About to be Quebec Premier Pauline Marois Snubs The Montreal Gazette -Another Slap to the Anglophone Community

CFN – On the precipice of becoming Premier it was reported today that PQ leader Pauline Marois blew off the largest Anglophone media outlet in her province.

The multi-century old Montreal Gazette reported that Ms Marois blew off their French interview this Saturday.   LINK

On Aug. 30, with six days left in the campaign and a holiday weekend looming, and well after the PQ leader had sat down with La Presse, Le Devoir and the Globe and Mail, Marois’s media logistics co-ordinator confirmed the PQ leader would meet with Authier and Dougherty between campaign stops on the South Shore on Saturday morning.

On Friday evening, he contacted Authier to say that due to campaign commitments, Marois had to cancel the interview with The Gazette. There was no apology or further explanation. Nor could he promise a date after the election when Marois could talk to The Gazette.

Ms Marois has marked her campaign with promises of language rhetoric aimed at the Anglophone community.   She also refused to participate in the English language debate.

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