On the Eve of the US Presidential Election – Obama or Romney? Does it matter? By Jamie Gilcig – November 5, 2012

CFN-Apparently there’s an election over the border in the US tomorrow; Tuesday November 6, 2012.

I went to school in the US as a kid and got to study a lot of US history.

I lived in Los Angeles in the 90’s as well too and have visited almost all of the mainland states.

Something’s happened to the America I was always fond of though.   It’s become darker and more sinister.  And no that’s not a reference to the President.    We live in a world where the former head of the CIA and former head of the KGB came to rule their countries.    Am I the only one that’s creeped out by that?

It’s as though the secret agents decided to split the world up among themselves?  Heck President Bush even saw his retarded son elected.

So now we’re on the eve an election that’s been brutal; ugly, and in the end I feel sad for my American friends and for Canada because I think that no matter who wins we’re all screwed.

Both sides have their hate machines in full gear, but I have never seen a party bludgeon its own country to make a president look bad. And President Obama, as difficult as that attack was handled it about as well as he did the first debate.

No matter who wins the US is a country that has to learn to dimmer down and stop with the war machine stuff.   It’s bled the economy dry and created devastation for US families across the board; from Sea to shining sea and that’s just not right.

Frankly I’m not sure that there’s even a will to heal what ails America; but I do know that if it’s to ever heal Americans need to learn to work together sadly something we Canadians are not in a position to teach our neighbors and something we probably need to learn ourselves.

Looking at the US & Canadian political systems, as different as they are simply is a lesson that partisan politics fail and that we need to find a better solution to run our countries because the toll these systems take simply cannot be paid.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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  1. Stop globalization from bleeding the middle class or rather, what’s left of it. We now have a poor working class in both the United States and Canada however, with one difference. In the United States, you probably can go further with a post-secondary education because our American cousins do not put so much emphasis on language for hiring as their governmental and companies still hire based on the merits of experience and education.

    Add to this the American republican system emphasizes the concerns of individual states and governs according to the principle of republicanism. Unfortunately, in Canada, when one of our province’s is under duress, this usually means we all are.

    Except if one province follows a ‘republican’ type governmental system and enacts a ‘Notwithstanding’ Clause. But one province’s language laws should not impact another province’s or an entire country’s. But, alas, this particular province seems to have created it’s own republic and is instituting and pressuring it’s own ready made laws to impact the rest of the provinces as well through key figures in politics. It is called Canadian federalism.

    Our new capital is Hull! Haven’t you heard yet!

    Let’s examine the Montreal Flag Day Rally. You would be hard pressed to find a non-Francophone Ontarian that would carry the Ontario flag instead of the Canadian one at one of these events. We cannot count the Franco Ontarians because chances are they would carry the Franco-Ontario flag. But again, here comes that sense of Quebec nationalism, right?

    Yet a few more things that makes you go hymmmm!

  2. I fear that the good ol’ USA is in big trouble. The once respected Republican Party has been highjacked by the rabidly racist Tea-baggers and is led by billionaire magic-underwear clad Mormon Bishop. How bizarre is that? The incumbent, Obama, is a Kenyan born Muslim with family ties to every terrorist that was ever born, according to the Tea-baggers. It is amazing how the combined power of racism, television, and religion can reduce a once great nation to a dysfunctional joke. I’m rooting for Obama, just to hear the sound of the tea-baggers heads exploding for four more years.

  3. What does language have to do with this article cory? Get a life!!!

    Hmmm thinking the only guy who is on the attack and hitting below the belt is Obama. See Obama has no record to go on so his only defense is personal attacks on Mitt. The brutality came from only one side….Obama

    Obama had 4 years to prove himself on hope and change now people are hopeless and the only change for the country is more debt, more unemployment then when he first took office, higher taxes, more people on food stamps….the list goes on and on. The USA is worse now then it was 4 years ago. OBAMA had no business experience to begin with and has no leadership skills.

    I honestly feel Mitt will turn that country around and by doing so both countries will now work together and thrive.

    Romney will win…..any bets?

  4. Jamie (Admin.)

    I too see the huge differences like what you see in the US and the differences are world wide. I follow many programs to know what is going on. My husband’s nephew lived in Los Angeles in the late 80’s and nineties and my daughter went down to visit. Nobody needed visas or passports (we Canadians that is) to travel to the US. It was a nicer place to go to. Today I wouldn’t be caught dead down there at all. I mentioned about communism and the Masons and believe me Jamie it is all true what I said. I even saw pictures of both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict making Masonic hand signs and gestures. The big heads of governments, banksters, corporations, etc. are in the high degree Masonic and it is they along with the communists who are bringing us all down. Former Russian President Gorbachev lives in San Francisco California and has his own organization and is pals with the US presidents. When Reagan said to Gorbachev to bring down the wall in Germany it was a fake thing that happened and I heard that on talk radio. The US is in the beginning stages of communism and so are we and Europe, etc. etc. etc. Father Kramer said that as well speaking to Suzanne Pearson and there are two parts to this.

    I have so much that I can say and even Texe Maars has books out on the Masons, etc. and he is a Protestant and into religion. I can go on and on because I was studying all of this for years. I always knew that something was not right but when I got into this and the more I dug the more I lost a lot of sleep.

    No matter who wins the election whether it be Obama or Mittens Romney it will continue the path of hell – perpetual war and hell on earth economically and for the well being of the people which will affect us greatly as well because our economy is attached at the hip by at least 80%.

  5. Yes Cory. It all breaks down to which flag we run up the pole or carry through the streets. Have you ever considered moving into the 21st century?
    Yeah, I know I’m into my second case of beer and about to beat up the wife. Might even kick the dog for good measure.

  6. Ed, gonna corner you here this fine fine evening.

    Simple question for you.

    Are you French?

    If yes indeed,

    Tell me:

    Would you fly on your lawn the following,

    A) The Ontario Flag


    B) The Franco-Ontario Flag

    Only one choice though. Please pick one and tell me why.



  7. OMG! Does everything on this site have to descend into a debate about language?!!

  8. Obama is a wingnut Manchurian Candidate. No skills except speaking. Ugly first lady has to go. He said he would quit if he did nothing. He should have quit. Only reason he was elected was because it was sexy to have the first black (respect) POTUS. If he was white and born in Kenya he would have lost to John McCain and the great Sarah Palin. I married a Mormon Jew and she’s the cat’s ass. Won’t do (MODERATED) anymore though. Time for a new wife. Son.
    Hull is not the capital of Canada. As the dust settles I think you LFA are misguided wingnuts as well. My kids are learning French after returning to Cornwall and there is no excuse for anyone not yet in the labour force to not learn a second language. And I hate the ?Frenchies.

  9. Sorry Cory, I didn’t answer your flag question. I’ve never flown a flag to be honest. If I was to fly one, it would probably be the Scull and Crossbones.

  10. Author

    Guys please do the language war stuff in a language war thread. Derailing is not cool…

  11. I agree with Jamie that regardless of the winner of the US presidential race, The face is one and the same, black or white.
    Obama stated early in his tenure that the blame for the American 2008 recession crisis was Wall Street. Yet he welcomed the same financial elites responsible for manipulating the financial crisis back to their former controlling government position.
    The winners of the elction will again be the lobbying US corporatists, as it was in the previous 8 years of George W Bush.
    Financial executives are becoming untouchable. How exactly do you go up against a $1000 an hour attorney?
    Hurricane Katrina was a shining example of relief aid being redirected to corporation contractors. Dead victims were left baking in the streets, unable to be removed by citizens because the contractor didn’t want to lose body payments.
    And what does Romney, a multi-millionaire financial elite himself know about the blue collar worker? Elected president, wouldn’t that be a blatant conflict of interest? Then again it worked for Rumsfeld as board director of several corporations and Cheney holding fistfuls of stocks with Halliburton.

  12. Obama kicked Osama`s butt … that will play well with the voters…

  13. Jamie and folks if you want a good laugh about politics dig up George Carlin on politics “Garbage In Garbage Out”. I had such a good laugh and he is so very right indeed. The same applies to any country and not just the US. LOL LOL. ROLF!!!!

  14. All this election is like other elections is a bunch of monkeys rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic before it sinks.

  15. touchez…..What about the recent terrorist attack on Benghazi where 4 people got killed including the ambassador.? Obama may have got rid of Osama….but he hasn’t solved the problem…far from it. To make it worse, Obama is trying to cover it up. SCARY INDEED!!!

  16. @stellabystarlight… that was another horrible world incident… I`m not advocating for any .candidate though i`m just postulating on how our American neighbors might vote….p.s. just of interest I actually saw a Justin Trudeau sign in a white car today now that is exciting…

  17. Good Lord Stella! Did you really expect Obama to to eliminate in four years the countless number of terrorists that Bush/Cheney created in their eight years of criminal aggression? It’s gonna take many more years before the world forgives the USA for the death and misery it has inflicted on innocent people since 9/11. There’s something about invading and destroying a sovereign country (Iraq) without just cause (weapons of mass destruction) that p!sses people off for a long, long time.

  18. Ed…….hang in there, you haven’t seen anything yet. Already Obama is heading over the fiscal cliff and it’s not even a week he was elected.

    Then Obama will be facing the Benghazi scandal next week. What about the Iran drone attack on the USA which happened before the elections and only came out after he was elected. If that isn’t sneaky….I don’t know what you would call it. I see the USA going into a tailspin which is too bad because we will be affected by his incompetence and lack of leadership.

  19. We’ll see Stella. In the meantime, the GOP is going to have to rid itself of the raving Tea-baggers and over-the-top religious nut-bars before it is fit to govern. And I think most of the world is relieved that the guy with his finger on the nuclear button isn’t wearing magic underwear.

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