Language Fairness for All Stands in Solidarity for Anglophone Quebec Canadians against Bill 14’s Double-standard We as Canadians consider ourselves a fair and just society and often through diplomatic and military measures encourage and or enforce fair treatment of oppressed people abroad. With our fair and just society promoting people’sContinue Reading

Dear Editor: A delegation from Canadians for Language Fairness (CLF) and Language Fairness for All (LFA) attended Ontario Progressive Conservative Party LeaderTim Hudak’s meeting on Monday, January 21st at the Ottawa Convention Centre. Hudak spoke about the economic tragedy that Ontario has become under the nine-year stewardship of Dalton McGuinty,Continue Reading

CFN – Human rights activist Howard Galgalnov advised Cornwall Free News that he’s been informed that at 10 AM  on Thursday, December 6th, the Supreme Court will announce via EMAIL whether they will or will not give LEAVE to hear the case that he and Jean Serge Brisson are presenting.  The twoContinue Reading

CFN – RN Debbie Cameron, Secretary of Language Fairness for All and wife of Chris Cameron, the group’s spokesperson and President, is among the invited presenters at Canadians for Language Fairness’ annual Christmas Luncheon in Ottawa this Saturday. Cameron will be providing an update on efforts and progress made locallyContinue Reading

CFN – Language Fairness for All held a rally in front of the Cornwall Community Hospital this afternoon in support of Heather Villeneuve, the medical lab tech who claims that she can’t get a job at CCH due to oppressive bilingual language requirements, as per CFN’s recent report. Heather findsContinue Reading

CFN – Some members of the local language rights group Language Fairness for ALL (LFA) spent a cold, wet Sunday afternoon at Place du Canada, in Montreal Quebec, supporting the Quebec Office of the English Language Unity Rally Against Discrimination. Upon arrival, the situation was quite intimidating, as 50 orContinue Reading

CFN – Two guest presenters appeared on the agenda for tonight’s meeting of Language Fairness for All.  Human rights activists Howard Galganov and Jurgen Vollrath spoke with tremendous passion about the absolute need for more Canadians to wake up and put a stop to the steady erosion of rights whichContinue Reading

CFN – Bright and early last Monday morning, some members and supporters of the area’s Language Fairness for All group descended upon Cornwall Community Hospital in a demonstration designed to coincide with a three day hospital accreditation site visit. CCH Board Chairperson Helene Periard escorted the four member inspection teamContinue Reading

CFN – During Tuesday’s much-anticipated meeting on Parliament Hill between regional language rights advocates and Canada’s Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, James Moore, reportedly Moore admitted that forcing bilingualism on Canada’s citizens simply isn’t working. In the words of meeting participant Beth Trudeau:  “He [Moore] confirmed that EVERYContinue Reading

This is history in the making and too important to pass up.  South Stormont Council anticipates raising the bar for Ontario and for the rest of Canada at its September 26th meeting.  Council will vote on a ground-breaking resolution to honour a section of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms by committingContinue Reading

CFN – This morning, symbolically standing in solidarity with non-Francophones in the neighbouring province of Quebec, some members of the area’s Language Fairness for All and the Ottawa-based Canadians for Language Fairness groups brought their latest Act of Activism to Cornwall’s Federal building on Water Street, across from the CivicContinue Reading

Our Philosophy:  English is the working language of Canada and much of the world. A grasp of ALL other languages should be considered an asset, but not mandatory. People are equal, but languages are not. Our Mission Statement:  Fair hiring practices for ALL Canadians through representation by population. Our Motto: Continue Reading