US Law Enforcement Working Cornwall Ontario – Are we Losing our Canadian Sovereignty?

CFN – Two weeks ago Cornwall had a fairly large round up of people arrested.  What’s interesting about this is that it was result of US law enforcement operating on Canadian soil.

With a RCMP detachment in Cornwall, a very competent local police force, and nearby OPP why did  US law enforcement get to play Starsky & Hutch here in the Great White North?

Were these US desperadoes that had sneaked over?  Iranians plotting to steal our mayor’s hottie?  Evil Afghanistani’s or even worse; some Bilderberger’s trying to Condosize our Waterfront?

Nope, some of the usual kinda folks headlined by one Mickey Wood.   Why are all these folks facing extradition?   Why is there a media ban on the deets on these alleged bad guys who had the local restos cranking out sandwich boxes for the court house as the writs were being fought to extradite them to America.

And why are our home grown crooks being sent to Uncle Sam?  Is it because it’s a the slow season for the big private run prison system over there?    I’m a fiercely proud Canadian.   Frankly I can’t imagine a situation that our highly trained and capable law enforcement professionals can’t handle.  Courtesy & cooperation; absolutely.   Swap info and help each other, sure thing!

After all; America and Americans have long been our natural allies except for that incident in 1812 when we had to kick their arses back over the border.

But what the heck is going on when our Federal Government is allowing another countries law enforcement to work to their own rules here in Canada?   With the talk of having our Canada Customs move over to the nice new US facility are we really wanting to dance with our Sovereignty?

Does this bug you?  It sure bugs me.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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Milena Cardinal


  1. I knew about all this coming for many long years and we no longer have a country nor the US is a country (we are all corporations) and owned by the “banksters as in gangsters” which they all are. Forget how Canada, the US and other so called countries used to be – that is gone. Welcome to the NAU (North American Union) and the NWO (New World Order). It is very legal for the Yankee cops of all levels to come here and our Canuck cops to go to the US and make arrests, etc. Wait until you all hear about the drones overhead that are already making arrests in the US. You haven’t seen or heard anything yet folks. When all of you get to know what I know you will all be shocked. I am over the shocks. Yes people will be put in those private prisons in the US known as FEMA camps and they are re-education camps and not the kind of prisons that you all think about but something that Hitler had. Forget freedoms, etc. There are no freedoms and if you complain you will see what is going to happen to you. Just stick by – all countries are going that way even Australia. You think this is bad Britain is even worse. We are also going into the “greatest economic depression” in history. It will be much worse than the 30’s era. There is so much coming and just stick by and watch. Yes it is all legal because the papers have all been signed since the days of Mulroney and Bush Sr. as well as Reagan and all the rest of the presidents and PM’s right up till our present day. The United Nations is in on it.

  2. Jamie I get your point… the laws on this are wwwaayyyy tougher in US.. Probably the trail led that way……if they stole from uncle sam,,,uncle sam can judge them first… than Canada will get its turn….. but our Sovereignty should be closely guarded…like the upcoming ongoing debate aboiut Cusoms on canadian Soil..but that`s another story

  3. Jamie, Jules and les habitants…..question? Do you see where the two countries will merge as one. I remember a few yrs back when Lou Dobbs when on CNN said that the 2 countries would become one in the future.

  4. Hey if we send all our criminals to the States that means the Conservatives don’t have to build the super prisons.

  5. Ask yourself a question: Why did they come up here? The answer is to accomplish something that our national, provincial and local police couldn’t handle on their own. I hate to rain on your parade Jamie, but I think that we will eventually see Canada, the U.S. and Mexico come together as one nation…..North America. This will be necessary in order to fight crime and maintain security against terrorism in our part of the hemisphere. It has to come!

  6. Stellabystarlight (nice moniker).. co-operation in law enforcement is inevitable between the US and Canada ..but i don`t see a need to give up our sovereignty…like the Euro in so may european connections ,economic attachments to US and Mexico will happen but that does not mean we can`t retain our own nation and laws and decisions….we are totally different than the US even if we share a border . each political change in Canada decides what`s best for Canada… eventually the Harper government will be out of office and the new guard will make the decisions… @ Reg… i sorta like your idea about any criminals.. if they do the crime on US soil they should do the time in US prisons..

  7. Stan….wow you bring up a very good point. I had heard on the news of this happening but the point you bring up about terrorism really makes it seems more plausible.

  8. Slightly off topic but related. About five years ago when I transferred my aunt’s investment portfolio from a Wood Gundy office in Quebec to a Wood Gundy office in Ontario, I had to fill out a form for the IRS (American Internal Revenue Service) reporting the transfer. There were no American investments or stocks involved. Why would a Canadian transferring Canadian investments to a different province have to report to the IRS?

  9. I am, of course shocked, by this news. lol I believe that if we look back in recent history we will see that any Canadian lawyer with any balls will fight the extradition and it will become a matter of record, and a fight it will be. Thanks Jamie for bringing the story into the light and the more noise we make the better protected we will be against American bullying. I am a little on the fence, however because we don’t want to spend our money to put bad people away and feed and take care of them. If they want them, they can have them.

  10. Actually the US police are allowed to go into Mexico and make arrest after notifying the local police force.

  11. CANADIAN CUSTOMS MUST BE HERE IN CORNWALL IF NOT OUR SAFETY WILL BE IN DOUBT.Mickey(whats his name) facing U S justice will likely sing to save his own hide if he can. This operation took years of hard work & much planning. Our RCMP,OPP & CUSTOMS Officers have done a good job.

  12. @ CAN AM JUSTICE. Are you saying that police from foreign countries should should be able to arrest Canadians on Canadian soil?

  13. I’m a little biased, OK maybe, big time biased, I could care less what agency, from what country they represent, as long as the bad guys are put away !

  14. Author

    Serpico don’t you think that perhaps US agents “assisting” Canadian law officers would be better than them working on our soil?

  15. It all boils down to jurisdiction, over the years, U.S. Agents have worked on Cdn. soil along side our Officers , but they have litterally no powers, ie arrest, search etc, as they are not covered in the Crimminal Code, as Peace Officers. They provide valuable, priceless, intelligence information , to cases that both countries have a stake in . I see no issue with this practice, and would like to see more of it. Organized crime has no boundaries .

  16. Holy Gilles Latour! I better hide my ill-gotten U.S. funds before the Bilderbergers take control. But gold, Son. Gold!

  17. Author

    But Serpico with the recent changes that’s not the game now. I think it’s great to have cooperation between our two great country’s, but this is not the case and this trend of extraditing Canadian criminals to US courts and jails is of great concern. Imagine if you or I typed something that upset a certain corp or government leader in the US. Should we too face extradition? What’s next, jaywalking?

  18. ED NO I’am not saying that at all. What I believe is that operation was conducted jointly( US & CANADIAN FORCES) & that our JUSTICE DEPT. Made the right decision. IF this man was put on trial here and judged guilty (shorter sentence) & then out again likely doing the same thing, Under US law IF found guilty he wont be a happy camper & he might very well spill the beans on what he knows. It should be very interesting watching this case unfold.

  19. Folks I have something for all of you to read and I found it on yahoo. I want everyone to read this very carefully: Go on your search engines and type is the following:

    Cross-border politicing provokes sovereignty worries

    I am going to read the posts from all of you and you all have very good questions and ideas.

    Stella you asked me if Canada, the US and Mexico and yes folks Mexico is also included in this North American Union and yes it is possible for this to happen and I have been listening to this stuff for at least 10 years now and they already have a different flag made that includes all three countries including a different currency. This is going to take some time yet to come together. I will tell you something Stella and folks back in my high school years of the 60’s we took a stupid book called: 1984 by George Orwell aka Eric Blair. This man who wrote the book is from England and was in the secret service including in England. He wrote about what the future was going to be like and it was not fiction but we all thought it was because it was so rediculous. All the continents are going in this way and already it is the European Union and things are falling apart already financially and politically. Australia will be in the Pacific Union. There is the Mediterranean Union, etc. There are many who were on mainstream programs talking about all of this and even the nutcase Glenn Beck that I never watched – I don’t watch TV since many years. I get my news from alternative news and have been for many years. There is information in the Bible – The King James Bible (Protestant) in the Book of Daniel that explains all this and even talks about 3 great wars according to what I heard.

    Things are not good at all for the future folks and I won’t tell you what I know. I have been very nervous about all this for many years and I always kept my mouth shut until now. There may be a civil war in the US – I can’t tell you for sure that this will happen but I can tell you that the United Nations along with the US president are going to disarm the Yanks along with our military and other foreign troops. The Yankee troops are coming back mentally insane after what they have experienced overseas and many can turn on their own people. I think that I said too much and don’t want anyone upset but better to be prepared now instead of when it is too late. I am very concerned for all of you near the Yankee border. Many Yanks are leaving the US for Canada and other countries – especially the rich people and they know what is coming down.

    If any of you want to listen to a man speak go on and listen to a man by the name of: Douglas Hagmann and he is a radio show host that speaks about what is going on. I fell on this man lately speaking to another radio host. I have been following many other alternative areas for years to get to know some things that are true. These people speak more quietly. We are going to all experience a “global economic depression” and the best thing that I have ever given you as advice is to grow your own gardens and do quilting and sewing for your families and live like the old ways. You will all see what is going to happen and the economy will not improve for many long years to come and is no longer like before. Many people are going to suffer and we all have to be strong and pray to God for help.

  20. INTERESTING STUFF!!!! but scarry!!! This topic is a real eye opener on many levels.

  21. Stella and others go on and type in the following: The Conservative Caucus with Howard Phillips
    then go to: The Dangers of the North American Union by Jerome Corsi

    You will get an earfull about this and Dr. Jerome Corsi is both an Economist and a Historian and he is also looking into the Obama Birth Certificate, etc. along with a legal team and investigators.

    There is so much more. With the names of the authors that I gave you go on and look them all up and they speak about what is going on. I want everyone to know the truth. If any of you ask if the Queen of England knows about this and the answer is “she sure does know because she is a part of it all”. Her boss is the Pope and above that the Jesuit General. The queen is also part of the high end secret societies.

    One good piece of advice stay away from David Icke’s books – the man is nuts as can be. He says things that make no sense or very little. On a very old show in England he said that he was the son of God and I laughed so hard that I couldn’t stop. He is part of this New Age garbage.

    I thought that I would add this in and let everyone search everyone for themselves.

  22. US agents are spying on Canadians in Canada and Harper signed the deal to say it was okay. Look up the word traitor in Martin’s Canadian Criminal Code. So called journalists obey the gag orders.

  23. We have been sold out a long time ago folks. We started to hear about it in the days of “Lying Brian Mulroney” and I can tell you that it even started before that during the days of Trudeau. It is only thanks to the internet that we can know so much of what went on. You would all be in a terrible shock to know all the real truths and treasons going on that you would all go literally and throw the bums out. I said before that they are all “bird cage liners” and that is exactly what they are and they are all thieves, liars and cockroaches and leaches. I have absolutely no liking nor respect for any of them.
    If you all knew what is going on it would make “Willie Wise look like a saint” and that was really bad indeed and he got that way because of the company he kept like Heally, Kilger and others. When you have bad company then you go bad.
    There is something that you may not know about and that is the Russian planes are going to be in Canada to spy and “Heir Harpo” knows about it and is letting them in and we do the same thing in their country. There is no freedom in this world – it is “satan’s world”.

  24. You all heard about the song “Everyone wants to rule the world” and how very true that is. There are always these very evil people at the top who want to do terrible harm to others. I bow to no human being and would rather bow to a dog, cat, birds, squirrels, etc. than any human being of any level. If the queen appeared in front of me it would be like looking at anybody else and the same with any celebrity or politician or what have you. I have seen people of very high status here and don’t even care one bit. I care for myself and my family and do everything to protect them. I know so much of the truth about life and the net even opened my eyes even further. If you all knew the real truths it would be too hard to sleep at night. I am already listening to things that would keep you up. Pray to God and He is the only one I would bow down to.

  25. Here is another very famous book written back in the 1960’s called: “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen and a man whose surname is Abraham. You will learn a lot if you get hold of this book about what is going on in the US and elsewhere today and the past. There is another very old book written by a man who served in the Canadian Navy by the name of William Guy Carr called: “Pawns in the Game” and if you can get this old book here too will answer plenty of your questions.

  26. Jules and Serpico – did you guys ever sing , Oh Canada in your lives? My point was that when official foreign agents work out of uniform in a foreign country they are spies and normally hung from lamp posts without trial. The definition of treason and traitors is well definied in the Criminal Code. As for you two, if you are two people, you fellows sound like such defeated, given up, whining boys who never knew anyone who liberated Holland. I think you two boys are really paper cut outs working out of a CIA or Homeland security cubicle out of New England. You are part of the attempted forward march North. If you are Canadians you make me ashamed and I would be delighted to run your asses up hill to take the first bullet. I don’t think either one of you has what it takes to train five year olds or old women to be suicide bombers. I don’t want either of you weaklngs around at midnight when Laura Secord’s cow makes a move. You should both get out and not infect, poison and demoralize or get rid of the yellow stripes down your backs. Neither of you two represent anything decent or pure or holy. You are as Amerikan as Spam. Assure me of nothing – just wait until Canadian and Quebecois first and second graders get their hands on you. Get out!

  27. Maple Leaf Seven, you are extremely harsh towards other views. Your intolerance is quite revealing. Treason is “collaboration” with the enemy of the state. What is collaboration among people? Peace. You are projecting hatred towards Jules and Serpico. Why do you hate other individual people so much? Why do you consider yourself a superior person? Why do you promote war in the name of territorial governing nation states? You support the sovereignty of the State above your own personal sovereignty. That is your choice for you and not a choice for many other individuals. Please, live your life at your own risk and expenses. You project hatred towards people, expect hatred and potential harm in return.

    The issue of cross border policing is a matter of border-less governing entities. All self governing entities be it individuals, businesses, associations, non-government organizations and official government organizations operate under their own individual “Rule of Law” that they apply to themselves and their voluntary and involuntary members. These sovereign “Rule of Law” entities operate irrelevant of territorial national border claims. If you agree to abide by the “Rule of Law” applied to members of the “Jehvovah’s Witnesses” (as an example), do national declared borders matter in application of their Law?

    Jamie asked the question; Are we Losing our Canadian Sovereignty? Only natural individual persons have sovereignty. Unnatural entities such as Nation States, Corporations and Religious Organizations have declared themselves the Sovereignty of a Natural Person. They have their declared right to exist, own property and live within their respective “Rules of Law”.

    When should the sovereignty of an unnatural entity overrule the sovereignty of the natural person?

  28. Oh, Darcy – did you have to dig hard between the lines to discover intolerance for collaborators? As a leader I think your ideology is built out of American mashed potatoes. You don’t appear to care about the Canadian border, so patriotic Canadians and those against Canada clearly know your opinion. Your Freeman argument won’t wash. Why don’t you send in your birth certificate and Social Insurance Card to Ottawa and tell them that you are leaving the party early? Why don’t you? Why? Eh? Why? Perhaps you can rent a room from Conrad Black.

    War is sometimes part of politics. That’s why we do it, that’s why we are set up for it. Violence and the threat of violence have been chief negotiating tools for centuries. Turn on the TV set, open a news paper, pick up a book – war is here to stay even if your dream of global communism comes true. You are welcome to lay down in the middle of the road. Others will make choices for you and you will go along.

    I suspect you haven’t bent your knee to the Crown in some time. Got a problem? Maybe in the next election you will move up to 120 votes.

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