MP Guy Lauzon Hides from Language Rights – Votes to Support Failed Motion 312 to Open Abortion Debate

CFN – For someone that is alleged to shy away from controversy as was claimed last night by Howard Galganov at South Stormont Council SD&SG MP Guy Lauzon had no problem supporting Motion 312 which would’ve opened up debate on Abortion.

Guy Lauzon Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry, ON

Mr. Speaker, I have a petition signed by 658 people from the riding of Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry in support of Motion No. 312.

Glad Guy had a petition allegedly signed by 658 people.  (Guy is notoriously bad at math)

That a special committee of the House be appointed and directed to review the declaration in Subsection 223(1) of the Criminal Code which states that a child becomes a human being only at the moment of complete birth and to answer the questions hereinafter set forth;

that the membership of the special committee consist of 12 members which shall include seven members from the government party, four members from the Official Opposition and one member from the Liberal Party, provided that the Chair shall be from the government party; that the members to serve on the said committee be appointed by the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs and the membership report of the special committee be presented to the House no later than 20 sitting days after the adoption of this motion;

that substitutions to the membership of the special committee be allowed, if required, in the manner provided by Standing Order 114(2);

that the special committee have all the powers of a Standing Committee as provided in the Standing Orders; and

that the special committee present its final report to the House of Commons within 10 months after the adoption of this motion with answers to the following questions,

(i) what medical evidence exists to demonstrate that a child is or is not a human being before the moment of complete birth, (ii) is the preponderance of medical evidence consistent with the declaration in Subsection 223(1) that a child is only a human being at the moment of complete birth, (iii) what are the legal impact and consequences of Subsection 223(1) on the fundamental human rights of a child before the moment of complete birth, (iv) what are the options available to Parliament in the exercise of its legislative authority in accordance with the Constitution and decisions of the Supreme Court to affirm, amend, or replace Subsection 223(1).

Mr. Lauzon costs taxpayers nearly $200,000 per year.   His gold plated pension will be over double the average income of residents of his riding.

When he’s not trying to stir up abortion issues he’s hiding out in Ottawa or attempting to use his office for non governmental matters such as when he threatened this scribbler with the use of the Attorney General of Canada over his abuse of the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate which he sat on the board of, again, while in office.

Abortion is a complicated issue.  It’s for heady people of stout convictions and reality to discuss.  Not some mealy pandering corrupt politician looking to suck up for a few votes.

It’s an issue that courts have dealt with clearly and in this day and age of complete lack of  accountability not a situation where we force people into situations that not only could endanger their lives, but hurt our society.

We need to take better care of those living on this planet before we start to litigate about those that haven’t made it here yet.

Abortion is a serious issue that many women face for many reasons.   It’s decision that a woman has to live with for the rest of her life. It’s not something that should be politicized.

I’m glad Motion C-312 failed.  I’m more glad to see who supported it though because these are people whose names voters should know.

These are people that should be held accountable for the ills in their ridings and for wasting tax payers dollars on such a motion in the current state our economy is.

And here is the list of those that voted for 312:

Conservatives who voted for the motion were:
Alice Wong, Barry Devolin, Ben Lobb, Bev Shipley, Brian Jean, Blaine Calkins, Bob Zimmer, Brad Trost, Brent Rathgeber, Brian Storseth, Bryan Hayes, Candice Bergen, Cheryl Gallant, Chris Warkentin, Chuck Strahl, Colin Carrie, Colin Mayes, Dave Van Kesteren, David Anderson, David Sweet, Dean Allison, Dean Del Mastro, Diane Ablonczy, Earl Dreeshen, Ed Fast, Ed Komarnicki, Gail Shea, Garry Brietkreuz, Gerry Ritz, Gordon Brown, Guy Lauzon, Harold Albrecht, James Bezan, James Lunney, James Moore, James Rajotte, Jason Kenney, Jeff Watson, Jim Hillyer, John Westen, John Williamson, Julian Fantino, Kelly Block, Kevin Sorenson, Kyle Seeback, Larry Miller, Laurie Hawn, Lavar Payne, Lawrence Toet, Leon Benoit, Mark Warwara, Maurice Vellacott, Merv Tweed, Michael Chong, Mike Allen, Mike Lake, Nina Grewal, Patricia Davidson, Patrick Brown, Peter Panashue, Peter Van Loan, Phil McColeman, Pierre Lemieux, Pierre Poilievrel, Randy Kamp, Ray Boughen, Richard Harris, Rick Norlock, Rob Anders, Rob Clarke, Rob Merrifield, Rod Bruinooge, Rodney Westen, Ron Cannan, Rona Ambrose, Roxanne James, Royal Galipeau, Russ Hiebert, Stella Ambler, Stephen Woodworth, Ted Opitz, Terence Young, Tilly O’Neil Gordon, Tom Lukiwiski, Wladyskaw Lizin

Jim Karrygiannis, Kevin Lamoureaux, Lawrence MacAulay, John McKay

Peter Goldring

No NDP MP’s voted to support 312.   For the official list click HERE.

What do you think Canada? You can post your comments below.

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  1. Guy, can you explain to the good citizens of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry why you were absent from the meeting at South Stormont Wednesday night?

    With Kindest Regards,

    Cory Cameron

  2. I was involved in Cornwall with the Reform Party and the Canadian Alliance Party which developed from it. Guy Lauzon became the first CA candidate to run for a Commons seat in SDG, largely as he helped raise big money for the proposed municipal Aquatic Centre. Since the CA’s merger with the Progressive Conservatives, Guy has been a dedicated Conservative MP. Today I was up at McConnell Ave. and the 401, and went by the recently built regional RCMP headquarters. Thank you Guy.
    I am a customer at Dutch Girl dry cleaners on Campbell St. in Cornwall industrial park. Located a few doors south is a brand new Government of Canada call centre, and it’s large parking lot is jammed with employee vehicles. Thank you Guy.

  3. Did the fine people of Stormont,Dundas and Glengarry vote you in to sit on the fence on the tougher issues.

    Were you voted in to advocate for yourself or the locals issues that face the constituents like this one?

    Did you choose not to come for personal views or was it party views ?

    When does the politician lose respect for their community and make decisions mainly on small interests groups as opposed to society as a whole?

  4. You are shameful excuse for a politician! Yes, run and hide with your head between your legs and do nothing!!!!

    I would like to thank Gerry Flaherty for being able to come up with 1 thing that Guy Lauzon has been involved in during all his time in office. Yep, a Government Canada buidling here in Ontario that employs bilingual people from Quebec. BRAVO!

    Whoa, I can’t believe you even dared open your mouth on this one!!!!

  5. Yes, Guy I also would like to know why you were absent from the meeting? Such an important issue. The public deserves an answer. I would think that it is time that you give us all an explanation!!!

  6. Yes Guy I too want to know why you did not accept invitation to atend such a ground breaking important meeting,coward ? maybe or because you knew that you would be part of only a handful there who oppose the freedom of expression,or because your Government has their hands tied because of funding bulling. I also believe that Kilger & his goons have accepted funding for forced frenchification or else they would have shown more common sense.

  7. There goes the “entitlement attitude” again. Guy owes you guys an apology? OMG!!! Your attitude never ceases to amaze. Do you all think that his only concerns are those of the LFA. Did you ever think that perhaps he was busy with other commitments? For something this piddly, he owes no apology nor explanation to anyone for his absence. PERIOD!!!

  8. Guy Lauzon replied to Galganov that the Charter’s right to the freedom of speech is “CONTROVERSIAL” when anglos claim their unalienable right to run their own private businesses in the language of their choice – English. That’s it, folks, the English language has become “controversial” in Canada in general and in English Canada in particular. We have arrived. English yesterday, French today.

    Dump Guy Lauzon and elect our local hero Howard Galganov!

  9. ..I like Guy Lauzon..however, he should have been in SS..this effects everyone..french and english least show up..voice your opinion..give me something to work with..I have always been a voter..Guy got my vote last time did Jim..I know they are good fellas, but I need a of reason and that makes sense to me..I’ve lost confidence..give me an english Pauline Marois..what a sparkplug..don’t agree with her, however, I can respect tenacity and the committment she has to her people..Guy and Jim can’t give me that.

  10. In articles of South Stormont i have noticed that Guy wasn’t apart of either. Afraid to stand up for what is right?
    As for Legislation of 312 I disagree and agree with the editor. Women were given the most important job in the world they were allowed to be apart of a miracle where they were to be apart of creating life! Women have been used as sex objects for time and memorium. They have been taught through abuse in families, on the street, in the TV programs, music that sex is how to get a man: keep a man, please a man. And so on. Children abused, change. Promiscuity starts! However there are no laws or programs to teach girls/women that abortion increases risk for breast, uterine, cervical cancers, depression, endometriosis, just to name a few. Women and contributing “supportive men”. have realized post abortion the devastation caused to them through abortion. Women need to be taught in childhood that they are beautiful just the way they are and that knowing it can give them confidence in who they are and who they can become and that if pregnancy occurs do to a time of weakness they have the support of a community. There are places on the net to give the stat on the dangers and also the harm caused by abortion by people that have done it. Mr Lauzon there is a power that you will have to reccon with when you die and those that support murder in any form needs to re-think their position and get a conscience. In the womb of St. Elizabeth St. John Lept when he heard the greeting of The Blessed Virgin Mary. Women need to get all the facts from the doctors that are giving them the names of abortionists. The College of Physicians and Surgeons need to be written to and encouraged to teach this as part of their philosophy “Do No Harm”. See RachaelsVineyard,SilentNoMore More

    See Rachel’s Vine Yard

  11. To: Stellbystarlight
    In case 95% of SD and G speak English. All loyalty aside the Billions spent to frenchize Canada has to concern many. And it again is not about just french. This issue started with English and bilingual staff at CCH not being able to get a full-time job as garanteed in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Mr. Lauzon represents all S,D and G residents and should be standing up for the majority! He has not done so. He has hidden from this issue and many other important issues. Not being at the pro-lifemarch or the meeting/vote on Bill 312, being Catholic is another area that he should be speaking out about. His lack of back bone just tells me that we have to have a better MP in the next election!

  12. Hey folks some words of encouragement for all,

    No worries about our elected officials. It is true that most of them just hide away from the going issues of the day. It would be in their best interest of course to take a stand – ANY STAND!!!! on issues affecting all of us but we unfortunately cannot force them to do anything, that is of course, until election time!

    As for our politicians leading us. The only real way for any sort of leadership to take place is really through grass movement type organizations. It’s the people (us) who can make a real difference in our communities. As you can see with the recent S Stormont meeting, it took a group of people with one outspoken individual to make a real difference and the understanding of a few level headed politicians. It can be done, it just takes the willingness to get off the couch for a night and to stop watching Dancing with the Stars and to care for the important issues affecting your community.

    So let’s all take an active role in servicing our communities as a better place to live. Join a Board of Directors, volunteer a bit, help out that old person cross the road. Investments like this will turn out healthy dividends down the road.


  13. Could you please tell everyone who the spokeperson was in SS. for those who could not attend.

  14. Guy Lauzon the philosopher and authority on ethics, reason, and women. You are a man Guy, you have no authority over women’s rights. You clearly show no education on the matter since you stand only for reducing women’s rights. I am ashamed to have you as my parliamentary representative.

  15. Stellabystarlight, not sure who you mean as spokesperson in what capitcity in South Stormont, but news here with video provides all the details you need I would imagine.

    I was there and do not recall a spokesperson for anything….just concerned citizens for both sides.

  16. The bylaws will be introduced to all communities through Ontarioto respect the Charterof Rights and Freedoms and not violate it byl infringing on “Freedom of Expression”.

    The owner of a bussines can put whatever language they want and not have a government tell them what to put on their signs.

    We in Ontario do not need a bill 101,though it exists in some communities such as Russell.

  17. The bylaws will be introduced to all communities through Ontarioto respect the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and not violate it by infringing on “Freedom of Expression”.

    The owner of a bussines can put whatever language they want and not have a government tell them what to put on their signs.

    We in Ontario do not need a bill 101,though it exists in some communities such as Russell.

  18. Amazing to think that language was too controversial of a subject
    To show up or even talk about at South Stormont,but yet introduce a bill to open up abortion debate was not considered controversial ?

    That picture above truly defines him,Guys protege Eric Duncan better to learn from Guys mishandling of things.

    But I believe that conservatives in SD&G will lose thanks to Guy.

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