As Quebec Premier Jean Charest Faces his Biggest Political Challenge – Yes or No Quebec on eve of Election call ?

CFN –  Jean Charest is about to face the biggest political challenge of his political career and it should be fun to watch.  Badgered by Corruption scandals and students banging pots and pans while gerrymandering hopes of PQ  election wins he’s about to call a Provincial election.

The timing is about as good as it’s going to get for the embattled Premier.    The Student protest really are a demographical divide in Quebec from age to language.  Add in the fact that the elections should take place just about the time that students are returning it seems to almost be a dare for the PQ to boils the lobster pot of a segment of University students discontent.

After all it is tax payers that pay the bills in the end and it’s usually tax payers that vote more than students tend to.   I mean why vote when you can hang out downtown and beat pans and pots?

Scandals of course are not new to Quebec politics.  Even that term is almost brothered to the term corruption.  I mean close your eyes and say out loud Quebec politics and what comes to mind?   There was corruption during the PQ years of power too.  Does anyone really believe that Quebecers would factor that into their decisions?

With the Orange Crush in the Federal election it looks like Quebecers are not focused on leaving Canada the way they were 30 years ago.

According to Eric Grenier’s 308 ( The Liberals are holding a slim lead that I have a hunch will increase the closer we get to election day.

So Quebecer’s is it time for change or will that wily Jean Charest keep his job?  If he doesn’t gain a majority is that a true failure that should lead to his resignation?

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  1. The French people I know in Valleyfield want a change and will vote Parti Quebecois. I think it’s dirty for Charest to call an election now when citizens are trying their best to enjoy Summer holidays. I hope he get’s the boot!

  2. Are the coruption findings coming out this fall?

    Great choice of parties. A. break up the country B. stay in country C. try and divide while alluding to keep both sides together

  3. I just remembered why Charest is an S.O.B. His Liberal Party had a plan to sell off 1,000 acres of Mont Orford Provincial Park down near Sherbrooke, and use the land for a condo development. It is alleged the developers involved were donors to the same Party. (Charest’s riding is in Sherbrooke). The Quebec Minister of the Environment, an MPP from Laval named Thomas Mulcair, objected to the plan and was fired by Premier Charest. The condo plan was later dropped due to public opposition. Mulcair, of course, had made a name for himself. He ran federally for the New Democratic Party in Outremont riding which is home to Universite de Montreal. He won and keeps winning and is now NDP leader and Leader of the Official Opposition in Ottawa.

  4. Great point Eric -falls going to be fun !

    #1 Not long after election day the construction industry investigation into corruption will come out and as advised by lead investigator an x Montreal police chief corruption is everywhere!

    #2-Not long after the elections the student protest return,
    well here comes the spoiled children again! Is what the ROC will say!

    #3-The ELECTION -yes finally the cream of the Quebecois come out and put their ETHNOCENTRIC platform along with other separatists groups!
    What guys ?Does Canada not treat Quebecers fairly ?

    Can’t wait for falls attraction – Watch cbc plays on the Quebec Dynasty

    Quebec can be a very self destructive province !

  5. The bubble wrap generation is going to vote and participate in politics as if their lives depended on it.

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  6. I would like to know what Premier Jean Charest has ever done for Quebec let alone Canada? My favourite was Rene Levesque. At least he focused primarily on his province!

  7. Talk about buying votes….PQ leader Pauline Marois has now promised students that she will rescind the tuition increase proposed by the Liberals during the first 100 days of her winning the election.

  8. Wondering why Mr. Giggles’s post was not deleted…..DISGUSTING. It certainly doesn’t do much for CFN’s credibility and name allowing this type of rubbish on the blogs. Thinking it wasn’t read in it’s entirety.

  9. Well they should delete it stella, there might come a time when they won’t have a choice. I believe it to be copyrighted material. Hope they asked permission from the writers. Its a song, not familiar with it, had to google it. Thank god CFN is not all like that…then again, maybe thats why its cornwall FREE news.

  10. Stan, from what i read is she will freeze the tuition for the first 100 days…then again who cares that s in Québec.. we are in Ontario.

  11. Hey Stella, It’s all about ratings.

  12. Ed…..ratings my foot……it is DISGUSTING!!! The 2nd last paragraph alone would be reason enough to delete it. Thinking it wasn’t read in it’s entirety. I am sure that many who come here and don’t blog will feel the way I do.

    Sorry that I am off the subject……..but I just couldn’t help myself.

    Now you can all get back to Charest and his victorious election **s**

  13. Looking forward to fall election:
    yes the PQ will address the student concerns within 100 days .

    Will the PQ use the rest of Canada`s bank roll to fulfill their campaign promises-yes they will !
    The question is how the PQ will fulfill these Obligations at the same time push for separation and have the rest of Canada pay the tab for it!
    So will Quebec bite the hand that feeds them ,yes they will !

    Madam Marois will trade her soul to get the dream few want and many fear,but then be careful of what one wishes for you might get it!

    As for la corrupt Gov -thats why they are holding the election now before the details come out about the systemic corruption in the construction industry.

    WOW -thats great entertainment -welcome to the mess that is Quebec politics!

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