Stand up for your language rights! Howard Galganov to Appear Before South Stormont Council September 26, 2012

This is history in the making and too important to pass up.  South Stormont Council anticipates raising the bar for Ontario and for the rest of Canada at its September 26th meeting.  Council will vote on a ground-breaking resolution to honour a section of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms by committing itself NEVER to infringe upon citizens right of freedom of expression with regard to choice of language.  In June of this year, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that it was appropropriate to allow municipalities to violate this same right by forcing businesses to post signs in both English and French regardless of who the business’ clients are and regardless of whether or not the business owner and staff are able to speak both English and French.  This ruling even applies to specialty markets which cater to immigrants whose mother tongue is neither French nor English.

Your inalienable right to live in the language of your choice is being violated!

Don’t leave it to others to stand up for your rights – before it’s too late come and show your support by your presence.  Please join us at the South Stormont Council Chambers (next to the Long Sault O.P.P. station) at 2 Mille Roches Road.  The meeting will begin promptly at 7 p.m.

Please, especially those of you who live in South Stormont, contact the township office and/or the Councillors to let them know that you want them to preserve our freedoms.

Township office: 613-534-8889
Mayor Bryan McGillis: 613-937-3116 or 613-577-0753 or
Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart: 613-984-2543 or
Councillor Barry Brownlee: 613-537-9753
Councillor Richard Waldroff: 613-537-8226 or 613-362-7596 or
Councillor Cindy Woods: 613-537-2977 or

Read about it here and here!

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  1. Yes, and while your comment is posted because of the fact that CFN is truly objective your point is still poop 😉

  2. No Patrick. CFN has not endorsed any of those positions. I have shared my own personal opinion in comment and editorial. Very very different.

  3. Concerned Citizen C2, french and english texts of Patrick/Stella are same BS. It’s better to ignore them altogether. Apparently, they are talking to themselves. It’s Jamie’s website, I understand, so if he understands French and responds, it’s his business.

  4. Great post, Cory, on September 16, 2012 at 7:08 pm.

  5. Re video ““francophone going apeshit over a couple of Asian Canadians speaking English in Montreal” removed from YouTube.

    Write to to restore it. This video does not violate local laws. So far, it’s not against the law to speak any language in private or public places (on the street, like in this video) in Quebec.

  6. Tim while I may be the majority owner of CFN there would be no CFN without our viewers. Their opinions do count and we always strive to listen. We may not always respond the way the viewer would like, but we value each and every person that visits CFN and makes us the most read media site in Eastern Ontario!

  7. @Paul RE: September 16, 2012 at 10:44 pm

    Re video ““francophone going apeshit over a couple of Asian Canadians speaking English in Montreal” removed from YouTube.
    Paul said,
    “Write to to restore it. This video does not violate local laws. So far, it’s not against the law to speak any language in private or public places (on the street, like in this video) in Quebec.”
    That’s exactly what i was thinking Paul. I was wondering how the heck that could have “violated YouTube’s terms of service.”
    Damn, i should have captured it as i was going to 🙂

  8. It seems obvious to me that pushing for “equality” surrounding this issue has gone WAY past its reasonable historical “fresh before date.” What the French are doing does not pass the smell test. We must WAKE UP and truly face the hard REALITY that while we (the English) are politely asking for “equality and fairness” in our, oh so familiar “apathetic and complacent” way, the French are “pushing” for and attaining total “dominance” in their, oh so familiar, “aggressive and assertive” way. The proof for the “first stage” of this can clearly be seen within the “province” of Quebec. Between things like Bill 101 (a completely abusive & restrictive law), their protectionism which prevents tradesmen from other provinces plying their trades in that “province”, and also their downright obvious disdain for the Canadian flag itself, it SHOULD BE QUITE CLEAR that this whole charade goes well beyond a mandate to simply “preserve and protect” their language and culture. It is TIME… We MUST open our eyes and SEE. We MUST awaken and be much more aware of the subtle nuances of what is REALLY going on.

    It further seems obvious to me and also to many others that we are being taken advantage of and conned. We MUST realize this is not a friendly little game where our opponent is saying, “let’s all get along. Don’t worry we’re just gonna pass a few little unimportant laws, take down a few of those pesky red and white flags, restrict a few little trivial things here and there and smile the whole time while we do it. Oh and, just to give ya’ll that nice warm and fuzzy feeling inside we are going to take a moment to parade our fearless leader out onto the stage so she can con you… oops, I mean — reassure you — “my fellow Anglo Quebecers, Don’t worry, your rights will be fully protected.” A COMPLETELY nonsensical statement from a person who has publicly vowed to make Bill 101 even more restrictive against the English language and the English people. Further more, this statement is downright blatantly contrary to everything she has ever said.
    This all leads up to a response to the Cory Cameron RE: September 16, 2012 at 7:08 pm POST.
    Cory said, “Guys why are you still fighting French/bilingual advocates on this forum?” I begin by saying, I am grateful for your courage Cory and the courage of the LFA group for doing what you guys do. I myself can’t get away from my work and my residence in order to do those things but, rest assured I do write letters to my MP’s and I do whatever else I can for “the cause.” This is why I am grateful this forum exists. There are not too many places that offer this kind of “meeting place.” Which of course, leads me to being grateful for our moderator Jamie who for all his hard work I say, thank you. Now, I don’t know if you have noticed Cory but there are several new names popping up and I believe there are many watching that don’t write. I have spread the word and invited people to come take a look at what is being said here. We all should spread the word and have people come check this out as well. What is being said in here CAN BE just as important as walking the street with a sign because people need knowledge. Some don’t know all of what is going on… I spoke to a man out West recently who was overjoyed when I told him about this forum and sent him the link. He say’s he will check in and get more of his friends from his area out West to check in as well. This is why it is important that when the Patricks, the Stella’s and the Blue Birds spew their nonsense and rhetoric that someone who KNOWS the truth spell it out in here because, as I said, unbeknownst to us, others are watching and NEED to see our rebukes and need to see truth being told. Often times there is info in people’s responses/posts that I didn’t know about as well. Thus I am being informed more and more all the time also. I certainly keep this in mind when I am posting too. The dissemination of information to as large an audience as possible is the important part. Invite your friends and their friends and tell them all to invite everyone they know. We can all share our thoughts and information as well. It’s like a community hall meeting.

    Remember: Knowledge is power. And, even though I say we have gone past the “equality” stage, what you and the LFA are doing is still important so, keep up the good work 🙂

  9. Tim, go to Google, under MORE, click translate and copy/paste the wording. Choose language if it does not recognize it.
    This can provide enough to get the idea of what is being said. Most bilingual people are not rude enough to exclude others in a conversation.

    Modern technolgy should be used more by governments, it would be cheaper and help more people.

    Bill S-211 really is another piece of work!
    “natural step”, “evolution”, “undermining”. You would think there was no money going into keeping French going, but it sure shows how gutless our English political people are by offering NO input.
    Really people, how many people even try or need to communicate with such high level operations, let alone in any language? I like the idea of having a grocery store accessable 24 hours a day, but in reality, they would starve if depending on me for late night income.

  10. Patrick… I said it was a waste of time because your numbers proved them wrong many many times……so why bother? They turn those numbers around to suit themselves. Just looking out for you mon ami!!

    Here is hoping that the piper, yorlik and others take Cory’s advise. For once I agree with him…….”why bother debating”

    As for picketing, not our style. Those who need to pound the pavement are those who need to garner more support to help their cause.

  11. Thanks for the info. edudyorlik!

    All the best,


  12. Just want to say how much I enjoyed the cricket video edudyorlik!!!

  13. Thanks Lolochuck. As you likely know, It was inspired by a great line by Colleen. Which btw, I haven’t see a post by her in a little while.

    Hope you were able to check out some of the other video’s on my YouTube page as well. Be sure to “like” the ones that are worthy 🙂 Take care…

  14. @ Stella – I can be pretty original in my comments, if need be; but when I read those words in your comment, I was thinking – “here is someone that is talking about herself, and others like her, and not realizing it” and thought, if I repeat it, it might help you to see youself, and others like you in it . . . Did it help ? And actually, this forum was about Howard Galganov’s fight in “Stand up for your language rights” – it’s goes both ways for all of us.

  15. Patrick how can you be a voice of reason when you make no sense. Your numbers mean nothing in the real world. As you have been shown on video you can not get english service from Medicare…. which you still refuse to accept as fact. I guess numbers on a sheet of paper for you to understand.

  16. Before Quebec recent election, a local radio host thought that people do not understand the gravity of Pauline Marois’ racist proposal to introduce a French language test that Anglos must pass in order to run for public office (legislature, municipal, school board). But we understood the gravity. We just were not shocked by it, because we SAW IT COMING.

    What’s happening today in Quebec is only a difference in degree to what’s going on in the ROC. It started small 40 years ago, but today anglos cannot even apply for employment in their own federal government if they do not speak French.

    Same is happening in some provincial and municipal governments and private sector that does business with government. Private sector is also shamed, bullied and pressured by French zealots in collaboration with government (by funding French lobby organizations).

    Each amendment to the OLA (1982, 1988, 2005) and numerous Regulations (that go beyond OLA) expand the French ego and power in English Canada while diminishing Anglo rights, their employment opportunities, their dignity and their culture.

    As Cory mentioned, the battleground today is Ontario. New Brunswick is already half-way to become another Quebec. WAKE UP, CANADA!

  17. @Helga RE: September 17, 2012 at 10:33 pm POST
    Oh my goodness. Helga…
    Thank you for articulating that post with such wonderful succinctness.
    Bang on.
    “What’s happening today in Quebec is only a difference in degree to what’s going on in the ROC. It started small 40 years ago, but today Anglos cannot even apply for employment in their own federal government if they do not speak French.”
    — ABSOLUTELY perfect — Well said…
    Every Anglo Canadian citizen should read it and understand exactly what you are saying and exactly what indeed is happening in this country. And yes, “the battleground today is Ontario” however, It pains me to say this but, the idea of “pushing for equality” is no longer a “REAL OPTION.”

    “They” have created a situation where by things are so entrenched now that the only way to truly have equality in Canada is to let one group (the French) have their own country/area (Quebec) and the other group (the English) take back it’s country, our country (Canada). After all, ruling their own country, making their own laws, taking credit for their own Olympians winning medals (hear about that?), and having power over their own destiny is really what they have been pining for from behind that grand façade of theirs for years. For our part, even though we can see past it that “façade” of theirs, we seem to continually refuse to accept what is behind it as “their actual reality.”

    The only reason why “the average Quebecer” is hesitant to separate right now is because they realize exactly what we should be realizing. And that is, they need our jobs and the power they are achieving over the ROC — in the ROC — We should also realize that there really is NO WAY to achieve equity with a province and a political movement that is hell bent on criminalizing the English language and the English Canadian citizens who live in the “province” of Quebec while at the very same time demanding more French jobs and services and things like French only clinics outside the “province” of Quebec. Equality is completely non existent in what I just spelled out.

    It is exactly for these reasons I say the only way to achieve a truly fair and equitable arrangement is to become separate countries. And why not? It’s time. Why continue to allow our English brethren to be treated with zero respect in Quebec, a “province” within their own country when we KNOW or SHOULD know they eventually no doubt make separation a reality on their own terms and in their own time frame?

    As you said, and I agree… “WAKE UP, CANADA!”

    And, while you’re all waking up and stretching, have a look at this little jewel…

  18. Since the Canadian flag was removed from the Quebec assemblay, could this be considered TREASON?
    Have a nice day.

  19. @bigfellow RE: September 18, 2012 at 3:04 pm POST

    Well bigfellow, it would NOT be what is called “high treason” however; it definitely can be considered a treasonous act.
    — “Outside legal spheres, the word “traitor” may also be used to describe a person who betrays (or is accused of betraying) their own political party, nation, family, friends, ethnic group, team, religion, social class, or other group to which they may belong” —

    After all. Quebec is only but a “province” inside the country of Canada. (last i checked anyways) If nothing else it sure is … The epitome of Arrogant. — “Having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities.” —
    Besides, since the stated goal by the French for things like Bill 101 and other such measures is to preserve and protect their culture and language then what is wrong with the Canadian flag? They are still Canadian aren’t they? And if they are not, then they should no longer benefit from what it is to be Canadian. AND, we should no longer be sending them Canadian transfer payments comprised of our (majority English) Canadian tax dollars. As long as they are Canadian then the Canadian flag and the “national anthem of CANADA” should be respected.

    I BELIEVE — THIS is something that MUST BE cleared up.
    DO YOU or DO YOU NOT consider yourselves to be Canadian? They seem to enjoy having things both ways. All the benefits of being Canadian without declaring themselves as such. We should not put up with this as it is taking advantage of us.

    Further more, “they” don’t seem to have a problem throwing around the term traitor (even directed towards their own). As is quite clearly illustrated in these two video’s…

  20. I agree with you stella. I have been to Québec city, Trois-Rivières and shawinigan ….I was at jean chrétiens office and I still heard some english. Tu as raison, j’ai souvent l’impression que plusieurs personnes n’ont rien d’autre à faire, dont Kilroy et highlander d’ailleurs.

  21. Graham I have called there myself, checked out their website…they have service in english. I haven’t checked out the video nor going to…staged or not, might be just an isolated instance.

  22. I see the Quebec bashing is still going on.. Patrick it is not worth it here I give up.. I do not understand why QC politics are always discussed in here and not in any other papers…

    I only came on to say I hope no one donates to this cause that will only benefit Galganov…

  23. I, too, think that “equality” of languages, especially in Canadian demographic reality, is an unattainable ideal. This bizarre idea was certainly not the intention of our Fathers of Confederation, both French and English, and it was not in the BNA Act of 1867. Even Pierre Trudeau, before he entered politics, thought it an insane idea. In 1966 he mused, “There is no way two ethnic groups in one country can be made equal before the law….and to say it is possible is to sow the seeds of destruction “.

    I say, either repeal the OLA or amend it to make French the official language in Quebec and English the official language in English Canada.

  24. JaneDoe, your view makes me wonder if you are following the whole story.
    French, English, Asian, Euorpian etc plus bilingual (French/English) business owners have been told by a government (4 municipalities actually in Eastern Ontario) they MUST have English and French on their outside signs.

    This may or may not be good for business, but the point is, government has removed a right and courts have allowed this.
    It is just wrong! My Canada includes all citizens maintaining all rights and freedoms and that has not been the case for the last while.

  25. CC2………yep let’s have a revolution…how sick is that?

    This VERY GOOD and informative article By: Lorne Gunter of the Standard Freeholder about Marois taking down the Canadian flag in the national assembly of Quebec while having no problem accepting our Canadian tax dollars. (hey, Patrick and Blue Bird oh and you too **s**… Pay special attention to the last paragraph. I believe it was written with you folk in mind.

    Message to Marois: Don’t take dirty Canadian money.

    PS: Jaime. Don’t let “certain people” dissuade you from writing about the French or the French issue. There is nothing wrong with covering those topics, especially when one considers it is in the news quite a bit lately and, as a major Canadian interest topic nothing could be better than to keep it in the public eye.

    Oh and folks, if you haven’t seen it. I have a video about Marois taking down the Canadian flag as well which can be seen at:

  27. My family has lived in this township for over 200 years. As a child you hated me because I was Catholic. It didn’t matter that I was French so much because the French had no rights. Now, you hate me because I was smart enough to learn French after I was 18. My mother stopped teaching us French as children because my brother mixed up the two languages and she feared he would be teased, and even beaten. I thought there was some progress in the last 25 years, and yet I read the remarks of stupid, bigoted racists.

    Since South Stormont Council has invited a hate monger to the buiding paid for by my taxes, they have gone way too far! It is time for our council to get to the business of the municipality and stay out of the provincial arena. We pay another politician for that job. Are you all that confused about your jobs?

  28. She has no permission to take …dirty canadian money, is Québec dirty money. Written by people that are Québec haters, and from people that never been to Québec… words aren’t worth more then the paper its printed on. Kilory, do you do anything else then post and do videos. I suggest what most of us already have, a job. Any job ? wether it require bilingualism or not… just do something else… vids on youtube don’t pay the bills.

  29. Smart enough to speak two languages… are absolutely correct, besides most english people that post here are not even from Ontario…..go figure. You hit the nail on the head when you said it is a provincial matter and should be dealt with provincially. It started in Cornwall and now they are trying to get the entire country involved. Who cares what is happening in Quebec, let them deal with their own problems….we have enough of our own in Ontario. If they choose to seperate, that also is their choice and their problem.

    They blame their failures on the french language lesgislation. They sat back and watched the parade go by, enjoyed it while it lasted and now cry discrimination. When one makes bad choices, they must own up to it and do what must be done to get ahead in life.

    I could understand your frustration about the instigating radical activist and his followers heading out to SS to stir the sh#t there when they don’t even live in your township. That speaks volumes about who they really are and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

  30. @Patrick. Haven’t you figured it out yet? I am the independently wealthy King of Kaybec. So there!! Assssssss if I would tell you what I do. Let’s just put it this way. Whatever I do provides plenty of hard earned tax money which goes towards paying for asinine projects and government departments that only serve the French and French Interests. And guess what? I am FED UP of it, AND MANY OTHER Non French Canadian tax paying citizens ARE ALSO FED UP OF IT.

    Lorne Gunter said it – OH SO WELL – in his article. And all you kiddies should read this and learn. You cannot criticize his “facts” the way you do those in this forum.

    “So here’s my advice to Quebec Premier Pauline Marois, if you can’t bear the symbolic presence of Canada in Quebec’s National Assembly, the rest of the country is prepared to do you a big favor and put a stop-payment on the cheques we send your province each year.”
    Speaking to P. Marois he say’s “Put your money where your beliefs are. Stop accepting federal dollars for your provincial treasury.” Now there’s a good idea Pauline. Don’t you think so Patrick?
    – FACT: “Canada sends Quebec $8 billion annually in equalization payments, a door prize simply for belonging to Confederation.” Oh la la…
    – FACT: “The payments don’t end with equalization. There are billions to Quebec in federal transfers for health, education and welfare”
    – FACT: “Ottawa is in the process of spending $2 billion — $2 billion! — to replace Montreal’s Champlain bridge. I urge Ms. Marois to refuse this federal handout.”
    – Imagine the tax hike in QC if the feds (me) weren’t paying for this.
    AND, as if that wasn’t enough already …

    THEEEEEEEE most important
    – FACT: “Over the years, Quebec separatists have convinced themselves (GET THIS PART Patrick?) “convinced themselves” (as you have) that their province gets the short end of the fiscal stick from Ottawa — that Quebec and Quebecers pay more into Confederation than they get out. By any measure this is complete lunacy. (Read it and weep Patrick… COMPLETE LUNACY) Yet, this myth is the way many separatists have convinced themselves Quebec would be better off outside Canada.”

    Yeah, I suppose you and your ilk will simply ignore all these “facts” Patrick. Why you ask? Well, simply because THEY ARE just that – FACTS – Facts you cannot refute.

    Oh, and don’t forget… Have a nice day eh.
    After all, one more day of the ROC paying for Quebec should be considered to “TO BE a good day.” Happy bridge building…
    – PS if you DO wish to refute these “facts” i suggest you write to Mr. Gunter.

    Ahhh yes, It’s good to be King 🙂

  31. Oh and Patrick. I am doing something. I am at the forefront of the drive to educate Canadian citizens so that they realize “the fact” that Quebec and the French have no use for the English people, the English language or the Canadian flag for that matter. And therefore, Quebec MUST LEAVE Canada as they have outgrown their welcome.

    Oh, don’t forget, have a nice day eh 🙂

  32. @Smart enough to speak 2 languages September RE: 19, 2012 at 4:59 pm POST
    Knowing or learning other languages or multiple languages has little to do with being smart. Besides, learning other languages is great WHEN ONE IS NOT forced to.
    It seems to me that those (the French) who pass laws that diminish and crush other languages are the ones who are bigoted and Fascist.
    AND ALSO, the slow and gradual take over of Canada is a “COUNTRY WIDE ISSUE.”

  33. Some people just like making issues, makes them feel important!!!

  34. So true. “People making issues.”

    What on earth shall we do with that Pauline Marois anyways. Her and all her “making issues.” Issues like taking down Canadian flags and so on. She must feel oh so important 🙂

  35. Hello edudyorlik, thanks for the “crickets” video…loved it:)

    To Helga and Karen Harris, would say that there is no point in arguing with the radical French fringe elements, here on the forum. They lack the strength of their convictions, as they hide behind their fake names, and spew anonymously on the Net.

    Am sorry to see that our Admin is the newest victim, of the rude obnoxious posters on this forum. Better duck and dodge those tomatoes, Jamie…cause we really need you:)

    Completely agree with Cory, there is no point in debating or engaging the radical French minority fringe elements. They (French) are not interested in language fairness or equality. As a matter of fact, they are very much threatened by the English majority. That’s why they are fighting because they are losing their entitlements and benefits, as French special status in Canada.

    As you can see by their own postings, the French really don’t want equality between the French and English. The French minority are only interested in complete domination and control, over the English majority!

    To my fellow posters, the best policy is one of not: “feeding the trolls” on these sites! Instead, put your time and efforts in getting actively involved in the fight. Write the: press/media, blog, MP’s and the Government, “share” the news on Facebook, support our leaders/activists, sign the petitions and join the protests! Stand up and be counted, before it’s too late!!!

    Remember to put your monies where your policitics lie…only support English businesses and demand English…not bilingual services. Support OUR industries and shop locally for all exports, services, goods and merchandise! The universal language of money, will speak loud and clear to the French minority. Either they will embrace English or be relegated to suffer the economic consequences of their decisions.

    Time for the English to indeed, “wake up” from their deep slumber. We are the majority in Canada and it’s time that we started acting like it:)

  36. Colleen….I sincerely hope they listen to you as they haven’t listened to Cory’s advise. It would give us all peace of mind. It would be so nice to come to this forum and not read the put downs and bashing of the french people. Go about your business of trying to seperate the country and leave us alone. We don’t need the BS nor do we want to read about it.

    Keep rallying the troops in your own little corner of the world but one thing I ask, should you get your way, could you please let us all know how many english people got promoted to better jobs and how many found new job good paying jobs because the language lesgislation changed.

  37. Smart enough to speak 2 languages, seems to me 4 other townships started this……and what is wrong with trying to stop something before it comes to your front yard? It all starts and stops with the one lone taxpayer as 3 governments pick the same pocket.

    Kids have been beaten up or treated differently for ever, it is not always a French thing or a Catholic thing. It may have been under tall, had a face too small for the nose, wore clothes different than everyone else, had trouble throwing a ball, not wearing a certain shoe and on and on.

  38. stella said:

    Go about your business of trying to seperate the country and leave us alone. We don’t need the BS nor do we want to read about it.

    If your second sentence were true why do you troll all these articles related to language .
    How is requesting representation by population separating the country -oh ya Stella propaganda .

    “Some people just like making issues – makes them feel important!!!”

    Yes stella, you’re right; this could explain why you troll these articles!

    “It started in Cornwall and now they are trying to get the entire country involved”

    Once again stella thanks now you’re seeing the bigger picture -but it started long before Chris Cameron stood up.

    “When one makes bad choices, they must own up to it and do what must be done to get ahead in life.”

    This could very much the government and its choices for Language laws and own up to that failure .

    Oh stella ………..its getting hot.The population is growing in discontent and the government’s recognizing this.

    Fairness will be for all … whether the French rights groups like it or not!

  39. Piper let me say say, honestly, I don’t care what the gov does about the language law and that is the truth because it won’t change my life whatsoever. Got that? and it probably won’t change many other people’s lives either. It’s a power struggle for you guys so that in the end you could boast that the majority won……big deal!!!

    I am a proud french Canadian who dislikes being put down because of my culture. Why do I troll these articles? Before I answer that one, let me say this……it is none of your business how much time I spend here and how many times I post.

    Sometimes I find these articles amusing, other times ridiculous and most times mind boggling and that is because of the groups mentality towards the french, which is disturbing. So let’s just say when all else is done and I have time on my hands, I like coming here to rewind.

    In a nutshell…….I really don’t care what happens but like I said before, to give everyone peace of mind, you should listen to Colleen and Cory’s advise. I am sure I will find other more interesting things to read on CFN.

    Bonne soiree!!!

  40. I don’t post on here as much and now I know why ? Because this Free news talks only on language and is only one sided. The only voice of reason is stella and one or two more. Good thing it’s free news, had I payed for this, I’d be asking for my money back.

  41. I am sort of going against my better judgment in addressing you *s* as I said I would no longer do so but, I thought I would try just this one more time. The reason? I find it sad that you can say, “I am a proud french Canadian who dislikes being put down because of my culture.” — AND — “It’s a power struggle for you guys so that in the end you could boast that the majority won” These things are so far from the “my” truth it’s not funny. In previous posts I have spelled out how I love the French language and the French culture. I hope you saw those posts and if you need a re-cap let me know I will re-post the ones I can find. I was trying to show a genuine love for the French and the French culture. I have a feeling most folks feel the same way about the French “as a general concept,” separate from what is going on. The problem is how the French are doing things. This is what is making people angry. Passing a law that tells Canadian citizens living in a province that resides within a country called Canada which say’s their “majority language” is second rate? Quebec is JUST A province. As bad as it still would be, it would be a little more digestible if they were the majority in their own “country.” P. Marois taking down the Canadian flag in the N.A. and the French snubbing their nose at the Canadian flag. Again, that would “maybe” be OK if they were in their own country but they ARE NOT, they are a “province” inside a country that deserves respect for the flag of that country. The moderate French should stand against that also. And, until such time that they do separate, these actions simply show a disrespect for the country they live in and also, I might add, shows disrespect for the country that sends them “Canadian tax payers money” which they have no problem accepting. ALSO, it’s OK to be “ a proud French Canadian” but many of the French DO NOT consider themselves Canadian (for one) and second, I doubt that anyone would be putting anyone down if there were no provocations. The discriminatory actions of the French are provoking the English… IE: fascist laws like Bill 101, discriminatory hiring practices laws that favor a small portion of the population and make it difficult for the majority tax paying English speaking citizens living in their own country from getting jobs. And don’t bother saying, “all they have to do is learn French” because THEY SHOULD “NOT HAVE TO” learn French. That is a made up precept. MADE UP… Not based in any factual ideals. Learning another language or not should be a choice, not a forced ideal. Besides, why should a small amount of people dictate what the majority “should have to do?” That DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE at all. In all other aspects of life that IS NOT the way things work. Why should it work that way in this situation? Why can’t the French push for more French language and more French culture by teaching their children that this is a good thing and growing their culture and numbers that way rather than diminishing and restricting their fellow English Canadian citizens in their own country, which only causes resentment. It is all a question of numbers. Quebec is JUST a “province” (despite the feds sometimes treating it as more) It is NOT a country and thus SHOULD not be able to dictate that the people living in that “province” forget the fact that their country (which is majority English) does not exist in as the country that governs that province and all the provinces of Canada. So, I don’t believe the idea is to “put you down or put the French down.” It is more of a sense of frustration revolving around the idea that Quebec is acting as if they are their own country, disrespecting the English language, the English people and most everything that stand for Canada. AND THAT makes the majority English people angry about the unfairness of it all. Can you at least understand this on some level? Oh and, it’s not a power struggle to “win” either. If you pay close attention to what most are saying, it’s a sense that things ARE NOT FAIR and EQUAL. One side, the French are getting unfair advantages and have things like “French only clinics” on what is considered the English side of the fence while the idea of an English ONLY ANYTHING on the French side of the fence would be against the law and completely impossible. There is an imbalance. And, as with a teeter totter, whenever there is an imbalance, the kid on one side ends up with a sore bum and hurt feelings 🙂

  42. my god ! ce gars a du temps à perdre.

  43. Richard….c’est tout se qu’il a a faire apparament. C’est beau d’avoir tout ce temps la a perdre……**s**

  44. My bad… I actually deserve that as I somehow thought there was a possibility of “real” dialogue and some kind of connection but, like they say, (and i should have known better) “Never argue with an idiot, because they will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” I give up. You folks are too Waaayyyy too experienced idiots. So much so that you will probably think this is a compliment.

    Oh and remember, have a nice day eh 😉

  45. Edudyorlik,

    Your Sept. 21, 2012 comment made at 10:39am sums up the issue perfectly. My hats off to you sir as I could not have described the situation better.

    All the best,


  46. Thanks Cory. I guess you were right too. There really IS NO USE trying to have any “real” dialogue with these folk.

    I even tried (one more time) to extended an olive branch to Stella figuring that if maybe I empathized (which was sincere btw) my regret about how she felt bad about being put down because of her culture etc and also re-iterating the fact that i really do love the French language and culture she would maybe be a little more receptive. NOT !!! You saw the response i got. But, that’s OK. Live and learn eh. Like i said, it’s my own fault for trying. And like a wonderful Chinese girl i once hung out with used to say, “it’s all water over a ducks back.”

    Anyways, take care and keep up the good work Cory. People are starting to pay attention and it is starting to show in many ways… One of which is the sense of fear and panic that comes across in this post by Patrick Boucher, “James moore is telling people what they want to hear. He would’nt dare touch the bilingualism issue. Look at mike harris when he dared to touch montfort. Stephen Harper knows that it only takes one issue to topple the conservative government …he wouldn’t dare do it.”
    – Sheer terror that things may very well be turning around.

    In the immortal words of Roger Waters, “The Tide is Turning.”

  47. kilroy, that is why no one is arguing with you. We don’t want a long winded explanation. Some of us have better things to do and, I will quote the king of all kilroys ¨“Never argue with an idiot, because they will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” I give up. ¨ After the first two sentences.

  48. Times they are a changing ,I smell and hear fear of whats to come .
    My God the public is becoming very frustrated with these Language laws -look at New Brunswick its going to get messy soon .
    You cant back a people in the corner and not expect a response .

    Are the french Zealots blind Faith in their religion making it available that they do not see that its they over the past 42 years that have created animosity and anger in society.

    For its only a small part of the french population that push for these inequities in society .
    But Remember English are ‘Waking up” and unfortunately it will effect all of the french society.

    Times they are a changing

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