Language Fairness demanded of people in Glass “House” in Cornwall Ontario by Don Smith

With the soon demise of Cornwall’s International Bridge, Lionel Chevrier’s dream of a prosperous Cornwall with a fully Canadian Seaway is all but dead – some argue that a similar slow death of basic Canadian rights is taking place at Federal buildings across the land, including this one which bears his name.

CFN – This morning, symbolically standing in solidarity with non-Francophones in the neighbouring province of Quebec, some members of the area’s Language Fairness for All and the Ottawa-based Canadians for Language Fairness groups brought their latest Act of Activism to Cornwall’s Federal building on Water Street, across from the Civic Complex and Marina 200.  They are calling for an end to language discrimination as embodied in Quebec’s Bill 101, which they see as being an illegal and immoral piece of legislation and contrary to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees freedom of expression for all Canadians.

Joining today’s Act of Activism was an articulate woman by the name of Colleen McIntosh.  Colleen is employed in an officially bilingual, French-dominated workplace and has rallied the courage to speak out against what she perceives as some serious injustices.  In our exclusive video footage below, Colleen and CLF’s Beth Trudeau address their concerns about forced unilingual French in Quebec and forced bilingualism in the Rest of Canada (ROC)  as pertaining to the squelching of free speech.  Beth Tudeau addressed the fact that there are such things as inalienable rights granted by God and that no one has the right to legislate against those rights.  The gathering witnessed one outburst, but it wasn’t the group’s doing.  In our video clip, a very irate man  muttered something about the Natives being here first (he didn’t reply when asked how much Mohawk he speaks).  The incensed fellow bellowed:

“look at the  disturbance  you’re causing because you’re too lazy to learn a second language” and further insisted:  “If you can’t speak French, you shouldn’t be nurses.”

Much larger protests against Bill 101 are being organized by the Quebec Office of the English Language and will take place outside of the Montreal Office Quebecois de la Langue Francaise (NW corner of Sherbrooke and St. Urban) this Friday and Labour Day Monday, beginning at 11 a.m. each day.  As if Bill 101 doesn’t already go too far, outrageous statements made by Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois have added much fuel to the tinderbox.  Jonathan Kay covered the story in this National Post news article.  Kay reports:  “Surely, it is worth rousing ourselves to pay attention to the fact that this woman is proposing policies that are unconstitutional and even bigoted.”

Increasingly, the LFA group’s efforts are drawing attention from across the land.  Reader comments posted here on Cornwall Free News are coming in from coast to coast.  Tyler McLean of New Brunswick radio’s popular news/talk program McLean in the Morning recently contacted LFA president Chris Cameron to be an on-air guest.  The program, which aired on stations in Saint John, Halifax and Moncton has been recorded and overlayed with video footage from the group’s various Acts of Activism and appears below.  As a direct result of the broadcast, Cameron now finds himself entertaining travel requests to address Maritimers in person.




  1. RE: Highlander!

    Please show me where I have used defamation or slander!

    I love how I clearly pointed your comments out and showed that you are a LIAR………….Would like me to post it again? And now you try to switch it around and say I am the one doing this??????????

    You are, and I have proven it to be true, a LIAR!

    Here is the post again to remind you:

    Mike Bedard August 26, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    Re: Highlander,

    YOU ARE A LIAR! Here is proof as per admin’s request:

    Highlander stated on August 25, 2012 at 12:45 pm:

    “Does your English clientele understand that you believe in bill 101 and as well Government discrimination?”

    Mike Bedard stated on August 15, 2012 at 10:35 am:

    “I do not believe in Bill 101 (a Parti Quebecoise – seperatist bill). I do not believe that government should dictate which language I should do business in!”


    Sir you disgust me,
    Mike Bedard

  2. RE: Debbie Cameron,

    I truely apologize for my rant!

    However, I have been asking for both sides to cut out the B$llsh*t!

    I posted some statistics for everyone to see and use (both sides) which highlighted government spending!

    Your answer was that “I forgot the price of Humanity!” something which can not obviously be quantified!

    This is why I was angered when your response to facts is such how would you expect me to respond???

    …..and why would I not be offended by such comments which demean the facts and try to draw light to opinion rather than facts!

    I appreciate your efforts but I seriously wish you and most of your group would directly answer questions or refrain from such comments when no questions are even being asked!!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  3. Spelling, Jamie is altogether different. For sure, texting, Twitter, etc. are making spelling elastic and fun to improvise with.

    But words as usage as meaning deserve respect and accuracy. Kudos is forever singular, its meaning easy to check in a dictionary. Never plural : No such thing as kudoses. So when someone gives you kudos, you might want to thank him or her for it (not for them).

    ‘Spelt’ is a type of grain, like wheat or barley!

    BTW I think we’re onto something. In a discussion of language fairness, we might at the same time pay attention to language accuracy.

    Ros says hi back…how are you doing?

  4. Hi PJ,

    I’m surviving 🙂 It’s always interesting trying to run an independent media outlet and we’re working really hard towards getting Seaway TV off the ground in spite of the City of Cornwall and cronies boycott of us.

    As for Ms Marois, well, sadly in my opinion her linguistic fascism far outweighs the merits of some of her platform sadly… Any voter that would choose a government led by her and the PQ over any of her opponents purely over “corruption” needs to have their head examined which leads me personally to beleive that the voters of Quebec would rather put a Separatist in power than the two alternatives. That’s not good messaging to me….

  5. Mike, you are in no position to demand “both sides” cut “the B$llsh*t” when you continue with yours. Are you a 5-grader or what? I am appalled at your tone of superiority and positioning yourself as a (subjective) judge. If contrary opinions stress you so much, please refrain from reading them. Nobody is forcing you. Look in the mirror to see how demeaning your tone is.

    As for statistics, Spicer Report of 1991 penned costs on bilingualism up to $10 billion annually. This is from the “horse mouth” so to speak. Keith Spicer was the first commissioner of official languages and the Trudeau key man in promotion and implementation of bilingualism. $10 billion annually was the same amount Jean Chretien spent on the armed forces (up from Trudeau’s demeaning $6 billion). Shame on the Liberals for the screwed priorities!

  6. Paul ,

    Mike has designated himself as judge on this blog. Good point Paul.

    How nice for him to provide his partiality to the conversation, yet he believes himself to be the judge and “fair” in his judgments.

    What a joke you are Mike you have a superiority complex; is it to accommodate for something you do not have?

    Have you assumed a political status that has not been allocated to you through proper voting procedure ?

    Are you the guy “that beats “the girl (Debbie) and tell her you love her the next day -is that the kind of “guy” you are!

    Remember people that’s platinum pools you need to avoid!

    Now Mike play nice with others!

    oh ya ,

    Thank you Highlander.

  7. Another brave Canadian citizen fighting against the ridicules fascist laws within the “province” of Quebec.

    And, for all of you (the Bouchers, the Stella’s and the Blue Birds, etc) on “that side” this is typical of how your side treats people who stand up to you. You threaten and use violence. That’s fine. We have the law on our side and we are growing in numbers. We will NOT be intimated any more. The tide is turning and just wait till you see how pitiful you and your ilk will look once the majority decide we have had enough. Vive le… oops I mean. Go P. Marois Go… 

  8. Hello Debbie,

    You are quite right, only see hatred and derision from his postings…except when he apologizes, after the fact of course. Guess, that’s supposed to make everything ok.

    Mike Bedard quotes, from just one of his posts:

    “Seriously, if you can’t handle the facts than you and your eight person marching band should shut the front door!!!

    What a joke this group has become patting itself on the back for horribly organized event and showings! You only had 8 people and one was a child ……..shame on you for including a child………and for only bringing such little substance to light!

    The LFA (Cameron’s and friends) protests are a joke and when I present facts for discussion and you reply with such idiocricy it aggrevates me to the point of wondering …………Why am I debating such mental midgets????”

    Debbie discuss the topic logically and then you see the end of such negative posts!!!!! …………. or keep up with the insults and see the hatred and contempt for your cause grow!!!!”

    Debbie, let his own words, hang him. He has no credibility, as so aptly demonstrated in these forums.

    Just remember to put your money where your politics are…simply patronize English businesses, goods, services and exports!

    Money is the universal language:)

    As per: Mike Bedard. Thank you, Colleen

  9. Glass house where 65 % of the people are hired biligual,for that 22% ,so why does the government hire 300% above quota ,and what’s with all those Quebec plates ?

  10. Quebec plates and hiring francos 300% above their share in the population means DISPLACING ANGLOS from jobs and power. Trudeau armed his tribe with the instruments to achieve that – the Charter, OLA, FLSA.

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