Is there anything left safe to eat or drink anymore? by Jamie Gilcig – January 9, 2013

jg2CFN – I’m very distressed.  I don’t know what to eat anymore.   I know that red meat can be bad.  You can’t trust corn or wheat any more.  Sugar will kill you and sweeteners will kill you faster.    GMO foods are being fed to us without warning and labeling.

Some people swear by organics, but organics were around when our life expectancy was about 29 and much of what I’ve seen that’s pitched as organic isn’t that exciting.

We live in a world where it took decades to get governments to admit that Cigarettes kill.  Yet they are still sold and taxed.   During those decades big tobacco moved its money into the food industry and big pharma.  Sometimes it does feel like there’s an industry out to kill mankind….

Can’t drink milk anymore because of hormones and anti-biotics.   Orange juice is irradiated.  Fish has Mercury and gosh knows what toxins from pollution and even deer that are hunted have icky stuff.

Labs are creating fake meat right now.

So what we eat is making us sick while Universal health care in Canada is artificially being weakened and care shifted to Pharma care that isn’t usually covered by Medicare.

Orphan drugs that are perfectly good aren’t used because there’s no money in them.   While our government can’t coordinate Cancer drugs it seems to have no problems making sure there’s enough Tamiflu to go around during flu season.

And like many I’m actually trepidatious  (that’s afraid for less the less learned) about even visiting our local hospital, or any hospital mind you for fear of catching some fatal bug because management and labour couldn’t sort out the cost thing so buggies that kill have developed.

It’s enough to cause me to drink, but then there are nitrates in my red wine and god knows what in most beers unless you go Organic…

Anyone notice how long lettuce from the store can last in its plastic bag?    Sugar beets are GMO apparently now.  Why sugar beets?

They feed sorghum to pets in pet food.  Margarine is apparently one tick away from being plastic.   How many fast food things have you see on Facebook or you tube of pics or videos of burgers left out for a year without breaking down.

Shrimp from Asia grown monster sized on bovine fecal matter and drugs.

Peanuts can be used as a weapon and can’t be brought into many schools.   A peanut butter(hydrogenated oil added)  and jam (sweeteners & sugar)  sandwich on white bread (gmo wheat, gluten!) can be toxically fatal!

Are we really all doomed?   Is there anything safe to eat, or drink?     Even our water is chock full of chlorine and fluoride…. or drink my glacier water from a bottle with BHA or whichever fatal chemical of the moment is used to make the bottles.

What do you eat and drink ?   You can post your comments below.

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  1. I had a Dr that said we were a much healthier people when we had to chase after our food. At least you knew what you were putting in your mouth. Now folks have to trust labels and websites. high fructose corn syrup? it’s good, just check their site. lol

  2. It’s not easy eating healthy. I say grown your own as much as possible, shop for locally produced products, buy minimally processed foods where necessary and drink lots and lots of good fresh roasted coffee…black of course.

  3. Author

    Oh where can one get good coffee in this area Reg? 🙂

  4. If you only knew how much content of your food and medicine comes from the petro chemical indistry it would make you grow your own…

    The information gets scarier with each project

  5. I’ve been in the food industry for over 35 years. Most of the first half of my career was dedicated to making food cheap enough for the “Walmarts” of the world. The second half was spent trying to keep from killing people with the cheap food and now I spend a lot of time trying to provide information to consumers on how to select food to keep from killing themselves.

  6. We have the luxury of fretting about food because we have an overabundance. For most of human history, people experienced regular periods of hunger and even famine.

    We also have too much conflicting information and, as a general point, are too scientifically illiterate to understand facts such as that irradiation of food poses no risk. (It just sounds scary and that’s why it’s not widely used.)

    There are many deaths caused annually by organic foods but none caused by GM food.

    We just need to eat less, eat more simply, and forget about fast food.

  7. Author

    It seems to be a form of “Classism” as the distribution of food is skewed. Stores in poorer neighborhoods feature cheaper highly processed food over fresher foods. Even some of the fruits and veggies are 2nd run – IE, after a short period of time in a higher end store they’re dumped down the chains.

  8. Jimmy Olsen, you are going to have to provide references before I’ll believe such a controversial statement like,

    “There are many deaths caused annually by organic foods but none caused by GM food.”

    Mishandling of any food regardless of source can cause death.

  9. I keep files on these issues, Reg. It’s been an interest of mine for a least a decade. But understand how you might be surprised. Here’s but one excerpt:

    According to recent data compiled by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control CDC), people who eat organic and “natural” foods are eight times as likely as the rest of the population to be attacked by a deadly new strain of E. coli bacteria (0157: H7). This new E. coli is attacking tens of thousands of people per year, all over the world. It is causing permanent liver and kidney damage in many of its victims. The CDC recorded 2,471 confirmed cases of E. coli 0157: H7 in 1996 and estimated that it is causing at least 250 deaths per year in the United States alone.

    Consumers of organic food are also more likely to be attacked by a relatively new, more virulent strain of the infamous salmonella bacteria. Salmonella was America’s biggest food-borne death risk until the new E. coli O157 came along.

    Organic food is more dangerous than conventionally grown produce because organic farmers use animal manure as the major source of fertilizer for their food crops. Animal manure is the biggest reservoir of these nasty bacteria that are afflicting and killing so many people.

    Organic farmers compound the contamination problem through their reluctance to use antimicrobial preservatives, chemical washes, pasteurization, or even chlorinated water to rid their products of dangerous bacteria. One organic grower summed up the community’s attitude as follows: “Pasteurization has only been around a hundred years or so; what do they think people did before that?”

    The answer is simple. They died young.

  10. It’s become a full time job reading labels and looking up what one can and cannot eat. What was healthy once upon a time is deadly today……go figure.

    One red wine a day, one cocktail or one beer daily is healthy…..of course more then one is even better **smile**

    As for coffee with a pinch of sugar and cream…..3 a day is delightful!!

  11. Author

    I can’t have more than 2 coffees per day or my inner Conservative comes out…

  12. Admin. Do you start smirking uncontrollably after three coffees?

  13. Apart from something i read (and i hate to bring politics into the frey on other topics BUT) about how Quebec has some kind of monopoly on the milk (in the form of cheese and yogurts etc) that are sold in this country the only other thing i can say is Canadas milk aparently doesn’t have the growth hormons injected like in the states.

    It’s pretty bad in the US when you think that they are saying that MANY young girls are quite “well developed” and it’s aparently due to those hormones in the food chain. Yikes…

    Good shot of Canadian (not CC) Whisky is best 🙂

  14. I loved your article, Jamie, and had to laugh because everything you said is true in that we hear all this all the time. I think it started years ago with the Cranberries that were supposed to give us cancer..then they said we could eat them..maybe just 8….then coffee is not good for you…then coffee is good but only five cups a day. I would be a real nut case if I drank five, so I have to eat chocolate instead which I think is helpful like red grapes..or was that wine??. Yes, we are all mixed up. My Mom lived until she was 92 and she always told me to eat whatever I wanted in moderation as long as I liked the stuff. That’s what I do because nothing else seems to work .

  15. And Jamie, while we are all confused and don’t know what to eat or where to get it, on top of all that I have 4 food allergies: peanuts, bananas , oats and pineapple which means I am also allergic to date squares, porridge, or wonderful peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I have to pick up every package I am looking to buy for danger and ask questions in restaurants if I want to live. So anything I can eat safely, I am a happy camper. So anyone who doesn’t have food allergies, count you blessings.

  16. Author

    allergic to oatmeal? I’ve never heard of that before. It gets weirder and weirder!

  17. Milk with the blue cow represents 100% Canadian product, I would be more careful with anything not marked. China a couple of years ago was putting melamine in milk and baby formula. It can be used in fertilizer and in making plastics and concrete. 2007 also had pet food with it!
    I do wonder about things used as fertilizer that we grow our consumables in as well, testing can only do so much.

  18. Moderation I guess is best and regular exercise. That’s my best guess.

    One thing that I am tired of is trying to feed my child well and dealing with food allergies in the schools. I know of one school and many are the same where your child can not bring any sort of nut, peanut butter, kiwi, cherries, fish and eggs…this is all in one school and this is all healthy stuff! I realize that these allergies can be deadly but at the same time it is very frustrating and encourages families to send junk for meals. Hot dogs, pizza and lunchable are ok because nobody is allergic to junk I guess. Just saying it is very hard to know what to feed yourself and then in the schools with all of the restrictions on those healthy foods.

  19. I couldn’t agree with you more. The list of foods that can potentially kill us continues to grow. It’s absolutely CRIMINAL what the government allows restaurants and supermarkets to sell to us under the guise of food.
    I never thought I’d live to see the day where a trip to the supermarket felt like a game of Russian Roulette.

  20. Will someone answer the question? Or, is it that there is no answer…

    What do you all eat that is “safe?”

    I’ll start… freshly squeezed OJ (from my pesticide/herbacide/larvaecide blessed oranges… lol)

  21. Jamie an excellent article that you wrote and I thank you so much for posting it. I would like you to look for the book called: “Seeds of Deception” by William F. Engdhal and this man is of German heritage but is American and now living in Germany. You can find his book sometimes at the library, or you can purchase it. A lady in Tasmania just south of Australia was on one of my forums and I told her about it and she found it at her local library and she read it. She along with her neighbors are growing their own food (naturally) ever since I told her about it.

    When we lived in Cornwall we were sick over the food and it is like they shipped the lower grades of it down there. There is a Whole Food Store on Bank Street in the Glebe and another will be built where the condos are going up where the football field is and it is very expensive and for the wealthy. The Glebe is a wealthy neighborhood. The best is to grow your own and you can grow in pots and if you go on the net Jamie and folks you can learn all about container gardening. Jamie make your own pet foods as well. The stores are filled with GMO foods and many are GMO like bananas – I heard that they are not organic at all but they are passed off as that in some stores. Jamie my daughter has hypothyroid and she is fat because of her condition and she doesn’t eat like I do. I grew fat in my age and I eat a lot. Dawn is a good inspiration here and I sure like to read her posts. Thank you Dawn for coming on. Allergies are so prevalent nowadays and people have to watch what they are eating. Oh something else Jamie you can make your own peanut butter from scratch if you like that. Look on the net and it will tell you how to do it. I do know that you need Tahini paste which is a sesame seed paste and I have the recipe to make that homemade. It is expensive in the stores. Tahini is used in some Middle Eastern recipes.

  22. I have heard a case before about someone allergic to oatmeal and I remember mom was allergic to strawberries and tomatoes in her later years. She used to be a real berry picker and I would go with her to the woods back in the 50’s era along with a neighbor until we would practically turn into one and she would make the best jams out of all of those berries and some for pies. Sometimes we develop allergies later on in life more so than when we would be young. One woman that I know of here in Ottawa had to carry around some sort of a pump because she was allergic to peanuts. You have to be mighty careful while eating out and you cannot know what is in the food unless you ask what is in it. Some people are allergic to cranberries. Dawn allergic to bananas and pineapple as well. That reminds me I have a can of pineapple in the cupboard and have to make an upside down cake soon. I will savour the piece Dawn and think about you. LOL LOL. I love to tease.

  23. Moderation is common sense. Following the diabetic diet would benefit most of the population. Exercise regularly, get your heart rate up swimming, walking and remember sex will keep you young. Flexibility is paramount, being able to touch your toes tells a lot about your general state. One that my mother suggested was rather simple but sound advice…if you have trouble pronouncing the ingredients or have no clue what the chemical is put it back on the shelf and not in your mouth. Walnuts, blueberries, broccoli and red wine are good. Beware of extremists and healths fads. Gluten affects adversely 1% of the population, best to get the proper facts before simply jumping on the band wagon. Get more vitamin D into your diet 1000 IU is natural protection from cancer cell activation. Read from recognized and reliable sources and get 8 hours of proper sleep you will live longer and be better able to handle the pressures of life today. Read CFN

  24. I’m really glad that I don’t like broccoli because if I did, Id eat it, and it makes me gag.

  25. Today on there is a recall of fruits like peaches, kiwi and others because of listeria. They said not to wash it but to throw it. I read that this has to do with the US purchased from Costco, Sam’s Club, Kroger, and other stores. Food is no longer safe and now Ebola. There are huge write ups on all of this and so much more from the US alternative media and I have been on it all evening. Well now to bed and continue tomorrow.

  26. @Furtz…you’re not supposed to swallow it whole. Just wash it down with red wine. Or get a juicer. Nah, on second thought, stick with the red wine. I checked the diabetic diet, reading CFN comments is a straight exchange for nuts in case you have allergies.

  27. There isn’t much I can eat anymore…the more I learn, the more things are eliminated. These days, the majority of my diet consists of green smoothies made with veggies I buy from a local farm (no GMO SO FAR), hemp seeds (for protein), natural peanut butter (just peanuts), plant-based protein powder with no fkn artifical sweetener, avocado and coconut oil (for fat) and boiled & filtered water because the tap water is foul and the bottled water is irresponsible (thanks, Nestle). No dairy. No sugar. No wheat. Nothing is okay anymore. I burn about 3000 calories a day so that’s a lot of smoothies. FML. Once in a while, I go nuts and buy some meat or fish (fed with GMO corn meal) and put it on the aforementioned greens so I can remember what chewing feels like. It’s like that movie “Soylent Green”. Maybe it’s not made with people but that notion is not as far-fetched as it used to be. Pretty soon we will all be eating like astronauts. I’m about ready to just buy a little hobby farm waaay outside of town and grow / raise my own food.

  28. No there is nothing to eat anymore that is healthy for the human body at all. Yes people may say yes thaaaront broccoli and other things like carrots onions and so on and so forth. Here is the trueth meat is healthy and eggs because of the protein well not really because some people have allergies to those so nothing really is actually is good for you at all so peace to you all. P.S. there is grease on meat on it so eek is there anything to eat healthy your answer: NO.

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