Long Sault Farmers Market Grows Again by Reg Coffey – June 24, 2012

Long Sault Market 22 June 2012

CFN – It’s week 4 of the market in Long Sault and the temperature and humidity let up a bit to make it a more pleasant day to shop for fruits, vegetables, pastries, canned goods, Thai food and, of course, coffee. As the customers streamed in all afternoon they could see that we’ve added another vendor. This week Linda’s Garden Goodies set up a booth right beside yours truly, Coffey’s Coffee.

Linda’s Garden Goodies

Pictured above are Linda Brunet on the right and her daughter Bernadette Seguin with an impressive display of the variety of products that they had for sale. FYI, yes that is the Linda from Linda’s Garden Goodies.

Our community charitable event this week was a bake sale to raise funds for the 1st Ingleside Walk for PKD. Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is an inherited disease that causes many cysts to form in the kidneys. PKD can be painful and interfere with the normal functioning of the kidney resulting in infection, kidney stones, high blood pressure, and , eventually, kidney failure.

Ingleside Walk for PKD

Last week I neglected to get a picture of the organic produce and gluten free baked goods offered by Sheldanna Farms so here it is. Better late than never I always say. OK maybe not always but it is my way of apologizing for my neglect.

Sheldanna Farms

As the growing season progresses more and more local produce is going to become available. Here you can see the peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers that are available from Ingleside Tomatoes.

Ingleside Tomatoes

Avonmore Berry Farm always has great looking tables of produce. This weekend they added potatoes, onions, carrots, and fresh garlic to their delicious strawberries. I don’t want to fail to mention their fresh baked pies and biscuits that shoppers make a beeline for after they park their cars.

Avonmore Berry Farm

I’ll finish off this week’s market report with a picture of the Swiss Farm Bakery. You can see in the picture the variety of pastries and bread products that they tempt the market shoppers. I usually have one of their chocolate croissants with my coffee but on this day I went for a nice big soft pretzel. It was delicious even without the mustard and beer.

Swiss Farm Bakery

Next week we are going to shuffle the booths slightly to make room for more vendors. You should come out to the market and see the new arrangement. It won’t be too drastic. All the vendors will still be within eyesight and you will still be able to find everything you came for and more.

Hope to see you there.

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  1. I love this market,missed it on Friday had other app’t in Ottawa,everything just is so fresh,so good we will be back this coming Friday afternoon:)

  2. Fresh local food…doesn’t get any better than that.

  3. Your market looks very interesting. Who would be the contact person for information on becoming a vendor?

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