I answer some Questions & clear some Cornwall Ontario Air, and look to the future by Jamie Gilcig – March 20, 2013

Jamie GilcigCFN – So with all the political and media intrigue here in Cornwall the last while I thought I’d clear up a few things and catch up on reality with some of our dear viewers that pose a lot of questions to moi.

“Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is an run if you think it’s so easy to be a politician?”

Well first off I’ve been asked.  More than once. I was actually considering it last election but the media scene here turned me off.  I felt that I wouldn’t be treated fairly by the other local media and sadly time has proven me right on that count.

If you look at the pathetically biased manner in which the Free Holder, Seaway News, and Corus have handled “news” here in Cornwall the last while it gives one a pause for concern.

To be honest I don’t think I’d personally have the patience to sit through meeting after meeting without being honest with people and the reality is that people don’t really want honest politicians, do we?  We do want smarter ones though than the ones we currently have in Cornwall who have obviously never heard the phrase “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

“It’s so easy to criticize.  Where are your answers?”

I applied to be on five committees last election.   In spite of Councilor Thibault suggesting not enough people were stepping forward it was deemed by him and the Lay Committee which included councilors Carr and Grant that I be disqualified as I was media.

I can tell you that if I were to run for office in Cornwall I’d campaign to make sure there was an open period of council for the public to ask a question or make a statement.  I’d campaign to move us back to an Alderman system where councilors represent sections of Cornwall.  Having ten councilors as we have now is a waste and as almost all of them never seem to have answers and run to management or consultants what is the point?

I’d campaign to have Cornwall support a micro business incubator.   Without small business communities are doomed.

I’d champion negotiating with the province and federal governments to help fund a pilot project to have Cornwall Transit not charge for bus service.   In a community like Cornwall that impact could be huge helping those that can least afford it be mobile; help business locally; save the environment and have less empty buses running.


Why do you hate Cornwall so much?”

That one is personally painful because I choose to live in Cornwall.  I’m not born here.  I can live in many places, and have given and will continue to try to give to my community.    But this, like other communities isn’t perfect and there’s a small clique that control things from City Hall to local charities and even larger organizations.   That CLIQUE truly needs to be smashed and broken for our community to grow and thrive.    We really need to be a community of inclusion and not be afraid of people who we didn’t go to school or church with.

We need to stand up to the bullies and make the cowards know their place which isn’t at the top of the feeding chain.   When I chat with a business about doing a feature story on them they are afraid of retaliation that’s why we’re at the bottom of the Communities in Bloom report every year.

“You’re just an angry blogger!”

A fave of the city hall crowd.  I have zero anger in me related to these situations.  I’m surprised, saddened, occasionally frustrated, but angry?  Nope.  This is a business.  CFN is now in the top 5 online independent newspapers in all of Canada.  Calling us a blog simply shows a lack of understanding of media.   It’s like calling Huffpo a blog.

“You’re a shit disturber!”

Nope.  Not at all.   Did I force a certain former CAO to become embroiled with the GSDL Manager?   Did I force the Lift Off team to not answer questions about their mysterious finances?   Did I tell Gilles Latour to go psycho at the Brownell retirement event?   Did I tell Mayor Kilger to hit the panic button?

I have not initiated or attacked a single person or organization in our four year history.   I have hit back on occasion.  I have stood up for people without a voice.  I have stood up for and to Beavers.   I have pushed back and will continue to push back if people try and attack.    Is that shit disturbing?  Methinks not.

“You’re a Socialist Lefty Pinko!”

Actually I’m a Canadian and a proud one.    After experiencing and learning a lot; especially locally since starting CFN I have chosen to be hyper non-partisan.   I think think Partisan Politics destroy the fabric of a country and community.     I think Partisan Politics also silence very strong voices and we need more, not less, if we are truly to make our society more productive and accountable.  The status quo is not working.

That said I personally tend to be more of a Social Conservative.  I don’t like wasting tax payer dollars and I do like making sure that we have basic needs covered.

I am now issue centric and will support a given candidate or party based on issues only.

As we watch a dying, ineffective and farcical Kilger regime impeach itself many are asking about the future.  We need strong voices to step out of the shadows and start preparing to fill those roles whether in the next election or before.  Not hand chosen air heads that have slept with one of the councilors or whose financial livelihood is become to them.

I personally think that if Mayor Kilger is finally forced to step down for Conflict of interest it would mean that all of our council should have to do the same as they have not only been aware to varying degrees of what’s been happening but have taken an active role in covering it up.

That impeaches them and any decisions made while they have been in power.

But that’s for the lawyers to sort out eventually.

Hope to see you Monday night at the protest in front of City Hall before the 7 PM Council meeting.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor  – CFN

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  1. Jamie:

    Good thing you are such a debonair ladies man, tall dark and handsome or these local peon media’s and protectors of the ‘Cornwall’ bias committee’s might really be jealous of your new ‘earned’ popularity.

    Go on, advertisers………this is where it’s now at… have you not checked on his numbers.

    I for one of many will be watching for your ads and honoring you with my business.

    Best to you Jamie. Good article clearing up a lot of the mystery…one being that not only are you smart, your common sense quotient has proven you know how to spell to.

  2. Jamie (Admin) for a long time now I have been saying that 10 counsellors is rediculous for Cornwall and a huge waste of money. The people of Cornwall call all people from other cities and towns “outsiders and trouble makers” and even myself who was born and raised in Cornwall I am now an outsider and yes a trouble maker to boot.

    When one is looking from the outside in they can get a good clear picture on what is going on. The people in Cornwall do not know what is going on around them and have their mouths wide open on what to do and who is going to spoon feed them, etc. They have never lived elsewhere (the majority of them) and all they knew was factory work if they ever worked.

    The people are not aware of what is going on around them and what goes around them is reflecting on them as well. I was just sitting here a while ago thinking about your paper and saying to myself “why don’t you suggest to the people who read Jamie’s paper and ask them if they would sometimes print out articles and distribute them to some of their neighbors to read” and this way it would help wake up the people who are asleep on issues that concern them.

    That rag that they call SF has nothing in it and a real waste of time. “When the student is ready the teacher appears” and that is not only to do with kids in school folks but this has to do with everyone in general who wants to learn and to wake up to what is going on around them is what this term means. People all better wake up because big changes are coming soon. We are no longer living in the past unfortunately.

    As a journalist Jamie is a professional and I want to see the people awaken from their deep sleep. If you do not awaken you will be taken advantage of and you will wind up bankrupt. That is not just a saying but the truth. That is why I keep putting the words “Wake Up” in so many of my sentences.

  3. Another thing that I wanted to add. Here in Ottawa we are a million people and we have wards. I am in the Alta Vista ward. When I saw ten counsellors for tiny little Cornwall it blew me away. I said what a humoungous waste of money.

    I want people to awaken and I don’t care if I have to shock people out of their tranze or what but people have to wake up. I have seen other small places that do with a lot less councellors and aldermen than little Tombstone. Wake up people.

  4. Love ya Jamie! You are open and honest with the public. If you decide to run for office, I will support you. I love your unique style and your drive to make this a better city.

    See you at the protest. Going to check into getting me a Kilger/Pinocchio T-Shirt! Gotta dress for the occasion…CHEERS!

  5. love the transit idea. sounds like we spend more on lawyers and consultants than the revenue generated by bus fares anyway.

  6. HOLY! Jamie…I have always supported you, but deep down inside wondered where you were coming from. (Just a little bit)
    That little bit has now been taken away from me. You have told it just the way I would if I were in your shoes. Now if you would only start your own radio station, we would have a commentary worth listening to. I support everything CFN stands for……….
    Cornwall Free News and you could also call it Cornwall True News.
    See ya Monday at 6:30….I’ll be the loud one….

  7. Author

    Puzzled, the last few years you’d probably be correct.

  8. Jamie I love your no nonsense style, you never say anything that you cannot back up with proof.

  9. Jamie ,

    I have always advocated for independent media as with any story there are many viewpoints from various media outlets on that same story.

    Independent media allows a perspective that is not tainted for political gain .
    The majority of media in this country is owned and controlled by a few corporations and who’s interest and political affiliations play a part in how the article is written.

    Thank you Jamie and CFN for playing vital role of informing the citizens and playing a major part in being the voice of the people,to serve the people.

    Digging for the truth in a media story that is often washed before posted will certainly bring about some negative impact.
    But it remains the fact the media serves the public and the public has a right to know the truth without any form of spin.

    Thank you for your service to our great community.

    Take care
    Christopher Cameron

  10. @jules
    Please stop making Cornwall people sound like we are all stupid and asleep. Why don’t you deal with your problems in Alta Vista and leave us alone to figure out how to deal with our dilemma. You are very condescending with your words and I for one am tired of hearing you repeat the same things over and over again. You moved, so move on.

  11. There is something definitely wrong with a community whenever an independent media editor/owner cannot accurately report on a myriad of issues such as what Jamie has done over the years without receiving some sort of flak.

    This is telling in itself. I fear for Freedom of Speech whenever someone as honest as Jamie feels pressured into answering questions that should not have been put to him in the first place. Of course change is never easy; and Cornwallites seem rather aghast towards anything remotely appearing to resemble positive change; otherwise there would be more community concern and more turnout for things such as protests; but just examine some of the questions he (Jamie) provides answers and clarification for from some of CFN’s viewers:

    “Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is an run if you think it’s so easy to be a politician?”

    “It’s so easy to criticize. Where are your answers?”

    “Why do you hate Cornwall so much?”

    “You’re just an angry blogger!”

    “You’re a shit disturber!”

    “You’re a Socialist Lefty Pinko!”

    Comments directed toward the moderator such as the above are indicative of a population that really has a limited understanding of what Jamie is reporting on. Either that or, as I suspect and put the same amount of emphasis on, is indicative of at least a portion of a population that actually supports what is currently occuring in Cornwall. (That old boys club!)

    All of this to say that if Cornwall is ever to be welcomed into the 21st Century; with all of the postives/negatives it has brought, Cornwallites needs to embrace the idea that politicians cannot or even sometimes outright refuse to deal with issues; even though it is part and parcel a portion of what they’re elected to do! When politicians fail folks – it is up to you; the people, to fill that vacuum gap until election time. And then you practice your civic duty by appearing at the polls.

    Case-in-point, Guy Lauzon refusing to attend the South Stormont community meeting in dealing with the By-Law issue. Regardless if it’s deemed controversial, politicians are elected to deal with those very so-called ‘controversial’ issues. Because if they cannot accomplish what they’ve been elected to do, then what’s the purpose of having them fulfilling their jobs to begin with? We might as well have cardboard cutouts of poster men/women smiling at the cameras and waving. At least it would be cheaper!

    In having Lauzon absent, we had a few citizens rights groups such as LFA, CLF and individuals in the peoples of Howard Galganov to represent those voters whose concerns were forgotten by our elected officials. Add to this the dynamic councilors of South Stormont including Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart and Mayor Bryan McGillis who saw the importance of what was being said and clearly went against the status quo.

    That, such as listed above, is true leadership and ignores such dangerous trappings as those found in populist tendencies.

    Here’s and Cheers to CFN!

  12. I would vote for you Jamie in a heart beat.! As long as you promised the people of Cornwall came first.

  13. Author

    Donna the people of Cornwall should always come first. It’s up to the voters to decide who will respect that and live up to it and who’s just using the position to jump up their career or have an agenda as so many of the current councilors are doing.

  14. Miss Steak you are blind indeed and part of the problem in that Tombstone town. Wake the hell up. I was celebrating Easter with my friends and next week they will be with their families as well as me with mine. I was trying to think positive until a few asked me about Tombstone and when I told them some things the place just roared with laughter and they wondered what planet I was talking about. Tombstone aka Cornwall is a shame of the country – a real shame on how things are run. I have looked into many towns but Cornwall takes the cake for it all. I have never seen so much corruption in all my life. I lower my head when people ask me from what town I am from – I am ashamed to the hilt. I am ashamed for what the people in Cornwall did to many good people and God knows what to do with that town and he listens to my prayers.

  15. Jamie comes out with excellent ideas and the more I read the more interesting things get. I said before that you have to be living on the outside to see what is going on inside. Too many people are blinded and can’t see the bad around them. When you live elsewhere you can see it as plain as day.

    I love the idea of the transit system as well. I don’t drive nor does my daughter but my husband and son do. Here in Ottawa you can’t hardly find parking and the buses are sometimes unreliable especially when you have to take 3 buses to get somewhere. You are so lucky in Cornwall being small to get around.

    Cornwall needs a huge change of everything to make it a much better place to live. People cannot continue to live in the past since change has happened everywhere. We need to see better politicians who work for the little people and not for the big corporations who bring the jobs overseas and leave the rest here in the west unemployed. We sure do need change.

    Jamie you are the best and a breath of fresh air for Cornwall. With the time more and more people will come to appreciate you for what you are doing. It takes time for the people to come out of their shell that they have been living in for so long a time. There are many very good people in Cornwall but they just don’t see the harm that has been done to them. You have to live elsewhere to see the corruption and also to see the good of the people.

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