All eyes on South Glengarry over Freedom of Expression by Don Smith

South Glengarry Council – decision to respect Charter of Rights & Freedoms DEFERRED

– This coming Monday evening, South Glengarry Township will finally vote on the proposed bylaw which was before Council at their November 13 2012 meeting.  Council was asked to adopt a similar bylaw to that of South Stormont on September 26 2012:

Whereas the Constitution of Canada provides, in paragraph 2 (b) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, that everyone is entitled to freedom of expression; And whereas Council of the Township of South Stormont believes that the economic and environmental well-being of the municipality requires that the constitutional right to freedom of expression be rigorously respected. Now therefore be it resolved that Council fully supports local businesses in the municipality and encourages business owners to embrace the rights expressed in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms with respect to freedom of expression and furthermore, will not mandate the use of any language for advertising purposes in the Township of South Stormont, and therefore instructs staff to amend the municipal sign by-law in this regard.   Proposed resolution to respect Canadians’ Charter Freedom of Expression

Howard Galganov had met with Township officials prior to the Council meeting and the officials had already made a minor ammendment to the wording to reflect the creation of a new bylaw rather than an amendment to an existing bylaw as was the case with South Stormont. There has been much speculation as to why Council simply didn’t vote yes or no the day that Howard Galganov appeared before Council as arranged.  Galganov, Canadians for Language Fairness and Language Fairness for All invested time and financial resources in promoting this “vote” as an occasion for supporters to attend in number to show support.  By all appearances, Galganov and the public was led to believe that an actual vote would occur at that November 13 meeting.  Furthermore, at the Council meeting, the public was invited back to the next meeting of Council to witness the vote.  However, early the next morning a local media outlet reported that Council had no intention of voting on the matter until the new year.  What’s with that!  It’s been suggested that perhaps someone should be re-imbursing those groups for funds that were spent in good faith.

“Brandt says council will likely hear the staff report and vote on the resolution in January.” Appeared in a news article November 14 2012

In a previous CFN article, we reported on some apparent double-standards in Russell Township.  The publicly funded La Maison des Arts replaced it’s sign with a new high tech version – with scrolling messages appearing in French only.  Canadians for Language Fairness spokesperson, Beth Trudeau, addressed this matter in a regional newspaper and seems to have had a response by the centre’s board.  It seems that some folks would prefer no scrolling message at all if they can’t appear in French only.

“Since my interview with the Russell Villager was printed, La Maison des Arts TURNED OFF the bottom portion and have not run a message in Neon since.” Beth Trudeau, Canadians for Language Fairness

Here are the old and new versions of the hard-to-miss, La Maison des Arts outdoor sign. Staff claim to be exempt from the Russell Township bylaw because they provide French education.

We’ve heard no further word on whether or not it will take Russell Township an additional 30 years to get around to honouring its commitment to convert all French-only signs on government buildings to bilingual versions.

Russell Township imposes bilingual sign requirements on private businesses, yet displays French only signs on Township buildings like this one.

In a recent press release, Trudeau stated: “It will be very interesting to see whether or not Russell Township will now rescind the sign bylaw. Russell Township booted out the three politicians the next municipal election, who forced this by-law on us (even though the committee that they formed told them NOT to do it) and kept the two politicians who voted against the sign by-law. The excuse that Russell Township was not able to rescind the by-law until the court hearings were complete can no longer be used. I have it on very good authority that a motion to rescind the by-law will be forthcoming very shortly and that two of the politicians from Embrun, will be voting to have it rescinded. That will leave it up to one of the two politicians (both representing town of Russell and who voted against the by-law the first time round) to support having it rescinded. The Russell candidates votes were not needed to pass the by-law in 2008 and had they opted to vote in favour of the by-law, they would have been booted out too, as they very well knew.”

Trudeau is referring to the December 6 2012 Supreme Court decision not to hear the appeal by Howard Galganov and Jean-Serge Brisson against Russell Township.  We caught up with Galganov the day after the non-decision came down.  As you’ll hear in our video clip, the language war is anything but over.  It seems that human rights defenders are not about to roll over and play dead by allowing a court decision, even a Supreme Court non-decision, to over-ride Canadians’ inalienable and Charter Freedom of Expression.

Will South Glengarry follow the lead of South Stormont in refusing to over-ride this inalienable right? The South Glengarry Council meeting will get underway Monday January 14th at 7 p.m. Prior to the vote, two unrelated  presentations totalling about 20 minutes will occur. Language Fairness for All, Canadians for Language Fairness and Howard Galganov encourage supporters and everyone who is concerned about forced bilingualism and the general diminishing of the democratic process to show support by their presence at the first part of the Council meeting.

South Glengarry Township Hall – Meeting Location

Don Smith reports on a variety of topics, notably good news items as well as social justice issues.


  1. Hi fellow Canadians ,

    I would like to invite you to the meeting at South Glengarry ,and have the opportunity to observe and support the bylaw that will respect the individual business owners right to post in their language of choice.

    Language Fairness For All will proudly be there to show support for our charter and its freedom of expression ,our troops did not fight and die to allow our freedoms taken from us.

    Civic responsibility is the people taking accountability through actions for the benefit of the community.

    This quote from Howard Zinn
    “voting is easy and marginally useful ,but it is a poor substitute for democracy ,which requires direct action by concerned citizens”.

    Look forward to meeting you there.

    Take care my fellow citizens

    Christopher Cameron

  2. After hearing this man talk, you cannot tell me that he doesn’t love his country nor ALL people living within it.

    Howard, you have our 100% support!

    My hat’s off to you,


  3. Great video Howard thank you. I care.

  4. I’ve said it before, totally useless resolution.

  5. Hopefully this will pass, good luck everybody!!!

  6. As the stomach turns…..

  7. I’ll be there! Thank you to LFA and Howard for standing up for us all!!! This is so important that I’d like to be part of your group. Everybody counts here!

  8. Howard is a man who has taken on this battle without any illusions as to where it would lead. He fought for the English-speakers in Quebec but he did not get sufficient support from the English-speaking Quebecers. He left Quebec, thinking that he could leave that battle behind. However he found the same sickness in Ontario and he decided that he couldn’t just sit and watch the English-speakers in Ontario suffer the same fate as those in Quebec. We owe him and Jean Serge our gratitude for taking on this battle. It is very difficult to fight against the government, any government, because they have the tax-payers’ deep pockets to fight from. But, if we have any pride in ourselves and if we value the fact that we still live in a free country, we owe it to ourselves to continue to fight alongside Howard.

    If the only way for the French language & culture to survive is by using the law to force the majority non-French to become subservient to it, then it is not a language & culture worth preserving.

    All we’re asking is for the freedom to choose to live and work and conduct our lives and our businesses in the language of our choice and not to be coerced into adopting anyone else’s language.

  9. Go Howard Go.

    Great video and good luck with the vote.

    I love the fact you are taking to the people. I also hope that the councillors in russell that are booted out are replaced by ones that are in favor of no forced bilingualism, so the current unfair law may be overturned.

    Is this a possibility?

    Maybe, councils across Canada can start passing by laws that have ENGLISH ONLY on their signage.

    A group can maybe lobby for this in regions where this type of by law would pass easily.

    If towns, or townships can pass by laws forcing french on people then they can also pass by laws with English ONLY signs, as per the most recent decision by the SCC (supreme court of Canada) or lack of decision.

    Time to mobilize THE PEOPLE, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  10. Good Luck Howard, time for the people to mobilize

  11. Let hope the councillors in russell will be peplaced and the anti-English by law overturned.

    Lets also hope that the councillors here are open minded enough and have enough gutsn to vote for the Galganov proposal

    Good Luck Howard

  12. Freedom of Expression is for ALL…..French, English etc. This is great and I support it 100%!

    Thanks Howard for your strength to fight for us all and for what our soldiers continue to fight for……FREEDOM.

    If this is such a non-issue as some say, then the choice should be very easy to help protect it.


  13. Go Howard , LFA ,CLF,

    It still boggles me that a bylaw has to be instituted to respect and NOT violate the charter’s “freedom of expression”.
    Is the charter really worth anything if it gets violated as much as a hooker? Its time for the people to make politicians and activist judges accountable to the charter.

    We have four communities in Ontario with bill 101 like bylaws even with hefty fines. Those communities decided to VIOLATE the charters “freedom of expression” that it was NOT up to the owners what language(s) to go on their signs.

    Then the politically activist Judges decided not to enforce the charter but to encourage the VIOLATION of the charter in the interest of a ONE minority.

    Do we respect the charter ?Or do we Not respect the charter ?
    Why have the charter if its not respected ?
    You tell me readers should the charter be scrapped as is frequently violated ,and no longer valid?

    How would you feel if interest groups encouraged municipalities not to allow religious symbols on buildings and violated that freedom of Expression?

  14. John, Stella,

    Your comments are asinine and I find them really odd. You say all of this is a waste of time – and yet you continue to waste ‘your’ time commenting on this subject.

    Is it self-gratification you seek? How does it affect you personally to have Non-Francophones having access to working in full-time government and private positions?

    Does it bother you to have a business owner to post a sign in English only, French only, German only, Russian only, Mohawk only, etc.

    I promised myself not to engage your kind anymore in the New Year and I wanted to stay the course by ignoring your zealotry. However, after careful consideration, I had a complete change of heart. I will do everything in my power now to ensure your bullying mentality is brought to the light of day and that everyone sees for themselves what ugliness this entails.

    For when the very people you elect fail to tackle the issues affecting their populations; it’s time to take the issue to those being affected…


    1) We’re in this situation because we’ve ignored or turned cheek too many times with this subject. If I and others ignore your bullying, it just gives you carte blance to continue your agenda of driving all the non-Francophones out past Vancouver Island.

    2) If we don’t fight your ethnocentric ideology, who will? It’s clear that our court systems and politicians are in your pockets. Russel Township is proof that some are above the law and can post in the language they feel like – thereby breaking the very laws they advocated for to begin with or perhaps it is more accurate to write, the very laws they advocated to have implemented against another group of people.

    3) I’m the itch you cannot scratch. The thorn in your side that will cause a major infection which will lead to sepsis for your side. Keep casting your spells as the people are slowly waking up to all of this. For, I will say right now, it’s not our reactions to your actions that will be the straw that broke the camels back that will cause the biggest backlash with the Canadian public but it will be your false sense of security thinking that you can continue to get away with tribalism elsewhere in Canada. Just because you got away with it in Russel Towship and your proclivity in regards to the policy of unfair hiring practices; I would tread carefully indeed.

    I hope you try all of this West of Prescott and see what happens then.


  15. Interesting, Cory. Still doesn’t change the fact that this resolution is useless. You can use any language you want on signs in South Glengarry. They don’t even have a sign bylaw. This resolution changes and accomplishes absolutely nothing. It only stirs up trouble for the sake of stirring up trouble.

  16. @ Cory

    Good for you, excellent post.


  17. This is not quebec, bilingualism is uneccesssry, costly and insulting to the 97% of the provinces Emglish population

    minus john Mac.

    As rate payers with have th right ot determine the types of governments we have and laws we want . we are PAYING for this.

    Its the majority that pay the frieght, therefore their will should reign surprme, its that simple.

    No one here wants to be under or subjected to quebec or quebec like laws.

    Its time for the stomach OVERTURNS

  18. @ Stella and John

    If you are against freedom of choice ,there is a “province” that will suite you to a tee

    Move to quebec.

  19. Freedom ot choice. Hmm… You mean like South Glengarry where you ALREADY can use any language you want on your signs? Useless resolution.

  20. peter January 11, 2013 at 9:53 am

    @ Stella and John

    If you are against freedom of choice ,there is a “province” that will suite you to a tee

    Move to quebec.

    So well said ,go where the gov controls everything including language.***s***

  21. @ john

    This resolution will ensure FREEDOM OF CHOICE, and close the door on FORCED, get it FORCED bilingualism

    In simple terms, we don’t “have” to display a language we don’t want to display and EVERYONE is free to do as one pleases, not FORCED TO do as government DICTATES

  22. Peter, there ALREADY is freedom of choice in South Glengarry. This resolution is USELESS!

  23. @ John

    None are so blind, as those that fail to see

  24. @John MacDonald.

    Have you forgotten about Jean Coutu and Russell Township?

    JM it is you who is totally useless with your head buried in the sand.

    Thanks to Howard Galgnov even people like you might one day benefit from his efforts to protect our freedoms.

  25. I haven’t forgotten about Russell Township. They have forced bilingual signs. But they don’t in South Glengarry. In South Glengarry they already let you use any language you want on your signs. This resolution accomplishes absolutely nothing. Just a bunch of trouble makers causing trouble for the sake of causing trouble. The majority of Canadians do not support these type of trouble makers! South Glengarry should not pass this totally useless resolution.

  26. I wonder what resolution McDonald would consider “useful”. Try not to simply criticize without offering solutions or alternatives like the rest of us do.

  27. What resolution would be useful? In a municipality that already lets you use any language you want on your signs no resolution is useful because YOU CAN ALREADY USE ANY LANGUAGE YOU WANT ON YOUR SIGNS.

  28. John…exactly…….trouble making is all it is. It’s like trying to fix something that is not broke.

    galganov is our hero, the savior of the world. He will lead us to the promised land of english only…….WHAT A MAN!!! He doth save and lead his sheep to everlasting peace. He cometh to save ye all from the claws of the bad bad french people who are trying to destroy you and this country. All praise and honor to the almighty one….the g, the only true voice of the people. His strength will not fail you!!

    cory wrote “How does it affect you personally” It seems that question was taken from someone else and was asked many times by yours truly…….but never got an answer **smile**

  29. I can’t figure out why so much energy is being expended in a township where there is no problem or issue with the laws as they are.
    It would make more sense to get active in the township(s) where the perceived problem exists, and work on getting councilors and mayors elected in the next election, who will rescind the offending law.
    That’s how local politics and activism is done effectively. It’s not as dramatic, but it works.

  30. John MacDonald, do you know the meaning of a preemptive strike? The dictionary defines this very clearly: Undertaken or initiated to deter or prevent an anticipated, usually unpleasant situation or occurrence.

    Four townships in Eastern Ontario have taken advantage of the sleeping English-speaking citizens and have imposed by-laws that mandate commercial signs to be in both English & French. New Brunswick have passed commercial sign by-laws that make French predominant or allows French-only but NOT English-only signs. Once the by-law is passed, it is very difficult to rescind it. Do I need to remind you of what’s happening in Quebec or do you condone those draconian laws?

    To stay one step ahead of the very active and very strong French lobby, it is incumbent on the English-speakers in Ontario to pass a by-law that says the Charter Right to Freedom of Expression (Section 2b) should be respected. We cannot afford to close the barn-door AFTER the horse has bolted.

  31. @ KIm

    Very well said. If it was up to me, I would lock down every township, hamlet town etc. that I could, not only in Ontario, but in the Rest of Canada as well.

    This is exactly what happened in quebec, N,B. etc, as was previously stated.

    Kim,you are also correct in stating, that once a township, or this case 4 townships, can abuse section 2(b) of the charter , others will follow and perecedence established.

    People who fail to see this, or won’t either agree with the russell township by-law , have no understanding or appreciation of what this resolution entails.

    Good for Mr. Galganov and his group, if he is successful, I would go on to try to get passed as many resolutions as possible.

    I’d lock this up as tight as drum and then some.

    If successful, it would mean ANY LANGUAGE, FRENCH OR ENGLISH CAN USED , EITHER ALONE OR TOGETHER, but it would be at the choosing of the person , be he french or English, or Korean or German.

    But CHOICE would be his or hers, not dictated by government.

    It is really very, very, simple and a common sense resolution so ALL can live in peace now AND IN THE FUTURE.

  32. @ Ed

    By having this resolution passed, it prevents by-laws like the russell township from ever being passed

    So if any group tries to pass such a by-law ,similar to the one passed in russell, it would be extremely difficult, and almost impossible to overturn

    Given that, there would be no need to chase councillors and majors, our resolution would alreadt be in place.

    Like Kim said, a pre-emptive strike.

  33. lou wrote to John: “Try not to simply criticize without offering solutions or alternatives like the rest of us do”

    The solution is simple….if it’s not broke don’t fix it. Save your energy on fighting more important things rather then the language on signs……useless. It does not benefit anyone nor will it change your lifestyle.

    Peter wrote: “not FORCED TO do as government DICTATES”

    Of course not……let the english dictate, let the english run this country, let the english rule, let the english tell SG or other counties what by-laws should be enforced. The english freedom fighters should have the power to overturn anything they dislike and should be the voice of the entire nation. YA…..OK!!!

  34. Au contraire, the current system is broke.

    By being to able to submit a resolution similar to Russell’s, means there is a hole in the system that needs filling.

    I also agree that Mr. Galganov, is a leader that stands up for his convictions and is not afraid to be ridiculed and insulted.

    He is beyond that, I totally agree that every sheep needs a sheppard, for survival.

    I believe that french people, like Mr. Brisson, does and will appreciate the efforts of Mr. Galganov, so they too can put up french only signs if they wish. Equality, isn’t it great

    In this issue I believe that Mr. Gallganov’s voice is one with the people, just look at the support he has on this site and with pro-choice groups like CLF

    Brove and ole Mr. Galganov.

  35. To John McDonald,

    Do you believe in preventative medicine??

    Just askin…

  36. peter wrote: “just look at the support he has on this site and with pro-choice groups like CLF”

    Let me assure you this is his only support….lol His true support was very evident when he ran for elections and feel flat on his face in a resounding defeat **smile** Now that is what I call support…lol

  37. I totally agree, The English have the right to control and dominate, for the very simple reason the ENGLISH are the majority.

    In a democracy, the majority rules. Its that’s simple.

    The ENGLISH pays over 80% of the tax revenus this nation takes in, therefore they pay the majority of the costs to run a country, so yes they should dominate

    As of today, the french have had it better than any minority in the western hemishere.

    They have a “province” that OUTLAWS the language of the majority.

    They have a 65% employmant force in the federal government , when they comprise only 21% of the population and , from this numkber a full 17% comes from quebec.

    I can go on and on about how the french are in fact given mre rights and better treated than The ENGLISH.

    So yes, the ENGLISH by the very facts listed above SHOULD CONTROL AND DOMINATE.

    They are finally beginning to take their rightful place in their own nation. Its about time.

  38. Great speech Howard.
    One of your best, if not — THE — best to date.
    Also, YOU ARE RIGHT sir
    Canada lost …
    But, fear not… The momentum is building.
    The movement is gaining group and people are beginning to listen and talk
    People ARE wake up. Many skilled and experienced people are now finding it difficult to find employment simply based on the concept that they are not French.
    I know it is growing. I am seeing it, i am hearing it, i am feeling it in the mood of the people.
    Don’t give up. Let’s all NOT give up. One pebble placed on the floor every second of the day
    may not look like much for the first day or two or three… But, after a month or two or three you begin to see a pile, and then a mound of sand and so on and so on. Together we can AND WILL make a difference.
    In solidarity.
    Bilingualism is code for French.

    _____(o o)

  39. Stella,

    Your Catholic sponsored Nun-education worked wonders in brainwashing your absolute loyalty to the state.


    But alas, thanks to the Reformation, we now have that separation of Church and state…

    Stella writes:

    “The solution is simple….if it’s not broke don’t fix it. Save your energy on fighting more important things rather then the language on signs……useless. It does not benefit anyone nor will it change your lifestyle.”

    It doesn’t benefit anyone, Stella?

    How about those business owners wishing to advertise in the language(s) of their choice?

    “Look into my eyes”, writes Stella. “Everything is fair and humble….” “Like I’ve said,” she says. “I will show you what you think as black is actually white and what you think is white I say is black….”

    You’re a natural born hypnotist, Stella.

    Your witch’s cauldron of lies, deceptions and spells has been broken, Stella!

  40. stellabystarlight January 11, 2013 at 6:17 pm

    “Of course not……let the english dictate, let the english run this country, let the english rule, let the english tell SG or other counties what by-laws should be enforced.”

    Well my English hater ,this has nothing to do with English control as you say ,oh by the way if the English do not control who does?yup French control and thats the way you want to keep it!

    This for us is equality for government jobs ,but as well to respect the individual’s business owners right to post thier signs in the language(s) of thier choice.

    Our government discriminates against its majority for its the majority that cannot work for thier own government but for o.e reason only LANGUAGE.

  41. ON January 11, 2013 at 7:53 pm
    Cory Cameron wrote “Look into my eyes”, writes Stella. “Everything is fair and humble….” “Like I’ve said,” she says. “I will show you what you think as black is actually white and what you think is white I say is black….”

    I have a good one for that and will post as soon as i get to a computer where i can do it.

    It’s the Stella Star wars scene …

  42. cory wrote: How about those business owners wishing to advertise in the language(s) of their choice?

    There was never a problem with signs until the g, put his nose where it didn’t belong… a small town where he didn’t even live in no less……**smile**

  43. @ stella

    Like I said to you earlier, I totally agree that the English should run the country see my post at 7:17

    As for support for Mr. Galganov, His election loss is moot

    I know this is difficult for you to swallow, but read the majority of these blogs, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

    There are many people who post here that have sent and forwarded his messages across Canada.

    There are thousands more that are mobilizing as we speak.

    Mr. Galganov”s support is far ranging, and why you are so negative about a positive event is baffling.

    Unless you are of the ilk that is anti-deomcratic against freedom of choice.

    Sounds like you feel threatened and fearful. maybe you have good reason to be

  44. NO, “the problem” began when the French declared that ENGLISH —

    the language of the VERY country they find themselves living in

    — was outlawed by the French. THAT’S where “the problem” is.

    Look around. Everywhere in the rest of English Canada you see English AND French and even many times French only. Do you see English ONLY in Quebec? No, that’s against the law. And NOW there are laws that you cannot have English ONLY in those 4 townships IN ONTARIO.
    So, if you’re looking to point to someone don’t be pointing to, as you call him, “g.” As he is NOT the problem. The problem comes from the French side –your side– of this equation and it was started long ago with something called a referendum. Speaking of which, that’s another thing that keep being said. “The English are trying to separate and cause problems” when IN FACT, it was and is the French. Funny how the FACTS can usually be found in the exact opposite words of what the French are spewing here.

  45. Ah yes, here it is… RE: POST ON January 11, 2013 at 7:53 pm where Cory Cameron wrote “Look into my eyes”, writes Stella. “Everything is fair and humble….”

    This is sort of the type of spell the English have been under.

    Did ya catch that… “BUT” … this spell has lifted and the Anglophones are fed up of being taken advantage of while trying to be nice.

    The gentle, easy going, live and let live nature that come from OUR culture. Along with our style of what it is
    — to be English Canadian — is transforming and we will no longer allow ourselves to be taken advantage of by the French Canadians.

    And NOW, as a direct counter to you your bill 101, and your bill 14, and your French only this, and your your French first that which has done nothing but alienate the majority English of this country and caused a line to be drawn in the sand, WE WILL be letting those in power KNOW that the tax dollars that pay for this is the tax dollars of the majority and paying for our own demise WILL NO LONGER BE tolerated.

    As my 100 percent French mother (referring to the those she knew best – the French) use to warn. “If you give them inch, they’ll take a mile.”

    She would often use another French expression that seems fitting when it comes to this situation Pousse mais pousse dret (?) on the spelling but, i think i nailed it.
    I am aware of what it means and some of you may also be aware but, it doesn’t translate very well. Maybe some of our “French friends” can shed some light on what it — “sorta” — means to say.

  46. Good morning Timmins followers,

    For those of you who I have spoken to over these last few weeks about the ongoing language right’s battles unfolding before our very eyes, I would like to make you aware of some articles here on CFN and abroad.

    A simple search of the following here on CFN of Cory Cameron, Eric Little, Language Fairness for All, Howard Galganov, South Stormont and South Glengarry will give you a plethora of material in which to understand what we are dealing with.

    Cory Cameron
    Board Member Language Fairness for All (LFA)

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