Why Would You Advertise Anywhere Else in Eastern Ontario? CFN Your Number One Ranked Media Outlet in Eastern Ontario with over 1.37 Million Page Views for November!

CFN – So many things happened this October and will be happening this November!

First off I want to thank all of our viewers for giving us our second busiest month on record with over 1.37 million page views for October!

We’re at an odd cross road though.

As much as we’re a part of Cornwall we also have a growing viewership outside of our city.

In Cornwall we are fending off a Boycott initiated by the City of Cornwall which has extended through a corrupt political regimes fingers as friends of the City Hall clique occupy seats on boards and management of organizations across the city.

While the attempt to choke us to death financially has failed it has delayed us moving forward with Seaway TV.

At the same time there’s a certain barrier for us to grow outside of Cornwall because many people and businesses outside of our city see the name Cornwall Free News as something that is Cornwall Centric.  For example why should I advertise my business in Ottawa in  a Cornwall newspaper?   A valid question on the surface and something our consultants have been hammering away at me for over two years now.

It looks like I’ve finally agreed to explore a name change to reflect our more regional viewership.   I’m hoping to hear from many of you via comment below or email (jamie@cornwallfreenews.com) or via our hotline 613 361 1755 about your thoughts regarding changing from Cornwall Free News.

In the meanwhile we have three new columnists coming on board and some new features coming out.

Also, I will be awol for about a week as I’ve been called upon to write a TV pilot, but there’ll be more about that in another story and we will have a guest editor or two during my absence while I get locked up in a room to scribble away creatively 🙂

And now here are our numbers for October which we could not have achieved without all of you, our amazing viewers of CFN!

It’s also the time to have your business, service, event, or organization noticed and there is no better value or place for you to accomplish your goals than on the Cornwall Free News, the number one Canadian ranked media outlet in Eastern Ontario with over 1.25 million page views per month!  (rolling 3 month average)

With over 12,000,000 page views in 2012 to date what the heck are you doing if you’re not advertising or promoting yourself on CFN?

It’s also important when you consider where to allocate your marketing and ad dollars where those viewers are from.   We’re very proud that our Intensely LOCAL focus has succeeded with over 75% of our viewers coming from the Toronto to Montreal corridor and over 90% of our traffic coming from Canada!

Our Top 20 Cities for the Last 30 Days (via our Google Analytics) 

1)  Cornwall Ontario 22%

2) Ottawa 16%

3) Toronto 9%

4) Montreal 8%

5) Cooksville

6) Don Mills

7) Windsor

8.) Mississauga

9) London

10) Kingston

11) Morrisburg

12) Hawkesbury

13) Brockville

14) Calgary

15) Edmonton

16) Hull

17) Vancouver

18) New York, NY

19) Carp

20) Bethesda, MD

Top Canadian Ranked Media for Eastern Ontario (via Alexa.com)

1)  The Cornwall Free News

2)  Standard-freeholder.com

3)   recorder.ca (Brockville)

4)  theCornwalldaily.com

5) The Local Seeker

and far off in the distance….

6)  Cornwallseawaynews.com

Over 97% of our Top 20 traffic comes from Canada with over 75% of that from  Ontario – Can you get any more INTENSELY LOCAL?

Call the Cornwall Free News for your Banner Ad, TV Commercial, or other creative ways to get your message out to Ontario!

613 361 1755

or call Don Smith at 613 932 8952



  1. How about The River Free News or The Moccasin Free News or OtKiMo Free News (Ottawa, Kingston, Montreal)?

  2. Jamie, enjoy your week at the spa ! Congradulations on your October figures.

  3. Jamie congrats ,

    Keep it up ,Its great to have journalism independence in a society of which there is very little of it .

    Media is there to ensure accountability within society and becomes the voice for the people.

    As the saying goes there is many ways to skin a cat !
    There is many views upon a subject and with more media on the subject the better the understanding with society.

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