Stand up for your language rights! Howard Galganov to Appear Before South Stormont Council September 26, 2012

This is history in the making and too important to pass up.  South Stormont Council anticipates raising the bar for Ontario and for the rest of Canada at its September 26th meeting.  Council will vote on a ground-breaking resolution to honour a section of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms by committing itself NEVER to infringe upon citizens right of freedom of expression with regard to choice of language.  In June of this year, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that it was appropropriate to allow municipalities to violate this same right by forcing businesses to post signs in both English and French regardless of who the business’ clients are and regardless of whether or not the business owner and staff are able to speak both English and French.  This ruling even applies to specialty markets which cater to immigrants whose mother tongue is neither French nor English.

Your inalienable right to live in the language of your choice is being violated!

Don’t leave it to others to stand up for your rights – before it’s too late come and show your support by your presence.  Please join us at the South Stormont Council Chambers (next to the Long Sault O.P.P. station) at 2 Mille Roches Road.  The meeting will begin promptly at 7 p.m.

Please, especially those of you who live in South Stormont, contact the township office and/or the Councillors to let them know that you want them to preserve our freedoms.

Township office: 613-534-8889
Mayor Bryan McGillis: 613-937-3116 or 613-577-0753 or
Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart: 613-984-2543 or
Councillor Barry Brownlee: 613-537-9753
Councillor Richard Waldroff: 613-537-8226 or 613-362-7596 or
Councillor Cindy Woods: 613-537-2977 or

Read about it here and here!

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  1. English Canada is not waking up any different. This myth that most canadians want what languaegefairness is saying is laughable. Most canadians, even albertans want bilingualism, in fact I’d be all for promoting other languages as well as english and french. In fact, this surprised me, a little poll was done in Alberta and according to the globe and mail, 6 to 10 of albertans questioned favor bilingualism. WOW…

  2. Now I am getting really excited, especially when one says things are really getting messy in NB. Isn’t that great news!!!! We may even have a language revolution, how wonderful!!!! NOW THAT IS SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF!!!!! I say bring it on…..the sooner the better… sounds so promising and will definitely help all the english people get promotions and the best paying jobs in the country.

  3. They believe in theory of bilingualism not in 2 official languages there is a difference.

  4. You see Patrick the more the separatists behave like separatists ,the more people of Canada agree with our stand
    You Ontario Francophone’s must remember that its not anglophones that you should fear and despise but the separatist.
    For their actions have direct impact on you.

  5. Times they are a changing!!!!

    “If a law is unjust ,a man is not only right to disobey it ;he is obligated to do so”

    -Thomas Jefferson

    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”

    -Martin Luther King

    Have a good day ……

  6. Patrick once again you have proven them wrong. Easy for them to claim that the ENTIRE country is pushing to have english only as the offical language. C’est tu possible? Ils disent n’importe quoi pour essayer de convaincre et souvent, tres souvent et meme trop souvent c’est faux. Oh well……

    Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass
    It’s about learning to dance in the rain **s**

  7. Do you hear the crickets Stella nothing was proved ,let’s vote on it !

  8. You see Stella I love the fact the separatist are in only to prove what the French really think of Canada ….the flag issue helped us as well millions of Canadians were not happy with that only to grow our ranks ……so you see stella we are not the enemy but the separatists are yours .
    Each and every day they are in power our ranks will grow across the country.
    Ask these other bloggers you will see thier response.

    Representation by population is the only answer ,all people would deem that “Fair” all society’s would deem that “Fair”
    Don’t you.?

  9. Piper to be honest with you, I care not what your bloggers have to say, it’s always the same BS. While I am at it, I don’t care much about what you have to say either. You are not happy unless you are putting the french down and name calling. To me this lacks maturity and intelligence.

    As for what happens in Quebec….not interested. You see, this is Ontario and we should be more concerned with the problems we are facing here, ca-vas? Essaye de comprendre, si c’est possible. Mais je pense pour un englais ca serait trop difficile.

  10. OK, stella. Let’s see what happens in Ontario, in Cornwall for example. Quebec plates of CCH workers and hiring francos 300% above their share in the Cornwall population means DISPLACING ANGLOS from jobs and power. Trudeau armed his tribe with the instruments to achieve that – the Charter, OLA, FLSA that instituted linguistic racism. Buses for Whites…oops, for French and buses for Blacks…oops, for English. Bienvenue a Nuveau Kanada, eh?

  11. Patrick, do you expect the language commisioner to list results that would not support his job? I would also be skeptical if Hershy came out with a survey that said kids prefer chocolat over homework…..

    The Globe article section below that you point out is interesting. More so the part that shows how skewed the numbers are. Over 70% of respondants say they are bilingual or passable in French!

    “Based on responses to our reader callout, 57 per cent said they think it’s important for Canadians to speak both official languages. The cross-country snapshot also showed that 53 per cent of the respondents said they are bilingual, with another 20 per cent describing themselves as passable in French.”

  12. Stella, bonne fête des francos ontariens ..
    Happy franco ontarian flag day to all francophones ontarians… may we last another 402 years.

  13. Happy flag day Patrick & Stella.

    The emblem of the Ontario French-speaking community consists of two vertical bands of different colours. The first band is mid green and has a white lily in the middle of the band. The second band is white and has a mid green trillium in the middle of the band.

    Can you tell me why the French school board pays for the flag in front of the Franco monument? I believe the Legion picks up the cost of flags at the war memorial.

  14. Patrick a toi pareillement mon ami…….ont as de quoi etre fier!!! Let us celebrate our culture and be proud!!!!

  15. Yes celebrate your culture and be proud………

    While you’re at it,


  16. This is a great day for Freedom of Expression; Freedom of Rights and Freedoms under the Charter and a great day for Canada.
    Congratulations to Brian McGillis and Long Sault Council.
    Finally common sense and fairness prevails, at least in this small corner of Canada. Hopefully it will go viral an wake up the rest of Canada. French Canadians opposing this freedom just don’t get it that they are beneficiaries too.

  17. Patrick boucher, you should look inside that phamlet cover for the real story. Marketing works when your attention is grabbed.

  18. And using IMPÉRATIF FRANÇAIS as the go to site, does not help your case, being based in Gatineau means one less excuse to have an English translation button. Looks like some funding from the taxpayers, all taxpayers.

  19. So according to you, the first page of the pamphlet doesn’t matter. I could write, how to exterminate the jews and distribute it to 5000 people, all I need is to write inside….just kidding I want to save the
    m from themselves…that would make it all right.
    Impératif français is a little too radical for my taste…but compared to howard galgavnov, your good buddy, they are puppy dogs. They grow into pitt bulls when you threaten the french language. woof woof.

  20. I agree Patrick. To Howard that is freedom of expression to you and I, that is hate propaganda.

  21. I second that guys……hate propoganda for sure! That is why the big g fell flat on his biased face when he presented himself as a candidate for elections. Let me assure you, it will happen again even if he got the “LFA” group to support him. It may be an even bigger defeat then the last time **s**

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