Canada’s Minister of Official Languages, James Moore, Admits Official Bilingualism isn’t Working – EXCLUSIVE

Beth Trudeau, Chris Cameron, Bryan McGillis, and Jean-Serge Brisson met with Canada’s Minister of Official Languages, James Moore

CFN – During Tuesday’s much-anticipated meeting on Parliament Hill between regional language rights advocates and Canada’s Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, James Moore, reportedly Moore admitted that forcing bilingualism on Canada’s citizens simply isn’t working.

In the words of meeting participant Beth Trudeau:

 “He [Moore] confirmed that EVERY level of government has the right to make language laws. He said he KNEW it wasn’t working, not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES! He said it is trial and error and said he is basically in a no win situation, to which I asked WHY even have language laws, which infringe on our right to Freedom of Speech. He responded that we need those laws so that Francophones can get service in their language.”


Members of LFA and CLF caught Moore and Lauzon off-guard on May 31


Tuesday’s meeting came about as a direct result of an “Act of Activism” by the local Language Fairness for All and Ottawa-based Canadians for Language Fairness last May, as detailed in CFN’s exclusive report. In spite of plans which were well-publicized on social media, demonstrators caught Moore and M.P. Guy Lauzon quite off-guard by their presence outside the May 30th Conservative fundraiser at the Chesterville Legion at which Moore was the keynote speaker. Tuesday’s meeting in Ottawa was the fulfilment of a promise made by Moore at that time to meet privately with the groups prior to the summer Parliamentary break to hear and address their concerns away from news cameras.  Lauzon attended Tuesday’s meeting, but reportedly had little to say.




South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis

Municipal government

Chris Cameron

Language Fairness for All

Beth Trudeau

Canadians for Language Fairness

Jean-Serge Brisson

Bilingual Francophones

South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis explained to Moore how Cornwall and area is disadvantaged by the loss of its youth who are forced to leave the area simply because they are not bilingual. McGillis also spoke of how provincial institutions hire outside of the province to fill Cornwall area jobs. Additionally, he addressed the loss of freedom of speech in Russell Township (Galganov and Brisson vs Russell Township) & showed Moore a stack of more than 200 e-mail messages received from concerned citizens, saying that tensions are at a boiling point.

McGillis believes that there are more pressing priorities that the billions of dollars spent annually promoting official bilingualism could be put towards, such as addressing the economy, outdated infrastructure, health care, education and the needs of our seniors. On the matter of Cornwall Community Hospital’s preferential treatment of Francophones with regard to hiring and promotions practices, the South Stormont Mayor told us that twice Moore agreed with him that: “this is not right!”  Speaking out against language discrimination in all forms, in McGillis’ own words, is “a no brainer.”

LFA’s Chris Cameron reports that he advised Moore of his desire to have representatives of other language rights groups from across the country participate in their dialogue. Although a date has yet to be set, Moore agreed that he and his team would meet with such a group.

After all, enforced national bilingualism in this country isn’t mere policy. It has attained the status of a religion. It’s a dogma which one is supposed to accept without question.…Make no mistake. Canada is not a bilingual country. In fact it is less bilingual today than it has ever been...As a religion, bilingualism is the god that failed. It has led to no fairness, produced no unity, and cost Canadian taxpayers untold millions. Stephen Harper, Calgary Sun, May 6, 2001

Referring to M.P. Guy Lauzon’s statement that, in the Cornwall area, the Canadian government has filled more than 60% of government jobs with bilingual applicants, Cameron voiced concern that Cornwall Francophones claim to comprise 22% of the local population and are therefore disproportionally and unfairly represented in the job market. Cameron called for hiring practices to be brought in line with representation by population. He was referred to Minister Clement.

Jean-Serge Brisson asked Moore if all government language tests are equal; Brisson was assured that they are. Brisson further inquired of Moore if the English and French language tests are of equal difficulty. Moore wasn’t so sure about that, recommending that the group meet with Treasury Board President, Minister Tony Clement.

In response to Moore’s statement that the federal government is only promoting bilingualism in areas where it makes sense (“where numbers warrant”), Beth Trudeau had this to say:

“I challenged him [Moore] and asked about the report on Sun News’ Byline Monday night, where Brian Lilley showed Graham Fraser’s latest report, where various cities are identified as being on the Czar’s list of places to force bilingualism ‘Where numbers warrant’! How does Newfoundland, where 0.2% (that’s right, 0.2%) are Francophones, manage to get on their list of ‘where numbers warrant’? Moore asked where Lilley got his numbers from, because he wasn’t aware of it.”

Trudeau was referring to a political commentary in which Sun News’ Brian Lilley was worked up about what he referred to as a federal government “push for the Trudeaupian vision of bilingualism.” In case you missed his Byline commentary, it’s here in the archive.

James Moore

In late May, Minister Moore launched the first in a series of Government of Canada pan-Canadian consultations on official languages. There is also an online questionnaire which anyone may complete. In his Lilley Pad blog Monday, Brian Lilley strongly encouraged all Canadians to participate in Minister Moore’s online questionnaire which can be found here.

Some would say that the questions are biased or leading in that there seems to be an assumption that all Canadians are in favour of imposed bilingualism and that it will happen regardless of the will of the good people of Canada. Whether or not you agree with the current governmental approach, please do take a few minutes to participate, wording your responses accordingly.

On the government website, the questions are presented one at a time, with the reader seeing the next question only after answering the current one. In order that CFN readers may have an opportunity to ponder their written responses, we’re re-posting the five questions here. Each of the five responses is limited to 1,500 characters.

1.) What are issues that should be prioritized in order to promote linguistic duality and raise Canadians’ awareness on the advantages and benefits of our two official languages?

2.) What are issues that should be prioritized in order to contribute to the social, economic and cultural vitality of official language minority communities?

3.) What are the challenges associated with improving quality of services and access to services (e.g., health, justice, education, immigration) in the minority language within minority communities?

4.) How can we ensure an increased efficiency in the delivery of programs dedicated to official languages?

5.) In your opinion, how can we ensure a more direct impact of our investment to citizens?

Here at Cornwall Free News, everyone has the opportunity to have their voice heard. As always, readers are welcome to enter into meaningful dialogue by posting comments below. Without a doubt, this is an issue that many are passionate about, but please make our moderator’s life a bit easier by addressing the issues rather than descending into personal attacks against others who post comments.

And, please do let our government officials know where you stand on this matter by completing the survey as well as by any other appropriate means, such as by your presence in the gallery at the South Stormont Council Meeting on September 26th. Council is expected to vote on a precedent-setting language rights resolution put forth by human rights activist Howard Galganov. Details are available here.




  1. Howard was already threatened and pushed out of Quebec ,must he be threatened and pushed out of eastern Ontario as well?

    What Quebec is not french enough now its pushing in Eastern Ontario as well?

    What Howard Galgonov stands up for is English rights ,would you say the same for the 217 french language rights groups in Ontario,call them trouble makers as well?

    Richard you’ve show your ignorance -its minister MOORE ,when one comments one must be informed to put forth a statement as yours.

  2. Oh stella, aren’t you tired of trying to reason with people that don’t want to be reasoned. Moi oui ! I show proof, some chose not to read it. Frustrant n’est-ce pas stella ? Maybe we should talk about the weather, or maybe I should start my own group. Language curtesy. If someone comes up to my office to request a service I’ll answer in english or french. Them being my customer, i owe that to them. Oh, and by the wayNot talking donations cory or kilroy ? I don’t have to pay huge fines so I really don’t need it.

    I wonder if I Call or write to languagefiarness will the reply be in english ? will I get the standard, I’m sorry sir I don’t speak french. Or this is the topper, . I’ m sorry sir, even though you are a customer I CHOSE NOT TO SPEAK FRENCH, because of Québec.

  3. Who cares ? Potato patato ? Conservatives are all the same.

  4. @Ken Kellington RE: September 19, 2012 at 5:09 pm POST
    Brave Ken. Well said…

    “Quebec with a majority of their citizens declaring French as their primary language took a logical procedure and declared French as their One Official Language. The rest of Canada using similar logic for the majority should declare English as their One Official Language.”

    It’s time. It’s time for the ROC to do exactly what you suggest Ken; One official language for the ROC. This will provide them with a mirror image so they can get a clear reflection of what they are doing. That should in turn supply them with a true sense of what it will be like to be completely isolated in North America. At that point they have the option to reverse the unjust and fascist path they are on, or go all out and take the final step and separate. The smart bet would be that this realization would set them on a fast track course towards reversing what they are doing with, “smart” of course, being the key word.

  5. PART 1
    Everyone… BE SURE to do this survey as it is a great opportunity for “our voice” to be heard. Here are my answers. (If you have trouble with the site keep trying)

    —– What are issues that should be prioritized in order to promote linguistic duality and raise Canadians’ awareness on the advantages and benefits of our two official languages?

    It seems VERY CLEAR TO ME, as well as many other Canadians that I have spoken to on this topic that this charade of promoting linguistic duality and raising Canadians’ awareness on the advantages and benefits of our two official languages should have come to an abrupt end long ago. We can no longer afford billions of tax payers’ dollars on this pipe dream. I must remind you that this “promotion of linguistic duality” mostly benefits the French, and by stark contrast the bulk of the tax dollars that go into paying for this outdated and antiquated concept directly comes from a population base that is 90+% NON French. It is an unfair “promotion” that mostly provides advantages and benefits to the minority French population of this country.
    PLUS… The idea that the “country” Canada is being pressured into “raising it’s awareness” of the so called, “advantages and benefits of two official languages” while the at the very same historical moment the “province” of Quebec passes laws which outlaw the English language in that “province” which in turn creates a situation where English Canadian citizens that live in that province are treated like second class citizens is outrageous. How can it be acceptable for the French of this country (Canada) to demand total bilingualism throughout the “whole country” while the French and the province of Quebec (which after all is just a “province” within the country of Canada) has declared itself to be legally unilingual French ONLY province?
    The answer… It’s WRONG and it’s not acceptable.

    —– What are issues that should be prioritized in order to contribute to the social, economic and cultural vitality of official language minority communities?

    Oddly, whenever there is this kind of talk about checking on the vitality of “official language minority communities” and sending out “language police” to check to see if both official languages are being employed in “Canada” the “province” of Quebec miraculously gets exempted from these so called “checks.” How can that be?
    And thus, if you wish to “prioritize” any issues you SHOULD begin within the province of Quebec. The minorities there (English Canadian citizens) are being treated with complete disrespect and callousness, and all in the name of preserving and protecting “the French language and culture?” Please… With all due respect, shouldn’t this talk about “raising awareness” also include the awareness of the disrespect and damage that is being caused to these English Canadian citizens who, after all, are still actually living in Canada? You know, the COUNTRY – Canada –

  6. PART 2
    —– What are the challenges associated with improving quality of services and access to services (e.g., health, justice, education, immigration) in the minority language within minority communities?

    Once again, we SHOULD begin with the “province” of Quebec. When speaking of minorities we MUST remember that the so called “challenges associated with improving quality of services and access to service” to the minorities in the “province” of Quebec are multiplied 100 fold (at the very least) as a result of the draconian laws which make the majority “English language” of the country of Canada – (English) practically illegal in that “province” and thus those “challenges” for the minority English speaking people within the “province” of Quebec become even more of a challenge. I would say practically un-improvable without striking down those anti English laws as a starting point.

    —– How can we ensure an increased efficiency in the delivery of programs dedicated to official languages?

    By only providing the delivery of the percentage of “ANY GIVEN PROGRAM” that is necessary based on the population demands of the languages involved.
    It is not necessary to provide 100% French only staffing requirement to a program to a program in a community that has 12 French people residing there and of those 12 people will only 2 will be making use of the program.

    The “delivery” of programs and services SHOULD and MUST evolve into being (for the sake of our national debt if no other reason) much more focused.

    —– In your opinion, how can we ensure a more direct impact of our investment to citizens?

    STOP offering 100% capacity in the many areas where only 20% is needed.

  7. @Gerry Flaherty

    Howard Galganov may not have won the election at that time, but don’t underestimate him this time! Do I sense a big of worry in your tone when you say that he should have went to mississauga instead of Lancaster? Howard has made great strides in his battle for freedom of speech and fairness. He now has way more supporters behind him than you can even imagine!!

    By the way, you must be the the brother or relative of that Flaherty guy that works for the feds…..that would explain your post. Have a nice day.

  8. Hi Folks,

    Thanks for the great article Don.

    #1 I would like to thank Honorable James Moore for having the opportunity to speak with him.

    #2 I would like to say I am very proud of my Mayor Bryan McGillis for advocating on behalf of his community .
    His comments and information shared served his constituents well .

    #3 Thanks to all of you who voice their concerns and help with the cause ,for together we all will make a positive change .

    I left an information packet for Minister Moore of which 2 items I would like to make public .

    #1 A letter from ONA with regards to hiring practices at Cornwall Community Hospital and the “Letter of Understanding ” which show how RN’s have been “inappropriately disadvantaged ” by the FLSA policy and our response to ONA members.

    #2 A letter from CUPE with their “Letter of Understanding ” with regards to French Services Language Act,which in fact was voted down by CUPE members last week,as it was completely inappropriate!

    I look forward for the opportunity to meet you fine folks at South Stormont on Wed Sept 26 at 630pm .

    This is your opportunity to make a difference and yes you do matter.
    Together we will make a positive change .

    I strongly encourage you to fill out the survey “Consultations on Official Languages 2012: Perspective for the Future”

    Take care my fellow Canadians

    Christopher Cameron

  9. edudyorlik, when I see posts as elaborate as yours and with the content that they have, all that I see is the impertinent work of an attention seeker. That’s all there is to it. In fact, I truly find you pathetic. 🙁 🙂

    By the way, the Quebecois are already all too aware of their geographic situation and of what it means in North America in all respects. That is precisely one if the main reasons as to why the Charter of the French Language was enacted back in 1977 in the first place. And, if you actually believe the very inept things that you say about it by calling it fascist and unjust, well, old chap, you and I certainly do not live on the same planet.

    Have a good bilingualism-awareness day!

  10. Hi Folks,

    Here is the correct link for survey;Consultations on Official Languages 2012:perspective for the Future

    Consultations on Official Languages 2012: Perspective for the Future


    On May 22, the Honourable James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, launched, in Moncton, the first in a series of Government of Canada pan-Canadian consultations on official languages.

    Your views will be very useful to continue our reflection in the development of a future federal strategy on official languages.

    Using the online questionnaire, you can provide your comments and views so that we can identify the current challenges and priorities relating to official languages and linguistic duality on which the Government should focus its efforts over the coming years.


  11. Oh my… I am so excited Blue Bird. Thank you so much. You are right, and I finally get the attention I deserve by, of all people the Blue Bird himself. My quest to raise the awareness of all Canadians regarding the injustices that are happening in our country CANADA (not Quebec mind you, as it is ONLY but a mere “province”) can be put to rest now, I have accomplished my goal. I have awakened the Blue Bird. I get the “distinct” (there’s that word again) feeling the attention means I am somewhat of a threat 😉

    Right !!! If you CANNOT see that Bill 101—

    (a law that diminishes another language and it’s people and relegates them to NOT having the ability to use their own language in a free and democratic way despite it being THE majority language of their own damn country that they still reside in)

    — as being anything BUT fascist and bigoted, then I can clearly see that you are INDEED right yet again mon frere (oh, you’re so smart Mr. Blue Bird). That’s right. We ARE NOT the same planet. The sky in mine is blue and it appears the sky in yours is rose colored just like the glasses you must be wearing. Course, I didn’t expect much more to be honest.

    What a wonderful day for Quebec. Actually, every day that the ROC continues to pay for Quebec to be able to afford the things it (and a large amount of its selfish residents) incorrectly believe they could afford on their own, is a good day for Quebec 🙂

    Oh and, remember have a nice day eh. 🙂 :-p

  12. Hi Folks,

    Unfortunately, my links are not functioning properly,so just use the link Don Smith provided above in the article….

    Have a great day & fill out the survey!

  13. edudyorlik, when I have some spare time (which, unlike you, I do not right now), I shall prove to you that you do not even know the first thing about the principles of equalization payments. For the time being, I shall simply point out that what you keep on saying about this matter reflects a number of insulting misconceptions. See you later.

    By the way, in another respect, you cannot be right either since I do not wear glasses. Well, I do wear sunglasses when the sun shines in the blue sky, but no glasses for my vision… 😀 😀 😀

  14. James moore is telling people what they want to hear. He would’nt dare touch the bilingualism issue. Look at mike harris when he dared to touch montfort. Stephen Harper knows that it only takes one issue to topple the conservative government …he wouldn’t dare do it.

  15. The times have changed, Patrick. A LOT. And if Moore does not listen to the people, he would be gone…

  16. I find the Survey question on “advantages and benefits of two official languages” funny. It was obviously conjured by Graham Fraser’s federal office of official languages where 98% of the staff are French. Obviously, they rip all the advantages and benefits of this policy. But ask any Anglo how they feel when they cannot even apply, let alone get an interview, for a federal job because they do not speak joual dialect. Perhaps, that’s why this committee is gathering behind closed doors, in secret, denying the Anglo linguistic majority a voice in shaping a public policy that negatively affects them.

  17. He’s not going to be gone. two reasons, the first one, the people in the west are sheep. A chicken could run under the conservative banner in the west and win. ANd second, that is not what most canadians want. Do me a favor, look up the word curtesy for me””

  18. Let’s find out what most Canadians want. Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it 🙂

    Merci beaucoup 🙂

  19. Canadians want Quebec out ,The spoiled egotistical little brat of a child of confederation has been poisoning Canadian society for far too long.

    Respect your country Quebec or get out and support yourself.

    You have lived off Canada similar to how a parasite does -it benefits you but not your host and yet you think your host mistreats you .

    Now get out on your own ,pay your own bills and play nice with others ,mom and dad (Canada ) will no longer give you an allowance and support you living unemployed in the basement demanding of us to give you more.

    Little child you need to get out there in the real world and see what its like ,perhaps then you will see your parents have treated more then fair.

    Your siblings have been on their own for a long time and here you are unable to fend for yourself ,your siblings are wondering why mom and dad continue to support your special treatment they never received.

    Leave child see what its like in the real world,perhaps then you will appreciate what you had.



  20. Graham Fraser is not the person to be heading up the office of Official Languages for Canada. He is seemingly representing only one faction…the french faction.

    We have frenchmen & women here in Monckton that think in the same slanted manner. For the most part, there is no common sense involved when french men & women are making their point. We have a group in Monckton who are pushing for, and backing a complete control syndrome, and anyone who speaks out for fairness in numbers (English – French mix) in committee work are called “Racist”; as witnessed by one English speaking council member on city council in the last slate of councillors prior to the May / 2012 municipal election. Sadly thisFrench councillor who accused the English councillor of “Racism” is still on council AND still pushing their oblique cause which seems to be “French at any cost”.

    On the reverse of this coin, we have stalwart French Canadian councillors on council who are intelligent, compassionate and possess a sense of fairness with a high degree of integrity and purpose. It is time to get real when discussing bilingualism, even in small towns like Moncton, the supposed hub of the maritimes.

    Personally, I think the federal minister James Moore, is handling the file admirably to this point. Now he needs to invoke reality into the equation, by facing the bare facts….”Bilingualism in Canada IS NOT working”!

    I say , let’s look at Belgium’s handling of English – French problems for the answer to Canada’s plight. Oh, that is correct, Belgium does NOT have a problem with bi-lingualism now.

  21. Hi edudyorlik,

    Hey good buddy…see you’ve been busy, you know I really do appreciate your taking the time to post your thoughts and information.

    Best of all, the posts seem to be aggravating the radical French fringe element…excellent, killing two birds with one stone…your a genius!

    Keep up the good work:)

  22. Le Renard bleu, there is nothing that is hidden. You can read everything about equalization payments right on one of Canada’s web sites, something that most people in Quebec do not do, thus preferring to remain in the dark on TONS of matters that everyone else knows about. That’s what happens when you refuse to verify facts and have an open mind to the world surrounding you.

    The only thing that Quebecers say, is that they get less per person. It is NOT handed out per person, but by revenue.If that were the case, Ontario would get more. Some provinces get NONE at all and some provinces give a break to the federal gov. once in a while by not taking the money once in a while.

    I could write a book just to undo myths that exist in Quebec about Canada, immigration, language protection and English people.

    Oh and by the way, it is YOUR responsibility to teach your language to your child and thus protect it. Not ours, nor immigrants !!

    So stop blaming everyone else for a language that is not even considered to be endangered and be responsible for your own future.

    If you think that you are small in North America, what about the Natives? Do they complain that they cannot get services in their language or do they learn the language of the majority? Have their languages disappeared because they learn English? No. So stop it with the pity party and stop making my French family look bad, because they are decent people who respect their English friends and find such laws ridiculous. This is a free country, if you do not like it and since Quebec has always refused to leave Canada (referendums), then go spend some time within a dictatorship without human rights and see how much you like it. Maybe then you will learn to appreciate everything that your country has done for you.

  23. Patrick Boucher,

    It is only normal to not be served in French outside of Quebec, because most people do NOT speak French !! When they do, they are willing to help. If not, what do you expect them to do? Learn French for one or 2 unilingual customers per year?

    There are tons of French Quebecers who refuse to learn English and even employers who have employees sign contracts so that he or she promises not to speak in English with an English customer. You will not see that happening outside of Quebec. If someone does know French, they will gladly help you and nobody will tell them that it is wrong to do so.

    Reality is that you are living in North America and that English is the main language, also the universal language. English is the key to knowledge and the language of business. We did not decide this. It is not our fault. Life happens. You can keep your people in the dark and out of the circle of life, it is your choice, but it is a choice that always will be difficult for others to understand.

    Most minorities learn the language of the majority and their language does not go away, except in extremely inhuman circumstances.

    How can your language disappear if you teach it to your children? Wouldn’t French be gone now considering history? No, because people teach it to their children and that’s basically all that is needed, along with teaching it the right way in schools.

  24. To Colleen:

    Awwwww, you’re a sweetheart. Thank you. I knew there was a reason why i made up a special video in your honor.

    In solidarity… 🙂

  25. VERY NICE to see MORE “new” names here taking in this conversation, getting informed and keeping others informed as well.

    Message to: Human Rights September RE 23, 2012 at 5:26 am POST

    VERY well said. I salute you, and just like you, I have French family on one side as well and they also feel that what the radical French are doing is immoral and downright unjust. We must wake up and put an end to this injustice. Let’s be honest. Those “in charge” in Quebec and many Francophones want NOTHING TO DO with the English people, the English language or even Canada for that matter.

    They have a mantra now that is a well known open secret. Speak French only, even IF you are able to speak English. Make them (the English) switch or find a way to figure it out.

    Therefore, we MUST stop this charade we are on thinking we can ever appease them to the point that they would want a Canadian flag to walk side by side with a fleur de lyse during St Jean celebrations. THAT IS NOT something they can accept and the sooner we realize that, the better. It’s time. Let them have the “province” of Quebec so we can go about reshaping Canada as the English dominant country it SHOULD BE. Au revoir.

  26. Wow !!! Some great posts today. One of which is this one…
    Lucy September 23, 2012 at 6:08 am …
    —– Lucy said, “It is only normal to not be served in French outside of Quebec, because most people do NOT speak French !! When they do, they are willing to help. If not, what do you expect them to do? Learn French for one or 2 unilingual customers per year?”
    —– That’s exactly what they expect Lucy AND at the very same time they have no problem with their fascist laws that say English (the majority language of this country) is against the law in “THAT province.” It’s the old, we’ll do whatever we wish to do “our way” and you just follow along and do what WE WANT YOU TO DO” selfish based syndrome.
    —– Lucy said, “There are tons of French Quebecers who refuse to learn English and even employers who have employees sign contracts so that he or she promises not to speak in English with an English customer. You will not see that happening outside of Quebec. If someone does know French, they will gladly help you and nobody will tell them that it is wrong to do so.”

    So damn true, and well said again Lucy. And, as if that was not bad enough. I don’t know if you were aware of this or not but,

    Bill 101 actually stipulates in Articles 45 and 46 (Quebec’s French-language law) that an employer cannot reproach an employee for not being able to speak a language other than French. Nor can employers force an employee to speak anything other than French on the job.”

    Nice eh? Yup, and they have the gall to say the English are not fair and the English are not courteous. Right !!! They live on some other planet in some other dimension it seems.

  27. Human rights said:

    Oh and by the way, it is YOUR responsibility to teach your language to your child and thus protect it. Not ours, nor immigrants !!

    So stop blaming everyone else for a language that is not even considered to be endangered and be responsible for your own future.

    Lucy said:
    Most minorities learn the language of the majority and their language does not go away, except in extremely inhuman circumstances.

    Thanks Human rights and Lucy for being other voices of reason .

    It is fantastic to have many cultures in Canada but one culture rights should not be protected at the expense of another’s rights .

    Canada’s diversity is to be commended but clearly the protection of the one culture threatens all others ,equality of all cultures should be demanded by Canadians .

  28. Harper doesn’t need kebec to form a majority government.

  29. Hello Highlander, edudyorlik and supporters:

    I find very troubling the type of propaganda that has recently surfaced in the SF. I’ll include a portion of the article here for perusal and comment. This article is available at for those interested:

    I’ll start off by quoting one of the student organizers, a one Alexandre Assi as identified by the Freeholder:

    ““I personally think it’s because the parents are getting kids to go to French schools instead of English schools. But (the French people) are here for a reason; we’re never going to leave, we’re here to stay.”

    That’s fine, no one is forcing anyone to stay or leave unless it is by coercion through French societal pushing of bilingual hiriing policies and the brain drain of English youth to the western provinces. But we see here two admissions, in this person’s statement. One, what we’ve been saying all along, and that is, “…parents are getting kids to go to French schools instead of English schools.” The second part of the comment is also telling. The fact that you’re “…here to stay” seems like an interesting statement considering that nobody is asking you to leave! Why all of this victim like mentality by like minded people?

    The article goes on,

    “We wanted to create a day that people can feel that they’re proud of their culture and together they recognize that they’re part of building this society. The francophones, we must recognize that we have a rich past and we have also a great future with our language within Cornwall and together, both French and English, have built a very great city that is a place where both cultures can live together.”

    Absolutely, but how the hell can the English live alongside the French whenever they cannot support themselves financially? Is this to say that all English are relegated to second or third class citizens and need to all go on social assistance in order to stay in their own hometowns?

  30. @Shawn RE: September 24, 2012 at 6:41 am POST.

    You’re right, but they seem to believe they do. Why is that?

  31. Yup, that is indeed troubling Cory. The sheer fact that they have this Franco Ontarian flag thing happening all over Ontario is troubling also. It’s as if they are staking claim to land areas around the province and their respective towns and cities. Sort of like you would see on a Risk game playing area. This is my territory here and here and here…

    I say we have a Anglo Canadian day all throughout Quebec. Thousands of proud Anglophone “Canadians” parading through the streets of all the “province” of Quebec French enclaves with huge Canadian flags, bands playing loudly and faces painted to the 9’s. I have a feeling it wouldn’t be long before that was outlawed in some new bill if it isn’t already included in Bill 101 somehow.

    I would also like to see thousands of Anglophones march up to the national assembly with a large Canadian flag while Pauline Marois is holding caucus and demand to enter in order to place that Canadian flag right where it’s supposed to be.

    Oh and, I just heard on CFRA this morning that the language police are at it again. This is insanity. How much longer is the majority population going to put up with this CR%&@*P in this country? We simply must do the only thing that seems to garner any attention and or action these days. A MASSIVE protest on the hill. It seems that facebook and other social networking sites can gather like minded people for various causes, so why not use that type of avenue?

    STOP – These language police activities. We are NOT a third world country. And, there is no real legitimate need for 100% coverage for a population with a mere 4-8% exposure.
    STOP – Funding French services inequitably over other groups and services.
    STOP – Allowing the powers that be in “province” Quebec to disrespect Canada, the majority English language, the English Canadian citizens that live in that “province” and, the Canadian flag (for starters).
    STOP – The inequitable hiring practices in the Federal and provincial governments.
    PLUS, AS WE NOW SEE (and, as I am sure you’ve heard) in the police services and
    many other parts of the private sector in ONTARIO as well.
    STOP: Allowing discriminatory “French only” clinics (or anything “French ONLY”) in Ontario.

    STOP STOP STOP… JUST STOP this French domination and invasion.

    We, the MAJORITY Anglophone tax paying citizens of this country demand that this be STOPPED — NOW!!!

  32. Know what Cory, if your post made sense it would be worth my time to comment on your false illusions….not worth it. We will let you go on believing and dreaming……

  33. Hear …Hear. well said ,

    The English have been oppressed for years ,apathy is their excuse .

    But they are starting To “wake up” see what happens when you do not stand up for your rights ,use loose them to another.?….that or another takes.!!!



    South Stormont -show up for your rights to be respected.

    Never think that you cannot make a difference.

    Thanks Highlander.

  34. The English majority are awakening …

    Bilingualism throughout ALL of Canada is an old and antiquated concept that has been foisted upon the good people this country by a small group of French zealots in an attempt to appease a whining minority of babies who couldn’t accept (and still cannot accept) that they lost the battle and their general was outwitted and out smarted by a brilliant and deceptive plan by the British General. And the fate of whether Canada was to be an English country of french country was sealed at that moment.

    But, the French, just like the bully in the school yard —

    who one day gets pinned down and is about to be beaten to a pulp but, in a cowardly moment yells out, “no, don’t hurt me, Let me up”

    — is spared and is allowed to get up but then, in a cowardly manner “after the fact” goes and attacks those who had him pinned down from behind as they are walking away.

  35. Oh stella sooooo desperate to be heard ,yes the distinct society must be heard ,for they are the pure laine .

  36. @Awakened Anglo RE: September 25, 2012 at 7:16 pm POST
    Great post Awakend A. AND…

    What’s just as good as you spreading the word about this Anti English cra*^%p with this link to this story… about anti Enlgish things that are going on in Montreal and likely other areas, is the fact that it exposes other like minded readers to comments posted in other forums. For instance, this post by bubbagum which is worth the read.

    bubbagum said, “The simple facts are as more francophone’s get hired for all government positions less and less English speakers are working for their own governments across the country. Don’t believe me; Go check the stats for yourself.”

    And, as much of the rest of what babbagum went on to say is valid and interesting information for everyone to absorb and think about (including those who may not be aware of these things) I am not sure I agree with the criticism re: the following statement babbagum makes.

    “the Conservatives have done nothing to repeal any of this crap. ??? Liberal, Tory same old story. The Conservatives have allowed all of these liberal polices to remain??? How come?”

    Not sure if it as clear to everyone else as it is to me or not but, the answer is actually right there within the body of babbagums own post. That’s right, The Conservatives CANNOT just bash the French outright because the fact is, there is such a great amount of entrenchment within our system right now that it would be self destructive to do so in a blatant way. The Entrenchment is at just about every level of government, every level of the legal system (the activist judge situation with Galganov for example) as well as hospitals and police services etc etc etc… Not to mention, judges and lawyers (who often become judges) in this area mainly come through the University of Ottawa or what is better known as l’University d’Ottawa. Which btw, is a VERY French dominated institution. I know… I worked there at one time. Imagine… What better institution could there be to take control of than the damn University of Ottawa. What should be an icon of the CITY OF OTTAWA and its majority English speaking population is basically being run and administered under mostly French control. If you don’t believe that, go visit and just listen then take a walk through the parking garage and see how many Quebec license plates you’ll see. So, although I have my qualms about the PC, I don’t put too much blame on the them for this particular issue. ACTUALLY, all being said, they are the only ones that have pushed back in some ways. Naming a unilingual ENGLISH auditor general, naming a unilingual ENGLISH supreme court judge, re-naming the military with Royal as part of the name. And, as you can clearly “feel” in this clip, , these things are annoying the French to the n’th degree

  37. Oh and, for anyone who is interested, the video taken in Montreal of that French idiot berating the English dude (who happened to be Asian and from another province) because he could not speak French has been re-posted on YouTube.


    Proud canadians promoting francophone rights… marching, even though we still have to keep a watchful eye so our rights aren’t trampled by the majority, we have lasted 402 years…and we are still strong.

    ( why wasn’t this covered by CFN…there was a march in cornwall–and there was one throughout eastern ontario)

  39. exercise your rights Patrick…no need to promote your rights at others expense…exercise not promote..big difference.

  40. Long lost Patrick said:

    “we still have to keep a watchful eye so our rights aren’t trampled by the majority, we have lasted 402 years…”

    402 years eh ? The natives have been around for over 10,000 years but do we remember Quebecs treatment of that minority with the Oka affair? What about their rights?oh that’s right ……………French First.

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