Freedom isn’t Free: South Glengarry Ontario Council Booed for not showing Courage

Freedom isn't Free - Council booed for not standing up
South Glengarry Council – decision to respect Charter of Rights & Freedoms DEFERRED

CFN – To many, Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 will long be remembered as the day that an Eastern Ontario township Council (South Stormont) took a strong stand in support of Canadians’ inalienable right to freedom of expression. Why was that necessary? Language rights activist Howard Galganov will tell you it was essential to push back because in June an Ontario Court of Appeal judge ruled that, even though Russell Township’s forced bilingual sign law clearly violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it is permissible to infringe on some of these rights in order to promote the agenda of some French language activists. Russell was the fourth Eastern Ontario township to adopt such a practice that dictates that all commercial signs be in French and English, even if the customers speak neither of those languages and without regard to need nor cost.

Galganov and Jean-Serge Brisson are in the process of a Supreme Court challenge to that ruling. However, Galganov is not putting all of his eggs in one basket. One township at a time he is working to get the remaining 440 Ontario townships not to infringe upon these inalienable (God-given) and Charter rights. Tuesday was South Glengarry’s turn to answer the challenge. The answer? We’ll deal with it at the next meeting.

M.P. Guy Lauzon flanked by LFA and CLF supporters

Galganov did not miss the opportunity to remind his audience that our M.P. Guy Lauzon declined Galganov’s request to join him in taking a stand in South Stormont because the matter is “too controversial.”

Freedom is not freeIt’s not o.k.! … If we wait for the politicians at the federal level, at the provincial level, we’ll be waiting for an awful long time. When a federal member of Parliament can’t stand up and say ‘I support freedom of expression; I support the Canadian Constitutional rights’, what’s to say!


158 Canadians have died fighting for the rights and freedoms of others [in Afghanistan] and we’re too frightened to fight for our own rights and freedoms here just by affirming our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms!

Human rights activist Howard Galganov reminded South Glengarry Council that Freedom isn’t free – called for their courage to respect Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Galganov received a round of applause during his closing, when he requested of Council:

 If any of the Councillors, in this case, Mr. Bougie, would present the resolution, and at the same time, present a motion to have it voted on tonight, because if we can’t figure out whether we should stand for Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, then let’s not have any vote ever.

Mayor Ian McLeod did acknowledge that this was not in accord with standard practice, but opened the floor to input from the councillors.

Councillor Frank Prevost expressed a desire that normal procedure of seeking input from administration be followed. He indicated that he was not opposed to the resolution, just not certain that it was necessary and wanted to give the two absent Council members further opportunity for input. The room resounded with boos in response.

Councillor Trevor Bougie gave his support to Prevost’s rationale.

A member of the audience asked that the resolution be read for their benefit just the same and was told that it was not available. Howard Galganov got to his feet and reminded Council that the CAO was indeed in possession of the resolution. CAO Derik Brandt did then acknowledge that he was in receipt of the resolution which was identical to the one passed by South Stormont, except that the final clause had been deleted. However, he declined to have it read at the meeting.

Will November 13, 2012 share a similar degree of fame as September 26th or will it be one of notoriety? Many eyes will be on South Glengarry Council at their next meeting in two weeks’ time, watching to see just how important human rights are to the Council. Any bets on whether or not the press and crowd will be back?

South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis
after South Glengarry Council deferred resolution

…we’re talking about the Charter of Rights, so why do you need a recommendation? It doesn’t make any sense to me … We opened the door for them in South Stormont; we made it easier for them. This is easy for them now. We stuck our necks out. It’s not an anti-French decision that we made; we give everybody the opportunity to put up their signs in any language. We didn’t mandate the use of any language on any sign. That’s what everybody wants. What threat is there? Why would anybody say it’s wrong to pass that.



Language Fairness for All spokesperson Chris Cameron
after South Glengarry Council deferred resolution

These Councillors are used to having maybe ten [people in the gallery] and this decision to let this be delayed for two weeks, with the booing of at least 50-60 people, certainly makes a big impact. I’m sure they’ll have to think about this.







Canadians for Language Fairness spokesperson Beth Trudeau

I don’t know why the decision is so hard; we have our young people overseas fighting for the very rights that they [South Glengarry Council] are unwilling to stand up for. It would be nice to see some Councillors, other than those in South Stormont, get the cahoonas to speak out for freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and all those rights that God gave us.




Long-time language rights activist Kim McConnell
after South Glengarry non-vote

It’s quite disgraceful that the Council didn’t have the courage to even read the proposal. The excuses they gave were not good enough because they knew that there were people coming to listen, and they had the resolution … the basic thing is that they didn’t have the courage, and I think that they were intimidated by the number of French people in the audience. They were definitely intimidated.





“Jane Doe”, camera-shy former Quebecer living in South Glengarry:

I was in absolute shock. Coming here from the bordering province of Quebec, and having lived [there] and not having a constitution that anybody would stand up for, coming to Ontario thinking that the Canadian Constitution means something that people fought for and died for, to [tonight] watch any sense of Canadianism walk out that door, makes me ill in my belly. This isn’t about language; this is about human rights.

Our video clip shows Howard Galganov’s appeal to Council, Council’s response as well as comments made by supporters.

There you have it folks!  In two week’s time we’ll report what the South Glengarry Council decides to do about this matter which has been placed before them.

Feel free to vote and rate this article as well as any comments which are posted below.  Please, let’s not resort to unhelpful name calling and needless repetition of points once they been well-articulated.  How does South Glengarry Council’s (non)decision sit with our viewers?

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  1. Why is the Franco-Ontario group practicing tribalism? Franco-Ontario flags, schools, licence plates, French-only services?

    When you have a tribe that sets itself apart from the rest of Canada through iconoclasm then you defeat the very purpose of a democracy to begin with which should be a cultural melting pot. Special interest groups should fund themselves and not have the government (our tax dollars) fund them.

    You want special funding? Seek it out from businesses like Desjarding and the Caisse Populaires.

  2. C`est drole
    November 19, 2012 at 9:22 am

    ” South Stormont for example adopted this “By-law” good for them lets` see how it plays out over the next ten years… it is a tempest in a teapot …”

    Actually The next year or two -Times they are a changing.

    What you see here is the just the tip of the iceberg people, the internet is abuzz with language issues ,more people speaking up it will eventually hit critical mass as more language rights groups work together.

    Government will have no choice but to listen to its people rather then small interest groups !

    ERIC- did you see the CBC article -Quebec and the big box stores-Trade mark is a powerful thing -these big box stores have more money then Quebec -(Quebec is broke ) ,Quebec will loose this one for sure !

  3. Cory Cameron
    November 19, 2012 at 10:01

    Why is the Franco-Ontario group practicing tribalism? Franco-Ontario flags, schools, licence plates, French-only services?

    Yup all at the tax payers expense to promote one culture above all others –
    why are there say Scottish Ontario flags there are more Scots then french in Ontario -payed for by the Government.
    Chinese ,German,lots of dutch in the area as well -why are they not sponsored.

    Why one when there are hundreds of other languages .

  4. WWHOOA there!! I read in another media outlet that Chris Cameron self appointed president said ‘This is not about French” …and here we have another political swipe at the French language rights agian…in al least 5 different blog people…. make up your mind… that is the contraversy …clean your own house if you want to be taken seriously instead of trying to impose frivolous by-laws … Your ideals change as often as I change socks… every time you can~t answer or admit to a real question or fact about your roots of politcal anger you cry propaganda!! hard to take your ideas seriously….internet is only one way of dealing with issues … honestly .. read a book or two ….outside of your circle…

  5. Funny isn’t it Cory Cameron how misinformation is used:

    C`est drole
    November 19, 2012 at 11:11 am

    “Your ideals change as often as I change socks… every time you can~t answer or admit to a real question or fact about your roots of politcal anger you cry propaganda!!”

    Propaganda again : I believe LFA has never steered from the fact that this is about discriminatory government policies.

    Cory they really like to spin it don’t they?Spin turn twist ,spin turn twist -till the statement is no longer recognizable!

    Eric -they seem not to have good arguments therefore better to spin it?

  6. Discrimanatory government practices??? what discrimanatory practices ..??in South Glengarry?? still can`t deny if you breed fear where none exists ….. just to validate an opened by-law that serves no purpose… just to what excatly??in case another Canadian wants services in any language??but not if it our french brothers and sisters do under the Charter…OOOOHH I get it…

  7. NO Thanks.. I don“`t see how that protects anybody from anything other than fear mongering…

  8. C`est drole, this is about French rights, and English and on and on.

    Mostly, this bylaw would tell business owners, hey, your business sign, if in good taste, is your business. It would also show the Courts that people have noticed an infringement of the Charter is not acceptable. It could also tell different levels of government that this is not acceptable.

    Can you please tell us what French rights are not being protected? I would prefer it in a letter to the editor so it / they can be discussed.

  9. my understanding is, the way that bill 101 is structured right now it does not have the teeth to force these companies to comply.
    Quebec was sort of depending on everyone “just going along” like nice little sheep.

    so, if Quebec wishes to make a stronger version of 101 in order to legally force these stores they will have to introduce a new bill or a new form of Bill 101 (Bill 593 perhaps) But, They desperately (or i should say, the smart ones among them as opposed to the die hards) realize desperately don’t want
    to open this up as it could cause MANY more challenges and thus end up with no Bill 101 at all.

    In any case right at the moment it is a good thing. A small but huge victory at the same time.

  10. Drole…….they have been changing stories since the cc didn’t get the promotion he wanted at CCH. They changed names three times. First is was about language, then it wasn’t it was a discrimination thing. Then it became langugae again and now the cc say it’s not about language. Go figure. It’s a joke!!!

    They don’t know what their real claim is. The only thing they know is that they hate the french and always have. The g’s goal was to eliminate french even before the lfa existed. Being no fool, the g, gathered his lost sheep and is now leading to the promised land. **smile**

    Doth sayeth galganov, I am your shepherd, he who believes in me shall not fear the french. All nations will bow down to our chosen ones and the english will dominate the universe.

  11. c`est drole
    November 19, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    “still can`t deny if you breed fear where none exists ….. just to validate an opened by-law that serves no purpose… just to what excatly?”

    -Propaganda ,propaganda ,propaganda

    “in case another Canadian wants services in any language??but not if it our french brothers and sisters do under the Charter…OOOOHH I get it…”

    -Propaganda ,propaganda, propaganda

    c`est drole
    November 19, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    “NO Thanks.. I don“`t see how that protects anybody from anything other than fear mongering…”

    -Propaganda ,propaganda, propaganda

    Does it work for you???

  12. Remember the Alliance for the Protection of English in Canada about 25 or 30 years ago? The APECers used to vandalize bilingual signs in my community, and turn the cereal boxes around in the grocery stores so the French side was hidden. Sadly, most of those old farts are dead now, but happily, they have been replaced by a new wave of freedom-fighters.

  13. UHHH Eric! liook around you! jobs are dsappearing everywhere ,not just english unilinguals….blilingual people are out on the unemployment line too.. so don~t blame one group over another for that one………read interesting info in Mr Valentine`s column today about bullying in this “media” read the whoollle column not just a few bits and pieces…NOpe can~t see the reason for blaming others…SG does not have a discrimination problem but some folks want to put an unreasonable fear there… NO THANKS…

  14. for any one who thinks all english are powerless in flash NEW MAYOR OF MONTREAL annonced today ANGLOPHONE….Mr Applebaum…..don`t tell us you all are taking credit for that one….

  15. Oops. It was the Alliance for the Preservation of English in Canada. Not “Protection of”… In the meantime, it’s a huge relief to know that the baton has been passed on to the next generation.

  16. This business about English speaking people being without jobs is rediculous. My daughter received her last letter today along with the group that is left that she and the others are finished on November 30 of this year and it tells about how much they are going to get in their packages, etc. My daughter is bilingual and she didn’t want to go to the call centre all the way out there and she was offered the job. She is going through hell on earth as is in the travel which is like going from Cornwall to Ottawa and back. She is already in bed since 1/2 hour ago. She gets up before the birds and is on her way to Kanata every morning. Now she will be going to a private college for 8 months before embarking on work again.

    People have to stop their discrimination against one another. Isn’t it enough of the problems in the world without making matters worse. Learn to get along and accept one another. If people were intelligent they would pick up French and other languages as well. I have French and it wasn’t hard to pick up Italian and even Spanish. The more you know the better you are. Stop putting the blame on the French people. I have seen one man from Brazil speaking four languages and working at a furniture company here in Ottawa. One young man was speaking three languages working at Wal Mart part time since he is a student at a university here in Ottawa. One young man was speaking Arabic to my husband in a store trying out what he learned at the university. When I see this hatred of the people in Cornwall against one another it makes me boil. Get educated and learn to communicate like good human beings. The world is in enough turmoil as is and don’t make things any worse than what it is.

  17. Highlander,

    I don’t mind them spinning…the problem is when people believe them. What I don’t understand is how this bilingualism concept has become a multi-billion dollar waste. There are entire bureaucracies in Canada dedicated to the growth of the French language.

    There isn’t a single other language in this country where money is handed out for the purpose of the growth of a language.

    So why would French be any different than any other language?

    The answer=it isn’t.

    The only reason why government entities hand out so much money to the hundreds of French organizations in Ontario alone is just because of that. They’re organized! It’s high time that other enthnicities other than French organize themselves and pressure government officials and entities to also fund their languages.

    I’m wondering why with over 10,000 Mohawk citizenry in the Cornwall area there are no government services available in the Mohawk language?

    Why wouldn’t the CCH have Mohawk signs alongside English and French?

    Something that makes me go hymmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


  18. c`est drole November 19, 2012 at 6:52 pm

    Make me laugh wrote, “for any one who thinks all english are powerless in flash NEW MAYOR OF MONTREAL annonced today ANGLOPHONE….Mr Applebaum…..don`t tell us you all are taking credit for that one….”

    — Guess the job needed a good old fashioned non corrupt ENGLISH Canadian 🙂

  19. @ c`est drole. Disappearing jobs and homelessness and hunger are the last things that are on these freedom-fighter’s minds. They are focused on business signs, and attracting as much attention to themselves as possible. It all boils down to “Look at me!!!” Pretty sad that these freedom-fighters aren’t usefully employed, but as long as they are occupied with their asinine cause, they aren’t planting bombs.

  20. It’s funny Highlander and Eric how some will assume that homelessness and hunger are not on our minds! When we’ve stated over and over and over again how money earmarked for bilingualism should go to usefull causes like homelessness and hunger.

  21. Post a link Cory, to where you advocate for the homeless and hungry and unemployed. No, it’s easier to bitch and whine about about the French invasion that seems to threaten your fragile sensibilities.

  22. OOHH so that`s why homelessness and hunger are happening because of “french ” people??? it has nothing to do with governement waste on overspending for hotels and orange juice, or billions sent to countries where disaster has struck, or health care wasted money on an electronic system that used non existant consultants, or fighting a war overseas for ten years… the bilingual families and french families that pay taxes and get little in return must feel really good about all the billions they get..don`t see to many of them driving roll royces though.. nice blame game there its why this group has no credibility..

  23. Mr. edudyorlik,

    Please cue the crickets for our dear followers…

  24. stellabystarlight
    November 19, 2012 at 2:13 pm

    Now Julie Le your spreading propaganda again,is the only way that you can fight this issue with?

    “They don’t know what their real claim is. The only thing they know is that they hate the french and always have.All nations will bow down to our chosen ones and the english will dominate the universe.”

    You are spreading hate propaganda Julie L .nothing more needs to be said -read the above.

    November 19, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    That was to funny ….so true but too funny .

    Cory Cameron
    November 19, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    2.4 billion plus++++Yearly could go to feeding and housing more then one culture!!!!
    Over a trillion since 1969 could benefit many more then one culture .

    Imagine all the humanitarian causes FOR ALL instead of one culture.

    Sad is that McGuinty reduced social benefits to save money -taking food off the table of the disadvantaged -yet the 624 million for bilingualism never was touched -can touch that sacred cow.

    Wow signage and lobbying money more important the social well being of Ontario citizens .

    I thought social programs was their mantra -but appears its bilingualism.

    Ontario has not been deemed officially bilingual so what is happening ?

    Eric you right -So folks what french rights are not protected by the bylaw -other then the ability to force it on a sign ?

    Answer please how this bylaw takes rights away from the french as you claim?

  25. @Stella

    Using caps (capitol letters) to indicate you have to raise your voice to make your point clearly indicates you have lost control, don’t comprehend and are afraid. Afraid that without FLSA, mandatory bilingualism and all those other current advantages you know you what will happen. !

  26. @jules RE: November 19, 2012 at 8:17 pm POST

    — Hey jules, how about this. If WE CHOOSE to learn French then fine. But, we are being forced. Do you understand. Being forced to learn a language that is not only difficult to learn but is completely (or should be) unnecessary unless one wants to live in that god forsaken province where they have outlawed the English language. If you want to preach to anyone about tolerance and discrimination go talk to the French people in Quebec and leave English people in the ROC alone. Canada is a damn well 97 percent English dominated speaking country and the only reason why French is even spreading out from the “province” of Quebec is because they like being automatically qualified for ALL jobs because EVERYONE MUST know English in the whole damn world but only those who want to live in Quebec, or choose to know French need to know French. We’re fed up of being forced to KNOW French just to get a damn job (my wife is one of those people who is in her 40’s and has no urge to learn that damn language and good for her) in her own damn country. Besides, we are already “educated.” We are just NOT INTERESTED in knowing a language that is unnecessary in the BIG picture. There is a difference. And again, if you want to preach or convert then speak to the French who have discriminatory laws and who could care less about the “common” language of this country and our Canadian flag.

  27. Jules, just read your comment, Could not agree with you more. Did not have a chance to read any other comment today or yesterday. Someone finally gets it…good.

  28. My goodness Jules, I do not see (or have) a hatred to French people. For the most part, we get along, work and live together pretty well. Government and a few pushers are the problem!

    There are hundreds of Francophone groups getting much taxpayer money from everyone, and entire government departments devoted to increasing French services. Are any Francophones dying in the street from lack of care? Why do we allow 200 plus government entities to have guaranteed funding to sign onto the Ontario French Languages Services Act?

    Learning another language is not a sign of intelligence, being in the right circumstances to learn and nurture that learning involves more than just a want to learn.

  29. Thank you Mr. Edudyorlik,

    That was a fine ensemble of crickets!


  30. Ken FYI the capital letters are written that way so the massage stands out….got that? If it makes you feel bigger and better to say we are afraid or upset……keep dreaming!!!

    c’est drole…..the french are also to blame for what is happening in the Gaza strip. They must remember that we are not part of their flock whereas they can brainwash us and make us believe their inflated numbers and tales. We are too smart to be swayed with such nonsense.

    Jules…..absolutely!!! You see Jules it’s always easier to blame another for our failures which is what the shepherd and his flock excel at. It must be a long life living daily with such animosity in one’s heart and always looking to fight whatever doesn’t suit their fancy because of their inflated sense of entitlement. IF they only knew what the majority thought of them and their agenda…..yet like lemmings they continue their journey and follow their leader.

    yorlik….no one is forced to learn french…….what don’t you understand. Didn’t many of the saviors followers refuse to learn french? Nothing forceful there…… one forced them to learn or not learn….got that? But because they didn’t choose to learn, they are missing out on job opportunities where both languages are required. Your arguments are getting somewhat outdated and have been answered many times before…….get googling.

  31. in the political world if you don~t agree with your leaders policies you taint the party and are fired or cross the floor… house cleaning is in order for this group of “freedom fighters’ ,(like that Richard t,)

  32. Cory:

    Did you read what Julie lec wrote that the french are to blame for whats happening in the gaza strip?

    Cory did you read this from Julie lec :”IF they only knew what the majority thought of them and their agenda…..yet like lemmings they continue their journey and follow their leader.”

    Perhaps if Julie only knew the amount of people that approach members of the group to thank them for doing the “right thing”

    That’s alright Cory Julie Le can can stay in her bubble.

  33. “amount of people who approach this group for doing the right thing” PROPAGANDA< borrow a word.!.. same people over and over does not amount to a groundswell of support there…what`s next???

  34. You’re welcome Cory.
    It’s only too bad we couldn’t replace them crickets with some “REAL” concrete answers though.

    Oh well…
    It’s likely because these folk just simply DON’T HAVE “REAL” ANSWERS.
    _____(o o)

  35. As I said before SAlbright
    It’s all a matter of perspective.
    If you were standing on the window ledge on the 26th floor of some building that was on fire and the flames were starting to lick your back. What would you do. No one is “forcing you to jump to your death” but…

    As you can see.. It’s just semantics. If a corrupt government policy caters to (the whining) mere 8% of the population French and makes it so that 100 % of the population needs French to get a job in order to survive then one is FORCED and MUST learn French to survive but in effect THAT IS BEING FORCED. It is certainly NOT a choice in the true spirit of the term “choice.” Even YOU can see that. Or wait. You probably can but will refuse to as it’s too damn freekin logical for you.

  36. Here it is.. The begging of the end…
    Wha ha ha ha ha…

    Gotta love it. The little peon “province” (not even a country and there trying to push corporations around) de Quebec sends a damn “how to video” to huge international corporate retailers on how to “include their god forsaken over inflated minority (on the world stage) language” to their company logo’s that have been around for decades.

    _____(o o)

  37. Here it is.. The “beginning” (of course) of the end…
    Wha ha ha ha ha…

    Gotta love it. The little peon “province” (not even a country and there trying to push corporations around) de Quebec sends a damn “how to video” to huge international corporate retailers on how to “include their god forsaken over inflated minority (on the world stage) language” to their company logo’s that have been around for decades.

    _____(o o)

  38. As an American, let me say those descended from the first settlements in Canada –the French– have every right to demand French language rights in all of Canada. Those of other origin being of later arrival –specifically the Scots (or) Scot Loyalists, remain “saved in the skin” thru allegiance to the British Crown. These people should become aware of the quest for “going it alone” free from reliance on the English factor in Union; i.e., being able to express their true political nature. In America we forced the situation, going so far as to “tar and feather” the opponent Loyalist and win the war against imperial dominance. Liberty defines inalienable rights to my mind. Scotsman, do stand up and show that you are a man.

  39. Mr. Guil,

    Your comments are invited as all other’s are. The problem as we see it is the dominance of the French language in regards to the choosing of a candidate for a job in Canada – ANY job! There are many of us in Canada who have been turned down for work just because we don’t speak French. And then, there are those of us who do speak both English and French like myself but have been turned down for jobs because, “we’re not French enough.”

  40. Mr. Guil,

    French represents approx 12-14% of the population of Canada yet 65% of all federal government jobs are deemed bilingual (French).

    Ontario is the same 65% for francophone population of 4% in Ontario,if you are not A- level tested french you are Really limited to Government jobs ,yet English testing is not held to those same standards.

    We do not see representation by population as such in a true democracy such as yours.

  41. @Fred Guil
    RE: November 22, 2012 at 11:51 am POST

    Thanks for the input but, one thing you MUST BE MADE AWARE OF .

    The deck is stacked against us. It is NOT a fair fight or a level playing field when your own government with all the power, influence and authority sits on the bench of the opposing “minority” team. That being said, it is up to us and yes, we have begun the process.

    Suffice to say, we had the opportunity back in 1759 but it seems our sense of fairness and good will in letting our foe survive has come back to haunt us.

    _____(o o)

  42. Fiction fred, They are writing fiction. The deck is not stacked against anyone. In Canada we have the principle of majority decision while keeping rights to minorities. Where numbers warrant the need, francophones have rights to education, signage and other stuff bilingualism offers. Some are just blaming everything under the sun because they didn’t get things they think the deserve. ANd what do they do to get ahead, one leaves and starts hate propaganda in Ontario, another makes videos in his free time, and the other well lets just call hiim bébé gâté corey.

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