Over 300 Students Walk Out of CCVS in Cornwall Ontario over Bill 115 – Video by Todd LeBlanc

CCVS Walk OutCFN – Over 300 students walked out of CCVS this afternoon over the impact to them over Bill 115.   They are talking about walking out again tomorrow and organizing a march to MPP Jim McDonell’s office next week.

Thanks to CCVS student and tech guy Todd LeBlanc for the great video and interview!

So Ontario do you support the teachers, the government, the students?   You can post your comments below!

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  1. I have no sympathy for the teachers. McGuinty bought their support, the province is in debt and deficit. I grow tired of teachers whining and crying poor me!

  2. ill have more news from day two as well as a article tomorrow

  3. PLease student do not walk out as misinformed as your teachers are.

    You are presenting the education system as a failure for not actually teliing you the facts of the strike and the contents of the bill.

    I wonder how many other courses the teachers have failed to present to you with the proper content

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