Cornwall Ontario Lawyer & City Councilor Bernadette Clement gets nod as Ontario Liberal Leadership Convention Co-Chair

Bernadette Clement Jan 3 2013CFN – I had a chance to sit down with Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Bernadette Clement and talk about her new gig as Co-Chair of the Ontario Liberal Leadership Convention.

A mighty honour indeed, and something for Cornwallites to be proud of.

We also talked about the buzz that she herself will be the candidate in the upcoming Provincial election which if you believe the buzz will be in the Spring.

Currently the  candidate slot is empty.  Mark A MacDonald finished second to current PC Jim McDonell.   Mr. MacDonald has not stated that he will not consider another run.

There are also some new names cropping up as Liberal potentials, but for today let’s give Ms Clement kudos for helping Cornwall shine!

She’ll be helping the process of who becomes Ontario’s next Premier on January 12th.

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  1. Liberal Party leadership this time around has plunged Ontario a further 100 BILLION DOLLARS into the red . Servicing of this massive debt in Ontario in the last 9/10 years thankfully to low borrowing costs has only cost us good people of Ontario approximately 92 BILLION DOLLARS . Unfortunately for us low interest rates are not a permanent condition and our economic future is certainly not the envy of our great country . The situation is all the less rosy due to the direction of our provincial energy policies and resulting expenditures . The Orange scandal has not been properly dealt with, the Grand River ( Caledonia ) issue was an embarrassment to justice and protection of individual rights and putting the province ON HOLD to find a new party scape goat an insulting abuse of power and trust . Good luck Ms. Clement however I fail to see the logic in being proud as a Cornwall resident of you achievement .

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