Will the CCH 2nd Street Hospital become the University of Cornwall? & Public Meeting on Hospital to be Held

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CFN – Is The University of Cornwall going to be at the CCH Second Street facility?    Buzz this weekend is that a certain investor is looking at doing just that.

Certainly a downtown facility would be easier on many students than NAV Can.  Could that be a signal that perhaps the leak of the Flight School leaving after the next election will not come to pass?  That could be potentially two good doses of news for our City.

Also, what’s really interesting is the parties that spoke on condition of anonymity were suggesting that this play for the hospital is not from the Gerry Benson Legacy Group that was recently leaked in the Free Holder; but in fact a group with connections to China.

The building which is listed for a paltry $2Million dollars while being appraised and insured for nearly 30 times that is listed with the local Remax outlet.

Mr. Commercial Real Estate in Cornwall, Terry Landon, confirmed that while listed for $2M there is a process where those interested have to submit a bid that subsequently the hospital will decide on.  He confirmed that there had been quite a few showings of the facility already.

What do you think Cornwall?  Is this a good news or  just spin?

There also is a general meeting open to the public by a group that want to discuss the future of the hospital set for Thursday January 3rd at the RCAF Wing.

Interested persons are invited to attend a “Public Meeting” regarding the sale of the former Cornwall General Hospital.  The meeting will start at 6:00 pm. on Thursday January 3rd, and it will be held at the Air Force Wing on Water Street.


“There’s a shortage of long term care beds and this building is being sold, it’s the #1 thing people are upset about,” stated Mark A. MacDonald one of the organizers of the event.  “It’s more than just long term care, it’s about using the facility for the social benefit of our community” he went on to state.


One of the organizers of the meeting, 17 year old high school student Josh Welsh stated “this is about our future.”   “We have to come up with a plan and we need community support,” he went on to state.  “Health care is really important in Canada—we need as much of it as we can get,” he said.


“There is an entire list of health care issues that need to be considered for this building, long term care beds, handicap accessible units, doctor’s offices, dentist’s offices, blood work appointments, x-rays and rehab units, just to name a few,” stated MacDonald.


This will be an opportunity for the public to voice their opinion and offer input on this issue.  For further information you can contact Mark by email at findermacdonald@gmail.com or Josh at joshua.welsh@my.ucdsb.ca

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Milena Cardinal


  1. Brilliant, and with Chinese money a potential boon to the city as a university. Competition for the idea of a long term care facility, however perhaps the best of two worlds if this becomes a local Nursing Sciences Degree location where they may have hands on care for clients as well as studies.

    Certainly the annex building to the east of the former CCH within the same block along Lawrence Street. is equipped with a number of lecture halls/classrooms already in place and accessed by an underground tunnel from the CCH unit. This is the same building where Dr. Guindon had his Eye Care Clinic. Lots of office spaces here as well for professors to have their personal offices.

    Recall too that just over on Fourth and Marlborough we have the St. Denis field of dreams with the old Bob Turner rink and offices is located. A whole lot of rebuild and sporting uses can happen right there related to the nearby (CCH) Cornwall University ( or other distinguished name).

    So many ideas abound……..so too the renewed now heightened competition for these properties, not that 4th and Marlborough have even been mentioned or even considered however, perhaps it should be part and parcel in a package deal as universities really do require recreational facilities too.

    Ho hum, so much to do, so much to think about. No doubt much more will come about and WE WILL ALL BENEFIT. Time for my nap.


  2. I guess that “investor” is from Quebec franco mafia.

  3. We had a post-secondary institution located on the south side of 4th Street East many years ago, between McConnell Ave and Guy Street. Then the Regional School of Nursing became a senior’s residence.

    An educational institute needs plenty of parking spaces . . . which is lacking at the site of the old Cornwall General Hospital. The facility may likely become a senior’s home at some time in the future . . . . there is a shortage of spaces for seniors in the region.

    With regard to a university, the post-secondary program that will attract the highest number of candidates into a bachelor’s program, would be nursing . . . . or a program related to health care. These programs require residency.

    With regard to general arts programs, most universities crowd 200 and more students into lecture theatres . . . . many professors are putting their courses on-line so that students do not have to attend classroom lectures. They can send in their research papers and essays either by e-mail (or hard-copy via Canada Post or by courier service) and only need to show up on campus to write exams.

    A “university” with a faculty of nursing offering and related health care programs is quite possible at Cornwall.

    For other programs that local students could access on-line, there may be need for local tutoring services.

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