Is there anything left safe to eat or drink anymore? by Jamie Gilcig – January 9, 2013

Is there anything left safe to eat or drink anymore?    by Jamie Gilcig – January 9, 2013

jg2CFN – I’m very distressed.  I don’t know what to eat anymore.   I know that red meat can be bad.  You can’t trust corn or wheat any more.  Sugar will kill you and sweeteners will kill you faster.    GMO foods are being fed to us without warning and labeling.

Some people swear by organics, but organics were around when our life expectancy was about 29 and much of what I’ve seen that’s pitched as organic isn’t that exciting.

We live in a world where it took decades to get governments to admit that Cigarettes kill.  Yet they are still sold and taxed.   During those decades big tobacco moved its money into the food industry and big pharma.  Sometimes it does feel like there’s an industry out to kill mankind….

Can’t drink milk anymore because of hormones and anti-biotics.   Orange juice is irradiated.  Fish has Mercury and gosh knows what toxins from pollution and even deer that are hunted have icky stuff.

Labs are creating fake meat right now.

So what we eat is making us sick while Universal health care in Canada is artificially being weakened and care shifted to Pharma care that isn’t usually covered by Medicare.

Orphan drugs that are perfectly good aren’t used because there’s no money in them.   While our government can’t coordinate Cancer drugs it seems to have no problems making sure there’s enough Tamiflu to go around during flu season.

And like many I’m actually trepidatious  (that’s afraid for less the less learned) about even visiting our local hospital, or any hospital mind you for fear of catching some fatal bug because management and labour couldn’t sort out the cost thing so buggies that kill have developed.

It’s enough to cause me to drink, but then there are nitrates in my red wine and god knows what in most beers unless you go Organic…

Anyone notice how long lettuce from the store can last in its plastic bag?    Sugar beets are GMO apparently now.  Why sugar beets?

They feed sorghum to pets in pet food.  Margarine is apparently one tick away from being plastic.   How many fast food things have you see on Facebook or you tube of pics or videos of burgers left out for a year without breaking down.

Shrimp from Asia grown monster sized on bovine fecal matter and drugs.

Peanuts can be used as a weapon and can’t be brought into many schools.   A peanut butter(hydrogenated oil added)  and jam (sweeteners & sugar)  sandwich on white bread (gmo wheat, gluten!) can be toxically fatal!

Are we really all doomed?   Is there anything safe to eat, or drink?     Even our water is chock full of chlorine and fluoride…. or drink my glacier water from a bottle with BHA or whichever fatal chemical of the moment is used to make the bottles.

What do you eat and drink ?   You can post your comments below.

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