Political Times by Mike Roache – Mulroney Consult on Quebec with Harper – June 23, 2012

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About Mr. Roache:

Mike Roache was born in Halifax and began cartooning for a school newspaper while in junior high,often putting the paper together by himself.  Over the years some of his work has appeared in newspapers in the United States and Canada. Presently his work appears in the Klondike Sun and the Sackville Tribune. Married with three adult children he lives with his wife in Halifax.

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  1. Today on the news I read that the ‘Harper Government’ spent $86,000 of tax payer’s dollars to re brand information and program announcements to not say ‘Government of Canada’ but to announce them as ‘Harper Government’ initiatives and programs. The directive was issued to public servants to replace ‘Government of Canada’ with ‘Harper’s Government’ and the internal studies and consultants fees came to $86,000. This will be the first time in Canada’s parliamentary democracy that we will see our tax dollars spent and given credit not to Government of Canada but to an already self centred and autocratic government bearing the name of the dictator himself. So much for democracy and ‘parliament’ working for Canadians. As with many issues Harper has flip flopped on this announcement in that last year when it first came out, he denied it and said that the Government of Canada would not be replaced by his egotistical and self centred ways bearing his name. Since obtaining a majority and even before we have seen his control over his form of democracy by bribing MP’s (Chuck Cadman) in trying to buy votes on critical issues, not letting his MP’s have a free vote (David Wilkes) and proroguing parliament when his agenda was threatened.
    His latest flip flop is his not so secret meeting with the not so honourable Brian Mulroney in a secret meeting in a downtown Montreal hotel to discuss with him how to win the hearts and minds of Quebecois. This is something that the ‘little corporal’ forbade his members to do after the Mulroney/Schriver incident. As of yet we don’t know if Harper received a stuffed brown envelope, like Mulroney had.
    Of course, they have been doing this for years, with the ‘Canada’s Economic Action Pan’ adds that cost us tax payers hundreds of millions of dollars, in what Sheila Fraser said, while she was auditor general, bordered on partisan politics, campaign adds, and misuse of ‘government’ dollars, meant to promote only the CPC and their propaganda that they were our only saviours.
    Now there is the parliamentary budget officer and the criticism that he has received from Harper and John Baird in overstepping his boundaries in exposing government misspending and lack of transparency and honesty with the Canadian public. Ironically the ‘Harper Government’ created this position to give the public the illusion that they were in fact the best keepers of our fragile economy. Thank God they are recessed for the summer, but just wait to hear from our MP’s over the recess just how great the Harper Government is. We have been lied to so much that the CPC are beginning to believe their own lies.

  2. How dare Steven Harper steal that idea from Dalton McGuinty. I lost track of how many Ontario government news releases started with McGuinty government…..

    That 86,000 is about the same as 286 federal employees getting a sick day paid for.

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