Wedding Belles By Carine Sturgeon – Electronic Vs Old Fashioned Save the Date Cards – August 11, 2012

CFN – When I got engaged in February and we finally settled on a date I went to Michael’s with my Grandmother and bought some save the dates (using her for her senior discount). They’ve been sitting on my desk since then.

The save the date it seems is very controversial. Some say it’s a good idea, some say it’s a waste.  I like the save the date.  Especially with so many people in my family going away to Florida for the winter, it’s a way of telling them you need to come back for April 20th.


Some say it’s a waste with Facebook and e-mail. Call me Old Fashioned but to me this is such an important event why not spend a few bucks and send out a nice invite. With DIY projects all the rage (TLC’s craft wars anyone?)  it has never been easier to make them on a budget.

Mine are very elegant without breaking the bank! 75 Save the dates cost me about 30.00$. Of course I have to factor in postage on top of that but some of them I can get away with hand delivering.


I recently had a conversation with a fellow bride to be getting married in June of 2013. She wants to send her invites out next month. I am only sending out my Save the dates next week.  So fellow readers I need some advice.


When is the best time to send out wedding invitations? I had in mind to send them out in January giving everyone 2 months to reply and sending out my Save the dates 9 months in advance.  Now I am second guessing myself.


Leave me your advice in the comments bellow!


Till next time

Your Bride To Be


Carine Sturgeon is a Cornwall native who lives and works in Ottawa Ontario. She is a graduate of Ecole Secondair La Citadelle and St Lawrence college. A Educational Assistant by trade she is now The program Coordinator of After School Programs with the City of Ottawa. 

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  1. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! About 90% of couples today are sending out Save the Date cards to family and friends. With everyone be so spread out these days, it is vital to give everyone a heads up in order for appropriate plans to be made. These are usually sent out 6 to 9 months ahead of the wedding. So your timing is perfect. Wedding Invitations are sent out 6 to 8 weeks ahead of the wedding itself. Hope this information helps! Please feel free to e-mail with any other questions. If you are still looking for Wedding Invitations, please visit us. We ship internationally! Good Luck!

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