Motorcyclist Struck Down in Food Basics Parking Lot in Cornwall Ontario – August 11, 2012

CFN –  Tragedy struck a motorcyclist in the parking lot of the Food Basics store on Second street east as he collided with a motor vehicle.

Cornwall Police state that the incident is under investigation and no charges have been filed at this point.     The motorcyclist was taken by ambulance to the Cornwall Community hospital.

We will update the story as more information becomes available.

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  1. Them motorcyclists never watch where they are going in that parking lot which is crazy cause the car drivers don’t look either. They ruined my grocery shopping.

  2. “Tragedy” suggests to me that someone was killed or permanently disabled as a result of this accident. Any updates?

  3. us “motorcyclists” sure do watch where we’re going, we have to because some people don’t see us for some reason..

  4. i saw this accident and it was an elderly lady driving the car and she hit him, the motorcyclist has lost one of his legs 🙁

  5. Funny how people always try to automatically blame the guy on the bike,They ruined your grocery shopping ?That itself proves your ignorance and lack of intelligence,the man has an amputated leg because of this tragedy now and all you can do is lay blame on him first for the accident and second your grocery shopping being ruined,pathetic.

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