For CAO Norm Levac & Mayor Kilger Ignorance is Bliss Over Protester Signs Confirmed to Have Been in Mayor’s Office

Norm TEAMCFN – Well you can’t say Norm Levac isn’t loyal.  The question is where his loyalties are and to whom?    After Greg Kielec of The Journal confirmed that the protest signs snatched by Cornwall City Councilor Syd Gardiner ended up in the mayor’s chamber some major questions and empty answers have occured.

bent sign 2

Both the CAO of Cornwall and its mayor are pleading ignorance regarding how the signs ended up in the Mayor chamber, but also how they got there, who found them even; not a single answer was given other than that Mr. Levac gave them to Police Chief Dan Parkinson.    It’s like a Cornwall Miracle!

I even asked Norm why he would give them to the Chief as surely there were officers or he could’ve simply walked them over to the front desk?


“I didn’t bring them into my office and I didn’t take them out of my office,” Kilger told The Journal in an interview just minutes ago. “I don’t know when they came in and when they left,” he said.
Asked how he could not notice protest signs in his office for five days, they mayor that “ignorance is bliss” and that he didn’t take any particular interest in them.

Protesters were left wondering for five days where there signs were when they disappeared at a protest at city hall prior to council’s Feb. 25 meeting.
Norm Levac, the city’s chief administrative officer, told The Journal in an email Tuesday that they had been in the mayor’s office all that time.

Mr. Levac further stated that the police never questioned him over the missing signs either the night of the last council meeting when the signs ended up in the mayor’s office or subsequently.

The odd thing is that both the Mayor, Mr. Levac, and one of Cornwall’s finest spent nearly an hour in the mayor’s office with the signs there.

The mayor has a largish office and a stack of 24×36″ signs protesting the mayor surely would stick out?

The police initially refused to accept a complaint from protesters over the missing signs.   It was only after protesters phoned in a complaint that police dispatched contacted the very same officers present to initiate.  Police refused to pull Councilor Gardiner out of council nor questioned him last night which is an odd contrast to the Mayor hitting his panic button over a sitting journalist the same night and have no legal grounds to detain moi from returning to council.

It seems quite selective?   Chief Parkinson said yesterday that he would not reopen the investigation as some people have suggested that the signs being in the Mayor’s office would be considered Obstruction of Justice.

A criminal lawyer explained to me that to charge someone you need two elements.   The act of the crime and burden of intent.   With Councilor Gardiner having admitted to media that he snatched the signs and “BENT” them we have him in the act and with him growling and trying to rip them in the door way of council we clearly have intent.  The question is why he wasn’t charged and is he being given special consideration by the police because of pressure by City Hall?

Protesters have stated that they will be back at City Hall prior to Monday night’s Council meeting (starting at 6:30 PM).

It certainly does seem that in Cornwall Ontario Ignorance is Bliss?  What do you think viewers of CFN?  You can post your comments below.

And for those of you that didn’t see the police haul me out of Council because the Mayor found my t shirt offensive  here it is again.  Also you can note in the video that protesters asked the police to file a complaint against Councilor Gardiner for trying to destroy their signs.


  1. Wow..How is it that all those signs were suppose to be in the way when leaning against a wall..yet 3 grown men could not see them in mayors office during a 1 hour period…hmmmm talk about right under their noses…maybe this city finest in blue needs re-training or to re-evaluate just why he became a cop in the first place. I remind you that 26 officers left with their dignity intact during & after Project Lets get Perry Dunlop

  2. Ignorance is not bliss, it is simply ignorance and unfortunately some people are easily manipulated and see only what they are told to see.

    Certain people should be more cognizant of the fact that they are more transparent that they realize and that accountability has little or nothing to do with numbers.

  3. The Circus of stupidity continues! Well Kilger and Council are making our police force, including Chief look like a bunch of brainwashed puppets. Does nobody have any integrity!
    Bill Kingston’s bluff will be called….get ready for the internal review!

  4. That is because they are all corrupt and a bunch of brain washed idiots. If the people were intelligent they would throw the whole bunch out but instead the stink just keeps on stinking.

  5. Well, this is the city with a world of possibilities…except for the possibility of fessing up like an adult. Buncha babies.

  6. Note the irony of the Teamwork sign over Mr. Levac’s head in the first photo?

    Could say: Thick as thieves. I guess that’s a form of teamwork.

  7. Circus of Stupidity!

    I love it!

    On with the show this is itttttttttttttttt!

  8. Hmmm I don’t know Norm Levac, but I had hoped when he came into the limelight, things “may” get better. Up til now he has yet to prove himself.

    So Norm, are you on the side of the people or the corrupt? You can’t choose both. We would like to hear from you. Your silence in all of this = acceptance

    Set a precedent for change for the better….the rest of them are going down!

  9. Norm Levac is part of the corruption and {MODERATED}. There is so much that the people of Cornwall do not know about. It is one big corrupt circus.

  10. WOW…Thought the corruption was only within certain people around the chamber table. Now it’s obvious that it goes around Kilger’s office too. He must have more chairs under his desk than they do in the chambers. Signs weren’t under his
    As you say Cory…”ON WITH THE SHOW” Monday will be it!
    PLEASE Citizens of Cornwall…Monday…6:30 p.m. City hall!
    DEMAND a resignation from our Mayor and all corrupt officials within this “city that may still have some possibilities”.

  11. Jules =
    Your statement regarding Norm Levac

    ” Norm Levac is part of the corruption and has been for years long before Kilger’s arrival ”

    I don’t believe it to be so & I challenge you to either prove your point or retract your statement .

    I’am not a Kilger fan & I believe when Kilger is gone Norm Levac will
    be the # 1 man there to help straighten our City out ,have faith .

  12. This almost, at times, becomes comical. But what it does imply is a little more serious, and frankly quite scary. We already can see that this council has run amock of it’s financial responsibilities, costing the ratepayers God only knows how much in settlements, and legal (misery broker) fees. Amounts we’ll probably never know. What’s scary is, what else is perhaps being done secretly, what might these secret deals be costing, and who may be gatting away, with what may be, criminal activity. There is a small group of city politicians, media and business people all “civic leaders” who, for years, have been enjoying a little sexy, booze fuled “club”. This “club” has never done the regular Joe Cornwall any good. Rather the regular Joe Cornwall may be suffering financialy because of it.

  13. ” Norm Levac is part of the corruption and has been for years long before Kilger’s arrival “.
    I strongly agree with “Justice”, Mr. Levac, has always been in my opinion, a very dedicated , approachable, low-key type of person ! Any dealings or encounters with him, as a City employee, were always accomplished in a very professional fashion. His position, requires him to walk a very fine line & working for two bosses (council & tax payers) could be a very daunting task ?
    Jules, your comments regarding him , IMO are unwarranted & unfair ?

  14. @JULES

    I am as well in agreement with JUSTICE WILL COME and W.R. PARISIEN.

    Really Jules you embarrass yourself and bring undesired criticism to this format by making unsubstantiated allegations such as your last post regarding Norm Levac. Either back up your allegation or apologize and retract it. You may feel safe hiding behind a username but that alone doesn’t preclude you from being accountable.

    Do what is right Jules, or I am positive that those of us that treat this forum with respect and decorum will request that ADMIN censor you until you due. Thank you.

  15. Author

    David & Bill. I have moderated Jules comment, but I think it’s safe to say at this point that the theory that Norm was given the CAO position to use up the good will he’d earned working for the city by Mayor Kilger has legs. I personally watched Norm’s integrity crumble over the 100 letter campaign and pleaded with him yesterday to give me something that the public could actually swallow instead of toeing the company line.

    I don’t think anybody is swallowing the “I don’t know how they got there” or “I don’t know anything about the signs.” Line that Mr. Levac and the Mayor have dribbled out. Maybe that would work with a judge, but not to “reasonable” people who look at this.

    That’s the problem when you lawyer your answers. And these answers are being lawyered at taxpayer expense.

  16. Jules
    March 20, 2013 at 8:04 pm

    “Norm Levac is part of the corruption and has been for years long before Kilger’s arrival. There is so much that the people of Cornwall do not know about. It is one big corrupt circus.”

    Jules, on many of your comments, you ‘stretch’ your claims. Mostly, I/we hurt and laugh with you. You do though seem all encompassing when attacking Cornwall as a whole.

    In the case of Mr. Levac, I think you have caused some stretch between you and many others, including myself. In this case, I would strongly recommend that you put up or apologise to Mr. Levac in this media.

    In his function, of necessity he needs to show a measure of support for his boss. How we feel about Mr. K. is another matter,
    Mr. Levac in my opinion does not deserve your kind of comment without meaningful explanations.

    We are waiting.

  17. Some of these bloggers may be in for a rude awakening someday. It is one thing to comment but a totally different story when it comes to defamation of character…..

    Adm has indicated on many occasions that he doesn’t want to have to deal with law suits. When reading some of these blogs, it certainly makes one wonder what may and could happen. At times, some of these statements and character assinations are quite serious. It takes only one offended person to stand up and take action against these types of put downs and the results could be damaging.

    Mr. Levac is compassionate gentleman, fair and professional. The allegations are disrespectful and unwarranted.

  18. Dave…….Thank-you!!!

  19. The blind leading the blind! They are all in it together!

  20. @ADMIN

    While I agree with your allusion to the concept .. if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck it probably is a duck, Jules made a statement of fact “Norm Levac is part of the corruption” without anything of merit to support her statement. Dave Windsor it would appear shares what has quickly become a commonly held opinion Admin. Not to belabor my position or what yours should be but if this is the level of acceptance in this forum count me out.
    In my world people are judged by the company they keep and I do not hide behind a username as others choose to do.

  21. Author

    David could you clarify that one? 🙂

  22. Author

    Stella sadly the only area that was moderated was the pre-CAO part. Mr. Levac has tarnished his good name and his actions over the 100 Letter campaign and Sign gate would fit descriptions of corruption. Silence is also a form of corruption when you know the truth. If you look at the video on the city’s website you’ll see video of the deliberation of a report over the 100 Letter campaign. Council did not request this report. To date Mr. Levac and Ms Finn are still refusing to answer who requested the report which was ruled out of order.

    Sadly corruption like pregnancy is not something that comes in by degrees. Mr. Levac is part of the current corruption. He may not be the ring leader. He may not be suggesting or masterminding any of what’s gone on; but he is a party of it and as CAO has a huge responsibility to the people and tax payers of Cornwall.

    cor·rup·tion [kuh-ruhp-shuhn] Show IPA
    the act of corrupting or state of being corrupt.
    moral perversion; depravity.
    perversion of integrity.
    corrupt or dishonest proceedings.

  23. Jamie…….what I wrote was not directed to you nor your website. Trust me on that one. As the owner of this media website, it is your prerogative to relate issues and news items as you see fit, and I respect that and enjoy the different topics.

    I think you are wise enough to know where I was coming from.

  24. @Stella

    Sure some of council/Norm may have good qualities BUT in their position it is unethical and against the law some of these issues. If they have any shred of integrity/decency they need to stand up now. Otherwise they are all the same….corrupt!
    Remember, silence equals consent!!!!

  25. @ADMIN

    Gladly. I generally agree that certain individuals responsible and accountable to the taxpayers of Cornwall have had their reputations or conduct come under scrutiny for valid reasons. Our mayor, the entire current council, some former city employees no longer active and some city employee(s) still active for example are appearing to be complicit. However unlike Bob’s lawyer(s) I cannot render a judgement without corroborative evidence although I am entitled to an opinion. Jules was not stating an opinion but rather he/she made an unsubstantiated accusation.

    While it may not look favourable for Norm Levac or the great majority of the present city council members they, like all of us, deserve the opportunity of clearing their name(s). Until then, well Admin I think you get my point. Anyone who appears part of the existing situation presently has the opportunity to disassociate themselves from what possibly lies ahead.

    So to clarify my position ADMIN whereby those city officials and employees that do not disassociate themselves from the pact will be tarred with the same brush I cannot with any conscience participate in this environment if the content is to digress to the level of Jules’ last offering albeit you did moderate after the fact.

    As I stated I do not have a username only my real identity. That is certainly my choice and I do so to lend credibility to my comments by standing up to accountability for remarks made.


    Thank you for your support !

    You obviously understand that I am simply standing up for what is right and fair. Despite our varied opinions we all have to maintain a certain level of integrity.

  27. Author

    Btw David we regularly email council and management allowing them to comment on stories or print separate statements as we did for the mayor a few months ago.

    We truly stand by our Mission statement and vision.

  28. Best wishes to all.

  29. David Oldham
    March 21, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    ‘Best wishes to all’.

    David, I would hope that your comment does not overshadow your participation in this and the many other topic’s presented herein.

    You are obviously a gifted writer with wisdom and openness that you have willingly shared with us.

    To be truthful, even I was prepared to say so long to CFN. Then Leslie Oshannassy presented a very valid contention of challenges that give credence to the majority of what we see within CFN.

    My concern was the newness of yet another city employee added to the mix. To me it was a shocker as I have always known Mr. Lavac at least until his new appointment as CAO to be credible.

    When Jules uses unsubstantiated charges with a follow up she has used a number of times before such as:

    March 20, 2013 at 8:04 pm

    ‘There is so much that the people of Cornwall do not know about. It is one big corrupt circus.’

    I have to take a second look at such comment as my 34 years in Cornwall would not acknowledge such issues ‘in my circles’ of influence, limited as it has been. I think MOST people living here would have felt the same, ‘out side of Cornwall politics’ at the very least.

    Please continue to offer your salient perspective as you have been. We need good comment like yours to keep us level.

  30. Nice to see someone who kows his rights. He dealt with the police in a very professional manner.

  31. Warning Warning…Stellamoonbeam claims” It is one thing to comment but a totally different story when it comes to defamation of character”
    This from the sanc•ti•mo•ni•ous Stella.. that wrote this

    “The corner store at Fourth and XXXXXXXX probably had to close for the same reason….theft by an employee. It was a big joke around town when this person was hired”. Signed stella

    Practice what you preach moonbeam

    Adjective derogatory.
    Making a show of being morally superior to other people.

  32. Not all are corrupt.
    But one begs to question when others observe this behavior and sanctions it by not being accountable to the public they serve by not speaking up ,are they guilty as well?just Questioning it!

    Mr.O”Shaunghnessy’s letter reaffirmed to me why those protesters were there to start with ,whether you agree the “Signgate” or not it remains that Syd had attempted to destroy PRIVATE property.

    There are many issues in this council I wish not to accuse the collateral individuals in this issue but we must push for an external audit on the mater and get clarity on it.

    We as citizens TOGETHER must push for city accountability and demand an external audit as some Innocent reputations may be at stake.

    If Council is to remain respectful to their citizens ,the issues must be “aired” ,but meanwhile we the citizens should get involved and make a presence at council .

    Some may do this as protesting ,others as they may not agree or are uncomfortable with this measure ,should show up to council and make their presence known.

    Apathy remains the greatest threat to democracy,to myself and hopefully yourselves Democracy is worth fighting for,GET INVOLVED.

  33. Once again feret has changed his moniker.

    For one thing feret, that person had stollen a considerable amount of money from yours truly….got that??

    The statement I made that day wasn’t a jump on the band wagon movement. IT HAPPENED TO MOI and yes I TOOK CARE OF IT.

    That person was a well known thief BY MANY. Like I said before, it was a joke around town when that person was hired to work at that store. Actually that same person was let go from others jobs for the same reason. Got that? My statements were substantiated. The difference here …….I didn’t mention names, nor defamed anyone for the pleasure of character assisinating.

  34. Dear Jamie
    It’s friday night and that semi-retired/washed up/politician speech writer/Ed Lumley relative’s column usually comes out tonight.

    But Now…
    The website of that media company(i can’t mention their names because they are irrelevant) has gone down..did u pull the plug on the Pinhead???

    Not that it matters…at best three or people visit this semi-retired/washed up/politician speech writer/Ed Lumley relative/right wing Bill oreilly wanta be column anyway.

  35. Got that? My statements were substantiated.
    SO Says stella moonbeam….

    Sounds like the same BS George Bush used to start a war in Iraq
    Trust ME..I know what is best
    Or the same BS that had mayor Killjoy pushing an emergency button to remove a man he knew…WAS NO THREAT
    Can you please provide a court document…or anything …other
    than hot air( from a “woman” who got all bent out of shape because our gang stole her “COPYRIGHT IM SURE” Internet identity) prove this person was a thief…a pretty serious charge u might agree…just like saying…why does a city CEO get stuck in a snowbank

  36. Stella if it wasn’t for Mr Gilcig and his crusading style people like you(city boosters no matter what) would allow these misdeeds to continue as your city sinks further into the muck.

    How else to explain(unless that chain of office has cut off blood flow to the head) WHY??- the former hockey referee- that runs your town- decided to push the “Panic Button”

    Just look at Jamie’s video…there is NO danger..NO threat..NO Nothing…but the fact bobby the mayor…couldn’t have things his own way.
    On another note…you seem to be over reacting to Feret comments…how out of control would you be if somebody published a comment calling you a thief???

  37. March 23, 2013 at 9:15 am

    @ David Oldham
    I have enjoyed following your well-crafted contributions to this publication. Your point is always made with concision and obviously, deep consideration. Your civic engagement is valuable to all concerned and your messages are inspirational to those attempting to find their own voice in the various discussions.
    Please continue to lead by example.

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