Letter to the Editor – Tammy Hart Breaks with Guy Lauzon Over Bilingual Funding

Continually funding the Francophone Arts and Culture is just another way of pushing the bilingual agenda.  I for one am tired of having bilingualism shoved down our throats at a cost of $2.4 billion annually, thanks to the Federal government, $623 million provincially. 

In my mind keeping jobs and families in the area should be the priority.  Numbers in Cornwall and surrounding areas have not increased since the 50’s yet you continue to ignore the majority who care first and foremost about the economy of SD&G and Cornwall.  Your comment such as “opening up the border will have little effect on the Cornwall Businesses” is proof of that.  Funding for Arts and Culture should include ALL languages or none at all. 

MP Lauzon I am done shaking your hand.  No more votes from me.


Tammy A. Hart


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  1. Right on Tammy! When the government can take the funding away from such institutions as libraries cancelling the ability to allow students and others, French or English, whom may not otherwise have the means to access computers and the internet and then misdirect taxpayers’ dollars to fund these Language zealot groups just to garner votes, it time to put our collective foot down. With so many cuts to services and funding in other far more important areas this is just plain ludicrous and unfair; it is time to say NO!

  2. With the annual general meeting tongiht for L’ Association canadienne-française de l’Ontario de Stormont, Dundas et Glengarry http://www.acfosdg.org/ perhaps they will discuss adding an English translation bar to their website? Many of these Francophone webpages are unilingual French without an option. That is not promoting bilingulism! Could I be mistaken that bilingualism is not the goal?
    If they were paying their own way it would not matter, but many of these groups and sub groups accept money from all 3 levels of government.

  3. Right on Tammy!!! $2.4 billion annually, thanks to the Federal government, $623 million provincially. This money would be better spent on schools,mental health,Library resources,Hospital MRI machine,This is a big slap in the face to all the majority of Anglophones also to many Francophones who disagree with your logic or lack of it.Mr Lauzon you have shown your true colours & that is a bigot,I’m so ashamed of having giving you my vote in the past…it won’t happen again!!!

  4. Read a history book Tammy! The first non native people and explorers in Ontario were the French. Count Frontenac went up the St. Lawrence in 1673 to build a fort (Kingston now). Three large units of Voltigeurs, Quebec soldiers in the British Army, fought at Crysler Farm in the War of1812 and more beat the Yankees in the Battle of Chateauguay east of Valleyfield. The explorer Etienne Brule discovered the Toronto region. Sault Ste. Marie, the rapids of St. Mary linking lakes Superior and Huron, was named by the French. “Superior”, meaning the highest in French, is just that … the highest or most northern of the Great Lakes.
    The vote at Queen’s Park in the 1980s for the French services act was 100 per cent in favor. Au revoir!

  5. Do not always take it that the people who style themselves as French or French-Canadien are French at all, because like the Kebecois/Kebecoise they maybe Metis/Metisse who do not want their Indian background to be exposed and are very ashamed of it. And then again these people do not speak FRENCH but Joual or French patois. And these Metis should not be called Francophones as that is an insult the the people of FRANCE.

    It is tantamount to calling the Cockney dialect English.

  6. Gerry Flaherty, you seemed to have missed the Paris Treaty of 1763 where France gave up on North America partly because the French were conquored in 1759 right in Quebec City by the British.

    The vote at Queens Park should be revoked as only 55 MPP’s were there, Hansard documents for the time are mostly in French and I doubt translations were available.

    I wish Francophones in Canada would just ask their MPP’s and MP’s to have a country wide vote with a simple question. Do you want to continue spending billions of dollars on bilingualism?

  7. If simple longevity gives you the “get all you want” access key to the language money bank then the Mohawks and Iroquois should be paid the bulk of what is in there. Their help in repelling American intentions on our country was instrumental in forming Canada and they were here first.

  8. I always wonder why people call themselves French-Canadian. what they are is French speaking CANADIANS.

  9. Kenneth T. Tellis, there is nothing more English than a cockney, no matter how they speak.

  10. I guess Gerry’s point is that these historical references justify the current situation. 300 years ago…blah blah.
    We are living in a country where we have a nation within its borders. Somehow the French language and culture have to trump every other minority group and the majority English speakers.
    The FLSA passed without ANY platform notices when elections were held by any political party in our province.
    We don’t vote these people into office to pass laws that have nothing to do with their mandate!
    The people of Ontario were NEVER asked or informed that language was going to be mandated.
    Governments at any level should never legislate human communication. It only shows their arrogance in believing that they know what’s best for those of us who pay the way.
    Is it time for a tax revolt?

  11. you are simply a bigot and make me ashamed to be a tax paying resident of South Stormont.

    Keep in mind the number of Quebec license plates gassing up at the Macewen in Long Sault while they spent copious amounts of money at the Parks of the St Lawrence.

  12. Tammy,

    Keeping what jobs and families in the areas? English? Because Anglophones are the majority? Why stop there? Lets take away handicap parking spaces too!!! – Hey, they’re the minority – they shouldn’t have rights either!! Alright Tammy!

  13. Good points Gerry and the truth!

  14. It’s bad enough the federal gov’t tries to appease french-speaking Canadians in the public service across Canada by making thousands of jobs in the p.s. bilingual unnecessarily, but when jobs with potential life-saving skills that should be filled by the most qualified candidates are instead given to someone because they are bilingual instead is a travesty & a farce. Not to mention the billions of dollars spent over the last 30 or 40 years to make sure every Canadian kid grew up bilingual which achieved an increase in the % of Canadians who were bilingual of how much?

  15. north american anglo population is dropping like flies ,stop worrying about us and worry about yourself, happy pride day!

  16. To JJ: Which statement is bigoted in my post?

    Your reference to the copious amounts of money held by Quebeckers backs up all of our arguments, so thanks for that truth!

    To Connie: The hyphenated name refers to being French first.
    The argument is generally about the pride in that culture and language first as opposed to the Canadian aspect.
    As an immigrant who assimilated into this country, it shows those who take their pride in being Canadian first, in my mind.
    Assimilation with the rest of Canada is heresy to French-Canadians.
    I believe that to be a fact. Does that make me a bigot?
    There was a portrait of Lord Durham shown on the Sparks street mall in Ottawa. A person complained to the NCC that the portrait was offensive because Lord Durham believed that the French should assimilate.
    The NCC took the picture down so I think that proves my point.
    OK, you can start calling me names now!

  17. Gerry Flanerty was right about the history. Yes the French of Canada is “Jual” like someone here pointed out. My husband could hardly pick up the French dialect here and so many others cannot either. It is hilarious to listen to and he pokes fun at it a lot. My husband always spoke in the real French of France and not of backwoods. A lot of the French people especially Québecois are métis origin. I support bilingualism all the way. I will tell you all something that you may not know and that is the immigrants get jobs because the government gives companies incentives to hire them and my daughter told me all about that. The same thing in the government these immigrants get the jobs even before our own born in Canada people. Stop griping people because you are all Canadians and you are barking up the wrong tree. The more you know the better you are. About the population of Cornwall it has remained at the bottom and for good reason – when a town is run by “Boss Hogg” and an uneducated population and only certain people get jobs and others left behind and only factory jobs well what do you all think about what the young people are going to do. No education at all and the schools themselves are the failure of the country where many come out illiterate. Education is not stressed among a lot of families and the ones who usually live in Cornwall are those who remain losers like their parents. People of my generation mostly all left and I can count on one hand who I know have stayed behind. People leave and go for better. All young people who want to get ahead in life have no choice but to leave. You want to leave “Boss Hogg” you have to get out of Dodge.

  18. I have not read a post yet by any of the Francophone writers to sway my opinion. The need for many bilingual positions is artificial and increased signage is just to alter the perception of that need.

    Jules, thanks for reminding Anglophones that the pecking order is Immigrant / Francophone / Rest of Canada / Cornwall.

    I have never been anti bilingual and remain pro fairness, the Francophones that I grew up with wanted the same as me, jobs, less government and a decent life.

  19. Dear Jurgen,
    When the party Quebecois came in power in Quebec , The premier of Ontario said we will show you we will all be billingual , and stop seperatism in its tracks. The United States of America said no only where numbers warrent, it would be bad for the economy thats why your not billngual today.
    Diviide and Rule As strage as it is, i agree with ther tatics!

  20. Tammy-your convictions are to be admired !!More politicians need to follow your lead & bring this subject to the table.Countless Anglophones have & continue to be discriminated against because of mandatory French in the work place.English is the universal language!!!Tammy you’ve got my vote & I know many others are proud of you.Thank-you!!!!!

  21. Dear SFA,

    Divide and conquer is certainly the method being used in Canada. Quebec is unilingual French and forcing the most of Canada to learn their language.
    By creating the multicultural landscape and insolating other minorities it makes it appear that the French fact in the most of Canada is dominant when that is clearly not true.
    Perception, distortion of numbers and continual appeasement has created a greater sense of empowerment and entitlement as we see with the striking students in Quebec.
    Give me something for nothing or I am not happy seems to be the mantra.
    Bilingualism is a great notion but cannot be legislated especially with the way it is implemented. It creates anxiety, depression and in no way fosters any Canadian unity.
    When the truly bilingual Canadians who number roughly 12% of the population get access to all the meaningful jobs or career opportunities that means that 88% will not even apply although they may be the best person for the job.
    Linguistics is an asset but merit should be the hiring criteria. The billions spent on bilingualism could be way better sent on actual services that we pay for with our taxes.
    In these tough times our money would be better spent on basic fundamental core services that enrich all of our lives not just one “stakeholder” group.
    We have massive deficits and debt. It’s time to trim the social engineering and focus on balancing budgets and respecting the will of the majority.

  22. Show your support to Equality for All :Protest Rally May 26 1 pm in front of CCH.Time to prove you stand behind our politicians Tammy Hart SS Deputy Mayor & Bryan McGillis SS Mayor who have listened to our pleas for help.Language should never trump merit & experience.Silent Majority be silent no more!!!!!

  23. Ontario dosen’t matter anymore, Western Canada is the apple of Americas eye . Quebec is on its own track. the GTA area runs the providence, and we are dependant on the States ,look at all the fast food and box stores , no fault of the French this is our mess . Lets keeps selling cars to country that can build there own.
    We have to responsibility for ourself !

  24. Thank goodness for Kenneth and Jurgen!!! People, don’t you realize that the minority is ruling the majority and taking all our money and refusing us our rights????? Any idea what THAT style of government is called or where else it is exercised? It is called autocracy, dictatorship, apartheid – only the degree of cruelty differentiates between them. Take a look at Islamist countries, Arab countries, China, and Canada. However, the definition of real oppression of a minority can easily be witnessed by the treatment of the english speaking minority in kebec.

  25. Growing our local economy + creating new jobs is essential. You can’t do that, however, without a good understanding of the economic landscape.

    The fact is, the traditional manufacturing jobs that used to sustain our economy have gone – to places that don’t respect individual rights to personal safety and fair wages for work. We are now in a global competition for Knowledge-based skills. To succeed, we want to provide MORE learning opportunities to our communities, not less.

    Speaking French and English is neither a dilution of culture or a waste of resources – unless you see education in general as threatening. I think Tammy’s going to find she’s on the wrong side of history on this. Hopefully, she’ll consider the matter in greater depth before making decisions that will impact the competitiveness of the community she was elected to represent.

  26. It’s always a good tactic for rulers to have their subjects fighting among themselves. The idea is that if you keep the unwashed masses engaged in petty battles, the folks that are actually in control of the world can do their dirty deeds under the radar. This language fight is the perfect diversion, and it’s working perfectly for our dear leaders.

  27. I most certainly will be at the protest rally on May 26th at 1pm in front of CCH! Tammy Hart has it right on the money!!! When it comes to the point that many English speaking people are being turned away from jobs in their own country, that IS discrimination!!! People of Cornwall, now is the time to stand up for your rights! Chris Cameron has the majority behind him but people still need to get out there and rally with him that day.

  28. I’m sorry but if you want to start talking about creating good jobs and improving economy, speaking french doesn’t really come into the picture. Now if you were talking German or Japanese or Korean or even American then yes “Global competition for Knowledge-based skills” comes into play. Francophone based economy has a minor impact on our lives other than some tourism and the huge political requirement, which is a drain on our economy.

  29. I feel like if there is funding and language laws about French, there should be the same over languages such as Hindu, or Mandarin. French is not the only other language being spoken in S,D &G!!! Nor is it the most common. I get dirty looks all the time from people when I tell them I can’t speak french, but my family is Irish and British. WHEN would I have learned french? It is so unfair! I don’t want to have to live 5 hours away from my friends and family to get a job! We live in ONTARIO, not Quebec.

  30. Ed, I don;t think Mr McGuinty needs help to distract the massess LOL

    Where and when are the 50,000 then 30,000 jobs coming from solar and industrial wind turbines Mr McGuinty?

    Can the Green Energy Act do what it claims? Is it the new French Languages Services Act that even after 26 years numbers we see similar numbers for Francophones?

    No one wants to stop Francophones who need help not get it, common sense and efficient use of resources needs to prevail though.

  31. Quick, everyone, English 101, question 1: Which modern language contributed most to the making of modern English?
    Wouldn’t it pay to know that language a bit in order to know English better?

    In addition, what are some of the benefits of learning to function in a second language, especially if that language is so to speak a sister to your own? How about, it opens the mind, does wonders for self-esteem, wins new friends, and may help to ward off dementia?

  32. PJ Robertson, how will we get there not withstanding Quebec (pun intended) of course? 42 years of federal and over 25 in Ontario of language acts has not helped. Our biggest trading partners are unilingual and need to have bilingual packaging which puts the cost up as well. We seem to be running in an expensive spot and the view is the same.

    Millions of Ontario men and women are deemed ineligble for an increasing number of jobs, however, the number of actual bilingual people available is very slim. We really need to pause the treadmill and rethink / rework / remember how we got along before these Acts.

  33. Eric: Not clear where “there” is in your post. Keep in mind that quite apart from bilingualism in Canada globalization has meant that practically every article we buy in stores has directions in several languages, and that must entail a cost. Millions in Ontario ineligible for an increasing number of jobs? I wonder. Where you have a point, if I read you correctly, those who are responsible for hiring need to be flexible, intelligent, and prepared to cut through red tape.

  34. I believe this shows why I am thinking inelegible.
    10.3 million people in Ontario are listed as English only speaking, of those we have 500,000 in Ottawa, and 23,000 in Cornwall (36,000 where English spoken most often at home). Also, Ontario has English as the language of work in 97% of our businesses.
    If the federal NDP bill goes through, none of them would get a chance for a senior government position. With the current Ontario NDP bill, it would be a shorter amount time till the same thing happens in Ontario. Why would we want to limit who can apply, most people have very little contact with government and very few roles actually need to be bilingual.

    The there, is making more people bilingual. We have not been doing that with the current acts. Allowing merit over language is a good start.

  35. Tammy will fare just fine in the next elections.

    The majority English speakers have awoken to the injustice that is the OLA?FLSA and will no longer tolerate being discriminated against.

    No matter how flowery the rhetoric becomes from minority language zealots and quislings, the reality of language discrimination is being felt more and more as witnessed by the refusal of French language groups to offer any concessions as in bilingualism being an asset as opposed to being “imperative”.

    The charter of (lost) rights and (selective) freedoms has enabled minority stakeholders to hold sway over the will of the majority.

    The argument being that we need protection from an over zealous majority that would run roughshod over the downtrodden minorities. What a travesty to real democracy and a slap in the face to all Canadians who believe in a free and just society.

    Canadians on the whole are the most tolerant people on earth and would enjoy cultural differences without government interference or legislation.

    No government has the right to legislate human communication. To do so shows arrogance and reluctance to believe that the people will themselves do the right thing.

    Humans invented sign language for the deaf. We invented the Braille system for the blind. Hardships created the need and the human spirit found the answer. Not government legislation.

    On what planet does rule by the minority achieve such star power as already achieved by the French speakers in Canada?

    We are not a bilingual country, and we never will be, so stop the disproportionate funding to one group and administer our money that could go to enriching ALL Canadians lives with the emphasis on FUNDAMENTAL services not social engineering!

  36. Francophones were almost half the population in 1867 when Canada was formed, but this crazy idea of official bilingualism throughout the country has never crossed their mind. It made no sense then and it is even less sense now, when their numbers shrunk to 22%.

  37. Maybe some of you need to be hit real hard at the face by an history book to learn that Francophones are NOT  an ethnic group like the Chinese, Indians or Italians but are the founding peoples of Canada, including Ontario! (The ROOTS of Canadian Identity… the French and the British) The French have discovered and cleared-up the area, have historical presence that goes back four HUNDEREDS of years in Canada and founded settlements along the St-Lawrence! This was way before the British Loyalists came! The Constitution Act of 1867 and the King of England himself  recognized that that both languages can be used in the parliament and in courts! For so many years, Francophones in Ontario were seen and perceived as second-class citizens, by disallowing them to run their public schools (public education fell under provincial jurisdiction) or have access to any public/goverment services in their own language despite the fact they were a sizable minority outside of Quebec (which explains why most French-speaking Institution were run by the Catholic Clergy) Some loyalists were hoping that one day, they would totally be wiped-off the map!

    Whereas the French language is a historic and honoured language in Ontario and recognized by the Constitution as an official language in Canada; and whereas in Ontario the French language is recognized as an official language in the courts and in education; and whereas the Legislative Assembly recognizes the contribution of the cultural heritage of the French speaking population and wishes to preserve it for future generations; and whereas it is desirable to guarantee the use of the French language in institutions of the Legislature and the Government of Ontario, as provided in this Act;

  38. Stick in there Tammy, you are a fighter and we support the good work you and the Council have done and continue to do.

  39. RE POST by Eric on May 8, 2012 at 10:47 am

    answer to your post… A simply equation from the Francophone handbook.

    Bilingualism in Canada = French

    The proof for this is in the pudding. Quebec, French only. Demand from Francophones re: anything outside of Quebec WOULD BE French only if they could but we all know that would be too blatant. FOR NOW it’s bilingualism but, once entrenched, they will do what they are doing everywhere else. French predominant and in many cases French ONLY.

    It’s the systematic intellectual take over of a country without weapons. And frankly, as much as i hate to admit this, the English are asleep at the wheel.

    — They’re all, ahh, isn’t this nice… Different cultures and languages. We are all so enriched by this. —

    Yeah well, the OTHER SIDE is playing for keeps and their agenda has NOTHING to do with two peoples / languages living in “equal harmony” it’s more about “us first” — “French first” — and in some cases French dominant (for now).

    Just look at the province of “ONTARIO” sign behind/above Tammy in the picture above. Would that be allowed in a reverse situation if it were in Quebec? I think not! And somehow this imbalanced concept is acceptable to ANYONE? It’s one thing to acknowledge and appreciate each language and culture within the backyards of the other but … the old, what’s good for the goose” sentiment comes to mind here. That’s the only way we can live in Harmony. Let them have “a completely French Quebec” then financially help all those who are there and wish to be IN CANADA to come to CANADA and vise vera . Let’s get this charade over with.

  40. ON May 17, 2012 at 11:45 pm Tom wrote, “When their numbers shrunk to 22%”

    That 22% Tom (as you probably know) includes the “province” of Quebec where the numbers are skewed as a result of the English having been forced out and replaced with large numbers of French. Not to mention their laws make it so that English people don’t even want to live there… Thus, quoting the numbers while including the “province” of Quebec skews the argument as well. The French presence in Canada outside Quebec is 4% at best, but let’s give it 8% for the whiners.
    That means we are spending 2.8 Billion (I have heard some respectable people say it’s 15 Billion or even MORE) trying to make 96% of the population learn French when it would be so much easier to recognize that the common language in Canada is English so let’s do what the French do (like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40F23trVKEo ) and say, “if you which to come to “our country” then you must learn our “common language” (English).

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