Letter to the Editor – PJ Robertson of Morrisburg Ontario on Harper Government – April 14, 2012

Apparently, we have a government of “efficiencies” in Ottawa. Translation: brutal, cowardly, incompetent, and deceitful.
Is this news? No. What’s new is the way our government has been excelling itself lately in all departments.
Off the top, let’s remember this is the government led by a so-called brilliant economist that inherited a $13-billion surplus and proceeded to put us into the deepest deficit in Canadian history.
Now, to make like they are good fiscal managers, this is how they act.
  • Killing the National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO) — a leader in aboriginal health research in the world.  (Seewww.theglobeandmail.com/life/health/new-health/andre-picard/harper’s-disregard-for-aboriginal-health/article2396146/). What does this say of Harper’s real attitude towards Canada’s native peoples?
  • Cutting hundreds of positions in the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. So Canadians are more likely to get sick?
  • Cutting positions in Health Canada. So Canadians are more likely to stay sick longer?
  • Cutting positions in scientific and evironmental research. So Canadians won’t know how much they are damaging their habitat and the world?
  • Cutting funding by more than 10% to the Canadian Broadcasting Commission. So Canadians will know less about what’s going on in Canada and the world?
  • Cutting 1,000 + jobs from Canadian Border Services Agency in the next three years. So Canada will welcome more child pornography, more illegal drugs, more sexual predators, hardened criminals,and an influx of terrorists? Says a lot about our law-and-order, tough-on-crime government, doesn’t it? Are they creating a welcome wagon to fill the new prisons?
All these cuts and there’s $25-billion to spare for fighter jets?
(Add all of the above to a long track record of character assassinations and smearing: Linda Keen, Richard Colvin, Peter Tinsley, Munir Sheikh, Sean Bruyea…any expert with a different view.)
(Add in the mantra – “Support the Troops”… and the reality – Stiff the Veterans.)
  • Announcing the end of NAHO late on Good Friday.
 (Late on a Friday: this government’s witching time for devious decisions — e.g. killing off the long-form census….another ploy to keep Canadians in the dark)
  • The F-35 fiasco.
(Add in G8 “Gazebogate”.)
  • Misleading Canadians over F-35 contracts and costs. Is pledge-breaker MacKay for real with his daily stories about accounting differences?
  • Promising to preserve funding for the CBC.
(Add in promises not to touch income trusts, the “in-out” scheme, spreading false rumours in Irwin Cotler’s riding, etc. etc.)
Do these people believe their own stories? Do they live in the real world? 
There’s a wonderful book out on Agri-business versus honest-to-God farming by Joel Salatin with the title Folks, This Ain’t Normal. Kinda sums up our government, n’est-ce pas?

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  1. Thanks you. Very thought provoking!

  2. Sadly, the voters did give Herr Harper majority rule (election fraud aside). We’re in for a nasty ride for the next few years.

  3. You cats got nothing on Harper that we didn’t have on you commie “money falls endlessly from the heavens” libs for the last few decades. The election is over, people voted freely, and King Stephen is only beginning to do what Mike Harris did so well in Ontario. Rationalized Canada coming. Perhaps a national ban on burkas, forced exercise for children, and work for welfare will get you pansies goat’s next. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin ,”We should make the poor uncomfortable, for it seems to drive them out of poverty.”

  4. Our nation state needs to operate within its means. Excessive parasitical dependent departments and agencies need to be eliminated in order for the state authorities to survive. The state needs to reduce itself to its basic core purpose or face market rejection.

  5. Early Christmas List for P.M.

    Bravo P.M. Harper. Keep it coming. That is, all the downsizing you have recently proclaimed in numerous departments (that only lobby you against your own proclamations for the future and the present needs) to reduce government spending. Rid Canada of all face masking’s as well, yes. including the burka as well as the Guy Faux masks. Hoodies too, and baggy low riding butt exposing, g-sting underwear exposing pants. No more wearing ball caps backwards. Dump political correctness to allow freedom of speech; can’t forget that. And oh, just a small favor as an aside, declare the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and Freedoms void and devoid as they have been used and abused in particular by Quebec and the french in the rest of Canada, including your own parliament to say to hell with the English who never sue anybody for talking french first,,,,,,,too bad on that one. Continue to give asking, kissing rights to Quebec…even though they haven’t provided you any votes lately. Give them all the Canadian laws for their autonomous use exclusively while adjoining the rest of Canada to national subservience. We know there is so much to do within your most important job, that is
    looking so fresh and young for the international stage. You deserve all the accolades you receive. Your senior status on the world stage makes us all proud. Seriously now, I wouldn’t kid about that. Oh, one more request (you’d think this was a ‘Christmas list’ aye, shoot, that wasn’t politically correct was it, oh well, forgive) would you do some transfer payments to the needy of the world back to us for the homeless in our downtown mega cities, as we present a poor image for our beautiful self-pious dignities. Be ready for all those marchers this spring, summer and fall. Thank you Sir.

    Dave Windsor
    Cornwall 312 words.

  6. You would think there was not a world wide debt crisies reading this. The opposition parties wanted the Federal government to spend more money didn’t they?

    Maybe if Ontario was the engine of Canada again instead of a have not province the Federal debt would be gone…..

    All governments choose the time to annouce items, even business does this, no big news there.

    The government should be more proactive in layoffs to be sure end user services are efficient and management roles are needed. That is better than Mr. McGuinty telling us there will be wage freezes then go ahead with “quiet” deals.

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