What the eff is going on??? Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – November 21, 2012

CFN – Red, as we affectionately call our frequent visitor these days, has been eating us out of house and home.  We are a hospitable bunch, chez nous, however this behavior has given us pause to wonder why Red, normally an elusive soul has been dropping in so often.  We have extended an open invitation however his ferocious appetite has made us look into what may be going on in Red’s world which has prompted this very apparent and cause for concern “change of routine”.

So we made a point to visit Red’s home and were shocked by the vision.  His neighbourhood has been completely obliterated.  Nary a bush, tree or fence line left to behold.  Seems like an army had brandished their way through the neighbourhood leaving neither a place to rest or hide nor the gardens where Red and his family nourished themselves.  It was as if a typhoon or tsunami had completely obliterated the life that once sustained Red.
And where is this you might be asking yourself.  You don’t have to look far folks.  It is happening all around you.  These images were taken in South Glengarry, yesterday. Take a little trip into the country side.  Land is being clear cut making way for the monoculture monster.


Progress you say…I say RAPE!  Isn’t there a saying that says something to the affect “that man cannot live on bread alone”?  How are the bees, butterflies, birds and foxes to sustain themselves on these huge tracts of corn and soya?  We have heard it said that “farmers feed cities”…however the blatant, unrespecting, unloving acts of raping our lands of diverse life to sustain the lives of the wildlife and people of this area is absolutely, unequivocally appalling.  Where are our furred and feathered friends to lay their heads if we can’t even give them the small courtesy of leaving them some hedge rows to survive?


It is with a saddened heart that I share these images.  I have great respect and admiration for the farmer who works 24/7 with respect and kindness for the living earth he toils and the animals he lovingly raises.  This however is not that.  This is not the work of a “farmer who feeds cities”.  This is only one thing…this is the work of someone who is only concerned with lining his/her wallet.  This work makes me disgusted to be part of the human race.

So perhaps you’re wondering about Red?  Well our tenacious, vocal little red squirrel visitor and friend have been picking away at our black walnut crop and occasionally raid the bird feeder for some sunflower seeds.  I would imagine they miss the solitude of their old tree lined homestead and are regrouping figuring out what their best course of action is before the new little ones arrive next year.  I am hoping they find a space that is quiet, where there are many trees to jump about with holes that will provide cover and food for them, and for their extended furry and feathered family.  Most of all, I hope they find a well bushed and treed area that is looked after by a person who understands the premise of co-flourishing and that this person’s well intentioned actions soften the heart and ways of the person whose land now sits void of the diversity which supports the circle of life.

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  1. Why is this farm’s expansion being singled out as rape? We in live a farming area. Not butting heads. Just curious.

    You also don’t say exactly where this land is. Maybe it was scrub land that didn’t sustain much except field mice, squirrels, racoons and other scavengers such as foxes. (No, I have nothing against foxes or any other creatures that may have lived, foraged or hunted there.)

    And what about all the tracts of land used for new residential homes? We home-owners put nothing back. by comparison. At least crops (especially corn) do feed the animals who will be lovingly raised by the seeming “good” farmers you make reference to.

  2. and people have the nerve to complain about wildlife in their backyard, they scare them, mess up their yards, go after their pets that they leave outside with no supervision, well what do they expect? They’ve cleared their habitat!! I am so glad I live across from land that can never be developed, I listen to the coyotes singing to each other nightly, I watch the wolf pacing in the open fields, but……………each area has its downfall, I have a neighbour that poisons wildlife under the guise of “its only mouse poison”…………so what? only mice eat it? 5 dead chipmunks and 6 squirrels not to mention my groundhogs that he trapped and did god knows what with them. please people, leave nature alone!!!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to comment JIMMY, greatly welcomed and appreciated. I was making note of ripping out the hedgerows, the strips of trees and bush which traditionally separate tracts of land and are left respectfully for animals to travel under cover and to house and feed themselves. Anytime anyone, whether farmer or home builder completely clear cuts an area for their own bottom line without consideration for the lives that share this planet with us….it is, in my humble opinion, RAPE. (According to http://dictionary.reference.com “an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation: the rape of a countryside”)

    Yes we do live in a farming area, and we live in an area where many other life forms are trying to flourish. A certain percentage of wild spaces which include trees and bush are necessary for us to flourish in health in this world. Leaving or replanting hedgerows in the huge monoculture operations would be a positive, welcome step forward to insure our wildlife has some space to find other food than that offered by these operations and has a safe place to travel or rest their wee heads.
    No I didn’t mention where this land was specifically as I didn’t wish to ‘out’ one particular farmer…this is happening in many areas in Ontario including the area in which the photographs were taken, South Glengarry.
    Lastly, all animals require an assortment of minerals and foods to stay healthy and alive. It would be a sad state of affairs if all we had to eat was corn.

  4. Thanks for your share Shelley. I believe the health and welfare of all life is intimately tied to our own health and existence in ways in which we still do not comprehend. We are all connected.

  5. Love your articles Jackie. I admire your passion. I live on a sanctuary and I have a neighbour that shoots the birds right out of my trees. I have called OPP and the ranger. Nothing I can do unless I catch him in the act….I have watched him do this, apparently this is not considered catching him in the act. …the bullets lodged in my homes exterior are not enough either….I guess my only alternative is to buy expensive video equipment….
    Nature just doesn’t stand a chance….
    And yes, this is incredibly dangerous for humans….(by humans I mean my family!)

  6. @Naturally Frustrated…sorry to hear of this situation. If the bullets in your home are from your neighbours gun it seems that would be all the proof you would need. If I can be of service to you in this situation kindly let me know. I will do what I can. Kindly forward a phone number to my e-mail earthmatters@jmilner.com so that we can further discuss this matter. Perhaps we can borrow some video equipment? Best regards, Jacquie

  7. I would gladly borrow equipment. Stay tuned for a touch base…

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