What are you Grateful About in Life? Think about it…. September 20, 2012

CFN – So what are you grateful for in life?   I’m taking a break from writing  about politics, corruption, and bad movies to talk about something that’s huge in my life.

If you’re reading this odds are you have a lot to be grateful for in your own life.  After all you’re alive to start; not illiterate; and have access to the internet whether it be via your phone, tablet, or computer.  Most of the those living on this planet cannot sadly say the same.

You’re most likely healthier than those who don’t have these things.  You most likely had relatively  healthy food to eat today too.

In life we all like to complain about things; many that we never will have any control over.   Our daily perceptions clouded over about issues that as a dear departed friend used to say “won’t mean **** in 100 years.”

So what are you grateful for in your life?  Do you ever think about it?

I know in my life I’m grateful for my health; what family I have; my very close friends; and even on some days those that would mean me and my business harm.

I’m grateful for little things.  I’m grateful for my pets.  I’m grateful for having enough to do some of the things that I can, and grateful for the hope to do some that I haven’t yet.

I’m grateful for where I live for many many reasons.   The grass is really never greener and home is what you make of it.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to write this and for you to read it.

Mostly I’m grateful for this wonderful thing we call life.   So far it sure beats the alternative.

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  1. I’m gratefull to have the opportunity to learn new things and improve personally.

  2. Life is great Jamie!!! The only thing missing is a good man LMAO. Just kidding.

    Actually, I find happiness in the smallest things like the 4 seasons which rejuvenate me, especially the fall with it’s magnificent colors. I am grateful for the many talents I was given by my creator. Also my health, which helps me to accomplish many things that otherwise I would be unable to do. The many sincere friends I made in my lifetime are a treasure to behold. I am also thankful for my faith and morals that were taught to me as a child and how they have played a major role in my life. Last but not least, I am thankful I still have all my teeth **s**

    Jamie, what a nice change of pace. I appreciate when you show your humble side **s**

  3. I’m grateful to be able to still ride a motorcycle at age 64, and have the time to do it. Shallow, I know, but I’m easily pleased.

  4. I am grateful for my wonderful husband, children and grandchildren. I love them all. Oh and I am pretty lucky to have a nice extended family as well. Can’t beat family.

  5. I have a Graditude Book which I use most days. I always start it with being grateful for “God, Mom (deceased) and Tiger (cat)” and then every segment amazes me with it’s variety of things I have noticed as being grateful for each day. When I start to worry and worry about something, I write in it all I am grateful at the moment and somehow I stop worrying. Thanks for bring up a beautiful subject.

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