Language Fairness demanded of people in Glass “House” in Cornwall Ontario by Don Smith

With the soon demise of Cornwall’s International Bridge, Lionel Chevrier’s dream of a prosperous Cornwall with a fully Canadian Seaway is all but dead – some argue that a similar slow death of basic Canadian rights is taking place at Federal buildings across the land, including this one which bears his name.

CFN – This morning, symbolically standing in solidarity with non-Francophones in the neighbouring province of Quebec, some members of the area’s Language Fairness for All and the Ottawa-based Canadians for Language Fairness groups brought their latest Act of Activism to Cornwall’s Federal building on Water Street, across from the Civic Complex and Marina 200.  They are calling for an end to language discrimination as embodied in Quebec’s Bill 101, which they see as being an illegal and immoral piece of legislation and contrary to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees freedom of expression for all Canadians.

Joining today’s Act of Activism was an articulate woman by the name of Colleen McIntosh.  Colleen is employed in an officially bilingual, French-dominated workplace and has rallied the courage to speak out against what she perceives as some serious injustices.  In our exclusive video footage below, Colleen and CLF’s Beth Trudeau address their concerns about forced unilingual French in Quebec and forced bilingualism in the Rest of Canada (ROC)  as pertaining to the squelching of free speech.  Beth Tudeau addressed the fact that there are such things as inalienable rights granted by God and that no one has the right to legislate against those rights.  The gathering witnessed one outburst, but it wasn’t the group’s doing.  In our video clip, a very irate man  muttered something about the Natives being here first (he didn’t reply when asked how much Mohawk he speaks).  The incensed fellow bellowed:

“look at the  disturbance  you’re causing because you’re too lazy to learn a second language” and further insisted:  “If you can’t speak French, you shouldn’t be nurses.”

Much larger protests against Bill 101 are being organized by the Quebec Office of the English Language and will take place outside of the Montreal Office Quebecois de la Langue Francaise (NW corner of Sherbrooke and St. Urban) this Friday and Labour Day Monday, beginning at 11 a.m. each day.  As if Bill 101 doesn’t already go too far, outrageous statements made by Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois have added much fuel to the tinderbox.  Jonathan Kay covered the story in this National Post news article.  Kay reports:  “Surely, it is worth rousing ourselves to pay attention to the fact that this woman is proposing policies that are unconstitutional and even bigoted.”

Increasingly, the LFA group’s efforts are drawing attention from across the land.  Reader comments posted here on Cornwall Free News are coming in from coast to coast.  Tyler McLean of New Brunswick radio’s popular news/talk program McLean in the Morning recently contacted LFA president Chris Cameron to be an on-air guest.  The program, which aired on stations in Saint John, Halifax and Moncton has been recorded and overlayed with video footage from the group’s various Acts of Activism and appears below.  As a direct result of the broadcast, Cameron now finds himself entertaining travel requests to address Maritimers in person.




  1. Le Renaud Bleu said,

    “Okay, Colleen, I will say that to you as well: Whatever…

    You have the strength of your convictions? Big deal! My impression is that you could not wait to appear in front of a camera, which, to me, makes you look more than ever like an attention seeker too. Otherwise, how could one explain that you never miss an opportunity and tend to go out of your way to do some publicity for the Language Fairness for All group?

    Sometimes, especially when commenting on the Internet, it is better not to reveal one’s identity. Just because I am saying that does not mean that I do not also have the strength of my convictions; it might rather mean that I make sure that my on-line life does not have too much of an impact on my real life. I do not suppose that it has ever occurred to you that, even if one does nothing illegal or does not act against any set of rules, one does not necessarily want to have one’s name give too many results when a possible or prospective employer types it in the research field on Google.

    That means me, that may mean virtually anyone and that means you too. That is the way that things are in this technological era. Naturally, I do not need to know exactly how old you are. Do not worry: that is none of my business and I am not forgetting that. However, in any case, what you have done here might harm your chances of employment or promotion in the future if an employer ever ‘‘googles’’ your name and finds out that you have taken part in actions or activities to which she or he might personally object. If this happens, it will have nothing to do with the language or freedom of speech, but a lot to do with your behaviour and your attitude.”






  2. Patrick Boucher
    August 31, 2012 at 4:18 am posted a You-tube video,which was mostly in French. ridiculing the Anglo Society of New Brunswick who were protesting the City of Fredericton for not allowing them to hang a flag, yet an Acadian flag was allowed.

    “a must see” according to Roger,opps Patrick Boucher


  3. Hi Everyone,

    Here are some comparison numbers that may add to either argument.

    Official Bilingualism – $2.4 Billion – Fraser Institute
    Foreign Aid – $4.6 Billion (USD) – As per Maclean’s
    Education (total) -$54 Billion – As per Maclean’s
    Immigration – $24 Billion – Fraser Institute

    The cost of bilingualism is in no way “too expensive”!

    Thank You, Mike Bedard

  4. Mike said;

    “The cost of bilingualism is in no way “too expensive”!”

    You forgot the most important factor Mike;


  5. Just makes me want to cry when kids go to bed hungry here in Canada yet our own Government wastes 2.4 billion on something like language…they surely have to give their heads a shake

  6. without language there is no communication…aside from sign language. Too many spread false facts to suit their purpose…frustrating but not surprising. Ed you die or lick, to blame this on something that happened in 1759 is ridiculous, in any society minorities deserve rights. Might as well blame it on jacques cartier ?

    – True cost I have written it more then once, less then 1 % of the national budget for 20.5 % of the population. Seems fair

    – Pour ce qui est du drapeau, ne pas l’avoir permis est logique. C’est trop provocateur et un non sens. Chapeau au jeune homme qui disait, je suis anglo, ces vieux idiots ne me représente pas.


  7. Negative comments, my god! Are we all in that bad of a shape ? Our country is doing better then the USA, we have trade missions going on in different countries, yet we manage to complain about language.
    – most posters here remind me of ¨le syndrome de l’enfant roi¨. Tout leur est dû sans y mettre l’effort, et lorsqu’on n’y m’est pas l’effort, le blâme repose partout sauf sur nos propres épaules.

    – Keep at it stella, mike, pboucher, jane and others with a grain of good sense.

  8. Richard, don ‘t forget to vote for Pauline!!!.

  9. Roger; AKA Patrick, minorities don’t deserve any more rights than majorities according the UN which is located in Quebec; the Genocide capital of Canada.

  10. Colleen,
    Because of the harassment I received due to my hiring attempt in Moncton, on Monday, July 11, 2010, I attended Moncton City Hall to voice my concern over a proposed sign bylaw that would require French and English on all outdoor signage within the City of Moncton. I spoke at this meeting because this law would eventually be modified to force me to hire an illiterate francophone employee.

    – I had false information, intentionally written about me by the Moncton Times & Transcript.
    – I was placed under surveillance by the Moncton French RCMP.
    – I was visited by a Moncton French RCMP Officer who claimed that I may be a threat to Prime Minister Stephen Harper who was visiting the City that month.
    – I received more harassing phone calls from Francophone’s.
    – I was interviewed by 2-additional Moncton French RCMP Investigators which included racial profiling.
    – I had over 20 acts of vandalism committed against me by Francophone’s.
    – Slow leaks appeared in 3 of my tires of which two blew out while driving.

    As the Moncton French Police were obviously involved to keep me silent, I had no choice but to leave New Brunswick. Tell me something isn’t wrong in New Brunswick.?

  11. A perfect example of ETHNOCENTRIC behavior is how some commenters on here write all or part of their comments in French when they know many of us on here do not understand French.


  12. @P. Boucher Re: September 1, 2012 at 11:00 am POST.

    Can you answer these two Q’s for me Patrick?

    1) Why is it that folks like yourself with your so called “convictions” most often tend to start using a persons name (or in this case a persons pseudonym) in hateful derogatory ways (as you have done with mine) when you have been out smarted, out done, and out witted?


    2) Why do those on your side most often wish to “completely forget” important FACTS like say “the actual battle in 1759 that saw an end to ANY CLAIMS your side should have to this country” but yet, you are all gung ho to remember (no matter how far back it goes) EVERY AND ANY tiny little detail that speaks in favor of your side of things.

    History is history. No matter how much YOU WISH it didn’t happen the way it did, the FACTS ARE … IT DID happen… And THAT ——– is THAT. — Done deal.

    So, you can “Je me souviens” till the cows come home but that will change nothing.

    And btw, minorities do deserve rights, yes, I agree. But, they DO NOT deserve the right to have more power and authority than the majority of a society. THAT my friend is called, an abuse of those so called, “rights.”

    Have a nice day, eh.

  13. {MODERATED}, you have done no such thing, you give yourself too much credit. Barry, If I may steal a phrase from admin, I read your message and my spidey sense is tingling that it may not be accurate. Nice story though, would probably do well in the fiction isle at the library.
    I’m quoting {MODERATED},
    ¨ But, they DO NOT deserve the right to have more power and authority than the majority of a society.¨ On what ? We don’t have more rights, in fact we have less. The english language is in no threat of being exterminated ? I know some of you might say, well it’s not up to us to save the french language. You don’t have to save the language. Just stopping the french bashing will do.

    Lets face it, Even with la loi 101, the french language is declining. How is la loi 101 affecting individuals from Ontario ? How is la loi 101 preventing anglos who were born in Québec from attending english schools ? La loi 101, with the recent changes permits bilingual signs just as long as the french language is first and in bigger letters.
    – Some here think that its a necessity to eliminate bilingualism because its a question of cost, 0.008 of the national budget…so I have proven you guys wrong.
    – Some say that its a question of jobs, hey, very few jobs require bilingualism…there have been mayors from Québec that have been unilingual anglo, the former head of la caisse de dépôt du Québec was unilingual anglo. YOu can achieve great success in Québec even if your unilingual anglo.
    – I will tell you why some are bitching about language, envy. Its either envy or a cry for attention. Mr galganov is perfectly bilingual, he speaks better french then some francophones, why is he complaining. He rented office space just to give himself legitimacy in the court case.
    -Just to prevent some further bashing, I’m not a séparatiste, I don’t live in Québec, And my real name isn’t Paul Rose.

  14. Patrick I would suggest you read the person you addressed name backwards 🙂

  15. Admin, he knows what Kilroy’s name is, just like he knows the proper name of the LFA. If he uses their name correcty it gives them the power that he so badly wants all to himself. Just like the employee at Costco he got fired. I mean that maybe got fired. All he had to do was address the employee respectfully and then he would have been treated the same. The same way he so respectfully debates with other posters here, and then wonders why he is so disrespected. People get back what they give out.

  16. Hi Barry Renouf,

    That is so terrible and clearly the act of cowards. Am really sorry to read, about what happened to you. Some people’s behaviours are truly despicable, that’s for sure!

    Did discuss the possible ramifications of “standing up and being counted”, with my husband. We have both decided that those pathetic individuals, are not worthy of our focus or attention!

    Of course, if any decide to take it further than these forums…at that point they can deal directly with my husband or the Police.

    Probably, better to deal with the Police…:)

  17. Congrats to the courageous members of the LFA group in their most recent ‘Act of Activism’. On behalf of the Board of Directors of LFA, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you for standing up in the belief of fair hiring practices for all.

    Kudos to Colleen who took part in an interview to which I know she was nervous about. It takes much courage to stand up for one’s convictions – moreso to talk to the media about what you believe to be honest, true and right.

    If I could embrace each and every one of you I would do so wholeheartedly, without reservation.

    Keep up the good, fair fight. Our country is depended upon it.

    Yours in Fairness,


  18. @Patrick Boucher

    Was that you Patrick? Your name was posted as “partrick boucher” on that last message where your words were moderated and you seemed to be a bit heated up. Just wondering.

    Now I am wondering something else. In response to me saying “they DO NOT deserve the right to have more power and authority than the majority of a society.” You wrote, “On what? We don’t have more rights, in fact we have less.”
    That does not seem to be the case. Are you familiar with a man by the name Robert Chisholm? He was a prominent politician who wanted to be the leader of the “FEDERAL” NDP official opposition party of this country. I capitalize “FEDERAL” to drive the point home here. Mr. Chisholm had to drop out of the “FEDERAL” leadership race. Why? Because, he could not speak French. Do you NOT SEE how that is giving more power and more rights to the French? Especially when one considers the voting public of this country (outside the province of Quebec) is upwards of 90% English. How can you claim that kind of things as having less rights and less power? BTW, you’ll find this along with how some other “rights” have been attained in a “slippery way” spelled out in this video —

    Oh and, Re: All that gibberish about how much this insanity is costing. It doesn’t matter what the amount is, 1 dollar or 2.4 billion dollars, the fact is, we have a situation where the majority (upwards of 90%) of the money that is being used to prop up or save “your minority side” of this situation is coming from “our majority side.” That is insanity… It is simply NOT in our best interests to continue to pay to do things that serve to only restrict and deny our side.

    After all, would you give the person that wanted to hurt you 90% of the money he needs to buy whatever he needs to hurt you with? I doubt it.

  19. “look at the disturbance you’re causing because you’re too lazy to learn a second language” and further insisted: “If you can’t speak French, you shouldn’t be nurses.”

    97% of the population outside La Belle Province speaks English, look at the disturbance your’re causing requiring EVERYONE to speak the minority language. Outside the Montreal area you are lucky to get an eye exam in English, {MODERATE}

  20. Debbie said:

    “You forgot the most important factor Mike;


    I say:

    “Really!!!!! The cost of human life!!!!! Wow, can you please provide this price because I believe you might win a Pulitzer!

    You are actually smarter than anyone on the face of the earth?

    Seriously, if you can’t handle the facts than you and your eight person marching band should shut the front door!!!

    What a joke this group has become patting itself on the back for horribly organized event and showings! You only had 8 people and one was a child ……..shame on you for including a child………and for only bringing such little substance to light!

    The LFA (Cameron’s and friends) protests are a joke and when I present facts for discussion and you reply with such idiocricy it aggrevates me to the point of wondering …………Why am I debating such mental midgets????”

    Debbie discuss the topic logically and then you see the end of such negative posts!!!!! …………. or keep up with the insults and see the hatred and contempt for your cause grow!!!!

  21. Again people stop changing the facts to suit your cause 23.
    2 % of the people in all of CANADA declare their mother tongue as French and not 3%……………Stop using outside of Qubec stats and stick to Canadian stats when talkin about federal policies!!!

    Also, being a boarder town increases the percentage of people in the are (S.D. & G. who speak french)……straight fact no BS unlike the western hype being spat out randomly by the FLA!

    We are a bilingual community whether you like it or not!

  22. Hi Cory,

    Thanks for the kudos…appreciate them:)

  23. Colleen, don’t get my wrong, I have been to two rallies in N.B. since I left. The francopnones left me down but not out and although I have cancelled 99% of my business there, I plan more things to help stop the genocide. I am however disappointed that the N.B Anglo’s, are refusing to put a stop to their own demise.
    The Anglophones in Saint John are a prime example. On a two week working trip there, I contacted at least 100 business owners. Of those 100, I only encountered two francophone business owners. When I checked the 2006 Census, It listed the francophone population at over 20% in Saint John or 12000 of them. Where do the francophones in S.J. work? It is quite apparent that they hold government and financial service jobs.
    I also have proof that they are “hiding out” in S.J. until the time is right to start demanding more French services. I asked a S.J. Police Officer how many francophones live in S.J. (he lives in Moncton but has to work in S.J. because Moncton has a French RCMP Force) and he stated that there were none. As Police Officers are familiar with business owners in all Cities in Canada because of business crime, this proves that the francophone workforce is not business owners, but they have working somewhere.
    I asked two other S.J. residents as to the francophone population and they were also surprised with the actual total. This also proves that the S.J. Anglophones and the entire N.B. Anglophone population are obviously, asleep at the wheel. You Angolphones in Ontario can’t for 1 second, mimic what the N.B. Anglophones are doing or should I say, not doing, or you will be next.

  24. Not angry at all, cool calm and collected. You probably wouldn’t believe me but i’m going to say it anyway, I didn’t know. I really thought, until admin said, that the pseudonym edkilroy was an obscene one.

    – well, for the last 50 years or more, every prime minister that won big was bilingual, expect for diefenbaker. Stephen harper, kim campbell,brian mulroney were anglophone and they were PM.
    – for the record, I didn’t get anyone fired. I just stood up for my rights. I addressed a question to a business employee, she replied ..I dont speak french, and why I didn’t address my question in english, that we were in Ontario. We were astonished at how people could be so closed minded. One employee overheard us and encouraged me to go and complain. That is what we did. Two weeks after that same employee was gone. Good business decision in my view.

  25. Mike Bedard said “Here are some comparison numbers that may add to either argument.

    Official Bilingualism – $2.4 Billion – Fraser Institute
    Foreign Aid – $4.6 Billion (USD) – As per Maclean’s
    Education (total) -$54 Billion – As per Maclean’s
    Immigration – $24 Billion – Fraser Institute
    The cost of bilingualism is in no way “too expensive”!”

    Helping people with aid, education and a better life should not compare with keeping a language on life support.

    Help the few people who need help, not because of language, but because they are Canadian. When people are kicked out of applying online because they did not answer bilingual in question 3, well. Houston, we have a problem!

  26. Again Patrick, do you really think you should be so proud about being the reason someone lost their job? Your posts on the topic seem to be a little to happy at the demise of the Costco employee because you weren’t treated according to your own whims. Heck that crap happens on a regular basis in Cornwall, regardless of the language one speaks.
    That employee might have been the sole breadwinner for his/her family, or Costco might be the only place that would hire him/her because his/her immersion education wasn’t up to the proper standards, or maybe just maybe he/she’d been bullied one too many times by a pushy francophone who chose to shop in Ontario instead of driving a little further to be served in the language of their choice and service with a smile. But please, tell the story again about how you caused someone to lose their job, and tell the story with the pride you obviously feel, or you would be too embarrassed to repeat it. I know I would.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt it. I’ve read your posts and opinions on this site for quite some time, and I can see why the employee told you to go eat your hat. You’ve got some big balls sir, and french or english, the entitlements that you display are qusetionable when it comes to living in peace an harmony with your fellow human beings.

  27. Well I can say one thing!

    I was appauled by the fact that we are cutting both education and health services everywhere and yet we spend over $30 billion on immigration and foreign aid combined!!

    Who would be against helping rebuild Cornwall, for example, instead of Greece? Or Windsor, etc.

    $30 billion dollars would be a great start to moving Canada forward and dealing with internal disputes better than ignoring them and giving so much to foreigners!

  28. First of all Patrick you took pride in getting that girl fired at Cisco,you in fact bragged that that girl lost her job,infact you felt impowered by that action,sad for you to feel good about yourself by getting someone fired.
    But at least you felt good for yourself right?
    Daddies little separatist was taught well to alienate others .
    Feel proud Daddies little separatist you have done your culture well.

  29. Jacques Parizeau was asked the following question ¨Que dis-tu au Québecois qui refuse d’apprendre l’anglais ?¨ His answer¨Je vais lui botter le cul¨ Now it looks like jean charest is on his way out as premier, I really do believe he did the best he could. I wouldnt worry about sovereignty though, it has been real low for allot of months, 28% of Quebecers would vote yes.

    In any work situation, if you are rude to a customer you deserve to be reprimanded. I would have been perfectly fine with, I’m sorry sir I don’t speak french. In my 26 years, I must have heard it thousands of times in Ontario and in Québec. I was proud of myself, I stood up for myself when I complained to her superior. Regardless of her financial situation, If she is rude to a customer she has no business in customer service. Same as if a job opens up, and it requires bilingualism, why the heck would you apply if your not ? Because your a nice person ? Because you need work and there are no job openings in your field ? Or is it because according to you, you’ve looked long enough, and because you pay taxes, you feel the government owes you a job…

  30. @Colleen McIntosh
    “Thanks for the kudos…appreciate them:)”

    Kudos is always singular and comes from the Greek meaning ‘glory’, ‘acclaim’, ‘renown’.

  31. Mike said;

    “I say:

    “Really!!!!! The cost of human life!!!!! Wow, can you please provide this price because I believe you might win a Pulitzer!”

    Humanity (virtue)

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The virtue, humanity, is a set of strengths focused on “tending and befriending others.”[1] The three strengths associated with humanity are love, kindness, and social intelligence. Humanity differs from justice in that there is a level of altruism towards individuals included in humanity more so than the fairness found in justice.[2] That is, humanity, and the acts of love, altruism, and social intelligence are typically person to person strengths while fairness is generally expanded to all. Humanity is one of six virtues, as defined by the Character Strengths and Virtues Handbook, that are consistent across all cultures.[3] The CSV’s purpose is to provide consistent and scientific classification of strengths and virtues to aid in studying positive strengths and traits in human behavior.[4] It is one of the foundations for the study of positive psychology, which seeks to focus on strengths and other positive attributes people possess that lead to living a good life, instead of pathologizing them

    I am truly beyond words about your attitude of ARROGANCE & IGNORANCE.

    Mike said;

    “What a joke this group has become patting itself on the back for horribly organized event and showings! You only had 8 people and one was a child ……..shame on you for including a child………and for only bringing such little substance to light!”

    These brave individuals are standing up for the rights of ALL Canadians,even your rights & your kids too. Just remember that when you defame our group & OUR CHILDREN!!!!

    Mike said;

    “The LFA (Cameron’s and friends) protests are a joke and when I present facts for discussion and you reply with such idiocricy it aggrevates me to the point of wondering …………Why am I debating such mental midgets????””

    Again, the insults & name calling continues!!!

    Mike said;

    “Debbie discuss the topic logically and then you see the end of such negative posts!!!!! …………. or keep up with the insults and see the hatred and contempt for your cause grow!!!!”

    Actually Mike, you seem to have problems with logic & negativity.Furthermore,the only insults & hatred I see is yours.

    LFA is fighting for FAIRNESS for ALL Canadians .


    “Well I can say one thing!”
    If only it would be the one thing give us a break from your propaganda .
    Mike said

    The LFA (Cameron’s and friends) protests are a joke.
    …Why am I debating such mental midgets????”

    Debbie discuss the topic logically and then you see the end of such negative posts!!!!! …………. or keep up with the insults and see the hatred and contempt for your cause grow!!!!

    Mike are you bipolar because you say that LFA that you agree with them making positive change then you RANT such as this and say you are getting us ready for the bigger fight?Really ?perhaps you need medication ?

    Oh being you are ranting and spreading propaganda under your name I am sure you are legally covered for Slander ?
    If not I suggest you do!

    Your comments on this forum will not benefit yor political aspirations nor your bussiness you manage (platinum pools)
    You sir have every intention of defamation of a group that intends to bring positive change for not one group but ALL-but then again your interest is in not for ALL but that ONE group!
    You have shown your ETHNOCENTRIC ways ,thank you for all to see.

  33. Patrick Daddy must be happy with the separatist coming to power .Well the ROC IS watching -Facism is just around the corner .
    Oh yes you did feel empowered having that girl fired -I know your frustrated with your perceived loss of rights and that gain of rights for all ,but that poor girl payed the price didn’t she?

    At that moment of bragging getting her fired you lost the respect of many with that bullying behaviour.

  34. Bravo Patrick! Take a bow and bask in your pride!
    I’d be embarrassed to repeat the story, especially since the first time you told it, you changed a few details after it wasn’t received as well as you hoped. You stated you weren’t sure that she was fired, but you didn’t see her the next time you went in. Whatever way the story ends you are the one that comes off looking like a bully. There’s no way to see it any differently. And your boastful pride is very telling.
    Question: Should I be under the impression that all francophones are like you, or should I still be hopeful that you are the minority?

  35. I said before..its stories like Patricks that tick me off..Pat..try that prank in the private sector..what’s with harrasing a girl that makes $8 bucks an hour? ..don’t give me that crap that they were rude to you..we are all aware of your stance on english-french relations and how you conduct yourself on these probably went in the store looking to start a fight.. go demand french service from a an english fella running his own garage or corner doubt your ass will be handed to you..I’ll go along with your bilingualism..will not stand for your arrogance.

  36. I have a suggestion for a Member of Parliament to put forward an amendment to the OLA: make French the official language in Quebec and English the official language in English Canada. That was actually the proposal of the B&B Commission in the 1960s – territorial bilingualism. It seems they were right. The grave error of Pierre Trudeau must be rectified.

  37. Hi PJ, long time no see. Kudos on the internet is used with an “S” quite frequently. It’s essentially an adaptation of the word. Something that does drive me nuts is people that use QUALITY as a NOUN. Quality in itself means nothing. It needs a describer; good quality, bad quality, etc.

    Best to Ros!


  38. There must be some type of problem Patrick. I mean REALLY ?? How can ANYONE come up with edkilroy from edudyorlik. Have you been tested for …
    Dyslexia: A disability that impairs a person’s comprehension accuracy in being able to read, and which can manifest itself as a difficulty with phonological awareness.

    AND THAT my friend MAY very well be why you just don’t get the gist of this whole problem with this issue. Maybe we have to simplify. Here ya go… Maybe this will help.

    2.3 Billion dollars ( or ANY amount you call it) going to the French so they can create problems for the English equals WAY TOO MUCH friken money for that lost cause. << period.

    Bilingualism as a job requirement in Ontario and the ROC — MUST STOP.

    Bilingualism as a job requirement inside the “province” of Quebec — MUST START.

    French is NOT equal to English in Canada — French English (for the math folk)

    Bill 101 is a fascist, discriminatory and downright stupid law that has no place in Canada or, for that matter, in ANY democracy.

    When the French oppose something they fight and bully and intimidate and call people bigots etc. Oh yeah, and they loose track of reality too .

    And oui oui, there was a battle in 1759 and YOUR side LOST. Accept it.. .And yes, Je me souviens too.

    And finally … You MUST answer my question. Please 

    Would you give the person that wanted to hurt you 90% of the money he needs to buy whatever he needs to hurt you with? I doubt it.

    Oh and… @Debbie C. Not to worry about what they say about the group. You guys are brave and yes, standing up where the rest of us WILL be soon. It’s catching on, not to worry. That’s why he is attacking because knows what is coming. The end to their crap near… Finally.

  39. That should have had the greater than and less than symbols between the words English and French.

    But they were not there and thus the joke is lost 🙁

    English French (for the math folk)

  40. First, the little innuendoes that some anglos might make with pseudonyms or expressions might take me a longer time to get, hey I’m not anglo. What makes this country great is it is a melting pot of different cultures. We have guarantees to protect minorities and the two founding languages are protected. kilroy, you probably have never been in Québec, the english languages is flourishing, west island, kirkland, pointe claire, baie durfé…Heck, in 5 years montreal will have a majority of anglos, even with la loi 101. In 1759, yes francos lost…but even with that, Canada is as much my country as it is yours. I chose to be positive, protect minorities. We live in a country that if you chose to be unilingual, more power to you, you can still achieve great success, even in Québec…just don’t poopoo on those that want to better themselves and learn the two founding languages of this great country.

    -kilroy, you just don’t get it, its not a question of cost, you obviously have never been in Québec, so its not a question of that province, are you just tired of seeing the signs, are you just tired of hearing the language…So what is it? The fake perception that Francophones get more then anglos ?

  41. Hi Jamie, ‘Kudos’ is always written with an ‘s’, whether on or off the internet!

    For your posters: Ignorance is no excuse for posting inaccuracies, especially posts on language, especially when dictionaries exist to check for accuracy.

    (If ‘kudo’ exists, it’s in another language, likely with another meaning.)

    Greetings back from us both!

  42. Oh C’mon Patrick. Pulling something like ed-kil-roy from edudyorlik? One cannot blame that kind of ridiculousness on a language barrier. But, I’ll give it to ya anyways because arguing about that is trivial considering the real topic is so grave.

    The idea that it is only a “fake perception” is OBVIOUSLY a concept that resides only between your two ears there Patrick.

    What is truly a “fake concept” is the idea that we need French all over Canada as an equal and ever present part of this country. That is a fake concept that was made up by P.E.T and perpetuated by many preceding him and somehow it was swallowed down by the ROC for far too long now.

    Re: Protecting minorities. That is indeed something that is a good concept but, it should not be done at the peril of the majority. NOT EVER.

    Re: “Never been to Quebec.” If you followed any of my posts you would know that I grew up in Quebec. My mother was 100% pure French Canadian and that is how I know your ilk so well. All my uncles and aunts on my mothers’ side had that same sense of entitlement that I feel oozing from you. This is also why I am honestly glad you are here. You are helping me hone my skills and my arguments so I can better debate against your type.

    As for “choosing to be unilingual.” 90% of Canadians are unilingual English (NOT BY CHOICE) they were born into English only families here in their own COUNTRY called CANADA which, in case you were unaware, is 90% English… Imagine that …

    And here’s the kicker — That 90% has somehow allowed you and your clan to pass laws that ban our national majority English language in a “Province” — within this country.

    Curious, since you seem to be so fond of the idea of “protecting minorities,” would those laws in the “province” of Quebec be something that you consider to be protecting the minorities there?

    Of course, while all that is going on you and your ilk arrogantly expect the ROC to be totally and constantly (to use a word that is commonly used by your side) “accommodating” to your side. Righhhht … Gothcha

    As for the French language. Generally speaking, I have always really like it. I grew up liking it. I loved my French Canadian mother dearly. However, now that it is being shoved down my throat outside the “province” of Quebec and being “nazi’ized” within the province of Quebec I have much less respect for it and the radical ideals and concepts that go along with it.
    Oh and, you still haven’t caught on have you? Quebec is not a country. Hate to break it to ya… It is “JUST A PROVINCE” within a country. Yes, a great country called Canada. And, as such the “province” of Quebec should not have any more powers or rights than ANY OTHER province in this country. The rest of the province are beginning to push for “real answers” as to why Quebec has these extra powers and rights… It’s coming to an end pal. The majority is waking up…
    Have a nice day eh… 

  43. Patrick I say “If she is rude to a customer she has no business in customer service.” You are probably right but if that’s really what happened why did you post this in the first place…this really has nothing to do with the language debate.

  44. …you just don’t get it, its not a question of cost, you obviously have never been in Québec, so its not a question of that province…

    What is it about then Patrick? You’ve established what it isn’t about, so what is it about? What is it you want?

  45. Now PJ, doesn’t slang change some words and definitions?

  46. Do you have an example/examples, Jamie?

  47. Hi PJ,

    Look at texting language? ur instead of Your. RU instead of Are you? It’s kinda Orwellian. I don’t keep a list of examples on hand, but language historically has adapted via other languages and cultural selection of use.

    Franglais for example uses certain words differently than they are meant and spelled at times…

  48. or should that be spelt ? 🙂

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