Letter to the Editor – Pastor Tom Newton on a Casino in Cornwall Ontario – April 14, 2012

The economic search for more and better jobs for Cornwall has hit an all time low: let’s get ourselves a casino! Yes, “People are going to gamble,” says Counselor Grant.  And, “Why not keep the dollars here?” – spoken as a true blood leach!


Instead of staying with the Judeo/Christian work ethic to get new jobs for Cornwall, we have succumbed to wanting to live off the vices of the human heart of greed and covetousness. It is almost as bad as Ontario’s push for free and open legalized prostitution. I can see the eyes of the politicians get wider as such base ideas are considered: “New tax revenue – I think that will work!” How true does the Bible speak on this matter: “…the love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Tim. 6:10)!


I am glad there is still hope to flush this get-rich-quick scheme down the toilet where it belongs.  I would encourage all the counsel members to do what is morally right, and what is best for the future of Cornwall. I would encourage every citizen of Cornwall to cry down this destructive attempt to further destroy the moral fibre of our city. To encourage legal greed, and to open up another area where organized crime can get a foot hold is a sure way to sink our community further into social decay. This talk about securing provincial moneys in order to deal with the social ills of addictive gambling is another slippery slope that leads to a vain attempt to heal broken marriages, broken families, and the loss of sold labour time. What has provincial moneys and services done to conquer the increasing problem of drug addiction in our city? Why compound the problem by pursuing a casino?


I can just imagine a wife saying to her husband (or vice visa), “Dear, what happened to the money we were saving for the new car …for the kids’ college fees …for the new house addition?”  The answer from the spouse is almost what some of our dearly elected officials would say: “I invested it in the new casino, dear!” And you call this “developing our water front”? Look at all the lost revenue: no new car, no college, no new addition!  Look at all the lost dreams, hopes, and loving family stability that such families will have to suffer!  Oh, yes – this will fix it all: Free Ontario Health Services Information call 1-888-230-3505.   Or visit us on the web: http://www.opgh.on.ca/

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  1. “Problem gambling is gambling behavior that creates negative consequences for the gambler, others in his or her social network, or for the community.” <<< As a past member of a service club in Cornwall, I still shudder when I think of the amount of money our club raised at bingos and carnivals from welfare recipients or lower income patrons who would try and increase their means while actually gambling away their monthly benefit or income. These were funds which were supposed to feed and clothe their families. How many marriages have ended, families have been destroyed, houses and personal properties have been repossessed, or crimes have been committed due to the desperation of pathological gamblers? Do we really need to add another temptation in our city to those who suffer from an addiction which has the lowest success rate of treatment of all addictions, including drugs and alcohol?
    These comments are my personal opinions, but are based in fact so please consider the negative consequences of a gambling establishment against any positive advantages and then say “NO” to a casino in Cornwall, every chance you get.

  2. I really hope they do not bring a casino to Cornwall. It would do the community a lot of harm.

    The public needs to be properly informed before decisions like these are made. The money that goes into the local businesses will end up in the casinos.

    This is a short video but it hits close to home..

    Casinos Destroy Philadelphia Communities

  3. Apart from the bible reference, I agree with the preacher on this one. The monetary benefits provided by gambling, and casinos in particular, are far outweighed by the social costs. The fact that our governments are now addicted to gambling revenues is a pretty good indication that our society is in decline.

  4. Whats the difference between making money from people’s greed (casino) and making money from people’s ignorance ( church)

  5. @ Jason. Not sure if people who get into trouble “addicted” to gambling should be considered greedy. Our governments advertise the scam as a way for poorer people to enjoy a comfortable life or retirement. And it is a scam. The house always wins. Advertising unfortunately works.
    I do agree about the church though.

  6. Think tourism…we need to attract people to our city, and like it or not, casinos attract tourists.

  7. @ Helen. Casinos are almost everywhere now. OLG will be shutting down some casinos because the market is saturated now. In order to be a tourist destination, you have to have something unique that people want to see and enjoy. Most people who want to flush money down the toilet can now do it close to home, and even in their own home with on-line gambling.

  8. I oppose governments being involved in anything besides protecting our individual liberties. I would be most approving of a private owner setting up a casino in Cornwall.

    But I take issue with most people here that want to impose their morals upon others. Gambling’s bad, ban it. Prostitution’s bad, ban it. How about giving freedom a chance. You know, allowing adults to make decisions for themselves.

    Quit trying to legislate human behaviour. Instead, try changing hearts & minds.

  9. @ jm. What are your thought about allowing adults access to drugs like heroin or cocaine if they so choose?

  10. Actually if the people were better informed they would see that the economic benefits are numerous to a community. Look at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino that just invested $110 million dollard into a new expansion.

    If we increase the corporate tax base then we decrease the burden on our residents and give Cornwall a Full-Time Tourist Attraction! Something it doesn’t have and desperately needs!

    If you really believe Gambling is so evil and so is the OLG! Then you better start protesting every corner store and everyone selling lottery tickets! Only the simple minded people who would stop progression such as the Walmart Supercentre would think that this article holds any water!

    The truth is the major effects of a casino in a community are not consistent and how the casino impacts the community depends factors such as the mentality of the politicians, the community involvement of the casion, how the taxes are used, etc……just like any other business. Are you anti-business?

    Here is a great article about this topic..http://lansingkewadin.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/casinos-and-crime-u-s-department-of-justice-2.pdf

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  11. Author

    Mike I’m pro-casino and wrote about it a few years ago. A Walmart Super Store on the other hand is not a sign of growth. It sucks the local independent economy dry in my humble opinion while giving very little back…

  12. @ Pete Dick

    I’m all for it. The war on drugs is an absolute failure. Costs billions and turns addicts into criminals.

    Making something illegal does not make it go away. All it does is make the product’s cost sky rocket and creates gangs and violence (a black market). People will always find a way to a product/substance they desire.

    It’s sad that people become addicted to destructive behaviours such as drugs, alcohol, gambling but it’s been going since the beginning of time. I don’t think the best way to deal with it is through legislation. It actually makes the problem worse.

  13. Mike Bedard spending more time picking bad issues with first year economics reasoning and a dose of juvenile political science thrown in. Quit while you’re ahead dude.
    We need a permanent giant carnival to keep the riff-raff busy, you know the ones that creep out of their cracks after dark with their three babies and hang out in daylight only if it’s check day or Lift-Off. Then put them in five hundred buses and clean up this town. Ship them far, far, north.

  14. @jm, I’m in total agreement with you re the War On Drugs and the need to decriminalize addiction and possession. Still, I find the idea that our provincial and municipal governments promoting and depending on gambling revenue pretty repulsive. How about a heroin/cocaine vendor set up at City Hall? All profits could be used to pay the city lawyers and such. And only those who want the drugs will pay.

  15. Oh Wow! OMG! I’m actually agreeing with the “Pastor.”

    As for the $110m “investment” in the Akwasasne casino, that’s $110m taken out of family budgets, and $110 that could have been spent supporting local small businesses.

    There is no way Cornwall needs a casino. Personally, I’d like to see the end of lottery tickets, but I’m afraid that’s never going to happen.

  16. Jason: Seriously? I mean, big name televangelists aside, most preachers are barely making it financially. In fact, most are considered barely out of poverty level. They aren’t in it for the money. They’re in it because it’s a calling, not a career.

  17. @ Pete Dick

    I agree with you, governments shouldn’t be in the gambling business. Like you stated in an earlier post, you don’t have to be sitting there physically anymore. It’s online – it’s everywhere. A casino in Cornwall probably wouldn’t stay financially viable very long.

  18. Re: The Gambling Boom in North America

    There are academic papers on this topic. In one, Stitt et al discuss (link below) that among other things…However widely held the belief that casinos cause crime, and despite reasoned theoretical underpinnings to support the belief, Miller and Schwartz (1998) pointed out that research has yet to demonstrate the connection.


  19. Another excellent paper: The Social and Economic Impacts of Gambling

    Robert J. Williams et al
    Nov. 3, 2011

    It’s important to remember that gambling is all around us; bingo halls, lottery tickets, horse racing, Internet gambling etc.

    I myself do not gamble but we need to be well informed.

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