Fitzy Greets All of Our CFN Viewers with Christmas Greetings! Did you get a pet this Christmas?

Fitzy on his chair Day 2 December 25 2012CFN – Hope your Christmas and Holidays were awesome.    Many of you know that pudgeoctober92012my poor Doxie Pudgy passed away last month.

After a lot of thought I decided to get another and then with the thoughts of my cats training him ended up with my new pup Fitzy who I adopted Christmas Eve.

Little Fitzy is now 16 weeks old and a handful.  I haven’t had a puppy since Melly was 7 weeks old back in 2000!

I’d forgotten the joys of an infant he said with tongue in cheek. 🙂

Yes, there are many joys, but a ton of responsibility.   There are also those amazing moments of watching your pup discover the world.  Things like my two cats and his big Rottweiller sister Melly who’s a bit discombobulated about the whole thing.

I’m not one of those people that will compare puppies to kids.  I mean you can’t lock a  child in a crate while you head out on errands.

I’ve been very lucky.  Little Fitzy has been pad trained in two days.   He’s a very bright boy and I laughed this morning as he attempted to do the bumpy bump to his sisters leg.

Thousands of animals will be homeless this year.     I chose to buy a puppy personally because my last Doxie was a rescue and I tragically had to put him to sleep after his disc blew in his back which is prone in this breed.  It was a freak accident and it went up instead of to the sides or down.

It took a few road trips before I decided on Fitzy too as there are a lot of Puppy mill animals out there.

There are also a lot of places that claim to be shelters that I find quite suspect.

Puppies are cute, but they are also a lot of work and need a lot of attention.  They also grow up and need care right until they’re old and grey like Melly who’s been very patient with her new friend.    You need a good vet which is harder and harder to find, and you need to remember that animals depend on us for their safety and love just as much as we depend on them for the comfort and love they give us.

Fitzy and I were chatting and we have decided that once he’s old enough he’s going to start a column on Pet care and all the facets that go into have a good an experience for everyone as possible.   He likes to talk and already cries, howls and yips!  Typing I’m sure will be around the corner.

For all of you that bought an animal this Christmas congratulations and may your pet share many more holidays with you!

Fitzy’s Dad,


PS!  Special thanks to Pat the manager at our local Pet Smart in Cornwall for her assistance on Boxing Day!


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  1. Great news Jamie & WELCOME Fitzy!!!

    I am looking forward to your new column as we got a new puppy this past fall. Toby- a goldendoodle- was a welcome addition to our family. 2 years ago we put down our first love, Laila- 15 yrs German Sheppard Collie. We waited for the right time to get our new pup & are loving every, well almost, every minute of it!!!
    We never wanted to “replace” Laila, but Toby is a whole new adventure….We recently discovered he loves snow boarding & red licorice!!!

    A puppy is truly a blessing, but a LOT of work, patience & dedication!!!!

    Merry Christmas Fitzy, Melly, Cats & Jamie!!!

  2. Author

    Thanks Debbie and condolences on Laila. It’s never easy. Our pets give us so much…. Merry Christmas to you and the family!

  3. Jamie sorry for your loss.

    Pets are limited in thier time with us as most certainly we outlive our pets.

    But with this limited time we must enjoy every moment with them
    For pets often help us be more compassionate with beast and human.

    I admire that you took in your rescue dog “Pudgy” make awareness of the many homeless animals,it is really telling of your personality such a big heart.SOFTY!

    Many treat thier pets as children and to me that is great as the love of children is bestowed on thier pets and it benefits all.

    ” I’m not one of those people that will compare puppies to kids. I mean you can’t lock a child in a crate while you head out on errands.”

    Trust me ,at times I like many others Parents wish they could crate thier kids ,but hey isn’t that what schools is for? LOL

    Enjoy your new family member.

  4. I bet your Fitzy doesn’t shit where he sleeps. Get it?

  5. Author

    Wow call me!

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