Mark A MacDonald Open Letter to Cornwall Council & Mayor re: Cornwall General Hospital Facility

2nd st hosp WINGJanuary 8, 2013


At a recent special public meeting regarding the sale of the Cornwall General Hospital, the message was clear that we should be using this opportunity to help seniors that are dealing with long term care and accessible housing issues.


A person could wait up to 10 years for long term care or wheel chair accessible housing. You could stand a better chance of getting into the funeral home before the nursing home.  It just does not make sense.


There are ways to generate income with this building by housing existing government offices that are presently paying huge rents.  This could help with extra costs for long term care beds.


If there is not a proposal coming forward, then I strongly urge you at the next council meeting, have your Administration prepare one.   If you need help drafting a proposal there were several people at the meeting who offered to help.


Take some positive action, or this opportunity will slip through your fingers and be gone.

Respectfully yours,

Mark A. MacDonald
Cornwall, ON

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  1. He wants City staff to prepare a proposal? That is, by far, the dumbest suggestion yet on this topic!

  2. these are all but peeps from a comfortable Western nest. there is a tsunami coming, an age wave, and frankly 30-odd beds on Second Street won’t make a difference. Get ready. It won’t be fun

  3. The CCH has half the building @132 2nd st., move this division back to the CGH site,

  4. The tsunami Jimmy will be all those broken hearts watching the wrecking ball pass through our beloved General Hospital.

    Purpose led, this hospital is more than just 4 walls. Note well those that do the deeds of destruction here, your killing waves striking the hearts and minds of a great share of the city will not wash away sins of the past but souls of history.

    Being mindless of this with your cold hard noses is the wrecking ball of destruction.

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