Jeff Brunet of Alkaline Entertainment Talks Cornwall Ontario Music Scene from his Lancaster Ontario Concert

Jeff Brunet of Alkaline Entertainment with Rene Martin of King Street Percussion

CFN – It was a hot Saturday night at the beach in Lancaster Ontario as Jeff Brunet of Alkaline Entertainment and I spoke about the music scene in Cornwall, Ontario and why he’s been booking so many gigs out of his home town.

Cornwall’s loss however has been Lancaster’s gain as Joy Blanchard’s seen.   Her Campsite; Lancaster Park has been a big beneficiary this summer of a lot more action thanks to the events.

While Jeff’s gigs in Cornwall have been successful, the lack of stronger venues available to him have made his biz riskier and could be why so few big names hit our city?

I also got to chat with King Street Percussion’s Rene Martin who’s been building up quite a name for himself.   With Roy Nichol joining April Wine as their full time drummer there’s rumblings that the band will be setting up shop lock, stock, and barrel in Cornwall at Dream Builder studios.   There’s some heat and life going on in our city; it just needs some local support.

Jeff brought local band Trench Town Oddities to open for Chilliwack and is excited about an upcoming licensed Johnny Cash tribute night at the Port Theatre.

What do you think Cornwallites?  Should the city be making it easier for promoters to access the city and help develop the Arts & Culture scene?  You can post your comments below.



  1. Loving these music interviews, Jamie

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  3. i was at george jones tribute last night at port theater august 28 super show great place for it sound was good

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