Do you believe everything you read? CCH Accreditation & Whatever Happened to Nurse Darlene Walsh?

CFN – In this world many things are printed or said as statements of fact.   Not all are true.  Not all that are not true are false.  It can get  confusing which is why one of the roles of we media is help ask certain questions and investigate certain statements.

Of course being human we are prone to failure occasionally as well…

Recently the Cornwall Community Hospital put out the following release:

Hospital Receives Banner Accreditation Results

The Accreditation Decision Committee has awarded Cornwall Community Hospital with Exemplary Standing under the Qmentum accreditation program. The Exemplary Standing is the highest ranking possible and is awarded to a select few hospitals in the nation.   In a letter of acknowledgment, Ms. Suzanne Larocque, Chair of the committee, wrote, “this is a milestone to be celebrated, and we congratulate you and your team for your commitment to providing safe, high quality health services.”

Accreditation Canada conducted their on-site survey of CCH from September 16 to 19, 2012. Following this review, a final decision by Accreditation Canada was decided within ten business days.

Accreditation is a comprehensive review of hospital practices to ensure quality health care. Accreditation Canada is a not-for-profit organization designed to assess health care institutions to help improve the services they provide to their patients and clients based on standards of excellence. At the final debriefing meeting, Micheline Ulrich, Team Lead of the Accreditation Review Surveyors, was impressed that the employees at CCH put the patient first and she recognized the high energy of the staff while going through the transitional phases of construction. Overall CCH met 1,372 of the 1,402 applicable standards – or 98% of the necessary requirements!

As an award for recognition of success, the hospital was given a commemorative plaque and an official banner. The eye-catching, 10 foot tall banner will be on full display outside both the Second Street and the McConnell Street Site for all to see.  

Now on the surface this is an amazing accomplishment worthy of much praise.    Of course this is a press release constructed by the hospital and regurgitated like baby pabulum by media outlets that essentially depend on some advertising dollars from the hospital which has a fairly large budget for placing notices and advertisements of all sorts.

Sometimes it’s the easiest path; simply publishing a press release.  It certain is no crime.  But sometimes there’s a bigger picture.

For example this video interview we shot with a CCH Nurse.

If you’ve listened to this interview you can see that she’s commenting on the accreditation process.     After this interview was released I was requested to show up at the hospital by the nurse as she was being called onto the carpet for her statement.

Helen Periard & Jeanette Despatie

LINK   That incident resulted in my being escorted by police after VP Alan Grieg essentially abused the legal process and caused a major disturbance and embarrassment for the Hospital; one which Janet Despatie & Helene Periard are playing Ostrich on.

Sadly we could not reach the nurse as she’s gone incommunicado.   We have not had a statement from her since the day of the incident at CCH.   Sources at the hospital say that she’s hasn’t been seen in quite awhile and we are hoping that she has not been fired or suspended as what she said in the interview certainly should not warrant such barbarity?   Essentially her voice has been silenced and if you look at the picture and release above at what seems to be a most fortuitous time for CCH management.

But that bring us back to truths and statements and whether you can take them as 100% accurate.  Sometimes people can be tricky and you have to read between the lines, but of course one shouldn’t need a Masters degree in English to clearly understand a press release.

We live in a world filled with gag orders.  Whistle blowers sometimes suffer more than the crimes they are whistle blowing on.    And sometimes thousands of dollars are spent in legal fees and keeping the truth from the public.  Is that how tax payers dollars should be spent?  For example in the city of Cornwall Ontario the person in charge of whistle blowing was none other than…

..disgraced CAO on executive leave (whatever that is?) and under investigation, Paul Fitzpatrick.   How on earth is someone supposed to whistle blow at City Hall when the person in charge needed to have the big whistle blown on himself? (as opposed to the cover up in play supported by the mayor and certain key councilors?)

Nobody really reads happy press releases.   They’re usually filler.    But sometimes it’s important to read a statement and ask as in this case which is true?  What is said in the release?  What the nurse said in her video comment?  Or is there truth in both?

We’ll leave that up to you to mull over and chew on.

In the meanwhile we hope that the nurse is ok, and that one day we get to know what happened to her.

You can post your comment below.

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  1. If your iving with a cancer tumour that needs to be tracked for changes and you have to depend on others to travel to Kingston or Ottawa with chronic pain always and no euipment in your own local hospital to track it I would think where the “money” comes from is the least of your worries…. and donors want to remain anonymous because every Ton Dick and Harry will come a cryin for cash ..

  2. Dear “touchez”,

    If stolen money is being used to fund the hospital, or donated money is being siphoned off to criminals and scoundrels, it matters.

    I’ve waited anxiously for cancer news and cancer treatment too, but my sorry ass didn’t take front and centre over the wellbeing of others.

    Your short term interests don’t make up for the long term damage to communities and the health of your neighbours, caused by thieves sucking the life out of health services.

  3. @Eric RE November 5, 2012 at 12:52 pm POST
    Eric wrote, “Don’t be fooled by the Census numbers listing Ottawa AND Gatineau.”

    — WELL SAID Eric, and I would also add.

    ALWAYS be VERY wary of direct comparisons of the English language to the French language


    Comparisons of the “province” of Quebec to the “country” of Canada.

    These things ARE NOT directly comparable.

    They are simply used to help “their side”: win certain “normally un-winnable” battles.

  4. millions of dollars donated by everyday working people, even some who can barely afford it, wonderful businesses that give back to the hospital!! all because they care!!! rumours and inuendo won`t help a sick patient and their families. uptodated equipment does and guess what .. ALL .. all patients benefit.. if someone has a problem with that use another health care center. …

  5. Author

    No Touchez! If there’s an issue you fix it.

  6. Simon = There is no Mystery about the MILLION Dollar CHECK
    My understanding
    Just a Loan payback to Trenholm Healy for money he
    advanced to Willy to get him started after all what are
    friends for.

  7. Cornwall corruption ?-did they learn it from their neighbor QUEBEC ?

    Corruption is rampant in Quebec from politicians ,city staff ,mayor’s and mafioso the inquiry is just starting and so much juicy details .

    I’m am sure if a little digging much corruption could be had right here in Cornwall, loads of it .

  8. Accreditation is given when money is needed or when some form of promotions are in the plans

  9. Wow Darlene, I don’t remember you evertalking like that when we worked at Harvey’s. Great job!

    We should check into the credibillity of both Despatie and Perriard. Anyone looking for a career or job has certain credential sought by the business. I know Helen is ia former teacher and not in good standing with the Ontario college of teachers.

    This information is available on line with the Ontario College of teachers.

    Mrs. Periard is currently suspended for non payment of fees.

    Bachelor of Arts, University of Ottawa, Ontario1982
    Baccalaureate in Education, University of Ottawa, Ontario1983
    Professional education program completed in Ontario, Ottawa Teachers’ College, Ontario

    Basic Qualifications
    Primary, Junior and Intermediate

    Additional Qualifications
    French as a second language Part 1
    Program Development and Implementation (PRIN D&I)
    Special Education, Part 1
    Special Education, Part 2
    Special Education, Specialist
    Program Supervision and Assessment (PRIN S&A)
    Religious Education, Part 1
    Religious Education, Part 2
    Religious Education, Specialist

    Does anyone see anything proving she is qualified as a health care system employee or something to do with any form of administration abilities?

    People take Your signs out of the city. Cornwall does not care and that is why these people get away with actions such as this. Move your signs to over passes or more public locations….

  10. Cornwall is full of corruption. Just google “Corruption Cornwall” and you will come up with a few things compared to what really does go on. You can keep digging and digging and come up with a lot.

  11. When I see the battle over language here all I see are people jumping all over Québec when what is happening in Cornwall has to do with Ontario. If you have issues you bring it up with Ontario and leave Québec out of the picture.

    Yes Québec is corrupted but so are many other places. We are no longer living in the Canada that we used to live in. We are living under a world government. The US presidents and all presidents and PM’s everywhere have no real say. They are all puppets of the New World Order and I wouldn’t be surprised in the least that all this is being done by design by the world’s real owners. Get on with your lives and just send your children to school to learn French and other languages. The more you know the better you are.

    As for Mrs. Walsh I do hope that she is ok and just taking a rest since her job is mighty hard and demanding.

  12. Piper……who cares what is happening in Quebec. You seem to want revenge and have a hatred for them because they escorted you out of the province……get over it and get a life man!!!

  13. Absolutely Jules……it is ridiculous. Thinking they should take cory’s advice and all move to the USA. The people there would not put up with that BS. You either integrate with all ethnic groups or your shut up……PERIOD. This is insanity, stupidity and juvenile!!!

  14. The point is Hailey, Mme. Periard probably has more brains then you do, thats the point…..comprends tu maintenant?

  15. On every single language related article here on CFN I see Stella has endorsed my comment about having the English move to the States to have the chance at a better life. Check it out for yourself. I have found her comments on all of the articles relating to language.

    Let me tell you, I intented to write that comment like another a few months ago to see her reaction and I wasn’t disappointed. You see folks, Stella and a few others wholeheartedly endorse anything remotely having to do with us English people abandoning our homes, families, (whatever jobs we have left) etc. in order to flush us English out of our own regions.

    I can prove this. I recommended a few months ago that all college and university graduates move out West for a better chance at a successful life if they didn’t speak French and she agreed to these terms. The problem here, folks, is that there are hundreds of thousands of Stella’s that have infiltrated our regions and who feel the same way. At the time, Stella conveniently used the idea that young people should not move West beecause of language but because of their being more jobs out there! What a convenient excuse, right?

  16. Exactly, stella. Tell your franco tribe to integrate, as all ethnic groups do, into the deeper Canadian culture. Stop the insanity of French segregation under the guise of “distinctness”. If you want to live in French, move to Quebec. Here, in the ROC we live in English.

  17. stellabystarlight
    November 7, 2012 at 3:29 pm

    “Piper……who cares what is happening in Quebec.”

    Its all interrelated Stella do you think bilingual policies would be pushed in the rest of Canada if it were not for Quebec?

    So excluding Quebec :bilingualism should be pushed for the 10 th most spoken language in Canada ?

    November 7, 2012 at 3:36 pm

    “Thinking they should take cory’s advice and all move to the USA. The people there would not put up with that BS. You either integrate with all ethnic groups or your shut up……PERIOD.”

    Stella your saying that if you do not agree with discriminatory government that they should move to the USA ,what apply for refuge status because of Linguistic discrimination.

    Yes a true democracy the United States -actually Stella there would be no BS there majority rules ,not the minority and they certainly are more accommodating then Quebec well to tell the truth so is most of Canada.

    But Stella you just stay in your little bubble.

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