Will Justin Trudeau Catch Lighting in Bottle in the Next Federal Election and Finish Ahead of Mulcair & Harper by Jamie Gilcig – April 6, 2013

Trudeau'sCFN – Will Canadians love Justin Trudeau as much as his good woman does?    That’s the question that many are asking as Mr. Trudeau is about to ascend to the top of his father’s party.

Justin is not his father though.   He’s bright; has had the advantage that comes from growing up with privilege and all that comes with being the son of Pierre Elliot Trudeau who led the Liberal Party of Canada to heights that seem distant memories.

With the leadership dance coming to a close the darts are flying like in one of those black and white action serials where you know the good guy will never get hit because it’s not in the script.

There are no kill shots ready for young Trudeau.  He’s exceeded expectations to date.   He beat Mr. Brazeau in the ring toughening up his pretty boy image.   He’s criss crossed the country creating a pool of awareness and reaction that not only his party, but the opposition is measuring.

Now will come to the sprint to the next Federal election and Mr. Trudeau is a great position.   He can actually lose and even finish third without losing too much tarnish to his game.  His youth and the utter mess that the Liberals ended up with after the last election all but guarantee to the Grits more seats than the last outcome; especially if Robocop antics are foiled.

There is cause for concern in the Harper camp because there’s a very real chance that Mr. Trudeau can catch lighting in a bottle as easily as he can finish 2nd or 3rd.

This next election comes down to one of two paradigms.     Two Quebec candidates splitting whatever centre/left Francophone votes there are with Mr. Harper running up the middle for a Touchdown, again, or Mr. Trudeau gaining power as Canada rejects the two angry grumpy old guys in Mr. Harper and Mr. Mulcair.   There is no appetite for the NDP; no dying popular leader besting it out in debates.  As talented as Mr. Mulcair is he is no match for either Harper or Trudeau in this next dance.

Women, young people, the fringes, and the largest bloc; people that don’t vote are the grist for Mr. Trudeau’s mill.  If he has one advantage over Mr. Harper is that he’s embraced Social Media much stronger and far more accessible than Stephen Harper ever has been or Thomas Mulcair has been since taking over the NDP.

The Leadership debates surely will be an attempt by Mulcair & Harper to slay Mr. Trudeau as much as Patrick Brazeau attempted to.   Will Justin be able to jab back and survive the onslaught?

Politics is always an education; one that never ends.   It’s impossible to find a single candidate that reflects all of someone’s major issues, but it should be interesting to see Mr. Trudeau’s high gear when he hits it….

What do you think Canada?   Will Justin Trudeau be Lighting in Bottle come Election time?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. If he becomes liberal leader, his training, resources and support will change and probably in time before the election, we could see what the party stands for, and how controlling he would need to be.

  2. Its a little late now but I think justin should have waited another four years. The pressure for him to run must have been insurmountable. If the infighting between the conservatives continue ? If the robocall court decision reveals that the party was involved and higher ups in the PMO, then he has a good chance. In french we call that l’usure du pouvoir, Mr Harper will have alot to defend For example, the 150 billion added to our debt and the fact that we will be in a deficit for another 2 years. BUt Mr Harper is not fool, he knows he has time, money, and the blind vote from the west. You could run a chicken under the conservative banner in alberta and it would win. Regardless of how it turns out, justin is the man.

  3. JT, if he’s chosen, may not need lightning in a bottle. With their contempt for democracy, economic mismanagement, environmental recklessness, and antisocial attitudes, the Harper neocons are doing a great job of digging a pit for themselves. Come 2015, look for the possibility of a Conservative meltdown of post-Mulroney proportions.

  4. pj …lets just hope.

  5. Richard please explain “the blind vote from the west”.

  6. JT will be ordained all the fuss otherwise is just smoke and mirrors .
    But good for the liberals ,it will eventually be their downfall .

    This will be their 4 or 5 leader in 8 years ,grasping at straws for sure with JT but he’s the “shiny pony ” right ?That shine wears off quickly when you have to deal in the playground (Parliament).
    Watch Mulclair take that shining off him because he in the big boys club and its not that fun in that sand box!

    The best hope they had was Garneu ,well educated ,well experienced and not silver spoon fed but as well a very disciplined man.Too bad hype took over I guess the liberals have not learned from their past leaders .

    Well I guess all his acting abilities will serve him a little as it had already has to get him where he is without a solid platform.

    A temporary theatrical arts teacher LOL OMG that’s too funny and that’s their best hope? Wow grasping at straws ,If it wasn’t for his last name he would remain a nobody.

  7. Yup, you’re absolutely right Tremblay. Justine IS .. THE boy, oops — i mean “the MAN…”

    He’s “the man” alright—
    The man that brazenly told — ALL — Canadians that this country would be much better off if more French people were running it.

    He also — referring to the french — said… “this country belongs to us.”


    Doesn’t leave much doubt which side of the “tracks” he is on.

    He’s “the man” alright —
    the man that, just like his father, will continue to give away more of this country’s power base to who? Oh come on now, you know the answer to that one… Think hard now. You’re almost there. Think, think… You got it… That’s right… THE FRENCH.

    He’s “the man” alright —
    The man that, within a few years of having the almighty Trudeau seed in power, we can look forward to the the final pieces of the French take-over to be implemented and the majority Anglophones of this country can then bet their higher Liberal (fund the Frenchification of Canada) style huge tax bills that — ALL — job opportunities in Canada will hence forth come with that oh so familiar criteria know as

    — “bilingualism A MUST” —

    (which we know really means French a must) since many of the so called “bilingual French people” that end up being hired can barely speak any of that god forsaken truly Un-Canadian language – English –

    That’s right, If you think the Anglophone majority are pissed about having to devote half their corn flake box to the French now, just let them see how things will be if they blindly vote in another Trudeau at this juncture in “the game.” Yikes.

    Heads up everyone…
    The final pieces are just, one or two Liberal, NDP or Bloc “political terms” away.

    If all those screaming little girls who think he’s cute and want to see Canada re-live the nostalgia of the “Trudeau hype” this country went through back in the day turn around and vote for him on that basis, then this country is truly in deep trouble.

  8. Oddly enough, i am NOT a typical PC voter. I am more liberal minded in my political views.

    HOWEVER, i can no longer bring myself to vote for a party that continues at hand over more and more power to the French. And, yes, i am very aware what the conservatives are doing and the fact that the Conservatives are not reversing this “Frenchification” of Canada BUT, they are the only ones pushing back in their own little ways. Ways that irk the French and put a smile on my face for a change.

    Besides, a party (like the Bloc) or, a party that does this


    is surely not governing with equality and the well being of
    — ALL — Canadians in mind.

  9. To you kilroy, its always a question of division and english vs french. Why don’t you stop making videos and I don’t know broaden your horizons ? Go for a walk, read a book ? Go out and talk to girls instead of being in front of a computer screen. Maybe meet a nice french girl ?

  10. Author

    Yes, there are tons of nice French girls, and English, and Asian, and all groups…

  11. Richard you didn’t answer me…Please explain “the blind vote from the west. Seems to me they go to the polls with eyes wide open….

  12. @Richard tremblay RE: April 8, 2013 at 2:10 pm POST

    No, it’s actually all about what is right and what is fair Tremblay.

    Of course, i would NOT expect YOU (as open minded as you claim to be, while you keep telling everyone that you are) to know anything about fairness and what is right.)

    No one that believes a law like bill 101 is just (for any reasons) could have a sense of what is right and what is fair inside of them.

    No, my rage is for the Anglo’s that still live in their own country but happen to be in that god forsaken province called Quebec where peoples rights are taken away from them as they pay their taxes to the very people that take them away. My rage is for the people who ask simple questions to metro drivers only to be told “we don’t speak English here in YOUR country.”

    And no, i didn’t begin this whole concept of division THAT WAS the French Tremblay. YOUR clan that started that. Remember Rene? That was the epitome of division. Too bad we didn’t let Quebec and that little pint sized chain smoker go back then.

    We’d all be better off now. Or perhaps, even better maybe it would have been best if we had wiped them out and enslaved them all when we had the chance back in 1759…

    Naw, I learned it from people like you Tremblay… And people like like pint sized. Of course you are so very masterful at the doublespeak. You use it so frequently i notice. Probably because you have to. All things considered.

    I started out being one that was pushing for fairness for the French. I believed in and pushed for the idea of offering services to the French and treating the French better in this country, i marched on the hill to keep Quebec in Canada (what a mistake now that i look back) but, as my late great pure laine mother warned me. “Be careful with the French,” she said. “If you give them an inch they WILL TAKE a mile.” Of course, as usual, she was right. Bless her soul.

    As for books. Yes, I have read many. Here’s one… Have you read Bilingual Today French Tomorrow? By: J.V. Andrew. Matter of fact i have an autographed copy here. Lieutenant Commander retired. Canada’s forces (you have heard of Canada forces right Tremblay? “The Royal Canadian Armed forces?” Oh, what am i saying? Of course you know of Canada.

    That’s where the French and Quebec get their money which they use to push their French agenda from. But you folks don’t like the “Royal part” do ya? as that is part of the victorious clan that took down you’re side back in the day. Those pesky Bristish climbing up that hill the way they did. catching your guys sleeping.

    Anyways, Mr. Andrew saw you and your type coming years ago… He saw what Trudeau was up to and he tried to warn us but, we didn’t listen and NOW, the proof is all around us.

    Here’s a quote for you… from his other book .. For everyone …

    Hopefully people will wake up and take note…

    Backdoor Bilingualism J.V. Andrew
    While visiting the parliament he spoke to these two members.

    My Question: “Do you believe that Prime Minister Trudeau’s goal is to turn Canada into a French-speaking nation?” Mr Schumacher’s Reply: “Certainly. There is no question
    about it.”

    Question Two: “May I quote you?” His Answer: “Of course.”

    Next Question: “The Trudeau Government recently announced that as part of their pre-election spending cuts, they intend to end their Bilingual Program (for teaching French to civil servants at a cost of 40 million dollars a year). My own belief is that that announcement was made to make Canadians think that Trudeau was abandoning his plans for an all-French Canada. At this moment, more of our federal tax money than ever ($75 million over the next 5 years) is being given to French Canadian associations in Ottawa and across Canada to help them — force — bilingualism on us through our provincial governments, and to help them gain actual managerial control of the civil services of each of our provinces. Do you think Trudeau has any intention of abandoning his goal at this point?”

    Mr Schumacher: “None whatsoever, and I agree the push is now on harder than ever.”

    “It was 12 noon when I got to Leonard Jones’ office, and I’ll summarize our discussion in the same way I did with Stan Schumacher.
    My Question: “Do you believe that Trudeau intends
    to turn Canada into a French-speaking nation?”

    Mr Jones’ Answer: “It is already in progress. Unless English-speaking Canadians wake up now and fight to get it back,
    they have practically already lost this country.” He added, “You should come down to New Brunswick to see what has happened there.”
    The 30% French population running the show over the 70% Anglophones. NICE… Won’t last forever. May as well enjoy it now.

    Yes, it’s almost too late but we MUST NOT give in. I CANNOT just simply hand over this country to the French. NO WAY. And i know a lot of people feel this way also. They are not willing to do just give in either.

    With folks like you Tremblay it’s all TAKE TAKE TAKE… and when someone catches you red handed with your hand in the cookie jar, you spew out the doublespeak. What? What cookie jar? there’s no cookie jar here.

    Yeah, I’ve heard all your tactics and seen all the deceptions and lies you spew.

    Just like Marois and her cronies with their doublespeak spew,

    “and to all my fellow Anglo’s i say, don’t worry. you’re rights will be fully protected.”

    Of course, what she neglects to say is that they have no rights to begin with so it’s pretty easy to protect rights that don’t exist, isn’t it Tremblay.

    Many of the video’s i post, I don’t even have to make. It is YOUR French folks going around beating people who are speaking English or putting up signs saying, “we don’t serve English here” while at the same time going around demanding French everywhere else.

    That’s right. News stories that are Pre-made / pre-packed and full of hate towards Anglophones… Like this one…


    Yup, video’s showing those of your ilk being ASS&^%LES which i just simply highlight here to show their disgrace and how small minded and backwards they are.. They’re not hard to find. It’s rampant.

    WHY? Because the government in Quebec condones this behavior by sheer associative behavior. You know about associative behavior don’t you Tremblay. It is what you’re probably doing to your kids right now. Teaching them through associative behavior how to feel superior and think that the French are somehow better…

    Oh but wait, there are only a few.. Right!! A few thousand 🙂

    Off to read a book so, have a nice day eh 🙂

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