Another Car Crash at Second East & Belmont in Cornwall Ontario – Friday September 28, 2012

CFN – Another car crash marred the 2nd & Belmont interchange in Cornwall Ontario –   Resident Todd Lauzon sent in these photos.   It’s been the fourth accident he’s seen at this corner in his one year of living there.   One person was reported to be taken away via ambulance.

“Why do idiots in this town always try to fly across second street on belmont and get hit? Why are you in such a rush to fly down my street when its a 50 zone? Honestly? Its getting annoying. Learn to drive youXXXkin retards”

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  1. Whoever wrote the above comment must be a lunatic! Maybe he/she should have been there and seen what happened! Just to let you-low-language person know that the vehicle turning on second street was charged on failing to yield to oncoming traffic and the car hit on Second street was going 53km/hour! So you can keep your points of view to yourself if you don’t know anything!

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