5 Months Left in RCAFA Lease in Cornwall Ontario – Will it be Saved? Should it be Saved? January 3, 2013

halifax bomberCFN – There are only 5 months left on the lease of the RCAFA Wing in Cornwall Ontario.   VP Mark A MacDonald stated that they group is about to present a proposal for a lease extension that includes letters of support from area VIP’s like MP Guy Lauzon to the St. Lawrence Seaway Authority.

But is there hope for the facility that has been there for over sixty years?   With Cornwall Condo crazy the site is ripe for development. Mr. MacDonald and his team are working diligently to save the Wing,but already it’s under scrutiny as you can see from the video below of the Waterfront Development committee where Chuck Charlebois mentions it in particular.

Mayor Bob Kilger of Cornwall was also in attendance at that meeting and spoke.


Do you think the Wing can be saved?  Should it be saved?   Or should that lovely patch of green lush waterfront be turned in a multi-purpose condo?

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  1. Save the Wing, the city council and developers have already destroyed much of Cornwall’s history. It’s time to stop it.

  2. the wing should not torn down its a nice building, my friends were married there and I know someone in the near future that I thought was getting married there too it should not be taken down it should be helped to look a little more up to date is all

  3. I got married there last year my sister is suppose to be getting married there in August I was planning on doing her stag there also we already have our down payments on the hall for those 2 nights and also I believe my sister bridal shower is there too in June if they close before may they better give us our money back

  4. Start a save the plane drive.
    Move the second street Cenotaph there as well.
    Extend the memorial walk (Memorial Way) to pay for it. ( I would buy a couple of engraved bricks)
    Make that end a proper site of respect to all past, present and future Vet’s.

  5. The RCAFA has a valued past of service and community acceptance.

    The plane, the plane. the plane has added so much to the mystic history as well.

    As for the Cenotaph off of Second, well it’s an idea but personally I do not think the public nor those in the condos would go for it. It’s merit is good and its purpose has served all well where it is. Moving it would be a sacrilege to some as history of our passed soldiers have been blessed and memorialized there it would be like re-patronizing a grave site. No, I say, leave it where it is.

    Next we’d be wanting to move all military service clubs to the waterfront as well. HEY, NOW THERE’D BE AN IDEA……JUST KIDDING, SETTLE BACK DOWN NOW :-).

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