For CAO Norm Levac & Mayor Kilger Ignorance is Bliss Over Protester Signs Confirmed to Have Been in Mayor’s Office

For CAO Norm Levac & Mayor Kilger Ignorance is Bliss Over Protester Signs Confirmed to Have Been in Mayor’s Office

Norm TEAMCFN – Well you can’t say Norm Levac isn’t loyal.  The question is where his loyalties are and to whom?    After Greg Kielec of The Journal confirmed that the protest signs snatched by Cornwall City Councilor Syd Gardiner ended up in the mayor’s chamber some major questions and empty answers have occured.

bent sign 2

Both the CAO of Cornwall and its mayor are pleading ignorance regarding how the signs ended up in the Mayor chamber, but also how they got there, who found them even; not a single answer was given other than that Mr. Levac gave them to Police Chief Dan Parkinson.    It’s like a Cornwall Miracle!

I even asked Norm why he would give them to the Chief as surely there were officers or he could’ve simply walked them over to the front desk?


“I didn’t bring them into my office and I didn’t take them out of my office,” Kilger told The Journal in an interview just minutes ago. “I don’t know when they came in and when they left,” he said.
Asked how he could not notice protest signs in his office for five days, they mayor that “ignorance is bliss” and that he didn’t take any particular interest in them.

Protesters were left wondering for five days where there signs were when they disappeared at a protest at city hall prior to council’s Feb. 25 meeting.
Norm Levac, the city’s chief administrative officer, told The Journal in an email Tuesday that they had been in the mayor’s office all that time.

Mr. Levac further stated that the police never questioned him over the missing signs either the night of the last council meeting when the signs ended up in the mayor’s office or subsequently.

The odd thing is that both the Mayor, Mr. Levac, and one of Cornwall’s finest spent nearly an hour in the mayor’s office with the signs there.

The mayor has a largish office and a stack of 24×36″ signs protesting the mayor surely would stick out?

The police initially refused to accept a complaint from protesters over the missing signs.   It was only after protesters phoned in a complaint that police dispatched contacted the very same officers present to initiate.  Police refused to pull Councilor Gardiner out of council nor questioned him last night which is an odd contrast to the Mayor hitting his panic button over a sitting journalist the same night and have no legal grounds to detain moi from returning to council.

It seems quite selective?   Chief Parkinson said yesterday that he would not reopen the investigation as some people have suggested that the signs being in the Mayor’s office would be considered Obstruction of Justice.

A criminal lawyer explained to me that to charge someone you need two elements.   The act of the crime and burden of intent.   With Councilor Gardiner having admitted to media that he snatched the signs and “BENT” them we have him in the act and with him growling and trying to rip them in the door way of council we clearly have intent.  The question is why he wasn’t charged and is he being given special consideration by the police because of pressure by City Hall?

Protesters have stated that they will be back at City Hall prior to Monday night’s Council meeting (starting at 6:30 PM).

It certainly does seem that in Cornwall Ontario Ignorance is Bliss?  What do you think viewers of CFN?  You can post your comments below.

And for those of you that didn’t see the police haul me out of Council because the Mayor found my t shirt offensive  here it is again.  Also you can note in the video that protesters asked the police to file a complaint against Councilor Gardiner for trying to destroy their signs.

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