It feels weird to be back by Jamie Gilcig – November 19, 2012

CFN – It feels weird being back at the command post.    While I was supposed to be away five full days some interesting events pulled me back a bit earlier.

I’ll be taking another brief sojourn in a week or two to finish my project.

Thank you for all the calls, messages, facebook pings, etc.   It was a bit mind blowing to see so many comments!

I have a huge stack of emails and calls to get back to and my apologies if I’m not responding as fast as I’d like.

I’ll be sharing some of this past week’s developments as they become official in the next week or so.   If everything works out it’s pretty exciting; at least for me.

December will be bringing some changes for CFN which we’ll be unveiling.   As one of my consultants put it “It’s time to up the ante and start to mature the company.”

My role will be changing and some new blood will be here for your viewing pleasure, but again, more on that in the coming weeks.

So now I have to figure out which stories to crank out first.   I’m stunned to see some of the nonsense going on around our fair city.  I’m even more stunned how few people know about it and of those how few are willing to do anything of it.

If things are going to change “we have to change” because the bad guys really don’t care and will continue unless properly opposed.

But that too is for another story; one of which is coming right up.

It’s nice to be home.


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  1. Welcome back Jamie. I am glad to see you back again. You take care and things will come your way.

    Yes Jamie I have been preaching so much here on CFN that the people have to change in order for Cornwall to change. You can’t expect the mayor only or council to make the changes. If people wake up and get active in the community this is the start. My son is with the Lions Club here in Ottawa and a friend of his got him in. He has changed so much since he is here in Ottawa and into a club where he can get active. I say to everyone go and get active and make good changes and get active in the city of Cornwall and those who are qualified should run for mayor and council and other top jobs. Cornwall needs to attract a lot of educated people in order to replace the corruption.

  2. Don’t know much about your local politics and to be frank and honest (best policy :- ) i don’t much involve myself with the goings on other than the French issue which is VERY front and center for me.

    That being said, i would like to welcome you back Jamie 🙂


  3. Welcome back Jamie, I hope all went well with your time away.

    I look forward to your story about bad guys not caring!!!!!

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