with many species and habitats which demand and need our consideration and respect to flourish.  We can each do our part in the spaces that we occupy and visit each day.  By wasting nothing, buying less, and being respectful to the environment that we visit and live in.  Our mindful way of treading lightly will inspire others to do the same. There is immense power in the little choices we make each and every day.

On a further note to clear cutting in this area it has come to our attention that the Ministry of Natural Resources wants each Ontario Stewardship Council across Ontario, of which there are 42, to incorporate and raise all the money needed for their projects themselves.


People working with the Stewardship Council are sensing that this is just an excuse to get rid of the program which is the only program in the MNR that works with and helps rural landowners.  The MNR gave our local Stewardship Council $10,000 which they leveraged into seven times that amount.  They do vital work which supports habitat and species protection and revitalization which ultimately benefits each of us.  Please consider lending your support with your signature to the Premier of Ontario on the petition on this link.  Your signature indicates your support of the continuation and work of the Resource Stewardship Councils.

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