Artist Michael Cartwright Gives Back to Glengarry Memorial Hospital After Recovering From Stroke.

Man behind the painting.....Today,April 8,2013 I dropped off a painting donation after applying the words “merci, thankyou”  from myself for the  effort from everyone at Hopital Glengarry Memorial Hospital and to “High Five” my team working in the Post Acute Rehabilitation Stroke Program.

my home for 45 days

I intend ,as much as it is possible,to  work together with staff and administration towards a clearer understanding of how the hospital is a part of the community and how we might prepare for our own arrivals.


I will use myself as an example of non-preparedness.I had a stroke in my home and was not in the hospital for more than 12 hours while I crawled around the house mostly thinking this is okay. I had no idea what it was or how to deal it.


Without the awareness of a friend,my health event may have turned out differently. From paralysis to painting………..Sept.19,2013 -Nov.6,2013.

as always ,a stroke survivour
Michael E. Cartwright
Cornwall Free News

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  1. Nice touch I know the area well. hope you are fine .
    Best wishes you may have helped a lot of people.

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