Just in Time for Christmas! 3 Tier Laser Engraving & Gallery Now Open in Alexandria Ontario

3 Tier Laser Engraving and Gallery

Looking for gift ideas?  Perhaps a home decor item?  How about a special item of furniture?  Maybe a custom sign for your office or the kids’ room is what you need?  You’ll find all of these and more at Alexandria’s newest store, 3 Tier Laser Engraving & Gallery on Main Street, just north of the traffic lights at Hwy 43.

The store is just a short drive from Cornwall and well worth the trip.

Shopkeeper and artisan Phil Cloutier guarantees that you won’t find anything in his store that is made in China or anywhere outside of the local region.  He and other talented craftspeople have on display a good selection of hand made items fairly priced.  You’ll find articles of jewellery, light catchers, reproduction furniture, original oil, acrylic and water colour paintings, knick knacks, luminaries, wooden keychains, wooden pens, decorative bowls and even a few kitchen items such as specialty seasoning mixes.  There are also cutting boards, footwear, hand bags and purse holders as well as stained glass, pottery and wood turned items.

If you’re wanting an engraved sign, there is no need for a lengthy wait while it’s outsourced; Cloutier has a nifty laser engraver right in the store.

3 Tier Laser Engraving and Gallery

The store is open for business now.
A ribbon cutting ceremony will occur at the official
Grand Opening on Saturday, November 17th at 10 a.m.

Hours of operation are:

Tuesday and Wednesday: 9 to 6

Thursday and Friday: 9 to 8

Saturday: 9 to 5

Sunday: 10 to 4

For more information or custom orders please call or leave a message at 613-209-0532
Click on any of the graphics to visit 3Tier on Facebook

In this video we meet 3 Tier owner Phil Cloutier
as well as two of the many fine artisans whose work is available at 3 Tier.

3 Tier Laser Engraving and Gallery


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  1. This is fantastic! Finally a shop with a wide range of hand made Canadian products and close ro home. We’ll be out Saturday. I really enjoyed seeing the chainsaw art being made.

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