Habitat For Humanity Seaway Valley Gives $150K Home to Grow Op Couple in Cornwall Ontario

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Photo: Google
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MP Guy Lauzon

CFN – Whoops!   It seems that Habitat for Humanity Seaway Valley doesn’t care who they give a $150K house to.   The new lucky couple were busted for having a grow op!

The Standard Free Holder is reporting that the lucky new owners of one of their builds were in fact busted as  grow op people and recently sentenced while on the watch of Mrs. Frances Lauzon, wife of MP Guy Lauzon, both of whom are past chairs of the Habitat for Humanity affiliate in Bonville.



The latest Habitat for Humanity partner family — expecting to receive their home in the fall — have criminal records for running a grow op at a former residence.

Stephan and Stephanie Durocher were both arrested May 3, 2011, by the Cornwall police’s street crime unit. They were both charged with possession of a controlled substance and production of a substance.

They were sentenced in January 2012 to 15 months conditional sentence and six months of probation.

Police seized $21,000 worth of drugs and other property from the home, including plant food, light bulbs and a water funnel.

Stephanie Durocher described the situation as a “poor decision” — a business idea her husband had with a friend. Both parents were arrested because both their names appear on the lease.


However a review of Habitat for Humanity’s own guidelines include the condition below.

Ability to repay a Habitat for Humanity mortgage requires that the family has a stable income sufficient to cover the monthly mortgage payments and other expenses that come with home ownership.

It would be really hard to do that from Prison.

The board until recently had Mrs. Lauzon as chair, and such Lauzon confederates as Mr. Dick Aubry, Glen Grant, and employee of Mr. Lauzon’s Ms Dani Tedesco.  LINK   The website as of this printing still lists Mrs. Lauzon as chair.

The local affiliate has been under controversy because of the Lauzon family’s involvement.  Mr. Lauzon is believed to have sold the property to the affiliate and taken over control of the board after it was suggested selling the property when the affiliate was in crisis.

There also was an issue with one of the former board of directors taking goods and cash for her time working in the ReStore on weekends; something that was put in writing to the board at that time.

Mr. Lauzon also has the adjoining Highway property for sale on Highway 138 directly in front of the ReStore.

Nobody from Habitat for Humanity Seaway Valley was available for comment as of print time.

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  1. WOW,,,,As a Mom of 3 Kids,,who would LOVE to be able to not RENT ,and pay someone else’s mortgage n new car n well …. etc,,why should someone who has been convicted of a drug charges like that be offered ownership of a brand new home???? WOW,,,,I Know of alot more who are more deserving including MYSELF n MY 3 kids!!!! WOW!!!

  2. ..I saw the Durocher family picture in the paper..brought tears to my eyes..this family needs a good home..the children look happy and grateful..I could never take anything away from this family..makes me want to donate more..if I had nothing..I would turn to crime.

  3. Oh Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, you are never going to be invited to a Conservative function. I would say another but I don’t think Mr. Lauzon has ever invited you to anything.

  4. As a mom of 5 kids who actually applied to Habitat this year and was refused based on not having established credit, I think that this is absolutely disgusting that they gave to this family when there were truly others who applied that were in dire need. To be refused based on my lack of credit(not bad credit) was a slap in the face when I work and not sit on my butt and collect from the system especially now knowing this. Shame on Habitat

  5. ..how can you have 5 kids, a job, but no established credit..good or bad? borrow for a cheap car? ..no bank account? rent to pay? Cogeco bill?..who’s paying the monthly internet tab?..these are ways to help establish credit..you’ve had time to pump out 5 kids over the years and established no credit whatsoever? Good or bad? After my first summer job, Visa was dying to give me a credit card and I was a 17 year old kid..I went to University on a loan for 10 grand and managed to pay it off with the lowest monthly amounts due..after that, they were mailing me platnium and gold cards..seems like you’ve done everything bass ackwards … Are you out of your teens yet? ..or were you done wrong by an ex? … instead of frantically pushing your thumbs down button..start applying…or you could start a grow op..based on what I’ve read, the Durochers are no less deserving of this house than you and yours.

  6. This family needs to be accountable for their actions & life of crime,yes these kids need a good home but so does so many others whose parents are law biding,hard working & just need a little help,house should go to another family or this very program could suffer

  7. Author

    Mariah I don’t blame the family at all. They applied in good faith. A google search of their name would turn up the grow op issue so it’s not like Habitat would be invading their privacy.

    Again, that’s what happens when an institution with the good reputation of Habitat for Humanity gets corrupted by a politician and his family, friends, and employees.

  8. Habitat for Humanity is a great organization. The people who brought and started Habitat in Cornwall were good hard working people with a desire to help. They did so much good its really a shame that this organization is now being miss managed. I applauded the fonders of Habitat for Humanity Seaway Valley.

  9. Author

    I agree with you 100% Monique. The brand of Habitat for Humanity across North America is wonderful. I would support any of them. They actually don’t like politicians being involved. I have no idea why Habitat for Humanity Canada has tolerated a sitting MP and his family being involved including the MP’s brother who until recently was a paid employee as well.

  10. I believe that the Durochers are paying their dues to the justice system…Mariah…You could take this home away from these children now? If so, you’re a colder person than I.

  11. Sorry Ferris but I’m 28 and yes I have 5 kids…big deal…I also work and support my family and not take the easy route…There are far more deserving families who could have used the house to make a proper home for their children. Sorry I chose to not live in debt like most people today do. I am being responsible in making sure I have no debt. I have paid everything off and therefore have no credit now…Not that its any of your business but I now pay for everything with cash…Easier than having to worry about what I owe. And yes they need to clean house in there and start folloing the criteria that was put forth by the founders 🙂

  12. The family in question is not the problem! The problem is yet again no one will be held accountable for a major flaw!

    Congratulations to the Derocher family as for they qualified and were awarded something very special that will no doubt help their family in so many ways! I hope they find a way to give back and realize despite the negative spin this is something their family can still enjoy……if they want to…….people can only bother you if YOU let them! Yes, it takes thick skin but in this case ignorance is bliss!

    I notice the freeholder freely gives the names of the recipients but only the CFN has the good sense to mention all parties involved!

    Anyone offended by this article should ensure they do not bully the family but yet hold the politicians and those who made a large judgement error………..and yes mistake can and should end your tenure or career!

    However, as we have seen with Cornwall City Council’s current mishaps, most people don’t pay attention and will vote for the people with the best camera smile rather than the best intentions!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  13. Were s the humanity in slashing someone and presuming with your negative calculating a human. Does it empower your negative personality to slash someone Ferris to pass judgement. Who says your way is so reputable. I have a nursing degree, have owned a home and have pated my way for over 25 years aand supported andraised soley 4 wonderful children and do not have bad credit what i pay i pay with cash or i wait until i have the cash to purchase. I have credit cards but choose not to use them . So happy for you that gold and platinum are your ego boosters. An ex i have as well ,childsupport , no i chose not to waste the courts time. And let the man decide if he was gonna be a dad or father. I turned the page and accepted the responsibility. So hats off too you CAndice and whether or not you have a significant other i am not to assume, though perhaps if you let them know your honest and admirable ways of being if you have the chance and gather what statements from your bank to show your payments and the pinctuality of payment they will reconsider your application. Don tchange your ways but be persistent ,you got this far and deserve the qualiity of life. And your values are wonderful for your children to learn.

  14. the Habitant group is required to proceed in a professional manner and should have done their homework and not exposed this family to ridicule. i would have never known about the Durocher family if not for the article published in the SF & here.
    (the SF removed the hateful comments posted by readers)
    i wonder if the public would be fueled by the same anger if they had been charged for making moon shine.
    there are many families who deserve a home from Habitat for Humanity because all Canadian children deserve to grow up in a decent home. how quickly we lose sight of that goal.

  15. speeling error above Habitant – of course i meant Habitat not the soup! LOL

  16. Wrong Donna…the gold platnium statment was written to show how easy it is to get a credit card these days..they’re dying to loan people money..as for the negative statements…read again..I believe it was Candice and Mariha who were throwing out negative comments towards Habitat for Humanity and the Durochers family…and of course yourself…you stated nothing about HFH or the Durochers..all you did was rant about Ferris..The Durochers get my support 100%..if people don’t like it…there will be another chance to apply…and don’t think your some kind of hero Donna..I’m a nurse..and I have 3 kids..I came from nothing and I managed.

  17. Have been reading this story & comments made / Yes it seems a
    mistake was made / and now not everyone will be happy no matter whats done about it / perhaps as a start someone should just own up to a mistake having been made & see to it that it doesn’t happen again . It’s called stepping up to the plate .

  18. Donna, is your last name Durocher?

  19. Believe Me

    ” perhaps as a start someone should just own up to a mistake having been made & see to it that it doesn’t happen again .”

    Yes in a dream world ,but like politicians society most often has very little accountability.
    Accountability by habitat to properly research the recipients as well as the Durocher family to disclose this information.

    Accountability by our Mp Guy Lauzon ,is it not a conflict of interest for him to be on habitats board no less having his brother as an employee?

    As well as previously owning the property to which habitat is located?

    Many things that make you think hmmmmm,what’s this really about?

  20. Highlander

    I suggest we wait and see about accountability , As Habitant board
    chair Wray Holmes must call the board together to attempt to clarify what has happened here & to openly inform the public . As
    Board Chair it is his duty to do so . Guy Lauzon and his wife are honorable people & yes it certainly appears a big error in judgement happened but so what most everyone makes mistakes
    The important part is to stand tall & own up if you’ve made one .
    People respect that .

  21. No willie. It is not.

  22. It seems that everybody is jumping the gun here. Why not wait and see what the Habitant board decides to do.
    Hmmmm, possibility, the parents maybe going to jail,in the meantime, where are the children going to live?
    It’s such a shame, that the children are being punished also because of the parents wrongdoing.

  23. @Mike Bedard. Still a little guy with a big case of sour grapes.

  24. ..I enjoy your posts wow..think some are hilarious..especially the thong post..however, Mike makes sense to me..I can come across as being very harsh sometimes when I blog..Mike’s more dignified on this one..my apologies, Donna..Candace.. Mariah..I’ll keep my cool on this one.

  25. Nice that they get to live in a $150,000 home, of course they will need to put 500 hours of “sweat”. Big deal, I was a single mother and I had to work 3 jobs (60 hrs/wk) in order to buy a house of my own. No freebies here. This is another reason why I do not give to help these people out. They play the system, they use their children and the government just gives in and these poor children don’t have a choice of who their parents are.
    We’re they not concerned about their children’s health when they were growing the pot in their home? What kind of parents are they? Hopefully they will be a way for children to be in a good place, as for the parents “who cares”

  26. *I am not even toughing the legal and/or political aspect of this post but…

    It is so easy for everyone to judge a situation hastily, especially when they do not know all the important details. It is not easy to raise children, especially when you are young and have not had the opportunity to live as others have. Nobody is more ‘deserving’ because they think they are a better person then another.

    Financially some people are able to make it, some people have been taught from a young age to be financially dependent, or in most cases they have parents and/or family they can get help from if they need it. But this is not the case for many families in the Cornwall area, struggling to make ends meet, addictions, stress & emotional trauma,..coupled along with other variables can make it harder then most could ever imagine.

    They seen an opportunity to make money and they did it,..it was a bad choice..but it doesn’t make them any less of a person, nor does it make them any less deserving then anyone else who is having hardships.
    The Mom will have to pay the consequences for what she got involved with but there is no need to be so pretentious, she got caught,..maybe you didn’t.. But I do know that everyone who is commenting on this article was or is guilty of something that others would find wrong, illegal or immoral…

    They are a young family and they made a mistake, everyone makes mistakes, especially when we are young. It is a part of life.


  27. Sapphire said everything right including Donna and Candice. When you do not owe anybody you sleep at night without all the worries of who is going to knock on your door for collection or get tons of calls.

    What Ferris doesn’t realize is that those credit cards that he holds whether he uses them or not still goes against him when it comes to getting loans because they call it money already in his pocket.

    You ladies are absolutely right in waiting until you have the money to pay or do without. This is what got our world in a terrible mess. I am not kidding any of you. The banks (the central banks of the world) made bets on things called “derivatives” and it isn’t the debts of the people “these derivatives” but debts of banks and it is “we the slaves – the debt slaves” who have to come good for these bad debts made by banks and it put the world’s finances in hell. There is no way out of this shambles.

    As for the Durocher family they got themselves in their own stew and the house should be taken away from them. You don’t own a house anyway and that is why you pay taxes. This is all very true and I have been studying this and so many things for many years now.

    Here in Ottawa so many people are destroying beautiful homes by doing grow ops and it seems to be the only way people are getting by these days. The economy is in the tank, no jobs to turn to, the society itself is in the tank and what more can I say. That house should be taken away and given to a person who really needs the house and not to one trying to cheat the system.

    Living without debts is the best way to go believe me you sleep without the wolf at your door. As for people going to university these days they are “debt slaves” because there are no jobs. That is what is leading people to crime. The world’s elite want to depopulate the planet because they feel that things will only get worse in every way if they don’t. It is we the little people who suffer the consequences of those who do the harm.

    You ladies are right and that is the way to live.

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