Where did Claude McIntosh Get his Info about the CAO Candidates in Cornwall Ontario? Did Bare Ass Bob buy another round at Winners?

CFN – I’d have that look too if I were Bernadette Clement; but then I’d probably do the hair thing different too.    Ms Clement and council had the opportunity to read Claude McIntosh out their potential two candidates for the CAO position outed in his column last  Friday, again questioning privacy conduct at City Hall in Cornwall Ontario.   LINK

Fingers are being pointed at the ol scribblers drinkin pal at Winners, Mayor Bob “Bare Ass” Kilger as the source for the leak for the information if proven to be true.

Leaks happen when you drink a lot of beer.   Sadly for two of our more competent managers at City Hall they not only fall under scrutiny from the public, but of council who will be forced to make a decision.    This scribbler has stated that no decision should be made until the next election and that current acting CAO Stephen Alexander should remain in place.

Frankly the corruption stemming from CAO Paul Fitzpatrick and the cover up taint any on the personnel committee and council as a whole.   A consultant was not used, and while these two candidates are both worthy do they even want the taint of being endorsed by this council?   Can the public accept either one without thinking that they “Played Ball?”

The search for a replacement for retired Chief Administrative Officer Paul Fitzpatrick is down to two candidates with an announcement on the successful applicant expected before the end of the month.

For sure, one of the two finalists is Norm Levac, general manager of infrustructure and municipal works, while the other is said to be Maureen Adams, the highly regarded general manager of finance. Stephen Alexander, serving as acting CAO, did not apply for the job.

So where did Mr. McIntosh get his quote from or his information?    Who had access to this information or is he simply making it up?

Sources at City Hall have at least three councilors enraged; as well as several staffers at this public indiscretion that if the fingers pointing to the mayor are true will result in one heck of another in camera debate that the public never gets to hear.

Funny also that the city’s investment in close circuit cameras to video tape meetings was been scrapped since it was discovered that they system was also recording in camera meetings….

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Gee the more I read here the more the stink stinks awfully bad – I can still remember the stink of Domtar and Courthauds so plainly that it is very hard to shake off.

    The corruption down in Cornwall is so bad that you take one crooked jerk and replace it with another. None are competent in any way, shape or form. All the jerks got there because of what family of crooks that they belong to. I think it is past the time to send them all packing and put them on the rail to the furthest place where they cannot ever be found again.

  2. Jules, do you ever stop? seriously, we do not care your opinions, they do no good with no effect anymore. You stated time and time again nothing but a continued repeated message of hate, you were asked to stop by many, yet again and again you ignore us, you fit right in with the clowns who run our city because like them, you never listen.

    Bob Kilger… resign, simply do Cornwall the right thing once and for all, you have brought so much shame to this city, you, Bob Peters and the likes of Council, Latour, Lecky to name a few. How on earth you people can show your face thinking your all that, boggles the minds of many.

  3. Too bad Stephen Alexander wouldn’t apply. This is one fine gentleman.

    For sure he has his personal reason, yet if this mess you depict here is among them then who can blame him.

    Same goes for any others, especially outsiders. Arms length potentials need not apply. Need to be networked in first.

    Hey Mr. O’shannasy ????????????????

  4. Dukers1 don’t believe everything you read… perhaps the man has already proven he can do the job.

  5. Maureen Adams for the win.

  6. yep! admin… and with a husband who has many connections in the legal world that could be better for the city…

  7. No CityBS I can state my opinion whether you like it or not. I will continue to do so just like you state yours as well as others.

  8. @Jules your opinion does not matter, you do not live here, my opinion is based on me living in Cornwall and paying my taxes and being fed up period, so again you proved your no better then what runs the city.

  9. What is wrong with Cornwall Free News? I posted a comment about Kilger that is nothing but the truth and you don’t allow it.

  10. What runs the city is openness, clarity, celebration of French and English cohabitation, though some disjointed activity by a few corporate and yes, even city departments. Management is pushed by a few top level as well as outsider influence bobble heads who need to give themselves a bubble bath, level out to see the forrest…get the dogmatism out of the way. We live here and HAVE BEEN DOING RELATIVELY WELL THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

    We all get on fine in-between our family rivalries until mom and pop decide to task us, take us in hand now and then and womp us on the side of the head. Why can we not always be fair with each other? We’ve only existed together for a couple of hundred years but now that the apple cart has been tossed over we again struggle on both sides to keep the peace.

    NOW our city fathers {okay, mom’s too) are putting more screws (some literally)into the fire with this nonsense. Truths, lies and other fairytales makes for number one best seller stories in some circles like Peyton Place and made for TV sitcoms and REALITY TV but those of us who live here DO NOT APPRECIATE crap like this on our own doorstep. It would be okay if it were all served up in someone else’s town, but for heaven sakes people, NOT HERE.

    Would it be better if our own municipal government were to be peroged(?), completely shut down in wait of a call for a new election for heaven’s sake? I think not. The characters at play may not be desirable so throw them out in the next election. In between times, continue to CALL THEM OUT as long as your facts are true so the voters can decide.

    Jules and CityBS and everybody else’s opinion DOES matter. Even my blurbs matter, so I think or I wouldn’t be doing this.

    Okay, I’ve dumped my load a bit heavy but now I can catch my cleansing breath……..and that’s what this whole game is about isn’t it…..to give us credence and let the stress out.

    If some are caught in the act of stupid stuff well, so be it. Can’t always take them to civil or criminal court but we can continue to take them to the court of public humility.

    Keep up the good comments and good work Admin. and thank you.

  11. City BS my opinion does matter and I don’t knock you for posting your opinions and I don’t do that to anyone else either whether they are right or wrong they believe in what they say just as I give my opinions and if some people do not respect my opinion or that of another then they know where they can go.

    Yes I left Cornwall but for very good reasons. Everything that people are going through we went through that and a great deal more. If we didn’t leave we would be in a terrible noose. We are better now or should I say a great deal better in both happyness, etc. Most people of my age have left a long time ago and even those older and younger.

    Those like Kilger, Peters, Fitzpatrick, etc. etc. etc. only think of themselves and they do not care for the rest of you. They truly think that they own Cornwall.

    You treat people who have left Cornwall as enemies or outsiders and you sound like backwoods hillbillies in the way you think. I am not the one like those who run Cornwall but you are City BS because your mentality is backwoods in the way you and Bella behave. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and a lot of times another person’s opinions are shared and makes sense to others. Educated people do not act the way that you do and they are willing to share opinions.

  12. @Jules. I give you an appology for sounding disrespectful that was not my intent, my intent is; I or we understand you left Cornwall and for whatever reason that is so be it but it’s not your fight anymore it’s our fight, the ones who have to live and put up with it, maybe I came across harsh so again to you and whoever else I may have offended I am sorry. My mentality id not backwards it’s frustration as I see every single day the BS in the city and with certain people who think for whatever the reason is they are all that and the ones who are untouchable.

    I am sick and tired of the click, the ones who do unto their friends, serve to serve themselves rather then others. I can not leave this town because of personal issues and many of us are in the same boat. I am sick of walking into city owned buildings where people are afraid to speak. Change will never happen until change in the city starts and change comes from removing the Kilger, Peters and others who do not work for the city but think they do i.e Latour, Lecky, Kanebs to name a few.

  13. CityBS;

    Big of you to apologize man. Proof of a person who has guts to recognize an oversight in a drive to get a point out. We’ve all done it. A wise person once told me to critique to idea or thing but not to wreck the discourse. I realize ‘you’ don’t need that reminder but others should see it for what it is. I too have overlooked the boundaries from time to time.

    Now about the idea thing, cityBS, it is her fight though few of us agree with some of her comments as you and others digress about mine from time to time. The reason I see it as all our fight is because it goes beyond CORNWALL. She too can be a little harsh. we both see that. Seems name calling is okay unless its to each other here aye.

    I have issues with a number of councilors and department heads too yet I’ve always been well served on issues important to me on behalf of myself or others in my community. Department heads in particular in these cases.

    We do have a vote, albeit far too off.

    Just maybe some of these incorrigible, self-aggrandized, arrogant and narcissistic bobble heads photo opting all over town will get these horrific messages and will do a 180 before too long.

    Jamie’s top narrative of this segment indicates systemic issues so hope is far off.

    I enjoy these comments and others as obviously cityBS and Jules among so many others do.

    Hope I express some moderation most of the time, but I just got up aye!!

  14. Jules……thank-you. Opinions are just that whether others agree or not is irrelevant. Good debate can be a learning experience and very interesting, however, most times, depending on the article it can become personnal and rude which dampens the interchanging of ideas and knowledge.

    Jules, you are your own person, knowledgeable and interesting and no one can take that away from you **smile**

  15. City BS and everyone:

    When I spoke to my husband about the kind of crazy, insane, unfeeling bunch of jerks in Cornwall’s administration he told me that it goes on everywhere. Don’t think that Ottawa is much better ok. Things go on here everyday that none of us hear about because it is too big. There are bribes like you wouldn’t believe here – people get paid under the table in order to keep quiet and let things go through. The same thing in all cities everywhere.

    We have to be mighty thankful for our country and keep it in peace. We have to care for each other and not wind up like what is happening like the rest of the world. We are in contact with my husband’s family and they can’t talk about what is going on or the line gets cut. Get down on your knees and pray because things are not good anywhere – we are very lucky just now and I hope that things stay this way.

    Corruption is everywhere. I remember the stories that my husband told me about what was going on here in Ottawa years ago and it is not better than Cornwall only to a certain degree.

    City BS it isn’t easy leaving one’s hometown and living here in Ottawa is mighty expensive. All we see are houses for sale and rent just like everywhere else – people can no longer afford it unless one is well to do. I am staying in this hovel because of the cost – this place is expensive enough and going higher in 2013 – I just dread the increase.

    I too apologize for some of my strange behaviors but I am trying to awaken people to reality. I know about Kanebs, Kilgers, Peters and all the rest of the clan – they belong to certain families who are wealthy and they don’t give one iota about anyone else. I am not familiar with the name Lecky – I don’t know who that is at all. My husband got his first job here in Canada through Kaneb and Mr. Nick Kaneb’s parents are from Lebanon in a small village near the Syrian border. Mr. Kaneb spoke in a rusty type of Arabic like an English Canadian would speak in rusty French. LOL LOL. My husband couldn’t speak English then only French so both communicated in their native language but both understood one another. Out of all the mayors of Cornwall Kilger has to be the very worst that I have seen throughout my years. I used to think better of Kilger in past years until I really got to know who he really is. The whole gang from the top in administration down to the councellors have to go. I am with all of you in your frustrations even though I live here I have family still in Cornwall but even if I didn’t have family left there I love Cornwall and most of all I love the good people who live down there.

  16. Stella thanks for your kind words. Yes I am my own person and sometimes (maybe often – that depends) I come out with some doozies and we can not always agree with one another but we can put across our points of view and see what we can come up with.

    What I see in Cornwall’s administration is a clique that always was there but it has worsen to the point where nobody an tolerate it anymore. The jobs go to a very certain few and even my daughter was told that while we lived in Cornwall. I do know everyone’s frustration.

    I said it so many times that if things continue the way they are of putting up structures that people don’t really need and on heavily polluted land that wasn’t cleaned up you will pay taxes that would be so humoungous that you would not be able to afford it. Ask the people here in Ottawa what it is like. If one is not well off or is a highly paid professional it is impossible to afford to own. Even a lot of the single homes here have lots like a row house and some are near me at half a million dollars and you can vault across the roofs because they are too close together and mighty dangerous during a fire or other emergencies. I have been warning all of you for a long time now and I am just trying to help all of you to understand what those jerks are getting you all into.

    City BS I too apologize to you and to everyone as well. We are all frustrated including myself here in Ottawa. There is no place that is a bed of roses but we have to fight and I am trying to encourage everyone in the fight to get rid of all the jerks at city hall in Cornwall. I do know what is going on and I am with all of you in the fight. I went through things in Cornwall just like the rest of you. We owned a house and we sold it and rented and later came to Ottawa but my husband was totally against leaving Cornwall to come to Ottawa again. We have friends here and a couple of them spoke very well about Cornwall and one has a good friend down your way who works here in Ottawa. Cornwall is like a family and that family has to stay together and fight the evils at City Hall.

  17. Jules, you are so right that the jobs go to a certain few. This is what I was trying to get across in my comment on November 20.
    Unfortunately, the Free news wouldn’t print it. The clique starting from the top down MUST go. I often wonder how much cash went under the table to have a certain employment exam shredded because it was a fail but the individual was still deemed qualified to receive the job. Corruption in this city has gone too far and something needs to be done about it. I have a few more stories I could tell but I’m quite sure the moderator wouldn’t approve of them.

  18. Author

    Cornwallhockey we have certain rules about posting. If content violates those we now just delete the comment. We just have too many coming through to moderate. We are striving to have the most informative and insightful comments section in Canada. A tall goal and something we need the public to work with us on. Derailing, attacks from anonymous id’s, monster posts that could be done in a sentence…we are trying to have a safe and pain free viewing environment.


  19. Cornwall Hockey we have been through it all down in Cornwall and yes the jobs go to a certain few and my daughter was told those words by certain people who are in charge and I will leave it like that. We knew what was going on even before “Bare assed jerk Kilger” came on the scene but things got a great deal worse when he did come as mayor. We saw that there was no hope in haties.

    You said about some of your posts not going through well many of mine don’t go through and I don’t blame Jamie or his crew because some things are best not printed because of liability. If Jamie wasn’t afraid of liability he would just love down deep inside him to let it all loose but he can’t unfortunately.

    We made the big move back to Ottawa and I can sincerely tell you that my husband didn’t want to come back to Ottawa at all but we had no choice in the matter. Many times I would love to get out and go to a smaller city but everywhere has its problems even Ottawa. The difference with Ottawa is that it is a big city unlike little Cornwall. Terrible things happen here too but so much is hidden but you see it happen in little Cornwall which hurts us all and yes it hurt us a great deal to know what was going on. We left in a snowstorm – I should say two snowstorms – one to be interviewed by the super and owner and the other to move which was 8 years going on 9 next month. My daughter got a job after being here in Ottawa for 2 weeks and started up in January. Things are a little bleak right now because of the economy and people have to make do with less. Yesterday my husband read where NDMC was laying off 158 professional jobs – I worked there for 3 months as a term (National Defence Medical Centre) – I was doing medical transcription. Everyone is affected nowadays and life is mighty expensive indeed.

  20. Jamie, I understand your rules and DO appreciate the work of Cornwall Free News. The strive you hope to accomplish will definitely happen sooner then later. I do thank you for printing my comment on November 23rd and you can count on me to make Free News the best. Keep up the good work.
    Jules, for your information I lay no blame on Jamie for what he has to moderate. It’s just too bad we couldn’t publish the truth about many things that happen in this fair city. Did I say fair? It will never be fair until the people of Cornwall relieve many at City Hall of their duties.
    Please people, next election get out to vote and help this city become what we so dearly deserve. A fair city from the top down.

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