A Proof is a Proof – Jean Lecompte Declares that Quebec Isn’t Part of Canada – Can you proof him wrong?

CFN – While covering a protest today I bumped into Bilingual Supporter Jean Lecompte and we had the most interesting discussion that led to a bet that I’m asking viewers of CFN to help resolve.

Mr. Lecompte stated that Quebec isn’t part of Canada because the province was not a signatory to the Charter introduced by the Trudeau Government.

I thought that was ridiculous and challenged him to a bet of $100 and even offered him 2 to 1 odds.

He suggested a more modest bet of a cup of coffee. (preferably Coffey’s Coffee)

Mr. Lecompte did ask for proof that Quebec was in fact part of Canada and as I’m a huge fan of former Prime Minister of Canada (including Quebec) Jean Chretien who said:

A proof is a proof. What kind of a proof? It’s a proof. A proof is a proof. And when you have a good proof, it’s because it’s proven. 

I think Mr. Chretien would agree with me on this one and I’m sure some of our highly intelligent viewers will give Mr. Lecompte his proof and help me win a hot cup of Coffey’s Coffee!

Coffeys Coffee


  1. Until you need a passport to go from the rest of Canada into Quebec it’s still part of Canada

  2. Until the transfer payments stop! until then its part of Canada.

  3. Following the Treaty of Paris in 1763 Québec was under the control of the British. In 1774 the British parliament passed the “Quebec act” which created the province of Québec. In 1840 the British parliament passed the Act of Union which amalgamated both Québec (lower Canada) and Ontario (upper Canada) into the Province of Canada, and then in 1867 under the British North America Act (now known as the Constitution Act of 1867), Québec became one of the Dominion of Canada’s four provinces.

    The Constitution act of 1982 which contains the Charter is just one of two parts of our constitution.

    Legally, historically, and constitutionally Québec IS a part of Canada. We cover this is high school as well as in University (if you go into Political Science, Law, History, and etc)

    Jamie, that man owes you a tall cup of that coffee. Drink it victoriously.

  4. Canada is a Dominion, not a confederate association of sovereign states

  5. The Treaty of Paris, 1763, lists France giving up on North America, except the St Pierre / Miquelon islands.

    Canada was formed in 1867 which included Upper and Lower Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

    My Canada includes Quebec, but not at any cost, appeasement tactics or our failed attempts at logic.

  6. Quebec became part of Canada when they signed the Confederation agreement.

    Whether the technicality of signing the Charter is valid, well if they hadn’t, then why did they “invoke” the “Not Withstanding Clause” (Section 33 of the Charter) in order to keep Bill 101 valid?

    If they did not sign the Charter, then it would stand to reason that they could not invoke it!

    Even if they have not signed it, using something that they invoke means that they feel they can use it because they “are” part of Canada.

  7. Of course Quebec is part of Canada,Lecompte has been a confused man once before wiggling his way out of what his mouth spurts out when he made a fool of himself at LFA meeting in Long Sault…….me thinks that you will never get your due coffee

  8. Ah, let’s just let him think he’s right. Or, better yet, let’s say HE IS RIGHT. I’ll cover the bet and you get the printing machines for the passports along with the toll booths for the bridges 🙂

  9. Well he is correct that Quebec did not sign the changes to the Constitution that Mr. Trudeau’s government put through. Yet, Quebec uses this leglislation that they did not sign at every opportunity when it is to their advantage. But Quebec was a part of the original BNA Act which included Upper and Lower Canada – so regardless of whether they signed the changes put forth they would be a part of Canada through the original Act – the Act that clearly spells out the language rights of the original nation.

  10. I hope you lose the bet Admin and it can’t come soon enough! Without Quebec, Canada will save enough money to provide free coffee to everyone in Canada, at least until the next snowball or asteroid event.

  11. It is also ‘prove’ him not ‘proof’ him.

  12. Many of the above comments are correct. Lower Canada was a British possession as per the laws and agreements of both France and Britain prior to the British North America Act. The immigrants resident here at the time were subjects of the crown, and any further immigration was under the authority of the crown, which all immigrants agreed to upon entry.

    The aboriginal population, made up of both natives to the area and those present from migrations, all made agreements with the crown, or were subjugated depending on your preferred version of history…….but that has no bearing on the state of legality of state as per the previously mentioned agreements between France and Britain.

    Jean Lecompte is merely an ill-informed joker who prefers the history created for partisan reasons by Lionel Groulx.

  13. This Prime Minister will go down in History for what he didn’t do, and that was absolutely nothing!

  14. Sheldon, I think the Jean Chretien video will provide the “proof” needed……… gotta get that as the ringer on my cell. LOL

  15. admin:

    It’s ……I near pissed my self laughing .

    “A proof is a proof ,what kind of a proof is a proof ,a proof is a proof ,and when you have an good proof,is because it is proven!”

    Well nice to now that is clear “its a proof”

    It just shows what is required to become prime minister ,I have numerous friends that lived abroad while he was PM,many said he was an embarrassment for our country.

    He was know as the friendly dictator in the UN.

    Thanks for the chuckle moderator .

  16. Author

    No person is perfect Highlander. I loved Jean Chretien and with all of his failings would vote for him compared to what’s out there in a second…

  17. LoL… That literally got me chuckling out loud to myself. Just priceless… Unfortunately (as i am more Liberal minded than Conservative) the Liberals (with the accent et gu on the e) have successively given more of this country’s rights away to the French than any other party ever to have been in power. I say it that way because what’s coming down the pike MAY be the NDP, and if you think the Bloc were “for Quebec” just wait n see what party favors they provide.

    Good one Admin.

  18. Tell Lecompte to stop paying federal taxes to CANADA and claim it is because Kaybec is not a part of it. Go ahead Jean, do it.


    I agree with Admin Jamie. Chretien had his flaws (not getting rid of the GST, which I guess was impossible; and not being strong enough about the Clarity Act or keeping Kaybec in Canada) but he never gave our sovereignty away as the current PM is doing, and may have been funny to listen to but was actually a very intelligent and respected man (he may still be; I have not heard him speak lately). In fact, Jean Chretien is the last Prime Minister I respected, and other than Jack, the last party leader I respected. And I WOULD vote for him again over Harper and French citizen Mulcair of the NDPQ. (Hint: THIS IS NOT WHAT JACK WANTED!)

    I would have supported a Layton-led caucus had they NOT gone all separatist-crazy the last 3-4 years.

    But Lecompte bet you coffee because he knew (or should have known ) he has NO argument, legal, moral or otherwise.

    That said, I will do whatever i can to help him realize his goal of a separate Kaybec—starting with redrawing the borders OF COURSE!

  19. Eric what a great Idea !

    But I would fear everytime I get a phone I would wet my shorts .

    now I’m going to listen to it again

    “A proof is a proof ,what kind of a proof is a proof ,a proof is a proof ,and when you have an good proof,is because it is proven!”

  20. Is kebec using Canadian currency? Is kebec receiving federal government handouts provided by other Canadian provinces?
    Is kebec a territory which was granted to Canada by the Crown?

    If you answered yes to any of the above, they are part of Canada!!!!

  21. Lou there is not 1 federalist leader who did anything about our English rights in Quebec (Chretien included),the inequality in proportion of French working in the Fed. gov’t etc.. You might have liked Layton had they “not gone separatist crazy” BUT THEY DID. They are all the same. Quebec might not be a “country” but they have been allowed to act like one, they have thier own immigration, embassys, have been allowed to discriminate against Canadian citizens despite what the Canadian constitution says AND…………… they made an official language of Canada ….unofficial. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I believe it was Guy Bertrand (rabid seperatist) turned Federalist,LOL, who introduced the Clarity act to Chretien, then the SCOC said yeah it’s OK…Bertrand turned separatist again after that was settled,LOL, the Canadian people NEVER had a say in the future of THEIR OWN COUNTRY. But ……they got away with it……….. because they could. Guess we de deserve what we get.

  22. Bloc Quebecois sitting in Canadian Parliament is a proof that keeps proving that Quebec is STILL part of Canada. Too bad.

  23. We are giving too much weight to Lecompte’s childish challenges and posts (stella).

  24. Elizabeth
    November 8, 2012 at 7:49 pm

    “the Canadian people NEVER had a say in the future of THEIR OWN COUNTRY. But ……they got away with it……….. because they could. Guess we de deserve what we get.”

    No Elizabeth we did not deserve it ,but we should have payed attention and spoken up as a society .

    The media has large role in this,very little independent media in this country breeds collusion of Ideas and mandates.

    The media (CBC) is as left as they come ,must remember that they at one point had 65% of newsprint /radio /TV.to this day the have the largest impact for media.

    If you google their board you will find many ex-liberals within and in management.

    The CBC has become the left political propaganda machine.

    Government is big business.

  25. Quebecor media owns over 200 newsprint including the Cornwall Freeholder ,Kingston Wig and numerous TV and radio ,collectively I believe 5 media companies rule Canada.

    All these media companies are very close with government.

    That is why I am a staunch advocate of independence news media,
    the message is not as tightly controlled.

    Thank you Cornwall Free news for being an independent.

  26. I was sure I posted a comment to a comment. Is it not true that comment with a comment is a comment. And if the comment is a comment to a comment the comment is a comment?

  27. I wouldn’t make fun of jean chrétien like that either. He at least gave it a try. But there is a first here, I am agreeing with Admin. I too would vote for Chrétien instead of what we have running the country.

  28. I can’t believe that I just gave a thumbs up to Richard,also can’t believe that that there is not one single post to support Lecompte……..well maybe not!!!

  29. Author

    Mariah that’s something about limiting the nonsense in comments. Sometimes the other guy is right. If we can chill the rhetoric sometimes on rare occasion we can actually move debate and discussion forward and find common ground.

    I personally hate these Hatfield and McCoy entrenched positions… Kudos to Richard too.

  30. So Jamie ,

    Did Jean Lecompte figure out that Quebec is part of Canada yet?

    Did you get your coffee?

    Julie L are you related to Jean?

  31. Author

    Mr. Lecompte has yet to take me for coffee….

  32. He owes you one Jamie ,but lets see if the effort is made ,perhaps I could join the two of you -I will pay for myself of course,
    I don’t like inconvenient anyone.

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