Tammy Hart – Is China Taking Over the World? Letter to the Editor – November 3, 2012

Letter to the editor


After watching a documentary called CHINA BY DEATH by Peter Navarro at the Library and Archives in Ottawa, I was horrified to learn about the injustice, deception and control China has on the entire Western World.

 Why are we allowing China a COMMUNIST STATE to take over our beautiful country?  How LOW do we have to sink?

China manipulates their currency to work in their favour.  They have very FEW REGULATIONS and can therefore produce much cheaper products.  They care less about POLLLUTING the environment.  They have FORCED LABOUR and SWEAT SHOPS.   YOUNG WOMEN AND CHILDREN ARE MAKING TOYS AND CLOTHING AROUND THE CLOCK.  One Chinese guest speaker described how her hands would bleed.   WE HAVE LOST MOST OF OUR MANUFACTURING JOBS TO CHINA.  ALL OUR COMPUTERS, PHONES, T.V.’S, SOLAR AND WIND…ALMOST EVERYTHING FROM CHINA.



Tammy A. Hart


Deputy Mayor of South Stormont


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  1. That’s funny. Hey, Tammy, you never shop at Wally-World or Crappy Tire? We sold out to China years ago. This is news to you? But look on the bright side… They don’t speak French in China.

  2. Tammy….Wakee Wakee….She finally came out of her fantasy world…..to the real world!! Hmmm this letter to the editor is a mind boggler for sure LOL

  3. @ Stella. Yes it is kind of sad that so many people around here have their shorts in a knot about French on signs, while industry in Canada circles the drain. Actually, it’s beyond circling the drain. It’s been flushed.

  4. In one word, “Globalization” is what caused this to happen.

  5. So Cory. Doesn’t this takeover of the world economy by China make your asinine jehad against the French language look trivial, to put it politely?

  6. Ed November 3, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    “Doesn’t this takeover of the world economy by China make your asinine jehad against the French language look trivial, to put it politely?”

    Geez another racial slur from your group.
    What if your not white and not French ,your not welcome !

  7. Racial slur? If you want to fight this stupid language battle while serious stuff is happening, have fun. Carry on, and keep shopping at Walmart.

  8. Ed, give your head (another) shake, will you! Stella, Tammy is in no fantasy world, but yours is about to be shattered now that the country is waking up and saying “non” to this oppressive agenda which uses language and culture to lord it over the majority.

    ALL evil and corrupt practices (yes, they are abundant) must be resisted. This attempt to force Canada to become an All-French socialist New France by stomping all over anyone who gets in the elitist’s way is no less trivial than the evils perpetuated by Communist China, such as the forced harvesting of organs from prisoners. Heck, even China is now admitting that they have done this, but they say they’re willing to go to a voluntary system. Check it out for yourself: http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/china-begins-phasing-prisoner-organs-year-17623238#.UJTZQIbpWyc .

  9. Hey Ed,

    In your Saturday night alcoholic wife beating induced delirium, you stated:

    “So Cory. Doesn’t this takeover of the world economy by China make your asinine jehad against the French language look trivial, to put it politely?”

    Wow, Ed! You’ve managed to insult me using a racial slur. Then again perhaps you used the word, ‘jihad’ because you thought it was ‘chic’ to do so. In any case, I’m sure my Metis cousin who’s father happens to be from the UAE’s (United Arab Emirates) would appreciate that. I ought to inform him of it. 🙂 No sir, I will not be drawn into it this morning to trade slurs with you only for you to attempt to elicit some sort of response from me that would make our group look bad. (Which is what you’re trying to do!

    Please, let’s keep language out of this.

    But alas, I digress, thanks for taking the time to make reference to me. I guess I’m important enough to warrant your time?

    In any case, I hope you have a great day!


  10. Jean-Louis Patenaude November 4, 2012 at 12:21 am

    “This attempt to force Canada to become an All-French socialist New France by stomping all over anyone who gets in the elitist’s way is no less trivial than the evils perpetuated by Communist China,”

    Well said Sir ,we advocate for fair government hiring practices.

    Some have made this a French vs English ,this is certainly not the case ,goverment as well as a small percentage of French Zealots defending the unfair stays quo.

  11. Racial slur? That’s rich. A little sensitive are we?
    Carry on saving the world, Cory. We’re counting on you!

  12. As individuals we do what we can to affect changes in society. Our government speaks for us in matters of international affairs but we have the ability to tell them what to say. Unfortunately apathy seems to have prevented the majority of Canadians from having their voices heard.

    If we can’t even eliminate discrimination in our own land how can we expect to set an example to the world of a just society? The federal and provincial governments appear to be blinded to the fact that they are wasting time and money on a failed social engineering experiment while we keep many of our native peoples in abject poverty.

    If we can’t keep our own population gainfully employed then why should we be pumping money into foreign economies? Every day we see more and more federal contracts going to offshore companies. We see streams of cars waiting at boarder crossings for their day of shopping for, on the surface, cheaper American goods.

    Discriminatory, apathetic, hypocritical, self-absorbed, selfish, petty, are these the traits that define being Canadian in this age? I don’t think so but if, as individuals, we don’t speak up and try to make a change that characterization will become a reality.

  13. Galganov says “This is not french vs english” hmmm your pamphlets suggests that it is.

    JLP…the article is not about language….did you read it? I will help you, it’s baout China **s**

    Yes Ed, the world is in turmoil and here they are worried about the language on signs and trying to destroy a culture.

  14. Class ! please describe the similarities between this opinion piece about human rights missing in action in China, Canada`s role in that foreign business and the reasoning of international business anywhere in Canada and the planned denial of the legal use and freedoms allowed by recognizing and having 2 official languages work side by side in a Country known for its international freedoms!! discuss! P.s. the Harper government and Mr Flaherty in general have denied the sale of the major oil distribution from Canada to China 2 weeks ago..The writer of the piece must of missed that!

  15. coorection… Jim Flaherty (Not Gerry)did not sell out Canada`s oil future ti the Chinese government.. must keep the story straignt..

  16. Tammy Hart you said everything right down to a T and even our automobiles, fridges, stoves, washers, dryers, etc. etc. etc. is being made in China.

    China holds the debt of the US (known as derivitives) and Hillary Clinton helped to sell the patens to China on various products. The US is already becoming somewhat communist and I follow this pretty well on a daily basis about what is happening. Everything is also mentioned in the Bible. The Masons are in this very deeply and all the wars are Masonic wars and it is they who are leading us down a blind alley. The churches of all denominations have been taken over and the hyarchy of the Catholic church (the Vatican are now Masonic) since Vatican II. Masons are a pagan religion and in the Bible it is called Mystery Babylon. They are pushing for our western world to become “de-industrialized” where we become third world and they are doing a very good job of it.

    People complain about bilingualism – well folks bilingualism is the least of your problems compared to what is really going on. Bilingualism is a smoke screen to divert a lot of the realities from all of you. Things are not going to get better and the corporations are not coming back. In order to compete we have to go down to their level but and I mean but Jesus and is going to bring down the New World Order eventually – it is only going to last maybe 7 years. We are already in this New World Order but it is at the beginning stages. I was listening to Father Paul Kramer on youtube explain a lot and I knew well ahead about it and just wanted more confirmation on what is going on in our world today.

  17. My understanding is that the Nexen oil deal is still being reviewed.

  18. Nexxen ..Not a signed plan yet! thank the NDP opposition for that..they are voicing the concerns of concerned canadians on this..the NDP!!! to the rescue..Dec 10… don`t be surprised if major changes occur for Canada`s “net benefit” ..Oil is the new currency…

  19. Yes the Communist Chinese and their millions of child labourers churn out the bric-a-brac that ignorant Canadians buy, such as… the support the troops fridge magnets, ball caps, yellow ribbon kitsch and t-shirts, and of course the olympic mittens and scarves that the Hudson bay Company (American owned) was flogging.

    And November 11th… where do you think all of the poppy pins come from? and when you lay that artificial wreath?… check the country of origin.

    Lest we forget… indeed.

  20. @ Simon. Interesting that you say that Communist (bad) China produces our goodies with slave labour. At the same time, Capitalist Democratic (good) Canada imports these goodies to sell to our population at great profit for our corporate masters. We’ve been sold out by our corporate masters. In the meantime, people here are distracted with BS like French/English language rights. It’s like obsessing about crab-grass growing on the lawn while your house is burning to the ground.

  21. World order? Since when and how do the Masonic Lodge come into play with this.

    jules i usually enjoy your posts but you sure come in off the wall with November 4, 2012 at 4:13 pm.

    I’ve also heard that Jesus is returning ‘soon’ so if you are a non believer you should think of some thing similar to God that you can not see yet believe in. One would be gravity. Funny how we can’t see it yet believe it exists, so why can’t all believe in God just as easily.

    Anyway, not wanting to preach it seems to me we each must take on the stories and isses at hand rather than becoming embroiled and overwelmed with world and out of this world events.

    Currently the fact is that right here at home base and accross our CANADA, the french are successfully overwhelming the English by a ‘top down’ networking strategy such as the world has never seen before. It would be an extreme if an Anglo/Englishman would be able to acquire a bureaucratic or administrative career path job function.

    The sappy English are just taking it in stride like always while they have become the targeted bad guy for all that ails Canada.
    How stupid and naive has that been.

    So, jules when you see or hear issues where the English begin to stand back, stand up and slap a few wrists on their own behalf at the expense of the minority Frenh the suck it up where the shoe fits girl.

  22. China calls us the “useful Idiots” example…General Motors has the GM Volt car technology in China – and the agreement with China is that they must own 51% of that technologh. This is typical of Chinese agreements. We hand them over our technology and still give them money because they are classified as a “developing country” SICKENING!

  23. That’s hilarious Dukers1. The enemy is storming the Gates! Fight on! Walmart is selling Chinese made combat-boots for $39.99 if you need some.

  24. I believe after reading the above posts that a case of stupid flu is going around and is aggressively contagious. No facts presented that are new and most are statements of rumours or urban myths. Tammy Hart is a (MODERATED) if she has just learned that many goods are made in China.

  25. I say we start another group to fight China, let’s picket in front of chinese restaurants to get our message across. The Chinese are becoming too strong and may become the majority in this country which would not be FAIR to the english people.

  26. Jules =Your absolutely nuts with your comments re the Masons
    & I challenge you to prove your statements .

  27. Yup. We’ve tolerated those dang Chinese restaurants way too long.

  28. Duckers 1:

    If you go on youtube.com and listen to William (Bill) Cooper he has a great deal of information. Skip what he says about the UFO’s because none of us can prove such a thing. That information about UFOs was given to him when he was in a secret part of the navy. The Vatican sayss that they are real (demons) but I will not say anything about that because that is not something that I or anybody can prove.

    Listen to Bill talk about the “Secret Societies” – Masons and he was a Mason and so was his father. The American Government killed him because he was the first person who predicted 911 and who was behind it. He was also in trouble with the America government because he wasn’t paying income taxes. The government killed him. His videos are all over the net.

    It has been a while since I listened to him. He was a very interesting man to listen to.

  29. We keep hearing buy local, maybe we would if there were products being made here that are affordable.
    Conditions have been less than rosy for people to manufacture here though, expensive benefits, unions, electricty / fuel costs, small market/ large distances etc.
    We need to sell to others to make profits, create jobs and pay tax, when will governments improve the needed conditions….? Kind of a trick question….because it will happen when more people demand it.

  30. Duckers 1:

    Texe Maars speaks about the Masons and has books on the topic. You can find Texe on youtube.com. Texe is a Protestant and into religion.

    I just listened to Father Paul Kramer just now with a woman by the name of Suzanne Pearson and there are 2 parts to this and the Masons are connected to the communists. China wants to take over the world (they have their own secret societies, so does Russia and all countries). There is plenty to listen to on the net. Russia will be a horror to all of us as well. There is supposed to be a Third World War – not like what we see now but something so evil that it may never happen again like that. This is all in the Fatima appearance by the Virgin Mary. Protestants do not honor the Virgin but she sure does exist. The “global banksters as in gangsters” are all part of this communist – masonic system as well.

    You have to really dig into a great deal to know what is going on.

    As for Chinese restaurants what you have in Cornwall is not real but Americanized. My daughter went to a real one and she wouldn’t eat the food except for one thing. Her supervisor who is Chinese brought lunch to heat up at work and stunk up the place something awful since the real Chinese is no way near what people eat in those local restaurants.

    The Chinese who are wealthy are the heads of companies in Vancouver, Toronto and other big cities. Victoria B.C. is full of them as well. They are very prosperous people.

  31. Eric, If Canadian workers are to produce stuff as cheaply as “off shore” workers, they’d have to get by on about $3 an hour.

  32. maybe Stella and Tammy are related?

  33. The Chinese don’t really manipulate any economy but their own.

    But they are faced with a problem right now, in that they have a trillion or so U.S. dollars that America has sent them to pay off loans and debt.

    The problem is that crazy America just keeps printing money to pay off those debts, and therefore devalues the dollar at a rate that is alarming to their Chinese “bankers”.

    So China has to unload these dollars as quickly as possible, since they become worth less and less each day.

    What better solution than to buy Canadian resources that are increasing in value, with those shrinking American dollars.

    Greedy Canadian bankers, business persons, financial speculators and traders are all happy to oblige them… and our politicians are willing to oblige, sell us out in exchange for donations and boardroom positions from this crooked bunch.

    And it all started because instead of 1 full price television from Canada, we wanted 2 half price units from Asia — and we put blinders on and ignored the crime of children labouring for us 12 and more hours a day… just kids.

    And for what? Look around you, just how much stuff and junk do you need? And did it have to come from a corrupt, cruel and despotic communist dictatorship?

    The very thing we as a nation despise, yet ironically feed …fighting our way to the WalMart cash registers, willingly headed to the poorhouse, giving up our national wealth and our children’s future all the way.

  34. Tammy
    Have a look at how we do business here in North America, and then see the rest of the planet. We are only about billable hours and how to earn revenue, nobody truly provides a service.
    If we look simply at how local council purchased so much to accomplish so little.

    Besides everyone here pretty much has one, yet in Asia they have millions of people willing to just have one of, well a meal….who do you think will be happier to earn that meal. Here we believe it is our right, someone owes it to us. Loose that mind set and we will do much better.

    As for fingers bleeding, you look old enough to remember how that was here at one time also. Now we have pensions and an elite class of people unwilling to do what it takes to make things better here…all because they want a greener portion of grass then the next person.

    Tell you what, if you really want to make a change, start a small town society and refuse to pay provincial taxes, eliminate paying taxes to school boards…the ramifications would be astounding and devastating to provincial and federal governments. We would not have to worry about cutting funding as we get so little as it is. Maybe we can follow that guy from Grumpy’s and take it upon ourselves to fix the messed up system.

  35. Tammy
    Something else you need to consider. Education in Canada does not support independent thinking nor does it promote anything that is not designated as useful according to secondary education system. We simply teach our kids how to fit into society and by no means allow then to learn nor expand on their independent abilities.

    I bet you cannot find one school in North America that allows a child to actually learn. You will however find schools try and teach students what they need to survive in the future, a future they cannot predict any further then into next week. These teachers are a worry as well. They will tell our children how to be adults according to what they have learned from the system. Very little comes from what they actually know or have experienced and they are a product of this system itself.

    If we want to change the economy and stop the Big Brother system we now have, We first need to take a stand locally and encourage change not by writing letters but by standing against government.
    China is doing it right….we are failing ourselves by waiting for action

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