Mayor Kilger “I’m Not Married to the Hospital” Cornwall General Hospital Site Under the Gun

Bob Kilger
Mayor Bob Kilger of Cornwall Ontario
Todd Lalonde; President EOHU

CFN – Mayor Bob Kilger of Cornwall Ontario is in a tricky wicket as the city buzzes over the sale of the Cornwall General Hospital 2nd Street site.  Mayor Kilger is also on the board of the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.  Some would suggest a potential conflict of agendas.

Contacted today Mayor Kilger made quite clear that he wasn’t married to the site of the 2nd Street Hospital, and gave Jeanette Despatie and Hospital management 100% support; a comment echoed recently by former MPP Jim Brownell.

He also stated that the hospital is a totally Provincial issue and that it was in current MPP Jim McDonell basket.  A position most of his council must echo as they have all but been silent as a group on the issue even though thousands of residents are concerned for programs and their future care.

Informed that the MPP has asked for a review of the situation Mayor Kilger had no retort.

Mayor Kilger’s position seems to counter that of EOHU President Todd Lalonde (interviewed above with EOHU & Council member Andre Rivette).  It was also noted that Mayor Kilger was the seconder for the motion to create a task force to see what could be done with the General as a long term care facility via a task force.

The sale of the hospital caught the EOHU off guard as they were expecting a task force to be created prior to any sale, but with rumors abuzz that patients are already being moved as well as extreme employee stress over potential employment.

The last minute attempt to save the facility via public meeting while successful with over 100 members of the public in attendance still has yet to yield any results including our petition asking for a 90 day moratorium on the sale of the historic facility.

Mayor Kilger also stated his concern for long term care needs of Cornwallites; but offered no solutions especially if the General’s beds are lost as it is looking.  ( I know, I can’t make much sense of that either, but then that’s why I’m not a politician!)


A meeting of the full board and Ms Chantale LeClerc of the Champlain LHIN is expected this week, but is closed to the public.    The Hospital has also not returned any missives from CFN in over 24 hours such as our query today about why Hospital Board meetings are closed and not open to the public?

And that leaves many concerned residents wondering who exactly is representing them in this situation?  After all taxpayers at the end of the day are the ones footing the bill?   Has a proper assessment of the facility been done?  Why has there been little to no public consultation?  Why has the EOHU been so quiet about this situation and been caught off guard by Hospital management some of whom were appointed by some of the members of the board?

Where are the United Counties voice in all this?  So far the only Counties politician to comment has been Mayor Bryan McGillis of South Stormont, but long term health care and services offered at the General are not Cornwall centric and many from the counties are also served by the Hospital?

What do you think Cornwall & SDG’ers?  You can post your comments below:


Milena Cardinal



  1. The corrupt support each other. All the big wigs with wasteful spending habits do! Sure Kilger and Jeannette are “concerned” about our seniors and our community. So much so that the public is almost always kept out of the know of what is going on until after the deed has taken place. Seniors are being kicked to the curb, beds being closed and nurses/other staff are losing their jobs!!!!! The crap in this city continues. Funny how calls aren’t returned to the press and no explanations are given!!!

    Bryan McGillis thank you for again being the only one from the counties that cares and has the strength to stand for what is right and stand for the people.

    Andre Rivette, Leslie O’Shaunessy I see your names on that petition too. Be proud for doing what is right!!!

    Plueeeeeeeeeese send money to us at CCH. NOPE, NO WAY. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

  2. Mr. Kilger needs to step down. What a useless representatives. All the people, especially seniors that voted for him. He should be ashamed of himself for not addressing this issue properly. Perhaps he has friends, or maybe he himself will turn the CGH into another hockey rink.!!!!!


  3. If history dictates, Bob and marriage commitment isn’t all that credible. Maybe he shoud use a differnt scenario for situations such as these

  4. I would love to see all major city decisions to be put on hold until we can have a new election.These people,they know who they are….must resign or be replaced with younger brighter blood or we are all doomed .We must protect our most vulnerable aged & those who need our help,some of them built this city,fought in wars,paid their dues,it is not right to just kick them to the curb!!!

    Everyone in this city already knew about Bob,s marriage commitment or lack of……just saying

  5. It will not happen anytime soon Mariah.

    They keep the capable people working too much and too hard just to pay taxes and meet family needs. As well as splitting families making the same capable people work away from the area so they cannot attend meetings and help improve the city standards..

  6. Even if Bob Kilger were “married to the hospital”, it would be scant comfort. Indeed, how long would it be until he cheated on us.

    It is a curious situation .. this close relationship between City Hall, PARIS Holdings, DemoPlus, and ReMax. It’s worth checking out in your spare time.


    Residents of Cornwall, if you think this is YOUR city, think again.

  7. City of cornwall? This is a Den of eniquity. The rich are supposibly getting richer and the poorer are getting poorer.
    Yeah, we are getting more stores here, more restaurants, all at approx. $ 10.00 – $12.00 @hr – partime wages.
    Property taxes are increasing, water taxes are increasing, firemens pay are increasing and police are or will be increasing and who pays for this ? Definitely not the so call rich people.
    But,that’s life isn’t it.
    Yes Mr. Mayor, it’s time for you and your so – called, city buddies retire.
    Have a nice day.

  8. Let’s start a new petition, ‘Brian McGillis’ for Mayor…..sure he lives out of town so what does that matter anymore… up the rules to get the best man for the job,

    Tammy Hart and Brian run an above board, reputable operation that South Stormont and would clean this town up in no time.

    Remember when our current council was running for their seats what the mantra was?

    It was to get ride of the ‘old boys network’ wasn’t it!

    Gee, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here……exception to me would certainly be Mr. Andre Rivette………hey, Andre, how about lining up for MAYOR.

  9. Dukers1

    I believe Bob lives out of town as well, he only has a business locally that allows him to be in this position.

  10. Sorry but an observation of how linked Cornwall is at he city management levels

    Has anyone ever noticed the photo on the city careers page, It is a photo of a pleasent looking individual in an electronics manufacturing industry.

    I think it would be safe to say, Kilger, Kaneb and Bergeron. Maybe a different view of the boys club.

  11. Dukers1 and Hailey,

    Very good points and way too funny about Bob the Builder and his commitments and or credibility. He thinks he can fool everybody, but the only fool is himself…

    The Mayor lives in Ottawa with girlfriend, has a small apartment in Cornwall. He thinks the people in Cornwall are dumb….and have no idea of his coming and goings…

    Did not expect him to take a stand on this issue, bottom line he doesn’t care. His Mom is in Glen Stor Dun and if he needs Long Term Care it will be in OTTAWA

    Every dog has it’s day…..and it will come

  12. He may not be married to a hospital but I bet he is happy they had room for his recent operation

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