Cornwall Police Traffic Alert for Idle No More March Across Seaway International Bridge – Akwesasne – January 5, 2013

bridgeACFN –  The Cornwall Police are warning the public about the Idle No More March across the Seaway International Bridge Saturday January 5th starting at approximately 10 AM.



Cornwall, ON- On Saturday, January 5th, 2013 at approximately 10:00 a.m., an Idle No More Protest Activity will be taking place on the International Bridge. The Cornwall Community Police Service respects the right of all citizens to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. Due to the protest activities, the normal flow of traffic leaving and coming into Cornwall may be interrupted. The Cornwall Community Police Service is working with those involved to minimize the impact of the traveling public, to ensure order and for public safety. In the best interest of those involved the bridge as well as in the area of the traffic circle will be closed upon the protest starting.


The traveling public should check ahead for road closure information and to monitor local media for information.


If you have any concerns, please contact the Cornwall Community Police Service at 613-933-5000 extension 2447.


We thank everyone for their patience in dealing with traffic disruptions.

idle no more akwesasne

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Milena Cardinal


  1. Don’t know about anyone else but I’ve had just about enough of this shit!

  2. @bedfortst post January 7, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    You are NOT alone. Problem is the Indians have no other form of protest but blackmail and pavement stomping to get their points across….whether any of us agree with them or not….mostly NOT. Spit is in the middle no question.

    Funny that they do not recognize themselves as Canadians unless it is convenient when hollering for mo-money honey.

    This crap about being their own nation as long as we pay for it rubes the craw of most Canadians, as much as the ROC (rest of Canada) is ticked about the French only policies of Quebec…and our weak in the knees government runs scared to challenge them…NO MATTER WHICH PARTY IS IN POWER.

    Problem is that if you and I decided to blockade the res….we’d be in jail before your head turned. But then, we don’t need to since we have MPP’s and MP’s where they do not. Oh, they have chiefs and Mike Mitchel who do speak well but can not address parliament directly except to play these games of chess on the roadways.

    The other issue becomes the ‘Crying Wolfe’ so often that when they do have legitimate beef’s the rest of us still tell them to go to hell. Such may well be about the current concerns with Bill C 45. The related problem with this is that half of their own people WANT IT.

    Go figure.

  3. @Bedfort, first off none of us care that you have “had just about enough of this sh*t” and should we? Should we extend any more empathy towards your interrupted cross border shopping trip than you have expressed in your post above towards this issue?

  4. @Dukers1, what difference does it make if some natives are opposed to C-45 and some are not? Why is it that Natives all have to agree with each other and be united under one idea and common cause but the non-native population is not held to that high standard of unity.
    Less than 30% of voting Canadians brought the Tory gov. a majority… does not appear that non natives are any more unified in their opinions so again why do you think Natives should be one voice?

    Protest is a democratic tool used to give voice to the oppressed and disenfranchised.

    Below are a couple of excerpts from Brian Martin’s “Protest in a liberal democracy”, Martin is Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Wollongong, Australia.

    “The idea of ‘protest’ typically evokes images of a dissident minority taking a public stand, as in rallies against particular wars or blockades against logging of a rainforest. Protest is usually associated with groups that are outside the mainstream, that lack inside connections with the wielders of power. Protest is often ‘against’ something or other, an attempt to stop a policy or practice which would otherwise go ahead unquestioned. To many people, protesters have a bad image: the rabble in the streets. Although the vast majority of protest activity in liberal democracies is nonviolent in reality and intent, an aura of actual or potential violence commonly accompanies media presentations and popular perceptions of protest. These images are part of an overall view which balances the ‘right to protest’ against a need for ‘law and order.’

    Challenging the status quo is a difficult business. Dominant groups have various ways to limit the effectiveness of challengers, including promoting a narrow conception of ‘acceptable protest,’ channelling dissent into appeals to the government and, if necessary, using repression. The very idea of ‘protest’ should be considered suspect because it diverts attention away from the routine activities of powerful groups.”

    If there were ever a group “outside the mainstream….with lack of inside contacts”, that would be natives.

    You obviously don’t grasp what protest is so maybe you should do a little research and educate yourself.

    Duke, please give me the examples of when we natives “do not recognize ourselves as Canadians unless it is convenient when hollering for mo-money honey” or examples of “‘Crying Wolfe’ so often that when they do have legitimate beef’s the rest of us still tell them to go to hell”

    That was a rhetorical request as I know you cannot come up with one example of either but you also think that money that is paid to the reserve is some kind of hand out to the natives when it is not….that money my fiend is your rent being paid.

    So before you waste any more time spewing any more of your vitriol why not take a breath as your opinion of us or your “the rest of us still tell them to go to hell” really does not matter in the big scheme of Native issues you are a very small fish in the pond and in reality have less of a voice with your government on these issues than we do.

  5. It will be intseresting to see just how much impact this attawapiskat news plays out.

    Considering the money given and the maintenance shown in the news I believe there is some merit in the claim.

  6. Nothing but a distraction, Hailey Brown. The same as last year when the Harper government was embarassed because of the housing crisis. Their best defence, “I know you are but what am I!”

  7. @bobgeneric
    I couldn’t care less if I never shopped in the US again. You cared enough about my comment to post on it. The “shit” I’m refering to is the constant whining about a border from people who’s only care about it was that it made it easier for them to break the law, which the rest of Canadians must abide. I’m tired of the endless teat sucking of my country by those who claim to live in their own “nation”. Want your own “nation” then break from us completely! That means financialy as well. Create your own currency, passport, industry, economy and competent goverment. Then go ahead and negotiate a border crossing arrangement with the US and Canada, like grownups. Or does that sound like too much work.

  8. @Bedford,
    My “care” of what you said was just a hope that you would expand on your 14 word whine-a-tribe and unveil your real ignorance…..I was not disappointed.

    So if I understand correctly this is your country? If that is so then why is it that natives, native business , and native controlled natural resources added multi billions to the coffers of “your” country annually?

    Treaty 9 natives in Alberta successfully won a court battle 10 years ago arguing that treaty 9 states no taxes are to be levied on this band.
    Revenue Canada argued that this would put a great burden on the federal courts as it represented the loss of 7 billion dollars per year. The federal government won an appeal and the supreme court refused to hear the case.
    Now that is just one tribe in Alberta.

    I paid personal income taxes last year in excess of 50 grand…..what did you contribute?

    It is for the loss of revenue that the feds will never give us control of our own money’s or land…….ie. let us go out own way……simply because your country cannot afford to go it alone.

    So it appears there is some”treat” sucking going on but you seemed confused on who is doing the sucking.

    Oh Canada, your home on native land……..

  9. But is it true Bella?

    I so wish I could tell of what I have seen from audits, but professionaly it is not in my best interest.

    Suffice it to say the aboriginals are just as guilty of stealing money from their people as the Canadian government is from all of us.

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