Disgraced Biker Lance Armstrong is our January CFN Turd of the Month!

lance armstrongCFN – December being Christmas and the holidays we decided not to have a Turd of the Month, but to kick off 2013 I could not think of any better person to don this honor than disgraced biker surpremo Lance Armstrong.

Right now the big liar is in the news as he’s about to “come clean”.    The only problem with that is that Lance is coming clean at the point of no return.  He didn’t out himself before discovered.  No, he turned the act of denial into an art form with the media even suggesting his innocence as a form of protecting all of his good deeds and charity.

Administration of these enhancement drugs is loosey goosey.  The example that the Lance Armstong’s ,  Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds of the world tell to young people is that it’s worth the price.  If you lie, cheat, and then beat up anyone that calls you on your BS you’ll get huge contracts.

If Goober at the car wash admitted he was taking car wash enhancing drugs would he be interviewed by Oprah and maybe jumping on her couch?  (Don’t start me on Oprah!)

Lance Armstrong has taken his god gifted skill to peddle and bike and with man made assistance amped it up to the point where he made riches beyond most people’s comprehension.   The image you have in your head when you read or hear the name Lance Armstrong is from what he accomplished while lying to the world.   It’s not even really Lance Armstrong.  It’s the drugs that won.

Jose Canseco admitted his drug use.  So did a few other athletes.  Some simply handled the mess as gracefully as they could once caught.

Mr. Armstrong’s biggest crime was the pony show that lasted over a decade of him denying his drug use while still peddling his way through our lives.

Nobody that lies like that deserves the joys and comfort of wealth.  They didn’t earn it.  The drug companies did and in the end how many people will die or be sick from using these drugs?   What will be the price to our society from people applying Lance Armstrong’s ethics in their day to day lives.

There are far more deserving people in this world for sympathy and understanding than our January Turd of the Month.

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  1. When I think about what happened to Lance, my mind goes to Mel Gibson, Tiger Woods and even Jim Bakker (remember him?). Together, they inspired me to write this essay: http://bit.ly/U1gP77

  2. Small man . I feel for his children .

  3. The sad part about this story is that billions of people all over the world make gods out of champion athletes. There’s something pretty bizarre about people worshiping people who are the best at doing useless things.

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